Rescue Ready Shark Tank Update

Enhanced Home Safety: The Story of Rescue Ready’s Innovative Fire Escape Ladder and Beyond

Rescue Ready, a fire escape ladder showcased on Season 11 of Shark Tank, aims to improve home safety during emergencies.

Rescue Ready offers a reliable and convenient solution for emergencies with their RetroFit Fire Escape Ladder. This sturdy and pre-rigged ladder is strategically placed below the bottom window sash, ensuring easy access when needed the most.

It exceeds ASTM Standard F2175 by supporting over 750 pounds and provides a secure escape route. Additionally, its sleek design blends seamlessly into any home decor without occupying much space.

You can enhance your home’s safety measures easily and effectively with Rescue Ready, making it a valuable addition to any home.

Firefighters Eric Hartsfield and Brett Russell designed Rescue Ready after struggling to escape fires because ladders were inaccessible. The product seamlessly fits window frames, which makes deployment swift and easy.

Known for its durable construction, Rescue Ready features an aluminum ladder reinforced with sturdy nylon webbing, capable of supporting over 750 pounds.

This robust design guarantees reliability in real-life scenarios. Additionally, the ladder can be folded and stored beneath the window frame, combining safety with aesthetic considerations.

Enhanced Home Safety: The Story of Rescue Ready's Innovative Fire Escape Ladder and Beyond

Rescue Ready can be set up in under thirty seconds, a crucial feature given that most home fires in the U.S. occur late at night when visibility is reduced. Its universal design caters to individuals of all ages, offering a versatile escape route.

Originally intended for permanent installation, the product was adapted post-Shark Tank as “Rescue Ready Retrofit,” allowing for flexible placement under any window pane.

Rescue Ready emphasizes safety, reliability, and user-friendliness. Its simplicity of use, adaptability, and innovative design make it an excellent choice for enhancing home safety and potentially saving lives. 

The founders’ dedication to fire safety awareness and continuous product improvement further solidified its credibility and potential impact.

Brett Russell and Eric Hartsfield, both founders of Rescue Ready, bring unique backgrounds to the company. Russell, a former paramedic and Marine Corps veteran, drew inspiration from his experiences to create the product.

Rescue Ready extends beyond escape ladders, with the company developing devices to enhance search-and-rescue operations. Their flagship device utilizes infrared light to detect heat signatures, aiding rescuers in locating individuals in need efficiently.

Before their Shark Tank appearance, Rescue Ready had already established a successful business model, selling devices directly to customers and providing training for first responders.

This prior success underscores their clear vision, strong operational strategies, and a tested product.

The founders’ transition from entrepreneurs to established business professionals showcases their commitment to innovation and growth, with Shark Tank acting as a catalyst for wider recognition and opportunities.

Rescue Ready On Shark Tank

Eric Hartsfield and Brett Russell presented Rescue Ready on Shark Tank. They highlighted that in case of a fire, the safest escape route is often through a window. However, setting up a traditional rescue ladder can be time-consuming.

They demonstrated the effectiveness of their ladder by having one Shark use it while another struggled to find a regular ladder.

The Sharks were impressed by the demonstration and expressed interest in learning more about the company.

Eric and Brett were seeking a $75,000 investment for a 15% stake in Rescue Ready, valuing the company at $500,000.

They planned to distribute the product through window manufacturers, although the Sharks raised concerns about this approach.

Lori Greiner believed that the product was consumer-oriented and not something that manufacturers should handle.

Mark Cuban found the idea appealing but felt unqualified to invest in the residential market.

Barbara Corcoran thought that convincing window manufacturers to collaborate would be challenging and provided advice to the co-founders before deciding not to invest.

Kevin O’Leary and Rohan Oza shared similar concerns and chose not to invest.

Despite receiving no offers from the Sharks on the show, Eric and Brett turned to Kickstarter and successfully raised $66,608 within 45 days.

Subsequently, they introduced Rescue Ready Retrofit, which included a plastic cover matching the room’s decor.

In this way, they were able to sell directly to consumers without relying on window manufacturers, although they are still looking for partnerships with them.

Rescue Ready managed to fulfill backorders by mid-2023 by shipping essential ladder parts and offering customers the option to replace their plastic covers with wooden ones at no extra charge due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

The company continues to strengthen its online presence and ensure that people can effectively evacuate during house fires.

Although the annual revenue of Rescue Ready remains undisclosed, it is anticipated to have grown since its appearance on Shark Tank.

Rescue Ready: Growth, Challenges, and Innovation After Shark Tank

Utilizing the momentum gained from their Shark Tank appearance, Rescue Ready focused on driving ongoing innovation and business growth.

The exposure garnered from the show led to heightened interest from the public and media, resulting in features across various reputable publications and media outlets like Forbes and The Washington Post.

Their increased visibility, combined with the continuous development of their product, positioned the company for sustained success.

Rescue Ready was able to introduce new features to their device as a result of the additional funding.

Notably, they announced a partnership with the National Emergency Number Association (NENA), offering users real-time data on emergency numbers and locations.

Their product is likely to become an even more valuable tool for rescuers as a result of this enhancement, making it more functional and appealing.

Additionally, the company continued to follow its established business model, which included direct sales of the device to customers, providing training and certifications for first responders, and offering subscription services.

They also started earning royalties through licensing agreements or partnerships with other businesses.

However, Rescue Ready faced challenges due to supply chain issues related to COVID-19. They had to dispatch ladders before their covers and backplates were ready.

Rescue Ready: Growth, Challenges, and Innovation After Shark Tank

Rescue Ready introduced the Rescue Ready Retrofit, which offers the same ladder as before, but with a plastic cover that complements the room’s decor.

This move allowed them to sell directly to consumers without relying on partnerships with window manufacturers. However, they are still seeking willing window manufacturers with whom to collaborate.

Despite facing challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic, resulting in delays in product shipments, Rescue Ready found a solution by shipping essential ladder parts while working on producing the plastics.

They also provided customers with the option to replace the plastic cover with a custom-length wooden one at no extra cost.

Fast forward to 2024, Rescue Ready still grapples with sourcing resources, particularly plastic, for the production and shipment of their ladders.

The company was inundated with backorders, presenting a significant challenge. To address this issue, Rescue Ready adopted a creative solution by sending out crucial ladder components while continuing to work on acquiring the necessary plastics.

Additionally, they offered customers the option to replace their plastic covers with custom-length wooden ones at no extra cost. This initiative was met with enthusiasm, enabling Rescue Ready to fulfill their backorders by mid-2024.

Despite ongoing challenges, Rescue Ready remains committed to expanding its online presence and providing customers with life-saving solutions for house fires.

Eric and Brett, seasoned firefighters, are dedicated to promoting fire safety and preparedness.

Despite these obstacles, Rescue Ready remains committed to expanding its online presence and providing customers with a life-saving solution in the event of a house fire.

Rescue Ready is still in business with an estimated net worth of $5 million.