How Does SoundCloud Make Money?

SoundCloud had over 76 million registered users by March 2019 and approximately 175 million unique monthly listeners. 

SoundCloud revealed a few months ago that it reached 200 million tracks on its platform.

The service now offers over 125 million tracks on its subscription levels and has seen a significant increase in the last few years; and provides clients with even more benefits and benefits for using it on their preferred device. 

SoundCloud is a digital audio file-sharing and -distribution service. You can share, promote, and post your music on this site according to your preferences. 

The Soundcloud app and website allow music lovers to listen to music on any device.

SoundCloud differs from other streaming services in that it focuses on communication. The track allows users to leave comments on it to show their appreciation.

Users can also discover new music with innovative features.

Alternatively, SoundCloud provides many tools for musicians to promote and evaluate their work. 

This platform has seen more usage than music streaming services like Spotify and Pandora since more people use it to access their favorite music on their preferred device.

What Is SoundCloud?

SoundCloud is a Swedish online music streaming and distribution platform founded by Alexander Ljung and Eric Wahlforss. 

SoundCloud is an online music platform where people can access and listen to music by (mainly) unsigned musicians.

SoundCloud generates revenue from audio mastering, advertising, and ticket sales for live events. They also offer premium memberships (Go, Go+, and Unlimited).

How Does SoundCloud Make Money

It was created in 2009 as a way for musicians to exchange music and communicate with one another.

The company has a freemium business model in which the basic product is free but additional services cost money.

SoundCloud became a sensation among musicians and music lovers with its headquarters in Berlin, Germany.

The company has secured over $540 million in venture capital funding as of this writing.

You can remove all advertising so that you can use the service without interruption, for a small fee. The company offers advanced services for musicians and artists.

Company NameSoundCloud
Company TypePrivate
FoundersAlexander Ljung and Eric Wahlforss
ProductAudio streaming & distribution platform
Founded DateAugust 2007
HeadquarterBerlin, Germany
WebsiteVisit Website

What Is The Mission and Vision of SoundCloud?

SoundCloud’s mission is to support the work of artists. They aim to provide the best tools, services, and distribution channels to help musicians succeed in the music business.

SoundCloud is aiming to become the world’s largest social sound platform. As a result, the company’s producers will make a living from their work and focus on what they do best: making wonderful audio.

How Does SoundCloud Work?

SoundCloud is an online music sharing and distribution platform. You can use this platform to promote and distribute your music (so long as they have the rights).

SoundCloud allows users to listen to music on their website and app, which is convenient.

What sets SoundCloud apart from other services is its emphasis on communication.

The comments section allows users to praise or criticize specific sections.

Also, users can find new tunes to listen to with features like Charts and Featured.

SoundCloud offers a variety of options for promoting and evaluating one’s music.

SoundCloud Pulse is a mobile app that lets users keep track of their activity on the platform, connect with friends, and share tracks.

How Did SoundCloud Start?

Alexander Ljung and Eric Wahlforss created SoundCloud, an audio streaming service. You can share, promote, and upload audio files on this platform.

SoundCloud has been a platform for sharing music and discussing it since its inception in 2009.

Collaboration over the internet was of utmost importance to Ljung and Wahlforss. It was difficult and time-consuming to distribute music via FTP servers.

SoundCloud also provided musicians with access to listener stats and the ability for users to remark on specific sections of a piece.

Over time, the site evolved into a means of distributing music, and it began to eat away at the market share previously held by Myspace.

SoundCloud attracted 130 million users in its first four years of operation, addressing several issues independent musicians face.

The firm has come under fire following its focus on high-profile performers and licensing music.

To improve profitability, the company has undertaken several restructuring exercises. However, SoundCloud claims to have 175 million monthly visitors.

How Does SoundCloud Make Money?

SoundCloud earns money through various channels, including advertising, its Go, Go+, and Unlimited membership plans, audio mastering services, and ticket sales for its events.

Soundcloud provides a free core structure for all users to attract new users. 

Moreover, Soundcloud offers improved services that might improve users’ experiences on the site. The corporation gains an estimated 200 million new customers due to this.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these sources of income.

Users who select the ‘Free’ option will hear advertisements embedded in the music. Some of the companies that have signed on as advertising partners include Amazon, Netflix, Starbucks, and Red Bull.

SoundCloud receives compensation for every impression. There are two pricing tiers offered to advertisers: Simple and Advanced. The minimum investment for advertising campaigns is $25.

SoundCloud also works with other businesses to develop a wide range of advertising campaigns. 

You can find playlists, remixes, and competitions (such as those sponsored by Asics) on SoundCloud.

SoundCloud Go

Consumers can subscribe to SoundCloud Go (and Go+) monthly. Go provides access to a wide range of premium features, such as:

  • Portable audio playback (allowing them to download music).
  • There will be no commercials.
  • There are no previews (for Go+ subscribers).
  • Tracks available in SoundCloud Go+.

The Go subscription is $5.99 per month; the Go+ subscription is $9.99 per month. A subscription to Go or Go+ can be canceled at any time, just like other subscription services.

SoundCloud Pro Unlimited

SoundCloud now offers programs for its musicians in addition to its consumer membership. SoundCloud Pro Unlimited is the most popular package, allowing musicians to:

  • Upload as much music as you like.
  • SoundCloud’s insights dashboard provides real-time statistics.
  • Set a date for the release.
  • Get a professional badge.

If you pay annually, the plan will cost you $12, but if you pay monthly, it will cost you $16.

A subscription to Repost, which allows unlimited tunes to be distributed on sites such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Instagram, costs $2.50 a month.

SoundCloud receives 80% of the revenue generated through Repost, leaving 20% to the artists.


SoundCloud sponsors several music-related events in addition to its online activities. 

Participants can participate in panel discussions such as the “Creator Forum” or one-on-one concerts with up-and-coming musicians.

SoundCloud makes money by selling tickets for these events.

How Does SoundCloud Make Money

Dolby Powered Mastering

SoundCloud announced in July 2020 that it would provide mastering services for $4.99 per song to anyone.

With the help of mastering, musicians may sound more professional and have their tracks ready for release.

Subscribers to the Pro Unlimited plan will receive three free tracks each month, with the opportunity to purchase more tracks for $3.99 each.

What Is The Funding and Valuation Of SoundCloud?

SoundCloud has raised more than $540 million throughout ten rounds of investment.

SiriusXM, Pandora’s parent company, also contributed $75 million to the Series G financing.

A joint advertising agreement between Pandora and SoundCloud can be considered a wise investment.

How Does Gopuff Make Money?

SiriusXM says that it used its current round of funding to buy a “minority ownership” stake in the company.

This investment will place SoundCloud’s value in the neighborhood of $750 million if we assume a minority share of anything less than 10%.

Some of the other investors in the company include Temasek Ventures, Twitter Ventures, Kleiner Perkins, and Index Square Ventures.

What Is The Revenue of SoundCloud?

There has been an improvement in financial performance after Trainor’s takeover. The company made $102 million in revenue in the fiscal year 2017. 

This is an increase of 80 percent from the $53 million it brought in in 2016. The company’s losses decreased by 27%, from $74.2 million to $58 million.

A corporate spokeswoman has indicated that the company has exceeded its growth goals for 2018, although the statistics have not yet been revealed.

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It is highly unlikely that the company will go public anytime soon, even if its financial performance appears to be improving. 

The recent IPO debacles at WeWork and Uber have made the market unsuitable for a money-losing company at this time.”