Moki Doorstep Shark Tank Net Worth

Moki Doorstep is a convenient and innovative vehicle accessory designed to help people easily access the roof of their cars, trucks, or SUVs.

Created by Zach Brown and Alyssa Brown, this ingenious device was featured on “Shark Tank” in 2019, gaining significant attention and popularity.

The Moki Doorstep is essentially a small, sturdy, and portable step made of aircraft-grade aluminum that hooks onto the U-shaped door latch of a vehicle’s front or rear doors. 

Moki Doorstep provides a stable platform for people to stand on, making it much easier to reach the roof to load or unload gear, clean the roof, or simply access a roof-mounted storage system.

Moki Doorstep is a practical and user-friendly accessory for anyone who needs to access their vehicle’s roof frequently or finds it challenging to reach the rooftop without additional support.

Company NameMoki Doorstep
EntrepreneurZach Brown and Alyssa Brown
Product / BusinessThe vehicle doorstep is made of aircraft-grade aluminum for easy access to the rooftop
Investment Asking For$150,000 for a 5% stake in Moki Doorstep
Final Deal$3 million for a 100% stake in Moki Doorstep
SharkDaymond John
Episode Season 10, Episode 9
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteMoki Doorstep Website

What Is Moki Doorstep?

Moki Doorstep is a portable step that can be attached to the door latch of a vehicle, providing a platform to access the vehicle’s roof easily. It was designed to help people easily reach items on the roof of their vehicles, such as cargo boxes, bicycles, and kayaks, without having to climb on the tires or use a stool.

Moki Doorstep is a unique and practical device designed to help individuals easily access their vehicle’s roof. This product is made of aircraft-grade aluminum and features a unique design that allows for easy installation by simply hooking it onto the door latch of most vehicles.

Moki Doorstep Shark Tank Net Worth

Moki Doorstep is a versatile tool that can support up to 400 pounds, making it an ideal solution for those who need to load bulky items onto their roof or access it for maintenance or cleaning purposes. 

This product is a game-changer for outdoor enthusiasts, contractors, and anyone who frequently travels with equipment on their vehicle’s roof.

The Moki Doorstep is made of aircraft-grade aluminum and can support up to 400 pounds. It is lightweight and easy to install and remove, making it a convenient addition to any vehicle.

Who Is the Founder Of Moki Doorstep?

Zach Brown and his wife, Alyssa Brown, are the co-founders of Moki Doorstep. Alyssa Brown played an important role in the development and launch of the product, and she is often credited as a co-founder alongside her husband. 

Together, they developed the Moki Doorstep to provide a safe and easy way for people to access the roof of their vehicles.

Moki Doorstep gained popularity even before appearing on Shark Tank. The product was launched through a Kickstarter campaign in 2017, which quickly gained attention and successfully raised over $110,000 in just one month. 

The campaign helped to generate buzz and interest in the product, leading to coverage in various media outlets and social media platforms. The Moki Doorstep also won several awards, including the “Best of Show” award at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market trade show in 2018. 

The product’s success before appearing on Shark Tank helped to establish it as a popular and sought-after item among outdoor enthusiasts and people who frequently transport bulky items on the roof of their cars.

Moki Doorstep Before Shark Tank

Before appearing on Shark Tank, Moki Doorstep was created by Zach Brown, a firefighter, and his wife, Alyssa Brown, a registered nurse. The idea for the Moki Doorstep came to them while on a trip to Maine, where they struggled to load their paddleboards on the roof of their SUV. 

They realized there was a need for a simple and portable solution to help people access their vehicle’s roof more easily. Zach began developing prototypes and eventually settled on the final design made from aircraft-grade aluminum. 

The couple invested their money and time into bringing the product to life. They named it “Moki Doorstep,” with “Moki” a nod to the Moki Steps, a series of footholds carved into sandstone cliffs by the ancient Puebloans in the American Southwest.

To raise funds and generate interest, the Browns launched a Kickstarter campaign in early 2018. The campaign was a massive success, far surpassing their initial goal and raising over $100,000. The strong response demonstrated real market demand for their innovative product.

With the funds secured and the initial production run completed, the Moki Doorstep started gaining traction. The Browns decided to take their product to the next level by appearing on the popular television show Shark Tank. 

In January 2019, they pitched their product to the Sharks, hoping to secure a deal that would help them expand their business and make the Moki Doorstep more widely available.

How Was the Shark Tank Pitch Of Moki Doorstep?

Zach and Alyssa Brown appeared on Season 10, episode 9 of Shark Tank, aired on January 6, 2019. Zach and Alyssa Brown entered the tank seeking a $150,000 investment in exchange for a 5% equity stake in their company.

During their pitch, the Browns demonstrated how the Moki Doorstep worked by attaching it to the door latch of a vehicle on set. They highlighted the product’s key features, such as its ease of use, lightweight design, durability, and high weight capacity. 

The demonstration impressed the Sharks, who could see the potential in the product. Zach and Alyssa shared with the sharks the impressive results of their Kickstarter campaign, which garnered over $100,000 in revenue in just 30 days. 

The cost per unit was calculated to be slightly above $10 as the duo tested their product’s market value at various camping exhibitions. According to Zach, their product received positive feedback and was received well with a price point of around $40.

However, the sharks were taken aback by the news that Zach’s uncle had received a royalty fee of $1 per unit for nearly two decades. Kevin O’Leary was concerned about the potential for copycat products and promptly dropped out. 

On the other hand, Daymond John proposed a deal worth $450,000 for 20% equity, offering more cash and a larger stake in the company. In a surprising twist, Zach and Alyssa presented the idea of selling the entire company to the sharks. 

