GarmaGuard Shark Tank Update

GarmaGuard is a new product on the market that revolutionizes how people clean their homes. It is a handheld device that uses ultrasonic waves to create a powerful cleaning solution that can remove dirt, grime, and stains from any surface. The best part about GarmaGuard is that it is safe and does not require harsh chemicals or detergents.

The GarmaGuard was invented by two entrepreneurs, Alex and Michael, looking for a better way to clean their homes. After many failed attempts, they finally created a product they were proud of and decided to bring it to the market. They appeared on the popular TV show Shark Tank, where they received a lot of interest and investment from the sharks.

Since appearing on Shark Tank, the GarmaGuard has become a household name, and people are raving about it online. It has been featured in many magazines and newspapers and was even named one of the best new products of 2020 by Time Magazine.

If you want a better way to clean your home, you need to check out GarmaGuard. It is the most effective and safe way to clean your home without harsh chemicals.

What is GarmaGuard?

GarmaGuard is an all-natural, non-toxic spray and cleanser designed to eliminate bacteria that contribute to unpleasant odors. The cleaner removes bacteria, odors, and filth.

The GarmaGuardTM garment and fabric cleaner is a non-GMO product designed to spray clothes, textiles, and soft surfaces to eliminate germs that cause odors. This spray is intended for spraying on these items to prevent bacteria from spreading.

GarmaGuard is an organic, non-toxic, and chemical-free anti-bacterial spray that can be used on garments. This one-of-a-kind item was developed specifically with the needs of frontline employees in mind. 

You can spray or apply GarmaGuard on various items, including everyday clothes, headgear, shoes, and uniforms. GarmaGuard contains citric acid as its most important component.

GarmaGuard claims to be a risk-free alternative to harsh chemical disinfectants, and its effectiveness has been demonstrated against various germs and bacteria. It is predominantly composed of citric acid, an extremely strong organic molecule with a well-established capacity to eliminate microorganisms.

The main ingredient of the GarmaGuard cleanser is citric acid, which is well known for its ability to eliminate bacteria from genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The use of citric acid can eliminate the presence of bacteria and germs on clothing.

GarmaGuard is available at Amazon and other online stores selling police and nurse supplies, allowing it to be accessible to the general public, law enforcement officers, medical professionals, and nurses.

GarmaGuard Shark Tank Update
Company NameGarmaGuard
EntrepreneurPete Badawy and Bianca Badawy
Product / BusinessA natural fabric and garment cleaner that kills bacteria and viruses
Investment Asking For$100,000 for 10% Equity in GarmaGuard
Final DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
Episode Season 12, Episode 1
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who is the Founder of GarmaGuard?

Pete Badawy and Bianca Badawy are the founders of GarmaGuard. Pete is a police officer and a veteran of the Army, and Bianca is a nurse. Due to their front-line roles, they implemented a simple rule requiring them to remove their work clothes before entering the house. It was done to protect themselves and their home from potentially dangerous bacteria and germs.

They searched everywhere on the market for a product that would rid their worn garments of bacteria but couldn’t find anything to do it. Thus, they created a business opportunity by solving an issue people worldwide had. In addition, they made the product organic and risk-free to ensure that an increasing number of people could use it.

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GarmaGuard Before Shark Tank

Pete Badaway and his wife had been struggling with a problem for a long time when he decided to try his hand at entrepreneurship and make an appearance on the show “Shark Tank.” 

When they arrived home after their shifts, He, an Army Veteran Police Officer, and Bianca, a nurse, always removed their uniforms and shoes. She was a nurse, and he was a police officer.

The idea of bringing germs from their workplaces into their homes didn’t sit well with either of them. Pete wanted to find a product he and his wife could use to disinfect their clothing throughout the day, but none was available. The solution they came up with was GarmaGuard.

They opted for natural and healthy alternatives instead of using harmful chemicals. The pair chose citric acid, a powerful antibacterial and antiviral agent that helps remove unpleasant odors.

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GarmaGuard was put through a series of scientific tests by the Badaways to prove that it could end COVID. Would all of this be enough to entice the Sharks to make a deal with you?

GarmaGuard Shark Tank Recap

Bianca and Peter Badawy pitched their business, GarmaGuard, to the panel of Sharks and requested a $100,000 investment in exchange for 10% of GarmaGuard during the first episode of Shark Tank Season 12.

Put another way, you can think of GarmaGuard as a homemade spray for disinfecting your clothes. Bianca and Peter explained to the sharks that they wanted to be clean before hugging their children because they came home dirty from work each day. 

