Rebel Cheese Shark Tank Update | Rebel Cheese Net Worth

Rebel Cheese is a vegan brand that offers a variety of homemade, gourmet vegan cheeses and other food items.  The company appeared in an episode 09 of season 15 of Shark Tank.

The company’s plant-based cheeses are made using a simple blend of cashews, water, salt, and cultures, resulting in creamy, cholesterol-free products.

Rebel Cheese’s cheese options include flavors like pepper jack, parmesan, smoked cheddar, honee pistachio chèvre, and tomato herb fromage. 

These products cater not only to vegan consumers but also lactose-intolerant and health-conscious individuals. 

Rebel Cheese’s mission is to change the world’s perception of the vegan lifestyle by offering delicious and healthy alternatives to traditional dairy products. 

The company has received awards and recognition for its flavorful menu and commitment to reducing our carbon footprint. 

With the growing demand for sustainable and plant-based options, Rebel Cheese is a compelling choice for those looking for quality vegan cheeses that rival traditional dairy products in taste and texture.

Company NameRebel Cheese
EntrepreneurKirsten Maitland and Fred Zwar
Product / BusinessVegan cheese of the highest quality
Investment Asking For$750,000 for 5% equity in Rebel Cheese
Final Deal$750,000 for 10% equity in Rebel Cheese
SharkMark Cuban and Lori Greiner
Rebel Cheese Episode Season 15, Episode 09
Rebel Cheese Business StatusIn Business
Rebel Cheese WebsiteVisit Website
Rebel Cheese’s Net Worth$15 million

What Is Rebel Cheese?

Rebel Cheese is a company that specializes in creating artisan vegan cheeses for people who love cheese but avoid dairy. Their cheeses are crafted to replicate the taste and texture of traditional dairy cheese, making them appealing to vegans and non-vegans alike.

Rebel Cheese’s vegan cheeses are unique because they focus on quality and taste, ensuring a delicious product.

Rebel Cheese stands out because it uses familiar, thoughtfully sourced ingredients. Their cheeses are made from plant-based nut milk and do not contain cholesterol, preservatives, or artificial ingredients. This makes them a healthier alternative to traditional dairy cheese.

The Rebel Cheese company prioritizes sustainability as well as deliciousness and health. Their cheeses require less water and land than their dairy counterparts, making them more environmentally friendly. 

By enjoying Rebel Cheese, you can indulge in tasty cheese while minimizing your impact on the Earth.

Rebel Cheese offers a variety of flavors and styles to satisfy your cheese cravings, whether you’re a vegan looking for gourmet cheeses or someone with dietary restrictions needing dairy alternatives.

If you’re searching for artisan vegan cheese that tastes good, Rebel Cheese is the perfect choice.

Who Is The Founder Of Rebel Cheese?

Kirsten Maitland and Fred Zwar founded Rebel Cheese, a vegan cheese company based in Austin, Texas. Both Maitland and Zwar are passionate food enthusiasts and avid travelers.

Their journey into the world of vegan cheese began as a personal quest for dietary transformation and environmental consciousness.

Her readings greatly influenced Kirsten Maitland’s transition to a vegan lifestyle, particularly Dr. Michael Greger’s book “How Not to Die,” which highlighted the concerning aspects of dairy consumption.

Motivated by a belief in the transformative power of plant-based foods, Maitland decided to give up her favorite food group, cheese, and experience tangible health benefits such as a reduction in cholesterol. This change also aligned with her values of reducing her environmental footprint.

Fred Zwar shared Maitland’s enthusiasm and ethical convictions, and together, they embarked on a mission to redefine vegan cuisine, specifically focusing on vegan cheese.

Their shared vision was to create artisan vegan cheeses that not only replicated the sensory pleasures of traditional dairy cheese but also surpassed them in taste, texture, and quality.

They aimed to appeal to a broad audience, including non-vegans open to exploring plant-based alternatives.

