What Happened To Crooked Jaw: MMA Apparel After Shark Tank?

Craig French introduces the Sharks to his Crooked Jaw clothing brand in episode 102. The company was founded following an injury French sustained while playing college lacrosse. 

While still in college, he created the collection and promoted it directly to consumers online and through a small local retail outlet. 

French believes his company needs the Sharks’ expertise and distribution connections to succeed. 

He’s spent considerable time developing a clothing collection that will appeal to sports enthusiasts, particularly those involved in mixed martial arts.

Crooked Jaw Clothing specializes in action sports, mixed martial arts (MMA), and streetwear. The company was founded in 2005. 

Craig French, who created the company, is from Long Island, New York. Craig (founder) suffered a jaw injury while playing college lacrosse, which led to Crooked Jaw.

What is Crooked Jaw?

Crooked Jaw Clothing manufactures clothes for action sports, MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), and streetwear. This company was formed in 2005. 

The company is headquartered in Craig French’s hometown of Long Island, New York. Crooked Jaw was inspired by a fractured jaw injury Craig (creator) sustained while playing lacrosse in college.

Company NameCrooked Jaw
FounderCraig French
ProductApparel for Action Sports And MMA
Investment Seeking$200,000 For 20% equity in Crooked Jaw
Final DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
Business StatusOut Of Business

Who is the Founder of Crooked Jaw?

Craig French started Crooked Jaw Clothing in 2005. He developed the name for the company after sustaining a jaw injury his freshman year of college. 

The GameFace Company Shark Tank Update

He began work on it while still in college. He also began selling it to local retail outlets and direct through the Internet.

Crooked Jaw Before Shark Tank

Craig French founded Crooked Jaw Clothing in 2005. The name and trademark are derived from a jaw injury he sustained during his freshman year of college. 

He began work on it while still a college student. He began selling his articles of clothing in both traditional retail venues and direct online sales.

Crooked Jaw MMA Apparel Shark Tank Update

Craig French is crooked Jaw Fashions, a mixed martial arts clothing company based in Long Island, New York. 

He appeared in the second episode of Shark Tank’s first season. The first episode aired on August 16, 2009.

French had resigned from his full-time job to devote himself entirely to Crooked Jaw. His business partners are Deniz Tanbasi and Michael Prahalis.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch of Crooked Jaw?

French enters the Shark Tank seeking a $200,000 investment in exchange for a 20% ownership in his business. He is escorted by many models who are dressed in his clothing brand. 

The Sharks smile nicely, but none of them will be blasted out of the water quickly. 

French has a difficult task ahead of him: convincing the Sharks that he is a large enough fish to swim alongside them.

According to French, his brand is aimed at the rising MMA fanbase. He hopes that the increased interest in mixed martial arts sports will create a market for his apparel brand. 

Crooked Jaw apparel is available in ten mom and pop skate shops on Long Island, where French resides and has sold over 1,500 units in the last year.

Robert Herjavec adores the story, and he adores one particular tee shirt that French gifts him. Daymond John focuses on the fundamentals. 

He addresses French as a minor player and inquires about orders. French reveals that they attended a trade exhibition but did not receive any orders. 

John is dissatisfied with the company’s sales and track record thus far. He does not wish to be harsh, but the brand needs talent or a store guaranteed to sell the merchandise.

“All you’ve done is fabricate something,” John observes. That is something I am capable of. You require an audience.”

Robert Herjavec gets fired after discovering they’ve sold $5,000 worth of merchandise in the last year. Kevin Harrington is not far behind, owing to the limited volume of purchases. 

Bee Free Honee Shark Tank Update

Barbara Cocoran approaches Daymond John about investing in this apparel brand with comparable roots to his empire. 

There is a lengthy, uncomfortable moment preceding John’s statement, “Right now, you are a nobody to everyone.” And as a result, I’m out.”

Daymond John’s empire is also based on similar principles. He told French that he was nothing to everyone. 

Daymond John and Barbara Corocan did not invest as a result. Kevin O’Leary stated that he could not see a way to recoup his investment, so he could not invest money. As a result, he also declined to invest.

Cocoran is also out of the agreement since that the clothing tycoon is no longer involved. Kevin O’Leary is the sole survivor. 

Mr. Wonderful admires French’s story, but he states that he “cannot give you my money since I see no way of getting it back with more there.” It’s entirely about investment.” 

He adds, though, that he adores the apparel and requests permission to purchase a piece. French presents it to him as a gift before exiting the stage without concluding a Shark agreement.

How Does Crooked Jaw Make Money?

Crooked Jaw gear was sold in ten mom-and-pop style skate stores throughout Long Island, New York. 

French anticipated that increased interest in mixed martial arts would create a market for his apparel line. He has already sold 1,500 units before his appearance on Shark Tank.

What is the Net Worth of Crooked Jaw?

In the Shark Tank pitch, Craig said that the value of the business implicitly amounts to $1 million since he was asking for $200,000 for 20% equity. Crooked Jaw sold 1,500 units in 2004. They generated $5000 in revenue.

What Happened To Crooked Jaw After Shark Tank?

The outcome of French’s enterprise is unsatisfactory. He faced no questions about the value of his company from the Sharks, but it is evident his lack of sales and market traction thus far were factoring into their decision.

SignalVault Shark Tank Update

Crooked Jaw apparel became one of the numerous small businesses left in the lurch when the Sharks failed to reach an agreement. 

Crooked Jaw never received traction without the Shark agreement, despite the presence of over 500,000 visits to the website. The company ceased operations in 2015.

Is Crooked Jaw Still in Business?

Crooked Jaw status is unknown as of August 2021. The goods of Crooked Jaw have been out of stock since 2015. Therefore, it can be said that the company ceased operations in 2015.

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