Chord Buddy Shark Tank Update

Chord Buddy is an excellent platform or kit for quickly learning guitar chords. This method simplifies all stages and explains them in an easily comprehensible, instantly graspable language, delights the student in learning to play quickly.

Chord buddy also received multiple excellent reviews, including one from one of the sharks, Robert Herjevic, who stated, ” Chord buddy works! It allowed me to start playing the piece right away”.

Shark Tank’s famous television show featured Chord Buddy in its episode, which garnered enormous popularity. The system is designed to teach guitar lessons for two months.

Travis Perry founded chord buddy. Chord buddy does not require a tutor to teach the learner guitar. All required is a guitar, instructional DVDs, and a lesson book. Travis designed it for people who wanted to learn guitar but could not afford private guitar lessons. 

Chord Buddy is ideal if they have difficulty learning certain chords since they do not need to spend much money learning them. Travis initially introduced his product to the market in October 2018. It was simple enough that anyone could pick up the skills within two months. The original intention was to teach his daughter the basics of guitar playing.

What Is Chord Buddy?

Chord Buddy is a flexible way for guitar and ukulele enthusiasts to learn to play both instruments. A guitar lesson may seem like an excruciatingly difficult and unpleasant undertaking.

Chord Buddy’s unique self-teaching device conveniently attaches to the neck of the guitar and eliminates the pain and effort associated with learning. You will never need to worry about these problems again since the Chord Buddy manages them.

The Chord Buddy allows you to play guitar with the click of a button rather than wasting time working on your hand position and developing calluses.

Chord Buddy Shark Tank Update

Four color-coded buttons on the novel design contain notes for one of the four most commonly used chords: C, D, G, and E minor. Simply press the green button. You have just performed a C chord. You can create a D chord by pressing the red button. You can play hundreds of songs if you can strum and hit the four buttons on the guitar.

Chord Buddy is not intended to function as a crutch. This unique learning system gradually deletes buttons by deleting them as it teaches. You will still be able to access the remaining three buttons; however, you will have to learn where to place your fingers to play the fourth chord.

Over two months, you will gradually wean yourself off the Chord Buddy and become an independent guitar player.

Company NameChord Buddy
EntrepreneurTravis Perry
ProductGuitar Learning System
Investment Asking For$125,000 for 10% equity of Chord Buddy
Final Deal$175,000 for 20% equity of Chord Buddy
SharkRobert Herjavec
Episode Season 3 Episode 3
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of Chord Buddy?

Travis Perry, a native of Dothan, Alabama, is the founder and creator of the Chord Buddy software. He received his undergraduate degree from Troy University before becoming a music instructor and guitarist.

Perry’s story shows that he was about to declare bankruptcy when he embarked on a business venture that resulted in millions of sales. Perry takes guitar lessons and has heard many complaints from his students about learning to play.

Some beginners have complained that it takes them a long time and is also quite uncomfortable for their fingertips. He also gave up the guitar for the same reasons as his daughter, who was eight years old.

Perry decided to improve the guitar due to his daughter’s frustration with the instrument and with many other rookie players. He created Chord Buddy with his extensive knowledge of stringed instruments. He began designing a gadget and a system that would eventually become Chord Buddy.

As a company, Chord Buddy offers song and lesson books, accessories, DVD instruction, and two-month lesson plans for teachers. A lucrative business has evolved around Perry’s guitar, as he has gone from enticing the other sex with the instrument.

Chord Buddy Before Shark Tank

Perry created a product from Dothan, Alabama, when his daughter inspired him. Perry claims he invented a gadget that lets him play guitar instantly. Travis Perry says people give up learning to play the guitar primarily because they are frustrated and experiencing pain in their fingers.

Travis Perry’s eight-year-old daughter also expressed her desire to stop playing the guitar, which is why he thinks it is time to fix the usual guitar “obstacles.”

Travis Perry says his neighborhood was particularly hard hit during the downturn, so it is imperative to retain manufacturing and jobs here in the United States. Additionally, Travis Perry emphasizes the importance of giving back to the community.

He also recognizes the importance of employing people, providing them with opportunities, and developing a product millions of guitar enthusiasts enjoy. Travis Perry contends that he needs Shark Investments urgently because he has established a market for his goods but is out of money.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Chord Buddy?

