Dating By Blaine Shark Tank Update | Dating By Blaine Net Worth

Dating by Blaine is a specialized coaching service that appeared on Season 15, Episode 03 of Shark Tank, and is aimed at helping men improve their dating lives.

Founded by entrepreneur Blaine Anderson, the business has developed a five-week program centered around the “five Es” of dating: Empathizing, Embracing, Embodying, Engaging, and Executing. 

This structured program is designed to equip men with the necessary skills to attract women, build a strong dating profile, excel in texting, and enhance overall confidence in the dating realm.

Each program week focuses on one specific element, providing a step-by-step approach to mastering the dating scene. 

The service also includes courses ranging in length and price, from a two-hour texting course to a comprehensive 12-week one-on-one coaching program. 

Clients are taught how to create better connections and find strength within themselves, boosting their self-esteem and improving their social interactions.

Dating by Blaine has achieved substantial growth since its inception, showcasing impressive sales figures and amassing a significant following on social media platforms. 

The service has also received high praise from its clients, evidenced by an average rating of 4.86 out of 5 stars from over 2,000 reviews.

The company’s success is attributed to its niche market focus and the scarcity of similar services aimed at men. The Dating by Blaine website provides valuable advice and practical strategies to help men navigate the complexities of modern dating.

Its personalized coaching and strategic guidance, combined with the personal touch of its team members, make Dating by Blaine an appealing choice for men seeking to enhance their dating lives.

Company NameDating by Blaine
EntrepreneurBlaine Anderson
Product / BusinessMen’s dating coach services
Investment Asking For$100,000 for 2% equity in Dating by Blaine
Final Deal$100,000 for 10% equity in Dating by Blaine
SharkMark Cuban
Dating by Blaine Episode Season 15, Episode 3
Dating by Blaine Business StatusIn Business
Dating by Blaine WebsiteVisit Website
Dating by Blaine Net Worth$1.5 Million

What Is Dating By Blaine?

Dating by Blaine is a professional dating coaching service aimed at helping men build confidence, learn to flirt, and establish successful romantic relationships. 

Blaine, the self-proclaimed #1 men’s dating coach, offers various programs and advice to assist clients in meeting and attracting women they’re interested in, offline and online, on dating platforms like Bumble, Hinge, and OKCupid.

Blaine’s services include teaching clients how to send engaging messages, plan enjoyable dates, improve their appearance, and present themselves confidently.

The coaching is tailored to help clients find a compatible partner according to their lifestyle and preferences.

Dating By Blaine Shark Tank Update | Dating By Blaine Net Worth

Blaine has a record of helping over 2,500 clients, with a high satisfaction rate. The services offered range from self-serve courses to one-on-one coaching programs. 

The coaching prices vary from $149 for texting and online dating courses to $3,985+ for a comprehensive 12-week coaching program.

The effectiveness of the coaching depends on the client’s goals, efforts, and ability to follow instructions. Blaine provides free advice through social media platforms and has been featured in notable publications.

Who Is The Founder Of Dating By Blaine?

The founder of Dating by Blaine is Blaine Anderson. There is no mention of co-founders, indicating that she likely started the venture independently.

Blaine Anderson grew up in Tucson, Arizona. As an only child, she deeply loved animals and was active in sports and clubs, participating in soccer and swim teams and joining Tucson’s first girl’s lacrosse team during high school. 

Her initial career was in the travel industry, where she organized luxury trips. However, the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted this sector and led to her job loss, which caused her to reconsider her professional direction.

The idea for Dating by Blaine emerged after Blaine Anderson was forced to reevaluate her career path due to the pandemic’s impact on the travel industry. She explored various alternatives but wanted to avoid a typical desk job. 

A pivotal conversation with her now-husband about a successful online courses business illuminated the potential for digitalizing dating advice. 

Blaine had experience advising her male friends on dating since her undergraduate days at the University of Arizona. 

In 2020, she decided to monetize her informal expertise and address what she perceived as a loneliness epidemic among men in the United States by becoming a professional dating coach.

Before appearing on Shark Tank, Dating by Blaine had already established itself with Blaine Anderson at its helm. 

The platform offered a variety of coaching programs, including Texting OS and Online Dating OS, which are self-study courses with lifetime access focused on effective texting and creating standout dating profiles, respectively. 

The Masterclass was a more intensive program combining different learning methods and including the previously mentioned courses. 

The Jumpstart program provided one-on-one coaching to help men feel sexually attractive and improve their dating lives.

The effectiveness of these programs was evidenced by more than 95% of clients would recommend her services to a friend. 

Blaine also provided free advice through social media platforms, extending her reach beyond paid programs. 

During its Shark Tank appearance on October 13, 2023, during Season 15 Episode 3, Dating by Blaine helped over 2,500 men transform their dating lives.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Dating By Blaine?

Blaine Anderson presented her company, Dating By Blaine, on Season 15 of Shark Tank. She runs a dating coach service aimed at men, providing them with training and coaching to attract partners. 

Blaine sought an investment of $100,000 for 2% equity in her company, valuing Dating By Blaine at $50 Million.

During her pitch, Blaine demonstrated her services by role-playing a scenario where Mark Cuban would text Barbara Corcoran to secure a date. She highlighted how her courses and coaching could help men be successful in dating.