Bianca is a nurse, and Peter is a detective with the police. To get the idea for the product, they told the sharks they wanted to be clean before hugging their children.

The sharks showed an immediate interest in the product and inquired as to whether or not it would be effective in eliminating COVID-19. Although Peter and Bianca were certain it would, they explained that laboratory testing could take up to a year since they could not make a claim.

GarmaGuard has already achieved lifetime sales of $476,000 and is currently on track to generate over $500,000 by the end of 2020, even though it has only been available for purchase for the past 18 months.

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In addition, they have a profit margin of 20% on all sales, and the product sells at a retail price of $12.99, while the production cost is $1.85. However, even though the sharks liked the product, they concluded that Bianca and Peter did not need a partner and could continue to expand the business without them. 

As a result, GarmaGuard could not secure a contract with any sharks and left the show empty-handed.

Final Deal: No deal between Sharks and GarmaGuard.

What Happened To GarmaGuard After Shark Tank?

GarmaGuard is still in business and doing well in 2022, despite leaving Shark Tank’s stage without striking a deal with any investors. The website for the product features over 250 reviews, all of which are rated five stars.

GarmaGuard spray’s effectiveness in removing smoking odors and odors from athletic equipment, disinfecting athletic equipment, and neutralizing food odors that have been transferred to clothes has been praised by customers. Most reviews agree that its refreshing scent only overwhelms with being overwhelming.

The GarmaGuard Facebook page says that the company collaborates with UFC fighters to advertise its product. Ange Loosa, a professional mixed martial arts fighter who was 28 years old, wore his sponsor’s name on the back of his shirt when he competed in April 2022. 

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This is one of many advertising campaigns they run that are tied to sports. In addition to working with Sanford Mixed Martial Arts, GarmaGuard collaborates with football cornerback Parry Nickerson of the Minnesota Vikings.

Pete and Bianca mentioned on “Shark Tank” that they could not make promises regarding the effectiveness of GarmaGuard in destroying germs and viruses because the EPA had not approved the product. Possibly, those permissions are still being processed because neither the package nor the marketing has been altered.

Claims still need to be made in the advertisement for this product regarding its ability to prevent the spread of germs. On the packaging, it is described as a natural product that may eliminate odors and clean fabrics.

Kevin O’Leary voiced his disappointment that the two of them could not, as he described it, “put a tiny COVID germ with an X over it on the bottle.” GarmaGuard makes no claims about the product’s effectiveness against COVID-19, so the company likely couldn’t prove it.

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Many people still purchase the goods despite this. Walmart offers it for purchase online, but it frequently runs out of stock. In the year 2021, HSN broadcast a live sales program highlighting GarmaGuard. Customers can purchase it individually or in packs of up to twelve units on their website and Amazon marketplace.

GarmaGuard Shark Tank Update

GarmaGuard continued to succeed after the show brought attention to the brand, even though it wasn’t offered a contract on Shark Tank. The annual sales skyrocketed from just half a million dollars before appearing on Shark Tank to one million dollars after.

The Shark Tank show’s broadcast resulted in GarmaGuard sales exceeding $250,000. They had problems since they needed more money to sell to the different categories.

GarmaGuard is now available in physical retail locations besides Amazon and the brand’s website. With the company’s sales increasing, the founder began investing more money in marketing and promotion after shifting his approach to managing the company.

GarmaGuard Shark Tank Update

When Pete made the pitch, the valuation of GarmaGuard was 1 million dollars, and it remained that way until he left. The price of a single bottle of GarmaGuard spray is $12.99. They provide rather substantial price reductions on Amazon based on the quantity purchased.

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GarmaGuard’s annual revenues are still between $500,000 and $800,000 in 2021, even after the event. According to Shark, they should add something that kills Covid, but they haven’t implemented it.

Is GarmaGuard Still In Business?

Yes, GarmaGuard is still in business as of 2022. Pete and Bianca are still elaborating on and expanding their business. Although none of the Sharks decided to invest in the GarmaGuard, it is still in operation and brings in a revenue of between $500,000 and $800,000.

GarmaGuard founders are extremely enthusiastic about their product and determined to assist others in avoiding exposure to potentially dangerous germs and bacteria.

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What is the Net Worth of GarmaGuard?

The valuation of GarmaGuard was $1 million when it appeared on Shark Tank. The net worth of Garma Guard is $1.5 million as of 2022.