Henry’s Humdingers Shark Tank Update

Since ancient times, when it was esteemed for its nutritional and therapeutic benefits, mankind has yearned for honey. Honey is prized for its nutritional and medicinal properties. Henry’s Humdingers is a new kid on the block. Henry’s Humdingers is a brand of all-natural honey with a kick.

You may have previously had honey with a sweet flavor; however, you can now also have a spicy one. You can add spiced honey to your favorite dishes as a condiment and shake things up a bit. You may put them on meatloaf, sprinkle them over chicken, or even put them in your Martini.

Henry’s humdingers can be purchased in various flavors, including Grumpy Grandpa, Diabolical Dad, Phoebe’s Fireball, and Naughty Nana. These tastes are seasoned with garlic, red pepper, chipotle, cinnamon, habanero, lime, and ginger.

Henry is not only an avid consumer of honey, but he is also an environmental entrepreneur with a goal in mind. Henry is committed to doing what he can to conserve the bees, and as a result, he donates a portion of the money he makes from sales to assist in the cause, regardless of whether or not the company makes a profit.

Henry’s Humdingers produces raw honey, which is honey that has not been pasteurized or heated. It is strained without adding heat at a temperature higher than 120 degrees. 

In most cases, other types of honey are pasteurized by subjecting them to high heat, which destroys their medicinal and nutritional value and alters their flavor.

What is Henry’s Humdingers?

Henry’s Humdingers is a line of spiced raw honey that has not been pasteurized. Henry’s Humdingers Honey is a unique product made of locally sourced wildflower honey. 

The company began in 2013 when Henry, the founder, started making small batches of handcrafted honey for friends and family. Soon enough, he created a name for himself, and his sweet concoction became popular.

Today, Henry’s Humdingers Honey has taken off as one of the leading gourmet honey products on the market. Each batch is carefully crafted from an all-natural recipe that has been perfected over years of research and testing to create a unique flavor profile that can’t be found anywhere else. 

Henry’s Humdingers Shark Tank Update

This premium-grade wildflower honey is packed with bold flavor notes ranging from floral to citrusy hints that make it truly special. Not only does this delicious treat provide health benefits like immune-boosting properties, but it also adds amazing flavor to any dish or drinks!

Company NameHenry’s Humdingers
EntrepreneurHenry Miller
Product / BusinessRaw honey with a sweet and spicy taste
Investment Asking For$150,000 for a 25% stake in Henry’s Humdingers
Final Deal$300,000 for a 75% stake in Henry’s Humdingers
SharkMark Cuban and Robert Herjavec
Episode Season 5, Episode 20
Business StatusOut of Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who is the Founder of Henry’s Humdingers?

Henry Miller is the founder of Henry’s Humdingers. Henry Miller received all of his information regarding bees from a beekeeper who was seated next to him on a plane and told him about Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). 

When worker bees abruptly leave their hive, the queen and a small group of nurse bees are left to care for the queen and her offspring and provide the queen with sufficient resources to continue to exist. However, the bees are necessary for the hive to remain alive and well.

Henry’s parents complied with his request for a bee hive for his twelve-year-old birthday after he informed them of what he had discovered. It didn’t take long for him to accumulate too much honey, but he needed more knowledge and storage space to manage it properly. 

He then decided to sell it. He started selling the honey and donating the proceeds to a foundation dedicated to protecting honey bees and their habitats.

Then, he was inspired to transform traditional, sweet honey into a flavored and spicy product to sell on the market. Henry’s honey business quickly expanded across the country over just four years.

He was trying to fulfill the increased demand for his flavored honey by stocking it in over 300 stores throughout 31 states, but he could not do so due to a cash shortage. 

He approached the popular television show Shark Tank, which is broadcast on ABC, in the hopes of obtaining an investment so that he could grow his company.

Henry’s Humdingers Before Shark Tank

Henry Miller was just 11 years old when he first developed a fascination with bees. And before you ask, we’re not discussing Henry Miller either.

