Gotta Have S’More Shark Tank Update

A Los Angeles firm Gotta Have S’more creates S’muffins, a type of muffin. The muffins are flavored like s’mores, a traditional dessert prepared with graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows.

The Gotta Have S’More is Carmen Lindner’s take on the classic s’more. Carmen’s s’more was exceptional! She does not attempt to advertise them as being fat-free in any way.

These homemade S’muffins include a graham cracker crust coated in bittersweet chocolate and topped with toasted marshmallows. They are baked in a conventional muffin tin.

Carmen has earned a total of $250,000 in her first two years as an entrepreneur in the Los Angeles market. She has a couple of specialized shops where she sells them.

She pays $9.94 for each dozen but sells them for $29.95 each. Gotta Have S’More is now shipping nationwide on dry ice, and the delivery cost is $54.95 for each order.

If you want to enjoy a S’muffin to its full potential, you should do so when it’s still hot (about 5 to 8 seconds in the microwave).

In February 2013, the founder of Gotta Have S’more, Carmen Lindner, appeared on the television show Shark Tank to present her sweet bakery business.

She approached the Tank intending to obtain an investment of $75,000 in exchange for a 25% stake in the company.

She registered the moniker Smuffin as a trademark. In addition, she claims that she does not have any direct competitors. Her efforts to bring down the cost of national shipping constitute her greatest major cost.

What Is Gotta Have S’More?

The Gotta Have S’more company in Los Angeles creates s’muffins, a type of muffin.

These muffins have the flavor of s’mores, a traditional dessert prepared with graham crackers, chocolate, and melted marshmallows.

Homemade S’muffins are topped with toasted marshmallows and a graham cracker crust covered in bittersweet chocolate. Traditional muffin tins are used for baking them.

The best way to enjoy s’muffins is to microwave them for five to eight seconds for the optimal eating experience.

S’muffins result from Gotta Have S’more’s ingenious combination of muffins and s’mores, which are impossible to resist.

Gotta Have S'more Shark Tank Update

The traditional camping delicacy has matured into a refined and self-contained confection, but it is as delicious as its youth.

Despite the more refined appearance, the graham crackers, toasted marshmallows, and chocolate that characterize a conventional s’more are also part of the s’muffin.

The manufacturer does not experiment with new tastes, which is probably for the best because we do not see why one would want to improve upon something that is already flawless.

You can have customized s’muffins baked and adorned for any occasion, whether it’s a wedding, a corporate event, or something else entirely, so if you want to shake things up a bit, you can do that.

S’muffins can be purchased from the company’s online store and offered for sale at Williams-Sonoma.

Company NameGotta Have S’More
EntrepreneurCarmen Lindner
Product / BusinessDesserts consisting of melted marshmallows and muffins
Investment Asking For$75,000 for 25% equity in Gotta Have S’More
Final DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
Episode Season 4 Episode 16
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of Gotta Have S’More?

Carmen Lindner is the founder of Gotta Have S’more, who enjoyed a successful career as an advertising sales executive; however, the global economic crisis forced her to leave her career in 2008.

She was given a generous severance package, but her thoughts immediately shifted to the prospect of launching her own company in a field she felt much more passionately about.

S’mores are an evergreen campfire treat, and Carmen had experimented with the classic treat over the years with her family, developing her interpretation. Carmen’s S’mores were a hit with everyone in the family.

S’mores are commonly referred to as s’mores, but her version was a S’more muffin, and it contained all of the components of a S’more but was enclosed in a delicious double chocolate muffin instead of a graham cracker.

Carmen attended an event called Los Angeles Mixer in 2009, which was a business conference and networking event that brought together business owners so they could network.

She expected that 1,500 S’Muffins would be more than enough for 3,000 people attending the mixer, but her shock at the popularity of the sweet treats surprised her even more.

Carmen started the Gotta Have S’more Company in 2010, and at first, she made the S’Muffins in her own house before selling them online.

Carmen’s original plan was to sell S’Muffins in enormous quantities to corporate clients; however, customers who sampled the product returned.

Gotta Have S’More Before Shark Tank

Carmen Lindner’s take on the classic s’more is known as a Gotta Have S’More. Her rendition was a Smuffin all the way through! She is not attempting to advertise them as a product free of fat.

Carmen has made $250k in her first two years of operation in the Los Angeles market area. There are a couple of her specialized shops that sell them.

She pays $9.94 for each dozen of them, but she sells them for $29.95. Gotta Have S’More is now shipping nationwide on dry ice, and the delivery cost is $54.95 for each order.

She registered the moniker Smuffin as a trademark. In addition, she claims that she does not have any direct competitors. She spends most of her time and energy reducing national shipping costs.

Carmen Linder is credited with developing the new Smore’s treat and coining the now-famous term “Smuffin.”

The Smuffin is a convenient alternative to making traditional s’mores around the campfire because it has all of the necessary ingredients but is baked in the form of a cupcake and has a gram cracker crust.

Linder prepares the classic S’mores that most of us have had, but she also uses this well-known recipe to create a wide variety of other desserts, which is a step beyond what most of us have done.

What about a Smuffin with cookies and cream filling? You might prefer the chocolate and peanut butter S’mores, a fan favorite among those who have at least tried one.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Gotta Have S’More?

