12 Best GoFundMe Alternatives

Crowdfunding has become an incredibly popular way to raise money for various causes, from medical bills and family emergencies to education, research projects, and more. 

GoFundMe is one of the best-known crowdfunding sites, but many other options may better suit your needs. GoFundMe is an online crowdfunding platform to help people raise money for personal and charitable causes. 

GoFundMe was created in 2010 by Brad Damphousse and Andrew Ballester and has since become the world’s largest social fundraising platform. 

Users can create a crowdfunding page on GoFundMe, share it with their friends, family, and the public, and accept donations from anyone around the globe. 

12 Best GoFundMe Alternatives

GoFundMe allows individuals or groups to set up campaigns for any necessary reason, whether for medical expenses, tuition fees, or disaster relief. 

The funds are typically raised through donations from friends, family members, or strangers who come across a campaign page that resonates with them.

Whether for personal reasons or charity, GoFundMe is one of the most well-known websites people turn to when seeking donations. 

However, there may be better options. This article will explore alternative solutions to GoFundMe that can offer better outcomes and flexibility in fundraising.

In this article, we will review 15 of the best GoFundMe alternatives you should consider when looking for a place to start your crowdfunding campaign.

1. Donorbox

Donorbox is a popular online fundraising platform that allows people to donate to causes they support. It’s secure, user-friendly, and fully integrated with major payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, and Apple Pay. 

GoFundMe Alternatives

Donorbox offers a variety of customization options so fundraisers can tailor their page to fit their needs. For those who want to avoid using GoFundMe, Donorbox is an excellent alternative. 

Unlike some other platforms, it doesn’t take any commission from donations received – meaning your supporters get the full benefit of their donations. 

Additionally, Donorbox has powerful features like automated thank-you emails and donor management tools that make it easy to stay organized and track progress.

Donorbox is ideal for individuals or organizations looking for a reliable online donation system. Its user-friendly interface ensures that donors have an enjoyable experience when donating to the causes they care about most. 

Donorbox’s customizable features make it quick and easy for fundraisers to set up a successful campaign that meets their needs.

2. Fundly

Fundly is a popular crowdfunding platform that allows fundraisers to collect donations from friends, family, strangers, and even businesses. It’s a great option for those who want to raise money for causes such as medical bills, tuition fees, and community projects. 

GoFundMe Alternatives

One of the benefits of Fundly is that it doesn’t have any time limits or fundraising goals; users are free to raise funds as much as they’d like.

Fundly also provides several tools to help make fundraising easier. For instance, their ‘social sharing’ feature enables users to easily share their campaigns on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

Additionally, they offer comprehensive analytics, which allows fundraisers to track progress and get insights into who’s donating.

Fundly is a great choice for individuals looking to raise money quickly without worrying about limits or restrictions. 

Fundly intuitive interface makes it easy for anyone to set up an account and start raising funds in no time. Its features allow users to easily maximize their efforts and meet their fundraising goals.

3. GiveForward

GiveForward is another great alternative to GoFundMe, offering many features that make it a viable option for many people. The website offers a secure platform for users to create and manage their fundraising campaigns. 

GoFundMe Alternatives

GiveForward allows users to easily share their campaigns with friends and family and post updates along the way. 

Additionally, GiveForward’s innovative “Give Together” feature allows multiple people to chip in towards a single campaign goal. What sets GiveForward apart from the competition is its community support system. 

From expert fundraisers to passionate volunteers and experienced customer service representatives, the site provides users with an abundance of resources that can help them maximize their fundraising efforts. 

GiveForward also offers helpful advice on increasing engagement with donors and spreading awareness about your cause quickly.

GiveForward makes it easy for fundraisers to receive donations from anywhere in the world, giving them unprecedented access to global philanthropic support. 

With no hidden fees or subscription charges, the GiveForward platform is one of the most affordable GoFundMe alternatives.

4. Youcaring

Youcaring is a crowdfunding platform that helps people raise money for medical expenses, education costs, volunteer trips, memorials, and other life events. 

GoFundMe Alternatives

Youcaring allows donors to make payments via Visa, MasterCard, or American Express. As a bonus, the platform doesn’t charge setup fees or take a percentage of donations like other crowdfunding sites.

What makes Youcaring stand out is its emphasis on personal stories. Campaigns can include photos and videos that tell their story more engagingly than text-based descriptions used by other platforms. 

Youcaring also offers free social sharing tools to help promote campaigns and increase donations.

Youcaring is an easy-to-use crowdfunding platform that can raise funds for almost anything you need help with financing. 

It gives users a simple and effective way to tell their stories while contacting family and friends for support. 