He was flying on an airplane when he sat next to a beekeeper. He learned all about bees from the beekeeper, including their function, what they give to the world, and what an extremely valuable species they are.

How is there sufficient evidence to support the hypothesis that the extinction of bees would result in the extinction of all plants pollinated by bees? Bees are essential to the health of all of our diverse and delicate ecosystems.

Henry’s interest was piqued as a result of all of this. He could help bees by taking steps to protect them since they play such a crucial role in our environment and our way of life. 

Henry went to his mother and inquired whether he may receive a beehive for his 12th birthday. Henry taught himself everything there was to know about the care and keeping of bees after his parents complied with his request to learn about beekeeping.

One of the first things he noticed was that the bees generated a significant amount of honey. There was so much that he and his family could not get through it all. 

They had more honey than they knew what to do with because they had abundant it. Therefore, he concluded that he should begin selling it to donate the total revenues to the Foundation for the Preservation of Honeybees.

Henry’s business endeavor started as a simple honey stand by the side of the road, but he had big plans for it. Henry devised an original marketing strategy to distinguish his honey from the other available brands.

The Home T After Shark Tank

He began experimenting with his natural honey by mixing various spices and developing new flavors. Humdinger Honey was thus able to serve various applications, including various cooking methods, because of its diversified composition.

He had high hopes that his company would bring awareness to the alarmingly rapid reduction of the world’s bee population. It would be for the highest and most honorable of purposes. It would be a successful enterprise in terms of profit, public awareness, and the world’s health.

How Was the Shark Tank Pitch of Henry’s Humdingers?

Henry Miller appeared on Shark Tank requesting an investment of $150,000 in exchange for a 25% stake in Henry’s Humdingers.

Henry enters the spotlight dressed as a beekeeper, exuding self-assurance and boundless vitality. He has put a lot of effort into practicing his speech and ensuring it is as flawless as possible.

He displays a certain amount of charisma; he cracks a few jokes and eventually peels back the beekeeper’s suit to reveal another one underneath. He gives samples of the spicy honey he intends to sell to each shark in the room. It appears that each of them enjoys the honey after tasting it.

Henry explains that the company has been in operation for three years and has generated sales totaling $67,000 as of the day when the episode will run. He informs them that Humdingers can be purchased from one of the country’s three hundred retail locations.

One of the key reasons Henry and his family have not been able to see the success in the business expansion they had hoped for is that they need more access to cash. The only way they’ll be able to boost production is if they make a significant financial commitment. Because the family has already put in their own money to the tune of $150,000, they cannot put any more money into the company now.

A few Sharks have reservations about the company and voice their concerns. One of these is that this honey product needs to cater to a wider audience; the addition of spices and tastes makes it a specialized item.

It’s possible that there isn’t a market for it right now, but if any large honey firms find that it can create significant profit, they’ll follow suit – and possibly drive his small company completely out of the market.

In response to one of Mark’s worries, Henry explains to Mark Cuban that most of the marketing occurs at various trade events all over the country. He also divulges the fact that he was successful in striking a business arrangement with Wegman.

Henry decided to present his business to the Sharks to obtain sufficient funding to reimburse his family for their initial investment of $150,000.

Robert Herjavec then says that he happens to have a relationship with one of the top honey wholesalers in Canada after a couple of further Sharks have left the competition. 

I Want to Draw a Cat For You After Shark Tank

As a result of Henry’s proposal and Robert’s connection, Mark Cuban decides to make a pitch: Robert and Mark move in on a deal, purchasing sixty percent of the company for three hundred thousand dollars. Robert believes it is a sound plan, but he decides to increase his ownership in the business to 75%.

In essence, Robert and Mark want to take over the company while allowing Henry to maintain his equity position. Henry decides to go through with the transaction after giving it some thought.

Final Deal: Mark Cuban and Robert Herjavec agreed to invest $300,000 for a 75% stake in Henry’s Humdingers.

