LugLess Shark Tank Update

LugLess is a firm established by Brian Altomare in New York that specializes in the shipping of luggage, including difficult items such as skis ($79), golf clubs ($89), and bicycles ($179).

The most well-known feature of this business in the commercial core is the space where guests can safely store their bags while visiting the sights or shopping.

Your luggage can be stored securely at their site for a time ranging from one hour to one month for a fee of up to ten dollars per bag. This is an intriguing approach to running a business.

When you can pay so much for them to pick up your luggage and drop it off at their headquarters, what would you pay to have your luggage picked up and delivered to your hotel? 

Would you be willing to pay this much to have it dropped off at their location if they can get this much?

Customers who use this service are exempt from paying airline baggage fees, do not have to queue up in crowded airport check-in areas or claim their baggage, and do not risk having their luggage misplaced in transit.

Your luggage will be picked up and delivered worldwide by the door-to-door shipping firm LugLess, owned and operated by Brian Altomare.

You will not have to pay an airline baggage fee if your luggage reaches your destination before you do. You can use this service for cumbersome items such as bicycles, skis, and golf equipment.

You do not have to wait in line at the check-in counter and the baggage claim. Further, you don’t need to worry about your luggage getting lost. LugLess is so confident that it will reach its destination without incident that it will give you $500 if it does not.

Brian Altomare presented LugLess to the Shark Tank panel to get funding for his business in 2013.

What Is LugLess?

LugLess is a company that offers door-to-door delivery of your luggage along with its luggage-pickup service. You can ship your luggage to your destination before you arrive at a lower price than airline baggage fees, and even for goods like bicycles, skis, and golf clubs that are difficult to ship.

You won’t have to wait in line at check-in and baggage claim while using the LugLess service. Additionally, you will no longer have to worry about lost luggage.

LugLess is so confident that your package will arrive safely that they will reimburse you $500 if it does not.

LugLess Shark Tank Update

LugLess allows users to travel without bringing their luggage, courtesy of the luggage rental business LugLess.

The LugLess brand appeals to many traveler types (via its integration with Concur expense management), students, and corporate travelers (collaborations with organizations such as Student Universe).

Brian Altomare is the founder of LugLess, based in New York, which sells items like bicycles ($179), skis ($79), and golf clubs ($89).

LugLess customers save money on airline baggage fees, minimize the time spent in lines at check-in and baggage claims, and reduce the airline’s chances of their luggage being forgotten.

Company NameLugLess
EntrepreneurBrian Altomare
Product / BusinessCourier service for luggage
Investment Asking For$100,000 for 10% equity in LugLess
Final DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
Episode Season 4 Episode 26
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of LugLess?

Brian Altomare is the founder of LugLess, based in New York, USA. Travelers who use LugLess baggage save money by not paying airline baggage fees or dealing with crowded check-in and baggage claim facilities. They also don’t have to worry about missing luggage.

Consumers would no longer have to deal with the stress and difficulty of hauling their luggage through airports, check-in counters, and security checks by using the LugLess service.

In addition, airlines losing luggage is one of the most concerning factors for passengers, especially frequent travelers who bring valuables on flights; however, LugLess may be able to alleviate this problem.

LugLess are unique because they offer a $500 cash-back guarantee if luggage doesn’t reach its intended destination, making them stand out from many other airlines.

LugLess company was founded to bypass baggage inspection because it is inefficient, outdated, and broken. LugLess uses existing transportation networks to make shifting luggage easier and less expensive, making it easier and less expensive than checking a suitcase.

LugLess Before Shark Tank

Brian Altomare founded LugLess as “an innovative and simple travel service that delivers people luggage worldwide.” LugLess now offers door-to-door shipping services in addition to picking up your luggage in the location of your choice and delivering it worldwide.

LugLess will pick up your luggage after you finish your trip and deliver it back. You can be sure that your luggage will arrive ahead of you. The prices for carry-on bags begin at only $339, so it is hard to imagine this idea failing to be a success.

You may save effort and stress by using LugLess, which will simplify checking in, going through security, and carrying your bags through airports.

In addition, airlines losing luggage is one of the most concerning factors for passengers, especially frequent travelers who bring valuables on flights; however, LugLess may be able to alleviate this problem.

A distinctive feature of LugLess is that they provide a $500 money-back guarantee if the baggage does not arrive at its intended final destination, which distinguishes them from many other airlines.

Even though Altomare thought LugLess was a good concept, he knew he would not be able to launch it on his own.

He sought business expertise from the Shark Tank and hoped it would open doors and create beneficial partnerships while providing much-needed funding to get the company off the ground. Is it possible that the sharks bit someone?

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of LugLess?

Before entering the Shark Tank, Brian Altomare was prepared to pitch his new travel business to the sharks. Brian appeared on Shark Tank seeking an investment of $100,000 in exchange for a 10% equity in LugLess.

Altomare explained the philosophy of LugLess in his subsequent speech. He said the service was ideal for regular travelers who did not wish to be burdened with excess baggage fees or the risk of losing their luggage.