Blaine’s business began during the COVID-19 pandemic after losing her job. Her husband suggested she sell a dating course she created despite not having any funds to invest. 

She filmed a course and offered her coaching services through dating site profiles. The company has seen significant growth, with $22,000 in sales in the first six months, $484,000 in 2021, and $1 million in 2022, projected to reach $1.5 million by the end of the current year.

The primary product is the Dating Masterclass, priced at $1,295, while one-on-one coaching costs $6,295 for six 45-minute sessions. Despite being unable to detail how many courses were sold last year, Blaine reported a profit of $500,000.

The Sharks had various reactions to the pitch, which are listed below:

  • Michael Rubin viewed Blaine as more of a consultant than a scalable company and did not make an offer.
  • Mark Cuban initially hesitated since Blaine only offered 2% equity.
  • Barbara Corcoran dropped out, believing that Blaine did not need a Shark.
  • Lori Greiner was deterred by Blaine’s preference for a male business partner and made no offer.

After some negotiation, Mark Cuban agreed to invest $100,000 for 10% equity in Dating By Blaine. Post-Shark Tank, Blaine mentioned in an update interview that while the exposure from the show was great, the real thrill was the pitching experience itself. 

She saw increased site traffic after airing but was still evaluating the long-term impact on client acquisitions.

Blaine and Mark were still finalizing their deal during the update. Blaine expressed gratitude for Mark’s cooperation and optimism about closing the deal. 

Her social media presence and features in major publications have also contributed to her company’s growth. The final deal from Mark Cuban was $100,000 for 10% equity.

Did Dating By Blaine Get a Deal on Shark Tank?

Yes, Dating By Blaine did get a deal on Shark Tank. Blaine Anderson, the founder of the dating coaching service for men, entered the Shark Tank seeking $100,000 in exchange for 2% of her company. 

After some discussion and negotiation, Mark Cuban agreed to invest $100,000 for a 10% stake in her company.

What Happened To Dating By Blaine After Shark Tank?

Having created a program that tailors to the specific needs of men in the dating pool, Blaine continues to scale her business by addressing diverse challenges. 

Besides overlooking her venture’s operation, she has accrued acclaim for her unique approach to love and connection. 

Since kickstarting her business in the COVID-19 pandemic, Blaine has been featured in Forbes, New York Post, NBC, Cosmopolitan, FOX, AskMen, and Elite Daily. 

In addition to creating meaningful changes in the lives of her clients, the media personality has also grown to be an influencer.

With a substantial following across social media channels like Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook, she continues to target a broad audience with her unique content.

While fans and users can always avail of her personalized matchmaking, private coaching, and online masterclass, the entrepreneur also produces a streak of videos that advise men on several pertinent issues when seeking a woman. 

Besides work, Blaine is an avid traveler, too. She enjoys exploring places like Greece, Paris, and London and spending time with her husband and friends. 

Despite keeping her personal life under wraps, Blaine has been highly vocal about the unending support she’s received from her other half during the initial stages of her business. 

As such, we look forward to how Blaine Anderson will create personal and professional milestones.

Dating By Blaine Shark Tank Update

Following Blaine Anderson’s appearance on Shark Tank Season 15, her company, Dating By Blaine, secured a deal with Mark Cuban, who offered $100,000 for 10% equity in the business. 

The company provides dating coach services for men and has seen substantial growth and notoriety. Blaine Anderson started the business in 2020 and has reported sales of $2.2 million since its inception. 

The business experienced a rapid increase in sales over the years, with $22,000 in the first six months, $484,000 in 2021, $1 million in 2022, and a projection to close the current year with $1.5 million.

The business model includes a primary online course called the Dating Masterclass, sold for $1,295, and one-on-one coaching sessions with Blaine priced at $6,295 for six 45-minute calls. Blaine operates the company primarily on her own with the help of part-time contractors.

Dating By Blaine Shark Tank Update | Dating By Blaine Net Worth

Post Shark Tank, the exposure brought significant traffic to the Dating By Blaine website. However, Blaine mentioned that it was too soon to determine if this would lead to increased client numbers due to the high-consideration nature of her products and the sales cycle duration. 

Negotiations with Mark Cuban were ongoing at the time of her update, with an optimistic outlook toward finalizing the deal.

Blaine’s social media presence, particularly on Instagram, grew as she shared dating tips and advice. She also gained attention from major publications like the New York Times, Forbes, and Psych Today.

Dating By Blaine is on a positive trajectory, with growth anticipated to continue following its exposure on Shark Tank.

Is Dating By Blaine Still In Business?

Our research shows that Dating by Blaine is still in operation. The advertisement and detailed description of the various programs offered, such as Texting OS, Online Dating OS, Masterclass, and Jumpstart, suggest that these services are currently available to clients.

Additionally, the mention of Blaine Anderson’s recent appearance on “Shark Tank” on October 13, 2023, implies that the business is active and seeking further exposure or investment.

Furthermore, the high client recommendation rate and her active engagement on social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube support the notion that Dating by Blaine is operational.

What Is the Net Worth Of Dating By Blaine?

According to our research, the net worth of Dating By Blaine is estimated to be $1.5 million. The Valuation of Dating By Blaine was $1 million after securing an investment from Mark Cuban on Shark Tank.

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