What Happened To Henry’s Humdingers After Shark Tank?

Due to the increased exposure he received due to his appearance on Shark Tank, Henry’s company grew 300 percent after the show aired. 

Henry made appearances on QVC and other shopping networks, which contributed to expanding his company’s brand recognition. His new tastes included Apple Pie Spice, Strawberry Roasted Garlic, Cranberry Orange, and Pumpkin Pie Spice honey.

Henry announced in January 2019 that he had shut down his business after operating it for five years. He explained that they were forced to close the business because it had been losing money for some time, and there were a lot of unexpected expenses.

Table 87 Coal Oven Pizza Shark Tank Update

At that time, Henry’s mother, his biggest source of support and assistance in the business, was undergoing cancer treatment, and he knew no one could replace the effort she put into the company while he was away.

In April of that same year, the farmhouse that belonged to their family was destroyed when it caught fire and was completely consumed by the flames. Henry’s Humdingers LLC came to an end as a result of this.

Henry’s Humdingers Shark Tank Update

Some deals made on Shark Tank aren’t as good as they seem initially. The business arrangement that Mark and Robert had been working on was scrapped not long after the show aired.

The depiction on television isn’t entirely realistic, just like so many other things in life. Suppose you watched this episode of Shark Tank. In that case, you could be under the assumption that Mark and Robert are currently operating a successful (or unsuccessful) honey firm, and Henry owns equity in the business. However, this might be different. That is not the situation at all.

Following the show’s airing, the parties involved concluded that it would be best not to proceed with the deal. Henry’s Humdingers has always been a family business, and the Henry family was adamant about preserving that tradition.

Brewer’s Cow Ice Cream Shark Tank Update

Henry’s mother and father were his primary collaborators in the establishment and upkeep of the firm. None of them wanted to give up all of that because the endeavor was what drew them all together in the first place.

Henry’s experience on Shark Tank was not without its highs and lows. Initially, there was a surge in business for the company, which increased revenues by almost 300%. However, this success brought a new set of challenges, as the little family-owned business struggled to keep up with the exponential increase in customer demand.

The company is no longer in business as of right now. According to the Facebook page for the company, Henry’s Humdingers was closed permanently in January 2019. More than one thing had a role, but the timing was the most important of the bunch. 

Henry’s Humdingers Shark Tank Update

Henry was in the latter stages of completing his degree at Washington State University, so he needed more time to run the firm. He expressed gratitude for the opportunity to appear on Shark Tank and said he was happy he took the risk. 

Henry was thankful that he had been able, even if only in a limited capacity, to bring attention to the plight of bees and the alarming fall in bee populations worldwide, even if only in a limited capacity.

Bubba’s Q BBQ Shark Tank Update

On the other hand, Mark Cuban has been in constant communication with Henry and has kindly offered to assist him if he finds himself involved in any new business endeavors in the near or far future.

Is Henry’s Humdingers Still In Business?

Following his appearance on “Shark Tank,” young Henry seems to be living an increasingly hectic lifestyle. Henry has showcased his spiced honey goods on QVC and other shopping networks.

Additionally, he has redesigned his online website with the help of Mark and Robert, both experts in their fields.

You could buy a single jar of Henry’s Humdingers online or a four-pack of 13-ounce jars through the home shopping network QVC. Both options are available.

Henry has started to truly expand his business, which is evidenced by the Henry’s Humdingers website features one thousand recipes that call for the use of Henry’s Humdingers spicy honey. 

Henry’s Humdingers Shark Tank Update

In addition to that, Henry has expanded his brand to include another flavor, which he refers to as the Diabolic Dad flavor. However, Henry’s Humdingers ceased operations and went out of business in 2019.

What is the Net Worth of Henry’s Humdingers?

The valuation of Henry’s Humdingers was $600,000 when it appeared on Shark Tank. The net worth of Henry’s Humdingers is unknown as of 2022 since the company went out of business in 2019.

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