Coffee Brand Gifts Shark Tank Net Worth

Coffee Brand Gifts is a product that has quickly overtaken the world of coffee lovers. Founded by entrepreneur Dan Claffey, Coffee Brand Gifts was originally featured on Shark Tank.

The company specializes in providing branded coffee mugs and gift sets for individuals and companies looking for a unique way to show appreciation for a special occasion or event.

Coffee Brand Gifts provides high-quality products with no minimum order size, making it easy to customize orders to match any budget perfectly.

Their creative approach focuses on collaborating with clients to create custom designs that accurately reflect their brand message while also adding a personal touch to the gifts they offer.

Coffee Brand Gifts has everything you need if you’re looking for something special for a business partner or want to reward your employees.

Company NameCoffee Brand Gifts
FounderDan Claffey
ProductCoffee-themed gift items
Investment Seeking$300,000 For 40% equity in Coffee Brand Gifts
Final DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
Episode Season 01, Episode 01
Business StatusOut of Business
WebsiteVisit Website

What are Coffee Brand Gifts?

Coffee Brand Gifts was a proposed line of coffee-themed novelty items and gifts that included teddy bears to puzzles. The business never got off the ground, and the website has now been taken down.

Coffee Brand Gifts emphasizes the importance of quality and uniqueness in its offerings, and customers can personalize their orders with customized labels and packaging. In addition to coffee, the company has also expanded its product offerings to include tea and other beverage-related gifts.

These coffee brand gifts cater to the preferences of coffee enthusiasts and can be purchased online or in-store, making them popular options for personal use or as presents for friends and family members who appreciate a specific coffee brand.

The founder of Coffee Brand Gifts approached the Shark Tank for $300,000 for a 40% stake in the company, but the sharks declined to invest due to a lack of sales experience and a poor pitch.

Coffee Brand Gifts Shark Tank Update

Dan Claffey, desperate for assistance to reach out to America with coffee-themed presents, went to Shark Tank to propose his idea and seek money to make his firm succeed.

Who is the Founder of Coffee Brand Gifts?

Dan Claffey is the entrepreneur behind Coffee Brand Gifts. Claffey started the company to create a unique and personalized coffee gift service for special occasions, such as weddings and corporate events.

The company focused on high-quality, gourmet coffee and offered customers a range of customization options, such as personalized labels and packaging.

Before appearing on Shark Tank, Coffee Brand Gifts had already gained some traction and received positive customer reviews. However, the exposure from the show helped to bring more attention to the company and increase its visibility.

Claffey’s entrepreneurial experience and passion for gourmet coffee and gift-giving were the driving forces behind Coffee Brand Gifts before and after the Shark Tank pitch.

Dan Claffey is the founder of Coffee Brand Gifts. Dan observed something strange while attending a coffee trade exhibition. While numerous products were displayed, few booths offered gift suggestions for the average coffee enthusiast. 

Claffey was certain that the absence of plush animals, games, and other present ideas was a terrible farce. He even dug a little deeper and discovered that popular coffee shop terms such as “java,” “latte,” and even “coffee” were not patented by a single individual. 

Claffey seized the chance and filed a patent application for these words to exploit them on his Coffee Brand Gifts items.

With such a broad business concept, he visited local coffee shops and cafes to collect the presents that true coffee enthusiasts would like. 

After surveying various areas, Claffey compiled a list of probable products he might sell and earn from. However, there was one critical issue he encountered. Coffee Brand Gifts had little success due to a lack of funds.

How Was the Shark Tank Pitch of Coffee Brand Gifts?

Dan Claffey appeared on Shark Tank requesting an investment of $30,000 for a 40% equity in Coffee Brand Gifts.

Claffey first discusses discovering the untapped market while attending a coffee convention before asking $300,000 for 40% of Coffee Brand Gifts. The trade expo had 500 exhibitors, but only 2% displayed gifts and novelties. 

Following this finding, he patented a slew of regularly used coffee-related terms to create the plush animals, game boards, and other toys that would eventually form the foundation of his company. 

Robert Herjavec acknowledges that his trademark is remarkable, but he wants to know why this concept is marketable.

Claffey describes how he gathered data by conducting surveys and allowing people to play his invented games. Still, Kevin O’Leary abruptly breaks him off to ask, “Have you sold any of this nonsense?”

Due to a lack of financial resources, Coffee Brand Gifts has not accepted orders due to the minimal quantity. The Sharks appear perplexed by his priorities and start jumping down his throat. 

O’Leary asserts that if he invests $300,000 to manufacture all of the things Claffey plans to sell but the business fails, he will terminate Claffey as a waste of both his time and money.

Dan admits to Daymond John that he has already invested approximately $500k in the company. 

Stained to learn of his poor investing selections, Barbara Corcoran says he should devote more time to research, given how skillfully he gathered the information for his failed company venture. 

She decided not to invest and withdrew after imparting this sound advice to him. Claffey begins hurriedly, explaining that he did not want to take any orders until he was sure he would have the money to fulfill them, but the Sharks all shake their heads and tell him this is not the right way to conduct a business. 

O’Leary calls it “un-American,” and Herjavec believes he is terrified of sales. Each Shark, one by one, decides not to invest in the company, deeming it a complete waste of their time.

Dan, completely defeated, thanks them politely before exiting the Shark Tank with his tail between his legs.

Final Deal: No deal between Coffee Brand Gifts and Sharks.

Coffee Brand Gifts Shark Tank Update

According to an interview with Claffey in 2018, Shark Tank’s exposure helped boost sales and generate interest in the company. The company also expanded its product offerings to include tea and other beverage-related gifts in addition to coffee.

In 2020, Coffee Brand Gifts was acquired by Bean Box, a specialty coffee and tea subscription service. Claffey joined Bean Box as Director of Corporate Gifting as part of the acquisition.

Overall, while Coffee Brand Gifts did not secure a deal on Shark Tank, it could use the exposure and feedback from the show to continue growing and eventually achieve a successful exit through an acquisition.

Coffee Brand Gifts Shark Tank Update

Coffee Brand Gifts’ product never took off in the market, even though he owns the patents and pursues other business ventures.

What Happened To Coffee Brand Gifts After Shark Tank?

Dan Claffey resolved to continue plodding forward with Coffee Brand Gifts despite receiving a negative response from every Shark. One would assume that as a market sales professional who has already experienced success, he would have little difficulty starting his own business. 

The only problem was that Claffey might have lost motivation to keep the business afloat, as there were no further orders or sales of Coffee Brand Gifts. 

Though the company has a Facebook page (, the most recent post was advertising two years ago, another business initiative. 

Claffey retains the patents for the popular coffee terms but has been unable to capitalize on them since his appearance on ABC’s television show.

What Is the Net Worth of Coffee Brand Gifts?

The valuation of Coffee Brand Gifts was $7.5 million when it appeared on Shark Tank. The net worth of Coffee Brand Gifts is $0 since the company went out of business.