Mural Painter Shark Tank Update

Transforming Urban Spaces: The Artistic Journey of Emily Strauss and Mural Painter Inc.

Emily Strauss, a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, established Vandalize Apparel, a company specializing in handcrafted and hand-painted apparel.

She founded Design Team NYC in 2009 as a way to expand her creative endeavors. The initiative aimed to bring together designers, painters, and construction professionals under one roof for over 3000 murals in 27 cities.

The primary goal of Design Team NYC, now known as Mural Painter Inc., is to produce distinctive art pieces, ranging from interior designs for residences to large-scale murals adorning entire building facades.

Mural Painter Inc. is a reputable company specializing in high-quality mural painting services for businesses of all sizes.

Mural Painter Inc. prides itself on being a leading organization dedicated to creating exceptional public art. Their services include murals, faux finishes, office art, signage, and outdoor advertising for businesses of all sizes.

The company employs a team of skilled artists who specialize in hand-painted artworks spanning various locations nationwide.

Transforming Urban Spaces: The Artistic Journey of Emily Strauss and Mural Painter Inc.

Founded by Emily Strauss, Mural Painter Inc. has gained recognition for its exceptional work in transforming ideas into captivating visual wonders.

Trusted by renowned brands worldwide, Mural Painter Inc. offers hand-painted billboards, murals, custom business signs, logos, and branding services.

The company, headquartered in New York City, has since extended its reach to Los Angeles, Austin, and Chicago. Over the years, Mural Painter Inc. has undertaken notable projects for renowned companies such as Lyft, Warner Brothers, and Netflix, among others.

With a focus on both residential and commercial projects, the company’s services extend across major cities in the US and can cater to large-scale projects globally. You can elevate your space with stunning hand-painted artwork when you work with Mural Painter Inc.

Emily’s journey as an entrepreneur has been marked by resilience and determination. Despite facing challenges such as a late-stage Lyme Disease diagnosis that disrupted her education, she persevered.

After overcoming health obstacles, Emily pursued her passion for art, recognizing the growing popularity of murals in urban settings and channeling her optimism into building a successful artistic enterprise.

Mural Painter Inc., previously operating as Design Team NYC, distinguishes itself by focusing on a wide range of project sizes, catering to both small and medium assignments.

Their “simple three-step approach” allows clients to submit designs, collaborate on strategies, and witness the transformation of their ideas into vibrant artworks.

Pricing varies based on project scope, with a clear emphasis on delivering high-quality, customized solutions tailored to each client’s needs.

Emily Strauss Pitching Mural Painter Inc.: Redefining Hand-Painted Artistry on Shark Tank

Meet Emily Strauss, an ambitious entrepreneur behind the Hand-painted Signs and Promo Agency. She requested $300,000 in exchange for 15% equity in her business, Mural Painter.

Emily’s journey began with Mural Painter, a business that originated through word-of-mouth referrals and has now evolved into a full-fledged artist agency. The agency connects mural painters with companies seeking artistic advertising solutions.

Emily envisions expanding her business to multiple cities and implementing an improved dispatching system to connect companies with talented artists efficiently.

She believes that murals represent a revitalized form of advertising, gaining popularity as a highly sought-after medium for semi-permanent promotion.

Mural Painter not only provides employment opportunities for artists but also fosters seamless connections between artists and clients through an upcoming app.

Emily’s artistic passion traces back to her teenage years when she painted kitchen cabinets with her parents’ support, leading to organic business growth as clients admired her work.

The journey wasn’t without challenges; illness forced Emily to leave high school at 17, but she persevered, obtained her GED, pursued art courses in college, and eventually employed former classmates.

The pricing structure for murals involves an hourly rate starting at $16 for painters, with larger projects requiring two artists. Emily projects sales of approximately $800,000 by the end of the year, yielding a $100,000 profit.

Despite Mark Cuban and Daymond John opting out of investment due to scalability concerns and turnover rates, respectively, Kevin O’Leary expresses interest, offering $300,000 for a 35% stake.

Lori Greiner bows out, deeming the opportunity unsuitable, while Barbara Corcoran steps in with a $100,000 cash investment, a $200,000 line of credit, and valuable guidance for Emily’s business growth.

In the end, Emily accepts Barbara’s offer, setting the stage for further expansion and success for Mural Painter.

Thriving Expansion: The Success Story of Mural Painter Inc. After Shark Tank

The Mural Painter organization has recently expanded its operations to Florida, Los Angeles, and New York, solidifying its presence in key markets.

The company’s sterling reputation has attracted a roster of prestigious clients, including global brands like Netflix, Spotify, Google, Adidas, Sony, Taco Bell, and Etsy.

Emily and Barbara’s strategic vision has steered Mural Painter toward remarkable success, evident in its impressive annual revenue of $1 million.

Transforming Urban Spaces: The Artistic Journey of Emily Strauss and Mural Painter Inc.

With the establishment of new branches in Florida, New York, and Los Angeles, Mural Painter’s reach continues to expand.

 In addition to these achievements, Emily has diversified her entrepreneurial portfolio with the launch of House Painters, specializing in top-tier interior and exterior painting services.

Emily’s entrepreneurial acumen continues to drive her ventures to new heights. You can explore Mural Painter’s website for an overview of their services.

Mural Painter Inc. is still in business with an estimated net worth of $1 million. The future looks promising for Emily and the bright horizons ahead for her burgeoning enterprises.