Ice Age Meals Shark Tank Update

Ice Age Meals is a meal delivery business that adheres to paleo and zone diets as its dietary guidelines. Nick Massey is the founder of Ice Age Meals.

Ice Age Meals include not sugar but meat, vegetables, nuts, seeds, fruit, and grains as staple foods.

There is no typical frozen dinner here. Massey cooks each meal himself in small batches, then flash freezes them and delivers them to your home promptly. Nick Massey’s intellect has created over 22 different recipes, so your taste buds will feel satisfied after eating each mouthful.

Ice Age Meals provides customers with ready-to-heat and eat Paleo meals. A tasty and nutritious meal is prepared, polished, and perfected by the chief culinary ninja before it is frozen, ready for reheating, consumption, and enjoyment as a delicious and nutritious meal.

Paleo diet meals include butternut squash lasagna, chipotle turkey chili, fajita pie, lemon pepper chicken, and rice. When Massie first appeared on the show “Shark Tank,” he approached the panel with a request for $1 million in exchange for 10 percent equity.

There was disagreement among the sharks on the high valuation, which Daymond John referred to as “crazy.” They exited the building in a hurry, abandoning Ice Age Meals without an agreement.

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What Are Ice Age Meals?

Ice Age Meals are diet food sold in cardboard containers and feature various frozen foods considered healthful. The Ice Age Meals product line consists of delectable gourmet frozen dishes that adhere to paleo dietary standards.

You can choose from Tri-Tip, Chicken Tikka Masala, cheese-free Butternut Squash Lasagna, Breakfast Pizza, Thai Meatball Curry, and Ribs.

These professionals prepare and provide meals of various food items, such as frozen fruits, frozen vegetables, frozen meats, seeds, nuts, frozen starches, etc.

“Nick Massie” is responsible for conceiving and developing all food diets. They prepare each diet individually, arrange them according to batch size, and evaluate how well they “refrigerate” and perform when refrigerated.

Ice Age Meals Shark Tank Update

They also offer value packages ranging from twelve to forty-eight meals that consist of tastes of various items arranged thematically, such as “The All-American” or “The International.”

Every single Ice Age Meal includes grass-fed, organic meat that has been raised on family farms. If the dish has a pleasant flavor after being refrigerated, they will begin preparing it for mass manufacturing.

Their meals are free of fat and gluten but contain various important nutrient components that will not be degraded once frozen.

Company NameIce Age Meals
EntrepreneurNick Massie
Product / BusinessPaleo meals frozen
Investment Asking For$1,000,000 for 10% equity in Ice Age Meals
Final DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
Episode Season 8 Episode 2
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of Ice Age Meals?

Nick Massie is the founder of Ice Age Meals, a young entrepreneur who has been in the food industry for the past two decades.

Nick is a fitness enthusiast and a cook. She recognized that people consume various harmful products that harm their health; in addition, people do not have time to prepare meals; therefore, Ice Age Meals was launched.

She was able to sell more than 5,000 dinners a week when her business was up and running. Ice Age Meals is a meal delivery service that adheres to paleo and zone diets as its dietary guidelines.

Meat, vegetables, nuts, seeds, fruit, and grains are the staples of these eating plans, but they exclude sugar.

It is not your typical frozen dinner; these dishes are produced and cooked by Massie himself in small batches, then flash-frozen and delivered to your home on time.

Nick Massey crafted over 22 different recipes, and your body will undoubtedly start craving them after tasting just one, and your tastes will be filled with satisfaction after every mouthful.

Ice Age Meals Before Shark Tank

The inventor of Ice Age Meals, Nick Massie, was very interested in capitalizing on the health food trend. The enterprising athlete established his company to encourage individuals to live better lifestyles.

He used the Paleo diet, a program he followed himself, even though it is a contentious issue among diet clubs all across the country. Some people have referred to the paleo diet as a “fad diet,” and others have said it could harm one’s health. 

However, a sizeable portion of the medical community believes that the paleo diet is extremely healthy as long as other aspects of one’s lifestyle are followed, such as regular exercise.

Nick Massie, who emerged in the shark tank looking ready to climb a mountain, miscalculated the valuation of his business in response to a sudden business proposal, leaving him unprepared for the sharks, who jumped right in for the attack without any delay. 

There is no doubt that the diet can work wonders in the case of particularly active people.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Ice Age Meals?

Nick appeared on Shark Tank seeking an investment of $1 million for a 10% stake in Ice Age Meals. He continued by describing what he does in lyrical form.

Nick paced anxiously in front of the entrance to the Shark Tank as tense energy flooded the room. He does a couple of sets of pushups to relieve the stress he is experiencing because there is nowhere to throw it all.

Whenever the time comes to finally enter through the double doors, he has an infectious grin plastered all over his face and an air of magnetic allure about him.

He begins by introducing himself and then proceeds to make a proposition for an investment of one million dollars in exchange for ten percent of his company. Consequently, the judges are left speechless and with a lot of questions.

He begins his presentation by reciting a poem filled with excellent rhyming to the investors. He explains his objective while referencing the paleo diet and his technique of delivering the product to your home.

While the pitch was atypical for his tank, it seemed to have been appreciated more than his rating suggested.

