What Happened To Pipsnacks/Pipcorn After Shark Tank?

Brother and sister snacktrepreneurs Jeff and Jennifer Martin plan to have the Sharks munching on Pipcorn/Pipsnacks, their line of gourmet popcorn. 

Jen and Jeff create ipcorn/Pipsnacks’ signature snack, from heritage corn with remarkably small kernels. 

Pipcorn/Pipsnacks corn is grown in the Midwest, and the hull hardly disappears when popped. 

Popcorn pops are approximately half the size of traditional popcorn. 

When you eat PipCorn, you won’t get debris stuck in your teeth because the hulls are almost nonexistent. PipCorn is gluten-free, and there is no butter added.

They “found” the firm in 2010, as Jeff assisted Jen with a move, and all they had were unpopped heirloom corn kernels. 

They created their popcorn and were so taken with it that they packaged and sold it under the Pipcorn/Pipsnacks brand. 

There are five flavors: sea salt, rosemary, kettle with a hint of sweetness, tangy crabby, and white truffle. A bag of four ounces costs $4.99.

Pipcorn/Pipsnacks must be rather yummy, as they were featured on Oprah’s Favorite Things lists in 2012 and 2013. 

Oprah’s impact is stronger than the Shark Tank effect, gaining significant brand exposure and sales.

Pipcorn/Pipsnacks is now available in a limited number of cities in the Northeast and online. They’re probably searching for a Shark to assist them in expanding their distribution. 

Are the Sharks going to make a deal?

What Are Pipcorn/Pipsnacks?

Pipcorn/PipSnacks is a low-fat substitute for regular popcorn. Pipcorn is a line of organic mini popcorns made from small kernels.

Pipcorn was conceived during a residential move when a bag of tiny heirloom popcorn kernels became the preferred snack. 

Pipcorn/Pipsnacks Shark Tank Update

Pipcorn has since developed into a delectable product naturally packed with fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants than the conventional movie, microwave, and kettle-popped popcorn lack.

Company NamePipsnacks
FounderJeff Martin And Jennifer Martin
BusinessMini popcorn snacks made with heirloom kernels
Investment Seeking$200,000 For 10% equity in Pipsnacks
Final Deal$200,000 For 10% + Equal Draw in Pipsnacks
SharkBarbara Corcoran
Episode Season 6 Episode 9
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of Pipcorn/Pipsnacks?

Pipcorn/Pipsnacks and its signature product PipCorn was developed by Jeff Martin and Jen Martin of New York City and was pitched on Shark Tank in November 2014.

Pipcorn/Pipsnacks Before Shark Tank

Pipcorn/Pipsnacks is a company that develops and sells a novel and enjoyable method of eating popcorn.

Pipcorn was created by Jen Martin, her brother Jeff, and her sister-in-law Teresa Martin (Jeff’s wife).

Pipcorn/Pipsnacks is a company dedicated to bringing heirloom popcorn to the forefront. They were so impressed with the popcorn they ate during the move that they found the Indiana farmer who grew it and eventually founded it.

The product’s developers, Jen and Jeff, are brothers and sisters living in Brooklyn, New York.

They now sell a variety of flavors of Pipcorn and a variety of other derivative items.

Pipcorn/Pipsnacks was founded in 2012 by Jen Martin, one of its co-founders. She founded the company to promote healthy living, incorporate healthy eating into her daily routine, and diversify her food options to incorporate natural items into her diet.

Jeff and Teresa, her brother and sister-in-law, are co-founders of Pipcorn and Pipcorn/Pipsnacks, and their skills as business analysts contributed to the companies’ success.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Pipcorn/Pipsnacks?

Jeff and Jennifer introduce themselves with a section that tells how they got involved with the company. The couple claims to be having financial difficulties.

When they enter the Tank, they ask for $200K in exchange for a 10% stake in Pipcorn/Pipsnacks. Jen explains how the Pipcorn kernels were discovered.

They distribute samples to the Sharks while educating them about the flavors. It’s a huge hit with the Sharks!

Jen and Jeff explain that they are close to finalizing a contract for popping corn exclusivity when Kevin inquires about purchasing the same kernels.

They sold $200K worth of merchandise last year. The margins are tight, but they manufacture everything themselves.

If they hire a co-packer, their margins improve. Robert inquires about what makes it better, and they inform him that it is more digestible.