Moreover, donors don’t have to worry about hidden fees or processing charges when they make contributions.

5. Causes

Causes provide a platform for users to create fundraising campaigns to raise money for their cause. And if you are looking for an effective way to get your message out, Causes allows you to share the campaign with your friends and followers on social media.

GoFundMe Alternatives

This crowdfunding platform offers donor management, payment processing, and analytics features. This makes it easy for you to track your donations and monitor the progress of your campaign. 

Causes also have a wide selection of resources, such as tips and guides, to help you make the most out of your campaign.

Causes is an excellent platform for raising funds online. It has all the tools and resources to ensure your campaign is successful. 

With its powerful features and easy-to-use interface, it’s no wonder why this GoFundMe alternative is gaining popularity among fundraisers worldwide.

6. GoGetFunding

GoGetFunding helps people in need to collect donations and offers a variety of features that make it easier for individuals and organizations to raise money efficiently. 

GoFundMe Alternatives

GoGetFunding is a great choice for those who want to create a crowdfunding campaign quickly and with minimal effort.

GoGetFunding has many advantages compared to other crowdfunding platforms. For one, it’s free to use, so there are no upfront costs associated with setting up a campaign. 

Additionally, the platform provides users with powerful analytics tools to track progress and enhance their marketing efforts. 

Furthermore, GoGetFunding enables campaigns to accept payments from all major credit cards, including PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

In terms of customer service, GoGetFunding stands out from its competitors. The platform offers 24/7 support via email or telephone and an extensive FAQ page. 

GoGetFunding ensures that all funds raised are transferred directly into the campaigner’s bank account within 1-2 business days after the campaign ends. As such, it’s ideal for those who need reliable fundraising solutions without any delays or complications.

7. Indiegogo

Indiegogo is a popular GoFundMe alternative offering a great fundraising platform. It’s simple to use and offers flexible and fixed funding models so that you can choose the best for your project. 

GoFundMe Alternatives

Moreover, Indiegogo has many tools to help you succeed in crowdfunding. These include customizable campaigns, analytics and reports, promotional materials, and more.

The fees associated with Indiegogo aren’t too steep either; they charge 5% of the money raised plus 3-5% processing fees. This is comparable to gofundme’s fees which are 5% of the money raised plus 2.9-3.5% processing fees. 

Indiegogo allows creators to keep any contributions even if they don’t reach their goal – something GoFundMe doesn’t offer.

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Indiegogo is a great choice for anyone looking for an easy-to-use platform for crowdfunding without sacrificing features or breaking the bank on fees. 

With its user-friendly interface and generous terms, IndieGoGo is a viable option for those needing financial support for their projects or causes.

8. JustGiving

JustGiving is a great alternative to GoFundMe, allowing users to start crowdfunding campaigns for free. It also provides a wide variety of tools and services that can be used to promote campaigns and keep donors informed. 

GoFundMe Alternatives

In addition, JustGiving offers personal fundraising pages, allowing individuals to raise money at any time and in any amount they choose.

The platform’s secure payment system makes donating easy. Donors can use credit cards or PayPal to make their donations, which are processed through JustGiving’s secure payment processor. 

This means that donors’ financial information is kept safe and secure. JustGiving also offers donor rewards for those who donate through the platform, such as access to exclusive content or VIP experiences.

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JustGiving is an effective way to fundraise for their cause or project without paying upfront fees. The platform also provides features and services that make it easy to create successful campaigns, manage donations, and thank donors for their generosity.

9. Mightycause

Mightycause is a great alternative to Gofundme for donations and support. It’s well-known for its ease of use, providing a platform for people seeking to raise money for charitable causes. 

GoFundMe Alternatives

Mightycause doesn’t charge platform or processing fees, unlike other crowdfunding sites. This means that the money raised by the organization goes directly to the cause they’re raising money for.

Mightycause offers many features that make it easier to fundraise and manage campaigns. For example, their donation tracking system makes it easy to keep track of donations in real-time. 

They also provide a range of customization options, allowing donors to set up recurring donations and make special requests, such as sending thank you cards after receiving donations. 

Additionally, Mightycause offers fundraising tools such as peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns and social media integration that help spread awareness about the cause being supported.

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Mightycause is an excellent option for organizations looking to raise funds online efficiently and cost-effectively. With its robust features and zero platform fees, this popular crowdfunding site makes it easy to connect with donors worldwide and reach your fundraising goals quickly and easily.

10. Crowdfunder

Crowdfunder is another great platform for those looking for alternatives to Gofundme. It offers a variety of crowdfunding options, such as donation-based, rewards-based, and equity-based campaigns. 