He then served his best-selling dish, which included butternut squash lasagna, and the judges praised his culinary skill and the fantastic recipe he used.

Robert Herjavec was already excited by his cuisine when he questioned Nick about his overall sales, and Nick responded by saying they were $1.5 million.

The sharks were very impressed. Ice Age Meals was not a joke, despite Massey’s easygoing mood, and Mark Cuban asked Nick what his sales were for the previous month. 

Nick responded with 130,000, which placed the nail in the coffin and proved that Ice Age Meals was not a joke. Everyone is curious to learn more about the man behind the company’s success, especially with the company’s finances as stable as ice.

He talks about his career, education, and exciting experiences, but when he is asked if a deal has been made with CrossFit, a massive corporation that hosts gyms all over the world and organizes the annual CrossFit games, he is at a loss for words. CrossFit is responsible for hosting the annual CrossFit games.

Nick’s offer was impacted by this transaction, which subsequently influenced his optimistic assessment of the company. They fired several questions at him in utter disbelief that he would base his evaluation on a transaction for which he had not received any specifics.

They tossed the contract out the window and demanded an explanation as to why Nick had placed a value of 10 million on the company.

When confronted with the question, he wished for the judges to have complete faith in him, but because he did not have any figures or concrete evidence, it appeared as though the judges were getting ready to pounce on him.

To maintain the mood of the situation, all of the judges, except for Lori Greiner, recited poems that they had written themselves to explain why they couldn’t invest in him, even though they adored his charming personality and the delicious food he prepared because there was no hard evidence that anyone was willing to take the risk.

Final Deal: No deal between Sharks and Ice Age Meals.

What Happened To Ice Age Meals After Shark Tank?

Nick Massie has partnered with CrossFit since the Ice Age Meals episode first aired in September 2016, and his Paleo Nick’s Food Booth will be operating at the CrossFit games to promote his business.

Nick was interviewed in late 2016 about his participation, and he admitted that he was seemingly unprepared for his situation the day after a pivotal encounter.

He added that he had recently stepped off a plane and was very jet-lagged after two flights the day before, which explains some of his sometimes careless behavior in the tank.

Ice Age Meals was his backup plan to introduce millions of people to healthy eating and convenience.

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He has achieved that goal due to the enthusiastic response to his cuisine in the last year, and his business has grown substantially.

Nick maintains an energetic presence on many social media platforms.

He shines much more brightly online than he did on Shark Tank, and his promotional sites lead to, which is packed with information, including the 51 improvements he’s made to the business during the 51 weeks since his Shark Tank moment.

Nick’s enthusiasm for his company is evident, and there’s little doubt that he enjoys being Paleo Nick and promoting healthy eating habits around America, one package at a time with a $120 minimum order.

In addition, ordering online is a pleasant and well-organized experience, comparable to buying pizza online from Domino’s; the entire website exhibits a high level of competence and professionalism.

It’s the most attractive low-calorie Vegetarian variety I’ve ever seen.

Ice Age Meals Shark Tank Update

Nick didn’t get a deal from the Sharks, but he learned so much from the experience that he won’t forget it.

Ice Age Meals has had a significant increase in sales following the aired episode of Shark Tank on which it was featured, reaching over $1,000,000 in the 45 days since it was made available to the public.

Don’t overlook CrossFit; they worked out the kinks and are now partners. Let’s not forget about them. 

Paleo Nick, who has dedicated his career to upholding the CrossFit sign, is now responsible for a booth at the annual CrossFit Games, where he promotes his brand and makes sure his name becomes more visible to the audience.

According to Nick, the product has not changed since it was featured on “Shark Tank,” nor has the company’s commitment to creating a healthy lifestyle culture changed.

Ice Age Meals Shark Tank Update

In addition, he adds that they have had many adjustments due to doubling the number of employees. It has expanded its activities to include a facility for freezing food, new pieces of machinery, and additional office space.

Ice Age Meals has benefited tremendously from Shark Tank’s exposure. The self-proclaimed “Chief Culinary Ninja” of Ice Age Meals claims that the company is worth one billion dollars and that Amy’s Kitchen was the blueprint for his business strategy.

According to Massey, ice Age Meals is not intended to be a run-of-the-mill food delivery business. 

Ice Age Meals will begin to impact once they become a household name positively, so he is focusing on more important things.

Is Ice Age Meals Still In Business?

According to its website, ice Age Meals is still in business and has provided meals to more than 30,000 consumers.

After its Shark Tank appearance, Nick gave an update on Ice Age Meals. He stated that the firm had experienced significant expansion since the show aired.

According to Nick, the company recently expanded operations, acquired a freezer facility, acquired all new equipment, took over an office, and is currently putting in a massive blast chiller.”

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The core of who we are and what we do has endured despite the many shifts that have taken place in peripheral aspects of our organization.

Additionally, Nick summarized his experience on Shark Tank in a blog post he wrote in 2019. Nick completely renovated his kitchen to accommodate the increased traffic.

Ice Age Meals is still in business as of 2022, generating between $3 and $4 million in revenue annually. 

What Is The Net Worth of Ice Age Meals?

Ice Age meals valuation while appearing on Shark Tank was $10 million. However, with the increased revenue as of May 2022, the Net Worth of Ice Age Meals is around $5 million.