LugLess enabled the customer to schedule their luggage to arrive ahead of them at a selected destination and to save on travel expenses. LugLess, according to Altomare, is a less expensive alternative that is also more customer-service oriented. Is it a win-win situation for the customer?

Robert Herjavec quickly compared LugLess and worldwide shipping business FedEx, which Altomare accepted, but pointed out that because the freight was purchased in bulk, LugLess was twenty to sixty percent less expensive than FedEx. 

Altomare informed the sharks that the company had made $215 000 in sales in the first year.

Kevin O’Leary asked Altomare why he hasn’t approached any airlines about forming a relationship. Altomare answered that he prefers to focus on more travel-oriented businesses and some globally significant hotel chains.

Robert Herjavec has decided that enough has been said. He believes that declaring oneself out is far too costly for the client.

Kevin O’Leary, unfortunately for Altomare, is not far behind Robert in terms of speed. Kevin says the company’s business model resembles his and his colleagues in the cell phone industry, where there is too much competition and insufficient profit. Kevin has also declared himself ineligible.

Daymond does not appear to be convinced by the company’s concept and quickly withdraws his participation. Lori, who agrees with Kevin that the market is already too crowded, is the next person to criticize him. She officially withdraws.

Brian Altomare’s situation took a swift turn for the worse, and now he only has one shark left: Mark Cuban.

Kevin and Lori disagree with Mark Cuban, but the billionaire does admit that LugLess has a “big problem” with competition and a “significant problem” with being too expensive for frequent users.

Mark Cuban withdraws his name from consideration, and a despondent Brian Altomare exits the Shark Tank without closing a deal.

Final Deal: No deal between LugLess and Sharks.

What Happened To LugLess After Shark Tank?

Even though no deal was made with the sharks, LugLess was one of the brands that enjoyed great success after Shark Tank.

Brian Altomare said he was grateful to the sharks for their challenging questions and unfavorable remarks since they provided him with unanticipated media coverage that put his firm at a competitive advantage.

LugLess gained over 300 customers and revenue increased by 448% in the thirty days following the Shark Tank program on ABC, and its monthly revenue more than quadrupled.

What Happened To BeardBrand After Shark Tank?

Brian Altomare confessed that he was very anxious about the audience’s reaction before the Shark Tank episode aired, but it did not take long to see strong demand for such a service.

Moreover, the five successful entrepreneurs discrediting the company’s business strategy did not bother the clients who desired the service.

It is the opposite. LugLess customers, many of whom chose to use the product after the Shark Tank show aired, expressed shock that the sharks didn’t believe this product would succeed.

On an even brighter note, LugLess was included in Entrepreneur Magazine’s “100 Brilliant Companies list.” LugLess’s media coverage was undoubtedly a major contributing factor to the company’s success and growth after the event.

It is no small effort for a very young company to make the “100 Brilliant Companies List” after being rejected by all five sharks.

Brian Altomare and LugLess received more good news when Luggage Forward, a Boston-based door-to-door delivery service, acquired them. LugLess is the seventh competitor that Luggage Forward has acquired in the past six years. Luggage Forward was ecstatic to welcome LugLess.

Luggage Forward was especially happy with the reputation and rapport with clients that LugLess has established. Clients welcomed the move, and we’re glad to continue to use LugLess under the Luggage Forward banner.

Brian Altomare said he was thrilled to sign the contract with Luggage Forward. However, Luggage Forward loved the proposal despite the sharks’ opposition.

Hopefully, LugLess will continue to grow in popularity as Luggage Forward adds them to its portfolio of brands.

LugLess Shark Tank Update

The LugLess luggage service is offered in more than 235 countries worldwide, including every town, city, and state in the United States. They will pick up your luggage at your residence and see that it is transported to the appropriate location.

Even though Altomare failed to secure a deal on the Shark Tank, LugLess continued to grow. The social media accounts and website of LugLess are still up and running, and it appears that the company is making a profit.

LugLess Shark Tank Update

Brian could lower his overall business costs by purchasing services in bulk, allowing him to offer lower prices to international customers.

He has established a niche for himself in the travel and tourism industry. Although the area is too small to accommodate a Shark transaction, the luggage delivery industry has been profitable for this entrepreneur.

LugLess company was acquired by Luggage Forward, “the international leader in door-to-door luggage transportation,” on December 8, 2014, for an unknown sum, proving to be a lucrative venture.

Is LugLess Still In Business?

A year after LugLess appeared on Shark Tank, it was acquired by Luggage Forward, which has partnerships with companies such as FedEx, UPS, and DHL.

You can use LugLess luggage to travel to any town, city, or state and over 235 countries worldwide. Your stuff will be picked up from your apartment and transported to your destination on their behalf.

What Happened To Hip Chixs After Shark Tank?

Luggage Forward ranked 48th on Inc Magazine’s list of the fastest-growing Travel & Hospitality companies when it acquired LugLess, based on a 61 percent growth rate over three years.

LugLess was ranked 48th among the fastest-growing Travel & Hospitality companies when the company was acquired.

What Is the Net Worth of LugLess?

The valuation of LugLess was $1 Million when it appeared on Shark Tank. Luggage Forward acquired LugLess in 2022; hence its valuation is unknown.

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