Extreme Vehicle Protection Shark Tank Net Worth

Flooding can ruin vehicles, even a brand new vehicle can become worthless overnight. Using the Extreme Vehicle Protection tool to protect your car is an affordable and effective way to protect your car in the event of flooding.

Since severe weather events are becoming more frequent, having an EVP bag is a must for those living near large bodies of water. EVPs are tough plastic bag that protects your car from floods and other weather conditions.

The water and tear-resistant material is made from 100% recyclable high-density plastic, tough enough to withstand floods up to 36 inches high.

It is easy to use, and you can zip it around the inside of your car in under 10 minutes if you have someone to help you open it.

EVPs are simple to use; place them in front of your vehicle, drive in and secure them. EVPs come in three sizes and are great for small vehicles, such as sports cars and smart cars.

The medium-sized bag protects cars that are larger than standard hatchbacks and sedans. The large EVP will protect you if you have a large SUV, minivan, or sports car.

EVPs can also protect your vehicle if it needs to be stored for a long time. In addition, because the bags are airtight, it is recommended that you use a dehydrator to prevent water from entering the bags.

Company NameExtreme Vehicle Protection
EntrepreneurKenny Lerner And Matthew Harris
ProductGiant plastic bags to protect cars against extreme weather
Investment Asking For$50,000 For 20% equity in Extreme Vehicle Protection
Final Deal$50,000 For 33% equity in Extreme Vehicle Protection
SharkDaymond John
Episode Season 7, Episode 28
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteExtreme Vehicle Protection Website

What Is Extreme Vehicle Protection?

Extreme Vehicle Protection is a carefully formulated solution that shields your vehicle from inclement weather. Extreme Vehicle Protection is designed to resist floodwaters rising to 36 inches. 

Extreme Vehicle Protection Shark Tank Update

Extreme Vehicle Protection’s original intention was to protect automobiles, but over time it has expanded to include golf carts, furniture, lawnmowers, and even yachts.

Who Is The Founder Of Extreme Vehicle Protection?

Kenny Lerner and Matthew Harris are the founders of Extreme Vehicle Protection. Matthew formerly worked at a graphics design studio that also created car wraps.

Kenney was already a successful entrepreneur when he partnered with him. The two of them remain in charge of Extreme Vehicle Protection.

Extreme Vehicle Protection Before Shark Tank

Extreme Vehicle Protection was founded as a result of a dream. Mathew’s father dreamed of a car that was enclosed.

Matthew Harris’ father had a strange dream in 2013. It was about technology shielding cars and trucks from the elements during severe storms.

Matthew described the image to his friend Kenny, ecstatic about the possibilities.

The result was the founding of Extreme Vehicle Protection. Matthew and Kenny began fabricating car cover prototypes with varying degrees of success.

Vehicle owners and insurance companies would save money because Hurricanes cannot be avoided.

The dream occurred shortly after Hurricane Sandy, which Matthew witnessed firsthand.

The pair began work on the project, with Matthew’s Hyundai as a test subject.

The product they developed eventually survived adverse weather conditions such as floods.

The pair obtained the necessary patents to prevent EVP from being utilized by other businesses.

Despite the innovative, practical aspects of the product, selling it to the public appeared to be a challenge.

Matthew and Kenny began visiting businesses to determine whether they could purchase EVP.

One particular corporation, which had suffered a $200 million loss due to Hurricane Sandy, was hesitant to invest, stating that EVP was untested.

The couple remained resilient, and because of Kenny’s astute business acumen, they secured a spot on Shark Tank.

They tested various materials to find one that could withstand flooding and severe storms, which took around seven months. 

We’ll see if the half-year work on the Shark Tank paid off.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Extreme Vehicle Protection?

Matthew and Kenny approached the Shark Tank seeking an investment of $50,000 for 20% equity in Extreme Vehicle Protection.

Extreme Vehicle Protection protects your car by allowing you to put your car inside a waterproof bag. This allows you to keep water and other items out of your vehicle.

Extreme Vehicle Protection has a catch and only keeps water out if nothing damages the bag.