Pipcorn/Pipsnacks Shark Tank Update

Kevin inquires about how he will reclaim his money, and he harps on the fact that this is not a proprietary product. 

They are not, he asserts, worth $2 million. They attempt to justify it, but Kevin exits.

Robert offers $200K in exchange for 20% equity in Pipcorn/Pipsnacks, and they react with $200K in exchange for 10%.

Barbara believes they are overreaching, but they are winners and will meet their demands. She agrees to do it, but she demands a draw anytime Jeff and Jen withdraw money.

Robert believes they will succeed and offers $200K for 10% with no terms. Following that, they go to a dramatic commercial break!

They inquire whether Barbara will match Robert’s offer after the break. They ponder for a moment before accepting Barbara’s offer.

They accepted the deal due to Barbara’s high success rate with food.

Final Deal: Barbara strikes a deal: $200K for 10% plus a 10% draw every time Jeff and Jen withdraw cash until she recoups her investment.

Pipcorn/Pipsnacks Shark Tank Update

Pipcorn/Pipsnacks were featured in episode 621 – only a few months after they debuted.

Their sales increased from $200K to $1.1 million due to the Barbara agreement.

Following their segment’s airing, they received 12,000 orders, or “roughly 11,000 more than we’ve ever had.”

They encountered back-order challenges as a result of the volume of orders.

Jeffrey, Jen, and Barbara viewed it as a positive instead of a negative. They offered discounts to those who waited for the longest, as well as free shipping on subsequent orders to those who waited for the longest.

Pipcorn now has copackers on both the east and west coasts and the midwest. 

The troubles with fulfillment are a thing of the past. Pipcorn is currently available throughout the United States.

Barbara appears with Pipcorn at the New York Food Show in a season seven update in episode 701.

What Happened To Drip Drop After Shark Tank?

She assisted Jeff and Jennifer in luring buyers at the booth.

Jeff describes Barbara as an excellent partner who has helped his business grow to over $1.4 million in revenue.

Beyond the Tank episode, 204 showed the rapidly developing firm. 

Pipcorn/Pipsnacks Shark Tank Update

Factory LLC made a $ 6 million investment in 2019 for an undisclosed equity share.

The company unveiled its new Heirloom Snack Cracker line produced from recycled maize flour in February 2020.

They also expanded into Kroger, joining Whole Foods Market, Sprouts Farmers Market, The Fresh Market, Central Market, and Amazon on their list of locations.

The company receives another update section in episode 1208, during which they discuss their response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

During the pandemic, the company switched to digital sales and is still highly successful in 2021. Pipcorn/Pipsnacksl generated $5 million in sales in August 2021.

Are Pipcorn/Pipsnacks Still In Business?

Pipcorn/Pipsnacks enjoyed a spike in sales after Barbra invested $200,000, which made the inventors sing pip-pip-hooray.

The company had revenues of $400k before it joined the Tank, but it has grown to an astounding $3 million in total sales since joining.

What Happened TO BrandYourself After Shark Tank?

However, despite Mr. O’Leary’s concerns that the company could not exist without an exclusive arrangement with their unique corn farmer, they were ultimately able to achieve a complete exclusivity agreement due to their special sales.

These phenomenal sales have also resulted in phenomenal publicity.

Pipcorn/Pipsnacks has been featured on several major television shows following its appearance on Shark Tank, including Good Morning America and even Dr. Oz.

Pipcorn/Pipsnacks, according to GMA, are “delicately seasoned” and a delectable delicacy. Pipcorn/Pipsnacks has also expanded in a variety of directions.

Pipcorn/Pipsnacks was available in 40 stores before appearing on Shark Tank, including 18 Whole Foods stores; currently, the product is available in more than 150 Whole Foods stores and numerous other grocery chains, including Wegmans Safeway and The Fresh Market.

Both entrepreneurs feel as if they’ve built a fully-fledged business.

The company was formed with three employees when it joined the Tank but has grown to over 40 employees and is very proud to have created jobs in the community.

Jen and Jeff have gushed about Barbra’s ideal partner for Pipsnack.

What Happened To Hoppy Paws After Shark Tank?

She is known for her willingness to go above and beyond to help whenever they need, especially given that her real estate headquarters are only a few miles from Pipsnack’s headquarters in Brooklyn, New York.

The Pipcorn/Pipsnacks family believes that they will continue to thrive as long as they have a partner like Barbra by their side.

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