EmazingLights Shark Tank Update

Gloving may seem like a novelty that people often use at raves, but the practice has gained much traction lately. White gloves have colored LEDs embedded in them.

EmazingLights is a leader in the emerging “gloving” trend, which the company describes as “transforming “gloving” into an expressive art form.”

It takes a lot of time and effort to become an expert at Gloving, and the community is always coming up with new ideas and working together to improve the overall experience.

The most recent trend in the world of dance is referred to as Gloving. They have gloves with lights attached to the fingertips of the gloves.

Brian Lim entered the room with the stage lighting dimmed and dancers waving their hands in front of them. His gloves can switch between up to fifty distinct modes, and they come in twenty different colors.

Gloving is becoming a mainstream popular culture instead of an underground one. EmazingLights has generated thirteen million dollars since being founded four years ago.

The financial goal for the year (calendar) is now set at five and a half million dollars. Gloves are their core offering, but they also sell other light-emitting devices such as Orbite and ePoi, and they have established a separate business known as iHeart raves.

The other company generated revenue of $1.4 million, putting them on course to achieve $2.5 million overall. He is making the equity in both companies available to purchase.

Brian Lim started EmazingLights in the trunk of his car eight years ago when he was told he couldn’t park at the fast-food parking lot anymore. It would appear that a large number of individuals learned that he was selling the lights, so they went looking for Brian.

Brian launched EmazingLights with only one hundred dollars, and the company has since grossed over eleven million dollars and is continuing to expand.

EmazingLights earned the #189 spot on Inc Magazine’s list of the fastest-growing companies in 2013 after growing 2,281 percent over the previous three years. 

What Is EmazingLights?

EmazingLights is a pioneer in the new gloving movement, which has been transforming “gloving” into an expressive art form. Gloving requires a lot of effort and time, and the community is constantly providing new ideas and helping to improve the overall experience.

EmazingLights is an e-commerce service for companies in the consumer lifestyle industry, offering products related to light shows. The company also makes light sticks, poi, orbits, clothing, and engineering glove sets.

EmazingLights Shark Tank Update

EmazingLights is committed to paving the way for Gloving’s future, organizing workshops, competitions, and events to foster the growth of this innovative underground art form.

EmazingLights is the most reliable source for anything that has to do with gloves. The company makes gloves, lights, and accessories of the highest quality, which professionals and amateurs use.

They sell everything from basic LEDs to the most advanced models, but their most popular product is their EmazingLights Glove Set. 

Company NameEmazingLights
EntrepreneurBrian Lim
Product / BusinessBright, colorful gloves with LED lights are great for parties, festivals, and raves.
Investment Asking For$625,000 for 5% equity in EmazingLights
Final Deal$625,000 for 5% equity in EmazingLights + royalties
SharkMark Cuban and Daymond John
Episode Season 6 Episode 22
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of EmazingLights?

Brian Lim is the founder and owner of EmazingLights. Lim has appeared on the television show “Shark Tank,” hoping to receive $650,000 for 5% of his company.

After hearing about its extremely high valuation, the Sharks became interested in the company.

Brian then displays what he brought into the room while wearing an intriguing pair of gloves and a selection of unusual headgear.

Dancers wear gloves to display the newest dance trend, and Brian brings three dancers to showcase it. They have plans to “steal Kevin’s heart” for this performance.

EmazingLights Before Shark Tank

Gloving is transitioning from a more underground culture to mainstream popular culture. EmazingLights has generated thirteen million dollars in revenue since its founding four years ago.

The financial goal for the year has now been set at five and a half million dollars. The company sells gloves as its sole product, but they also sell other light-emitting devices such as Orbite and ePoi and an independent business called iHeart raves.

The other company generated revenue of $1.4 million, putting them on course to achieve $2.5 million overall. He is offering equity in both companies for sale. He spent his childhood ripping CDs and selling them to customers. Gloving was something he first tried because of his girlfriend. 

He is in the process of filing a patent application for the programming of the lights. He holds an eighty percent share of the market for gloves. Brian started EmazingLights in his car’s trunk eight years ago when he was told he couldn’t park in the fast-food parking lot anymore.

There is evidence that many people became aware that Brian was selling the lights and began looking for him.

EmazingLights was launched by Brian with only 100 dollars and has since earned over eleven million dollars and continues to grow.

EmazingLights achieved a growth rate of 2,281 percent over three years, earning the #189 spot on Inc. Magazine’s list of the fastest-growing companies in 2013. That is a huge amount.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of EmazingLights?

Brian appeared on Shark Tank dressing with the EmazingLights mascot and asked for an investment of $650,000 for 5% equity in EmazingLights.