Before appearing on Shark Tank, Rebel Cheese had already established itself as a symbol of rebellion against conventional dietary norms and an advocate for a sustainable, cruelty-free food ecosystem.

Maitland and Zwar crafted a range of hand-crafted, cultured, and aged cheeses using simple ingredients like nuts, cultures, herbs/spices, vegan yogurt, or oil.

Their meticulous development process challenged preconceived notions about vegan cheese and aimed to prove that it could be both an ethical choice and a culinary delight.

Rebel Cheese has experienced significant growth since its inception in 2019. Initially aging cheese in a small wine fridge, they now operate a 9,000 sq ft factory.

Their cheese shop and deli in Austin’s Mueller neighborhood became a hub for vegans and non-vegans to explore the world of plant-based cheeses.

Rebel Cheese’s impact extended beyond the culinary sphere, with their choice of plant-based ingredients contributing to reduced water usage, greenhouse gas emissions, and animal welfare.

Rebel Cheese’s appearance on Shark Tank in Season 15, Episode 9 further elevated their profile. Their success was measured in sales and the change they fostered in the food industry.

As a community-centered business, Rebel Cheese aimed to dismantle the stigma around plant-based diets and showcase that vegan food can be as cultured and delectable as any gourmet cuisine.

Kirsten Maitland and Fred Zwar founded Rebel Cheese with a passion for transforming vegan cuisine and advocating for sustainability.

Their journey led them to create artisan vegan cheeses that surpassed traditional dairy cheese in taste and quality.

Rebel Cheese’s growth and impact before appearing on Shark Tank symbolized hope and change in the culinary world.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Rebel Cheese?

During their Shark Tank pitch in Season 15, Kirsten Maitland and Fred Zwar presented their company, Rebel Cheese, which specializes in artisan vegan cheese. The couple sought a $750,000 investment for 5% equity in their business.

Rebel Cheese impressed the Sharks with their authentic-tasting vegan cheeses using traditional artisan cheesemaking techniques. 

They showcased their top-selling cheeses, including Brie, Honey Pistachio Chèvre, Pimento, Sharp Cheddar, and Sun-Dried Tomato Fermage. All but one of the Sharks were impressed by the samples.

Kevin O’Leary inquired about the base ingredient used in the cheeses, and Kirsten explained that they use various plant-based ingredients. 

Rebel Cheese Shark Tank Update | Rebel Cheese Net Worth

She highlighted that Rebel Cheese is the only vegan cheese company that meets such high-quality standards. The couple also mentioned that they recently built their production facility, which can produce 8 million wheels of cheese annually.

Rebel Cheese operates through three primary channels: e-commerce and a subscription service, wholesale distribution, and a restaurant in Austin, Texas. 

However, due to the impact of COVID-19, they had to pivot to mostly e-commerce sales and expand into over 100 retail locations.

Regarding valuation, Kevin O’Leary dropped out of the negotiations due to differing opinions on the company’s worth. 

Mark Cuban offered $750,000 for 10% equity, but Lori Greiner expressed interest in joining the deal. Eventually, Mark and Lori partnered and made a joint offer of $750,000 for 10% equity.

Robert Herjavec and Emma Grede did not make any offers, citing their lack of interest in cheese or the product itself. 

Fred countered Mark and Lori’s offer with 6%, but the Sharks were not persuaded. Kirsten then proposed $1 million for 10% equity, but the Sharks rejected the counteroffer.

Facing the possibility of losing the deal, Fred and Kirsten ultimately accepted Mark and Lori’s original offer of $750,000 for 10% equity.

Below is a table summarizing the Sharks’ names, investment offers, founders’ counteroffers, and the final deal:

SharkInvestment OfferedCounter Offer by FoundersFinal Deal Accepted
Lori Greiner$750,000 for 10%$1 million for 10%No
Mark Cuban$750,000 for 10%6%No
Kevin O’LearyNo offerN/AN/A
Robert HerjavecNo offerN/AN/A
Emma GredeNo offerN/AN/A
Mark Cuban & Lori Greiner$750,000 for 10%N/AYes

In conclusion, Rebel Cheese successfully secured a deal with Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner on Shark Tank. They accepted an investment offer of $750,000 for 10% equity in their company.