Daymond quickly offered to purchase 100% of the business for $3 million and agreed to continue paying the royalty to Zach’s uncle. Ultimately, Zach and Alyssa agreed to Daymond’s offer and sold the company.

The successful pitch on Shark Tank helped propel Moki Doorstep into the spotlight, leading to increased sales, brand recognition, and growth. The partnership with Daymond John benefitted the company, opening doors to new opportunities and expanding the product’s reach.

Final Deal: Daymond John acquired Moki Doorstep for $3 million.

What Happened To Moki Doorstep After Shark Tank?

After their successful appearance on Shark Tank and securing a deal with Daymond John, the Moki Doorstep experienced significant growth and increased brand recognition. Here are some of the notable developments that took place after the show:

  1. Expansion of sales channels: With Daymond John’s guidance and network, Moki Doorstep expanded its sales channels, making the product available on various online platforms and retail stores. This increased visibility resulted in a boost in sales.
  2. Improved production and distribution: The investment allowed the company to scale up production, ensuring they could meet the growing demand for their product. They also improved their distribution network, making it easier for customers to purchase the Moki Doorstep.
  3. Marketing and promotion: The exposure from Shark Tank, combined with Daymond John’s expertise in marketing, helped the Moki Doorstep gain greater visibility. The company invested in marketing campaigns and leveraged social media to create awareness and generate interest in the product.
  4. Product development: Moki Doorstep continued to refine and improve its product, incorporating customer feedback and suggestions. This commitment to innovation and quality helped maintain the brand’s strong reputation.
  5. Partnership and collaborations: The company explored new partnerships and collaborations to expand its product lineup and reach new customers. By working with other companies and influencers in the automotive and outdoor adventure spaces, Moki Doorstep continued growing its market presence.

Moki Doorstep’s appearance on Shark Tank and its partnership with Daymond John proved to be a turning point for the company. The increased exposure, investment, and business guidance helped the Browns scale their business, meet the growing demand for their product, and establish Moki Doorstep as a popular and innovative solution for accessing vehicle rooftops.

Moki Doorstep Shark Tank Update

Regrettably, the finalization of Moki Doorstep’s negotiations with Daymond was unsuccessful. Despite this setback, the company’s wares persist in being dispersed throughout North America, available at establishments such as Dick’s Sporting Goods.

The Browns emerged as lucky beneficiaries of Shark Tank, which rarely sells firms. They desired to return to their prior lives and occupations, and the arrival of Alyssa’s second child made the millions of dollars offered by Daymond all the more beneficial for their growing family. 

Nevertheless, some have conjectured that the Browns could have struck a more advantageous deal, as Daymond was willing to provide significantly more capital than requested. 

This suggests he valued the company more than the $3 million they sought. The Browns could have raised their asking price to over $4 million, which would have most likely resulted in a higher payout, even if Daymond had countered. Nonetheless, securing $3 million in seconds is still a remarkable achievement.

Moki Doorstep Shark Tank Net Worth

Since sealing the deal, Zach and Alyssa have continued to be actively involved in product development with the manufacturer, Rightline Gear, and have assisted Daymond and his team in launching the product. 

Moki Doorstep is available online through the company’s website and Amazon and in brick-and-mortar stores like Dick’s Sporting Goods and REI. Unfortunately, imitations have started to inundate the market due to the lengthy patent process, which can take up to five years. 

The Browns expressed frustration over these counterfeit products eating into Moki Doorstep’s profits and the potential safety concerns posed by their inferior materials.

However, a search for alternatives to Moki Doorstep reveals that some of these products are of high quality, can support the same weight as the Moki, and are sold at a lower price of less than $30. These alternatives have received positive reviews from customers.

It will be interesting to observe if Moki Doorstep will need to adjust its pricing in the future. Kevin had predicted that the imitations would retail for around $20, which proved accurate. 

Moki Doorstep’s association with Shark Tank may justify some consumers’ $44.95 price tag. The Moki brand is always a good choice for those who prefer it but find the price too high. 

If the Browns’ claims about the product’s quality are true, consumers should feel confident buying a used Moki Doorstep.

A positive indication is that the Moki Doorstep website remains operational. Moreover, the Moki Door Step and its offerings can be easily procured through Amazon’s e-commerce platform.

Is Moki Doorstep Still In Business?

Although an agreement was made to sell Moki Doorstep, the deal has not yet been completed. However, Daymond remains in talks with the company and has appeared with them publicly. 

The Browns have two children despite Alyssa being pregnant when they appeared on Shark Tank. The Moki Door Step has partnered with Rightline, a provider of work equipment. 

The product, which has its dedicated website, not only sells the doorstep but also features other merchandise from Rightline. The Rightline logo is prominently displayed on the site.

Available on Amazon, the Moki Door Step has received an impressive rating of 4.6 out of 5 from over 4,900 reviews. The doorstep retails for $49, generating more than $150,000 in sales.

The company boasts a thriving online presence with a bustling social media following. With over 3,845 followers on Instagram, 2,041 followers on Facebook, 65 followers on Twitter, and over 1,600 followers on Youtube, the Moki Door Step has generated significant online engagement. The company’s Youtube videos have accumulated over 10,000 views.

Moki Door Step, valued at $5,000,000, has provided the Browns and their family with ample financial stability; however, the deal to sell the company hasn’t yet been completed.

What Is the Net Worth Of Moki Doorstep?

The valuation of Moki Doorstep was $3 million when it appeared on Shark Tank. The net worth of Moki Doorstep is estimated to be $5 million, with annual revenue of around $1 million.