FishWife Shark Tank Update | FishWife Net Worth

Fishwife is a tinned seafood company that appeared on episode 10 of Season 15 of Shark Tank. The product offered by Fishwife is a range of high-quality, sustainably sourced tinned fish. These tins contain various types of fish, such as smoked rainbow trout, albacore tuna, and salmon.

Fishwife stands out in the tinned fish industry due to its commitment to ethical sourcing and its dedication to providing a premium product. The company aims to bring a touch of glamour and sophistication to the traditionally unglamorous tinned fish category.

Fishwife tins are not only delicious but also visually appealing, with some featuring bursts of citrus and pickled peppers in the oils.

The tinned fish can be enjoyed independently, added to salads, or used as an ingredient in various recipes. This adaptability makes it an excellent choice for consumers looking for convenient and nutritious meals.

Fishwife’s success can be attributed to the growing popularity of tinned fish as a trendy and gourmet food choice. The company has capitalized on this trend by creating a brand that resonates with consumers who value quality, sustainability, and unique flavors.

Furthermore, Fishwife has established itself through collaborations with other like-minded brands, expanding its reach and appealing to a broader audience.

Fishwife’s appearance on Shark Tank showcased its unique product offering and demonstrated its growth potential. The company’s commitment to ethical sourcing, premium quality, and versatility makes it appealing for consumers seeking a convenient and flavorful seafood option.

Company InformationAnswer
Company NameFishWife
FounderBecca Millstein and Caroline Goldfarb
ProductTinned Seafood
Investment Seeking$350,000 for 4% equity
Final Deal Accepted$350,000 for 6% equity + $1 advisory shares
EpisodeSeason 15, Episode 10
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website
Net Worth$5 million

What Is FishWife?

Fishwife is a woman-founded and led food company that specializes in ethically sourced, premium, and delicious tinned seafood. The company aims to make tinned seafood a staple in every cupboard by offering various products, including smoked Atlantic salmon, smoked rainbow trout, and wild-caught smoked albacore tuna.

Fishwife has gained popularity for its high-quality tinned fish products, which are ideal for creating heavenly hors d’oeuvres, perfect picnics, Sunday snacks, charming charcuterie, sunny Saturdays, and lovely lunches.

FishWife Shark Tank Update | FishWife Net Worth

The company also provides recipes, cooking inspiration, news, and updates about its latest products and collaborations. Fishwife’s commitment to ethical sourcing and delicious flavors has made it a go-to brand for seafood lovers looking for convenient and sustainable options.

Who Is The Founder Of FishWife?

Fishwife, a Los Angeles-based food company, was founded by Becca Millstein and Caroline Goldfarb in 2020. Becca Millstein, the CEO of Fishwife, is a Brown University graduate with a degree in intellectual history.

She brings her experience in brand partnerships and artist marketing from the music industry. Caroline Goldfarb, known for her viral Instagram account OfficialSeanPenn and her work as a TV writer, initially co-founded the brand with Millstein but has since shifted her focus back to her entertainment career.

The idea for Fishwife came about when Becca Millstein realized that while high-quality tinned seafood was gaining popularity globally, there was a noticeable absence of American brands in this segment.

Working in the music industry, Millstein teamed up with TV writer Caroline Goldfarb to address this gap. They named their Los Angeles-based business Fishwife, reclaiming the term from its 16th-century origins as a moniker for fishermen’s wives to symbolize their brand’s bold and fresh approach.

Before appearing on Shark Tank, Fishwife had already gained traction in the food community and engaged in partnerships with brands sharing similar values, such as Brightland and Imperfect Foods.

The brand was launched during the pandemic, which provided Millstein and Goldfarb with the necessary time and focus to bring their idea to fruition. This blessing in disguise allowed them to establish Fishwife as a player in the tinned seafood market.

Becca Millstein and Caroline Goldfarb are the founders of Fishwife. Millstein conceived the idea of creating Fishwife after realizing the absence of American brands in the high-quality tinned seafood market.

Together, they built a brand with a bold and fresh approach that has gained recognition and partnerships before appearing on Shark Tank.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of FishWife?

Becca Millstein, founder of Fishwife, pitched her canned fish company during Season 15 of Shark Tank. The company focuses on ethically sourced, premium fish products. Becca’s energetic pitch and attractive packaging caught the attention of the Sharks.

Becca entered the Tank seeking a $350,000 investment for a 4% equity stake in the business. She emphasized that Fishwife’s canned fish is not like traditional canned tuna and can be paired with various dishes like rice bowls, pasta, and salads.

The Sharks were impressed with Fishwife’s potential. Guest shark Candace Nelson highlighted the growing popularity of canned fish on platforms like TikTok and its success in Spain.

After hearing the pitch, Kevin O’Leary offered a $350,000 loan at 11% interest for 3 years and a 5% equity stake.

FishWife Shark Tank Update | FishWife Net Worth

Daymond John proposed a $350,000 investment in exchange for $0.15 per can in perpetuity without taking any equity. Mark Cuban opted not to make an offer.

Ultimately, Becca received a joint offer from Candace Nelson and Lori Greiner. They offered her the desired $350,000 investment for a 6% equity stake in the company and 2% advisory shares.