EmazingLights is the most reliable source there is when it comes to anything gloving-related. The company provides gloves and lights of the highest quality, which can be used by both amateurs and professionals alike.

The eZLite Glove Set is by far the most popular item, regardless of whether or not they sell anything from the most basic LEDs to the most advanced models. The eZLite Glove Set provides all the components needed to get started with donning gloves. 

This package comes with a protective tray, 20 batteries, a pair of white Magic Stretch gloves made by Emazing, 10 premium LED lights equipped with an eZLite microprocessor, and more.

These lights emit twenty distinct colors in three distinct patterns, providing you with the opportunity to let your imagination run wild.

The eZLite microprocessor is the secret ingredient that gives the eZLite Glove Set its extraordinary capabilities. Nothing else like it anywhere near this price range even comes close.

It allows you to individually program each light with one, two, or three different colors. Your light show is completely under your command at all times.

Every light has an internal processor that allows it to be programmed. There is no requirement for anything from the outside. The ingenious technology may be operated through a sequence of clicks, and the light itself provides feedback in the form of an image.

You can program each light to have a 1, 2, or 3 strobe pattern in any combination of the 20 colors accessible with just a few clicks of your mouse. That sums it up nicely. You are about to put on the most amazing light show that any of your pals has ever witnessed.

Kevin O’Leary has made an offer consisting of a $650,000 loan with a 3% equity stake. Brian declines Kevin’s offer and says that explains that he does not want any debt and he is looking for a strategic partner instead.

Daymond John inquires about the rationale behind your request for a 5 percent stake in such a meager undertaking, given that you are looking for a strategic partner. 

He is willing to pay $650,000 in exchange for 20 percent of the licenses the individual brings to him, but he will not accept any equity in the business.

Robert Herjavec and Lori Greiner work together to complete a transaction. They are interested in providing him with one million dollars for eight percent of straight-up equity.

Mark Cuban proposes a deal of $655,000 for a 5 percent equity stake in addition to a 20 percent commission on licensing of EmazingLights. Mark has agreed to let him perform glove shows to open for the Dallas Mavericks.

Lori and Robert will present a revised version of their offer once they return and offer $1 Million for 5% equity in EmazingLights. Mark has just returned and informed us that they continue focusing on money rather than the actual experience.

His mind has been blown by what he has heard about Lori’s dedication to her career. After informing Mark and Daymond that he knows he would do well with Lori and Robert, Brain Lim made a deal with them.

Final Deal: Mark Cuban and Daymond John agreed to invest $650,000 for 5% equity in EmazingLights + 5% royalties.

What Happened To EmazingLights After Shark Tank?

EmazingLights has experienced continuous expansion, during which it has fostered the development of a whole culture centered on its product.

EmazingLights has expanded its product catalog to include lights and an entire collection of rave gear. 

There is an expansion for Shark Tank with Brian’s helmet and mask when he arrives at the set.

What Happened To Ice Age Meals After Shark Tank?

I am certain that EmazingLights experienced a significant boost in sales after being featured on Shark Tank.

You can see on the website of EmazingLights that they are currently offering a discount of 20% off your order and providing free shipping on orders over $50.

EmazingLights has been featured in various media outlets since its appearance on the show “Shark Tank,” such as the BBC, Rolling Stone Magazine, Vice, and Buzzfeed online.

EmazingLights Shark Tank Update

Lim claims that EmazingLights has increased the number of employees and the size of its office since the March episode of Shark Tank aired. Additionally, it has expanded its product offerings and opened additional licensed retail locations.

“In addition, we have a contract with MGM that allows us to sell our items at six other resorts in Las Vegas,” he explains. This occurs at the same time as EDC Las Vegas, which is the largest electronic dance music festival in North America.

Mr. Emazing, founder and CEO of EmazingLights, has been responsible for more than $16.5 million in revenue and for hiring forty individuals since the company was established in 2010. And there is plenty of room for advancement.

In addition, EmazingLights allows customers to purchase LED orbits that spin, accessories such as light-up spectacles and masks, EL shoelaces, pasties, and clothing (t-shirts, belts, bras, bow-ties).

EmazingLights Shark Tank Update

EmazingLights entered into license agreements with MGM, which allowed them to sell their wares at six of MGM’s resorts in Las Vegas. EmazingLights annual revenue has exceeded twenty million dollars as of 2022.

Is EmazingLights Still In Business?

EmazingLights is still in business as of 2022, with annual revenue of $20 million.

What Happened To Lose 12 Inches After Shark Tank?

What Is the Net Worth of EmazingLights?

EmazingLights valuation while appearing on Shark Tank was about $10 million. However, as of 2022, with annual revenue of $20 million, EmazingLight’s net worth seems to be around $25 million.

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