Did Rebel Cheese Get a Deal on Shark Tank?

Rebel Cheese successfully secured a deal on the popular television show Shark Tank. Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner invested in the company, showing their support and belief.

This partnership will provide financial backing and valuable expertise in distribution and marketing. The deal signifies a significant milestone for Rebel Cheese and highlights their vegan cheese business’s potential growth and success.

What Happened To Rebel Cheese After Shark Tank?

After appearing on Shark Tank, Rebel Cheese, the vegan cheese business founded by Fred Zwar and Kirsten Maitland, received a deal from Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner. They invested $750,000 for a 10% equity stake in the company.

The Sharks were impressed by the taste of Rebel Cheese’s top-selling products, including Brie, Honee Pistachio Chevre, Sundried Tomato Fromage, Sharp Cheddar, and Pimento.

Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner helped Rebel Cheese expand its marketing and distribution.

The exposure from Shark Tank led to an increase in customers visiting their restaurant in Austin, Texas.

Rebel Cheese’s net worth is estimated to be $15 million. The market size of the cheese industry in the United States is projected to be USD 38.98 billion, with the vegan cheese segment estimated at USD 9 billion.

Rebel Cheese remains focused on growing its business and making its vegan cheese available in retail stores, which requires finding suitable business partners and investing significant time and effort.

After appearing on Shark Tank, Rebel Cheese secured a deal with Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner, leading to increased popularity and continued success for the business.

Rebel Cheese Shark Tank Update

After appearing on Shark Tank, Rebel Cheese experienced significant success and growth in their business. They secured a deal with Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner, who provided capital and vital support in distribution and marketing.

This strategic investment had an immediate impact, with Austin residents flocking to Rebel Cheese’s restaurant to try their unique vegan cheese offerings.

The net worth of Rebel Cheese skyrocketed to an estimated $15 million post-Shark Tank. This success is a testament to the potential of the vegan cheese industry, which is projected to reach $9 billion in the United States alone.

As part of the larger cheese industry valued at $38.98 billion in 2021, Rebel Cheese is a significant player in the thriving plant-based market.

Rebel Cheese Shark Tank Update | Rebel Cheese Net Worth

Rebel Cheese continues to thrive. The headquarters in Austin, Texas, houses a dedicated team working tirelessly to meet the growing demand for their vegan cheeses.

The company plans to reach 500 stores by 2024, boosting revenue by $7 million through retail expansion. The story of Rebel Cheese is a testament to the power of innovation and adaptability in the face of adversity. 

From navigating the challenges posed by the pandemic to securing a pivotal deal on Shark Tank, founders Fred Zwar and Kirsten Maitland have established Rebel Cheese as a beacon of success in the flourishing world of vegan cuisine.

Is Rebel Cheese Still In Business?

Yes, Rebel Cheese is still in business. Rebel Cheese is a vegan cheese business founded by Fred Zwar and Kirsten Maitland. They have a restaurant in Austin, Texas, serving different vegan foods and their vegan cheese.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, when food businesses shut down, Rebel Cheese started online food delivery and generated significant sales, primarily selling desserts and sandwiches.

They appeared on Shark Tank Season 15 Episode 9 and secured a deal with Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner. Since then, Rebel Cheese has gained popularity, and many people have visited their restaurant to taste their vegan cheese.

The headquarters of Rebel Cheese is located in Austin, Texas, and they currently have 2-10 employees. With the support of its Shark Tank partners, Rebel Cheese aims to grow its business and make its vegan cheese available in retail stores.

What Is the Net Worth Of Rebel Cheese?

According to our research, the net worth of Rebel Cheese is estimated to be $15 million after securing an investment from Lori Greiner and Mark Cuban on Shark Tank.

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