GoFundMe Alternatives

The platform also provides tools to help you promote your campaign, including personal fundraising sites and promotional items like t-shirts and mugs.

The fees associated with Crowdfunder are also reasonable. There’s an 8% processing fee on donations plus a 4% platform fee, and if you’re running an equity campaign, there’s also a $299 setup fee. You can also pay a monthly subscription fee of $99, which gives you access to additional features.

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Unlike some other crowdfunding sites, Crowdfunder allows users worldwide to join in on campaigns regardless of location. This makes it an ideal platform for people who want to support causes outside their community or country. 

So if you’re looking for a more global option than Gofundme, Crowdfunder is worth considering.

11. Plumfund

Plumfund is an all-in-one platform that makes it easy to create a fundraising page, manage donations, and thank contributors. 

GoFundMe Alternatives

With Plumfund, you can set up a fully customizable donation page in minutes, which can be shared via email, social media, or embedded on websites. Plus, there are no fees to use the platform, so you keep every penny of your donations.

But what sets Plumfund apart from other crowdfunding platforms is its flexibility. You can use it for anything from medical expenses to travel costs. 

Its user-friendly interface makes tracking your progress simple and keeps donors updated on how their contributions have made a difference.

Plumfund is an ideal choice for anyone looking for an easy way to raise money for a cause they care about. 

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Its intuitive design ensures that users don’t need any technical knowledge to get started with fundraising, making it perfect for both experienced campaigners and first-time fundraisers alike.

12. Fundanything

Fundanything has the same goal as other crowdfunding websites – to raise money for a cause that’s important to you. However, it offers much more flexibility and convenience than some of its competitors. 

This platform allows users to create campaigns for any cause – from raising money for medical bills and travel expenses to supporting non-profits and helping those in need. 

The website also provides an easy-to-navigate dashboard to track donations and update campaigns quickly.

Moreover, Fundanything makes it easier to receive donations compared to other platforms. Donors can pay via credit card, PayPal, or an online bank transfer without being charged extra fees. 

This platform also offers promotional tools such as social media sharing options and email integration so users can easily spread the word about their campaigns.

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Fundanything is a great choice for an easy-to-use GoFundMe alternative with plenty of features and flexibility. With its user-friendly interface, low fee structure, and powerful promotional tools, Fundanything will help you raise the funds you need quickly and efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a better alternative to GoFundMe?

GoFundMe is one of the most popular fundraising platforms. However, some better alternatives offer unique features and advantages. Givebutter is a platform that allows users to raise funds, host events, and engage supporters. Bonfire is another great option for those looking to create t-shirt fundraisers. 

GiveCampus is another fantastic choice for those looking for an easy way to reach their fundraising goals. Each platform has different features and benefits that could make it a better fit than GoFundMe for certain situations. Ultimately, it’s important to research each alternative to determine which one best meets your needs.

2. Who is GoFundMe’s biggest competitor?

GoFundMe’s biggest competitors are Givebutter and GiveCampus. Both platforms specialize in helping organizations and individuals raise funds, host events, and engage supporters. Givebutter provides a comprehensive platform that allows users to create their campaigns and manage their fundraising efforts in one place. 

GiveCampus also offers a variety of tools to help users build successful fundraising campaigns. Both platforms offer a range of features designed to make it easier for organizations and individuals to reach their fundraising goals.

3. What is the best fundraising site?

You should check out Kindful if you’re looking for the best fundraising site. They provide a suite of fundraising and donor management tools, making them the perfect choice for individuals or organizations looking to maximize their giving potential. They also offer features like Double the Donation for matching gifts and DonorSearch for prospecting. 

Other great choices include DoJiggy, QGiv, Donorbox, RallyUp, GoFundMe, Kickstarter, Classy, Fundable, Indiegogo, Facebook Fundraising, and Fundraising software for UK-based groups. With so many options, Kindful remains the top choice for those seeking a comprehensive and reliable fundraising platform.

Conclusion: Best GoFundMe Alternatives

GoFundMe has become a popular platform for fundraising, but there are many other great alternatives. The 12 best GoFundMe alternatives mentioned in this article can help individuals, organizations, and businesses raise the funds they need quickly and easily. Depending on the type of campaign you’re launching, any of these platforms may be the right fit for your particular needs.

No matter which platform you decide to use, you must take the time to research it thoroughly beforehand. Before deciding, ensure that features like donor management tools and reporting capabilities are available. Additionally, check the fees associated with each option to ensure you get the best deal possible.

Ultimately, choosing one of these 12 best GoFundMe alternatives is a personal decision that should be based on what works best for you and your organization. With so many great options available, you’ll be sure to find a solution that meets your needs and helps you reach your fundraising goals.