In response, Becca counteroffered with the same investment amount but reduced the equity stake to 6%, which Candace and Lori accepted.

Here is a summary table of the Shark Tank pitch for Fishwife:

SharkInvestment OfferedCounter Offer by FoundersFinal Deal Accepted by Founders
Candace Nelson and Lori Greiner$350,000 for 6% equity plus 2% advisory shares$350,000 for 6% equity plus 2% advisory sharesAccepted
Kevin O’Leary$350,000 as a loan at 11% interest for 3 years, plus 5% equityN/ARejected
Daymond John$350,000 and $0.15 per can in perpetuityN/ARejected
Mark CubanNo offerN/AN/A

In summary, Fishwife’s Shark Tank pitch was successful, with Becca Millstein securing a deal with Candace Nelson and Lori Greiner for a $350,000 investment in exchange for a 6% equity stake and 2% advisory shares.

Did FishWife Get a Deal on Shark Tank?

Yes, Fishwife did successfully secure a deal on Shark Tank. Becca Millstein came on the show seeking a $350,000 investment for 4% equity in Fishwife.

Daymond John offered the investment but wanted 15 cents of every can of Fishwife sold in perpetuity. Candace Nelson and Lori Greiner also provided the same amount for a 10% stake.

Ultimately, Millstein negotiated a deal with Nelson and Greiner for 6% equity plus 1% advisory shares vested over two years. This secured the agreement for Fishwife on Shark Tank.

What Happened To FishWife After Shark Tank?

After appearing on Shark Tank, Fishwife experienced significant growth and success in their business. The exposure from the show helped increase their visibility and popularity, leading to a surge in website traffic and social media engagement.

Fishwife, being a women-led and women-controlled business, gained attention for challenging gender stereotypes, further enhancing their unique positioning in the market. This garnered substantial media coverage, contributing to their brand recognition.

In terms of product offerings, Fishwife’s flagship product, the Wild-Caught Smoked Albacore Tuna, remains a favorite among customers. They also expanded their range to include other smoked fish varieties like Atlantic Salmon and Trout.

FishWife Shark Tank Update | FishWife Net Worth

Additionally, Fishwife diversified their product line to include tinned fish serving sets, candles, clothing, and various merchandise. The company’s commitment to sustainability and environmentally conscious practices remained a key focus.

They continued to source their fish from sustainable and responsible fisheries, ensuring high-quality products. The fish are brined and smoked in small batches over hardwood, maintaining their commitment to quality and flavor.

Fishwife’s website played a crucial role in their post-Shark Tank success. They created a dedicated section filled with recipes, providing valuable cooking tips and new ideas for customers.

This helped build customer loyalty and attracted individuals interested in trying their products after discovering enticing recipes.

In terms of distribution, Fishwife expanded beyond online sales and established a presence in physical stores across the United States and Canada. This widespread availability further increased their visibility in the market and facilitated easier access to their products for customers.

Overall, Fishwife’s appearance on Shark Tank propelled their business to new heights. Through their commitment to quality, sustainability, and innovative product offerings, they have successfully made canned fish an integral part of sophisticated dining experiences for many customers.

FishWife Shark Tank Update

After appearing on Shark Tank, FishWife, a seafood company that sells ethically sourced tinned seafood, experienced positive growth and is still in business as of January 2024.

Becca Millstein and Caroline Goldfarb founded the company during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

During their appearance on Shark Tank Season 15 Episode 10, co-founder Becca Millstein pitched the business and received a deal from Sharks Lori Greiner and Candace Nelson. The deal involved an investment of $350,000 for 6% equity in the company and $2 in advisory shares.

Since their appearance on the show, FishWife has continued to expand its presence in the market. In 2021, they achieved $750,000 in sales, with 90% coming directly from customers. They have collaborated with the Chinese chili sauce brand Fly By Jing to enhance their product offerings.

FishWife’s products are currently available in over 1,300 stores, and they are projected to reach over 1,891 stores by January 13, 2024. The company has demonstrated strong sales growth, with an expected increase of 250% in annual sales to $2.6 million in 2022 and a projected $5.8 million in 2023.

The net worth of FishWife is estimated to be around $5 million. The tinned fish market has been growing steadily since 2020, and it is expected to reach $17.2 billion by 2033. To further grow their brand, FishWife needs to hire a skilled marketing expert.

In summary, FishWife has experienced positive growth and is still operating successfully after appearing on Shark Tank. The company’s ethical approach to sourcing premium tinned seafood has resonated with customers, increasing sales and expanding into more retail stores.

Is FishWife Still In Business?

Yes, FishWife is still in business. The seafood company was founded by Becca Millstein and Caroline Goldfarb in 2020 and has operated successfully since then.

FishWife sells ethically sourced, premium tinned seafood, and its products are currently available in over 1,891 seafood retail stores across the United States.

The headquarters of FishWife is located in Los Angeles, California. With the increasing popularity of tinned fish and the growing market size, FishWife is positioned to thrive in the industry.

What Is the Net Worth Of FishWife?

According to our research, FishWife’s net worth is estimated at $5 million after securing an investment from Candance Nelson and Lori Greiner on Shark Tank.

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