Carmen Linder applied for Shark Tank, and she was allowed to present her business Gotta Have S’More on Season 4 Episode 16 of Shark Tank.

Carmen requested Sharks to invest $75,000 in exchange for a 25% stake in Gotta Have S’More. She started her presentation by asking for a quick show of hands to see who among the audience members liked s’mores.

Shark complied with the request by raising its hands in the air. After all, who doesn’t adore s’mores?

Carmen admitted to being addicted to sweet treats but not camping, so she had “revolutionized the dessert industry” by combining a S’more and a muffin to produce the S’Muffin. 

Kevin O’Leary once said, “A moment on the lips, a life on the hips.” He has also said, “I bet it has a million calories.”.”

Carmen quickly corrected his estimation and informed him that her product contained only 200 calories.

Carmen was familiar with the power of her S’Muffins through the application process, and she was ready to use those tried and trusted bribes. 

Carmen had learned about the real power of S’Muffins during her application process.

She then proceeded to hand out various samples to the Sharks as she waited for the favorable response that she was confident would soon be forthcoming.

Carmen reassured the sharks that once they had had the one-of-a-kind flavor produced by her top-secret formula, their customers always returned for more. This occurred while the sharks tasted the snacks and made generally favorable noises.

Carmen’s expression suggested that she was a bit dissatisfied with the fact that, although the sharks appeared to be enjoying the S’Muffins, they weren’t going completely crazy with happiness.

Mark Cuban claims that she is so enamored with her Smuffins that she cannot differentiate the dollars from the marshmallows in her finances. He is the first Shark to leave.

Daymond John is withdrawn because he considers her strategy to be Smuffin Crazy.

Kevin O’Leary has stated that he will not invest in her Smuffins as he doesn’t find it profitable. He is out as well.

Barbara Corcoran does not enjoy the flavor of the Smuffin. Thus she is also out.

Robert Herjavec recognizes that Carmen has put herself in this position by asking for $75,000 for 25 percent equity in a company that is not making any money. He is out.

Lindner walks away from the Shark Tank without striking a deal when the last Shark is out.

What Happened To Gotta Have S’More After Shark Tank?

Carmen commented that she was perplexed as to why the other contestants weren’t all “Bananas” about her product as soon as the segment aired. 

She appeared genuinely shocked by such an unexpected turn of events and compared the situation to an episode of The Twilight Zone.

Carmen has not yet succeeded in revolutionizing the dessert industry, but she has undoubtedly created a product that attracts many fanatic followers, many of who have been able to feel the magic of S’Muffins.

The Gotta Have S’More segment aired three years ago and is credited with modest growth for the business, even though she hasn’t yet revolutionized the dessert industry.

What Happened To LiddUp After Shark Tank?

Since the show launched, Carmen has negotiated a much better deal with a third-party Fedex distributor specializing in perishable shipping goods. Now, a dozen S’Muffins cost only $20 to ship in 2018.

Carmen has revealed that online products are now the same as those sold in Los Angeles retail shops, even though this is still likely out of Mr. Wonderful’s budget.

Carmen is preparing to take her company’s sales to a new level even though her husband has not yet quit his job to join the family business.

The Gotta Have S’More business was more profitable than ever in 2016, but Carmen reinvests all of the profits back into the company to prepare for the day when every person across the globe will have a chance to experience the “S’Muffin magic” for themselves. 

Gotta Have S’More Shark Tank Update

Gotta Have S’More got a huge appreciation from the public after the show despite not getting a deal from the Sharks.

Carmen capitalized on the opportunity and launched a different version of Gotta Have S’More.

Gotta Have S'more Shark Tank Update

Carmen Lindner sold Gotta Have S’more to Annalisa Johnson, the owner of the kitchen facility she rented in 2014.

Annalisa keeps the same recipes and name for her business, but she has made some adjustments to the branding.

Annalisa has expanded the product lines Gotta Have S’More and now offers a larger selection of products, including a Selfie Smore!

As of May 2022, Annalisa is the owner and operator of the Gotta Have S’more.

The annual revenue of Gotta Have S’More is expected to be $5 million as of 2022.

Is Gotta Have S’More Still In Business?

Annalisa Mastroianni Johnson, the proprietor of the Los Angeles soul food restaurant Annie’s Edibles, purchased the company from Lindner a full year after the Shark Tank episode in which she was featured.

During the first two years that Annalisa was in charge of Gotta Have S’more, the company maintained the original version of its popular muffin recipe. 

However, the packaging was re-branded, and new flavors and designs were introduced.

What Happened To Stress Free Kids After Shark Tank?

These included the Selfie S’more, allowing customers to place a photo of themselves on top of their S’muffin.

Annalisa keeps the same recipes and name for her business, but she has made some adjustments to the branding.

A more extensive product selection is now available from Gotta Have S’More, including a Selfie Smore!

Gotta Have Smore is still in business as of 2022, doing well, then it appeared on Shark Tank.

What Is the Net Worth of Gotta Have S’more?

Gotta Have S’more was valued at $300,000 when it appeared on Shark Tank. The net worth of Gotta Have S’more as of May 2022 appears to be around $600,000.

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