We are concerned that EVP Extreme Vehicle Protection will not protect your vehicle when deep water threatens to hit it. We fear that it could cause water damage to other vehicles.

If flooding occurs, it may cause damage to vehicles, but not enough to cause piles of debris to fall on the car, and it may not cause it to float away.

When they started the business, Mathew and Kenny sold one hundred and fifty units.

Mark Cuban believes he can become a well-established business and raise the money needed to launch it.

However, he does not think they could turn it into investment business. I’m not sure what will happen next.

Daymond John asks the guys what they need the money for, and they say, We need a shark to get our business back on track. They responded that they needed a big shark to get their business back on track.

Daymond offered them $50,000 in exchange for selling them 33,3% of Extreme Vehicle Protection. He is asked, What is your plan to sell the products?

Kevin O’Leary offered to give them a $50,000 equity investment to sell the product to them for $30. Then they agreed to sell the product for $200,000 each.

He found people who were interested in it and sold it to them. Kevin O’Leary and his staff discuss this subject. Kevin says he will be gone once he receives his $200,000 back.

What Happened To Controlled Chaos After Shark Tank?

Lori Greiner, who has no interest in cars, believes that the packaging doesn’t tell her what the product is. She has left.

Lori Greiner is not impressed with the Extreme Vehicle Protection. She says it does not protect your car, and nothing can hurt it. She is leaving.

Robert Herjavec thinks people do not think about their cars in an emergency. They are thinking about their family and their home. He is out.

They worry about their homes and loved ones. It’s the last thing that people think about.

Richard Nixon stated that he did not think people would use the products that they sell and is out.

The pair accept Daymond’s offer of $50,000 for a 33.3% equity in Extreme Vehicle Protection.

Kevin O’Leary is thanking Kenny for his offer, but Kenny says he will go with Brooklyn instead.

Final Deal: Daymond John agrees to invest $50,000 for 33.3% equity in Extreme Vehicle Protection. 

What Happened To Extreme Vehicle Protection After Shark Tank?

Since signing a partnership with Daymond John, Extreme Vehicle Protection has increased the types of products it protects.

You can buy items such as furniture or outdoor equipment like barbecues on their website for a long time.

Extreme Vehicle Protection Shark Tank Update

Extreme Vehicle Protection also offers four different sizes of vehicle covers for motorcycles, SUVs, and trucks.

Extreme Vehicle Protection social media platforms have been filled with “car condoms” images are covering boats and automobiles after recent hurricanes, dubbed by Kevin O’Leary.

Additionally, Extreme Vehicle Protection has registered the EVP name as a trademark. There are signs that this project is gaining momentum.

Extreme Vehicle Protection Shark Tank Update

Extreme Vehicle Protection’s popularity increased more than the expectation of its founders after appearing on Shark Tank.

The EVP cover is the first car protection product used both ways. They are both waterproof and can be used on any vehicle. This product is portable and will protect your car if a storm damages it, unlike other car covers.

EVP covers can cover any vehicle, including sports wagons. It can be used on any vehicle and is more versatile than regular car covers. If you are worried about the weather, you can easily make a small EVP by yourself.

EVP auto insurance will protect your vehicle from damage caused by the elements, costing you between $249 and $349. The covers are only available on the company’s website. You cannot order them from other sites.

The covers are available on the company’s website, but the company is actively looking for wholesale customers.

Matthew and Kenny are confident that the company could become a billion-dollar company due to the low price of their product. Matthew and Kenny present a case to the Sharks at their next meeting.

What Happened To LiddUp After Shark Tank?

Extreme Vehicle Protection has introduced numerous products since 2021, including windshield hail protection covers, equipment storage, and furniture storage.

Extreme Vehicle Protection is still in operation; however, its social media accounts have not been updated since March 2022.

Is Extreme Vehicle Protection Still In Business?

Extreme Vehicle Protection is still in business, and you can order its products from Amazon.

What Is the Net Worth of Extreme Vehicle Protection?

The net worth of Extreme Vehicle Protection is $0 since the company is out of business. The valuation of Extreme Vehicle Protection was $250,000 when it appeared on Shark Tank.

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