Travis appeared on Shark Tank seeking an investment of $125,000 for a 10% stake in Chord Buddy. Travis starts by informing the Sharks that he is looking for investments for $125,000 in exchange for a 10% equity stake in ChordBuddy.

He asserts that he has developed a product that can teach anyone how to play the guitar, which virtually everyone desires to do. The ChordBuddy is an attachment that can be fitted onto the neck of the guitar and features four different colored buttons, one for each of the four major chords (G, D, C, and E Minor).

Travis pulls out his guitar and plays a few tunes while demonstrating the ChordBuddy software to his audience. Kevin asserted that the ChordBuddy was a “cheat” and that users would not be able to improve their playing abilities by using it.

Travis argues that ChordBuddy could be considered a cheat but that it is also a fast-tracked method to learn and that users can remove sections of the device that they have previously learned, eventually learning to play completely without it. ChordBuddy is also a fast-tracked way to learn.

ChordBuddy is a straightforward educational tool that assists anyone in becoming familiar with the fundamentals of guitar playing. Travis has been granted a patent for a two-month learning system that costs $49.95 per unit and includes a DVD that walks beginners through every step of the learning process.

He claims that it takes about two months to learn how to play using the ChordBuddy and that it takes about that long to learn how to play using the ChordBuddy.

Travis brought the cost of producing each gadget down to $7 from the initial $9 it cost him to make each device. Robert pondered whether or not Travis could instruct him in guitar playing. Travis beckoned Robert to join him on the platform and assured him that he would be able to instruct him right then.

Travis showed Robert which buttons to press and then sang along with Robert while he played the guitar, which impressed the other panel members. Travis reports to the Sharks that in just one month, he has sold around $150,000 worth of ChordBuddies through internet sales and by setting up at eight local music stores in Lower Alabama.

Travis has been able to sell approximately $500,000 worth of his product since he developed the ChordBuddy, and he now has 110 purchase orders that he is striving to fulfill.

He has received a buy order for 50 ChordBuddy units for each of the approximately 5,000 locations that Sounds operate across the United States. Sounds is the most successful retailer in the country.

Travis stated that he needed investment money from the Sharks to help finance the facility he is building in Alabama. He emphasized that ChordBuddy was created in the United States using American materials and production employees.

Kevin thinks that the business should be valued lower, even though he has a positive impression of Travis and the product that he sells. Kevin believes that big music merchants like Guitar Center will carry the ChordBuddy in the future.

He proposes a deal in which he would pay $125,000 in exchange for 20% ownership of the company. Additionally, he is willing to provide his endorsement of ChordBuddy for an entire year, including appearing in an informational commercial to promote the product.

Daymond explains to Travis that he would be a superior partner for ChordBuddy, and he matches Kevin’s offer. Daymond also recommends that Travis come to a choice as quickly as possible because the offer may not be available for much longer.

Mark is blown away by ChordBuddy, and he is especially taken by Travis’ determination to maintain the production of his product within the United States.

Mark is afraid that Travis would have to be the only salesman to go out on the road and demonstrate the product to every distributor. Because of this, he has decided not to invest in ChordBuddy and left the company.

Barbara believes that ChordBuddy is an outstanding product and that Travis is an outstanding individual. However, Travis would need to sell himself to sell the product.

She makes the same offer as Kevin and Daymond, indicating that a portion of the cash, namely $50,000, would go toward producing an infomercial.

Robert reveals to Travis that he is the only Shark in the Tank who aspires to be a rock star but cannot play the guitar. Robert compares Travis to himself, saying that he is a “redneck from Alabama” and that Robert is a “redneck from Croatia.”

He also offers $125,000 for 20 percent of ChordBuddy and states that he will put an additional $50,000 into escrow to produce an infomercial. Travis lets Robert know he is interested in working with him and will accept his offer. He remarks that this is a pivotal point in his and his family’s lives.

Robert also enters the fray, offering $125,000 in exchange for 20% of the company. Barbara offers $175,000 for 20 percent of the business, with $50,000 set aside for an infomercial.

Travis admires Robert for being a family man, so he inquires whether Robert will match Barbara’s offer. He does, and Travis and Robert agree to the deal.

What Happened To Chord Buddy After Shark Tank?

The four Sharks’ offers essentially replicated one another, demonstrating Chord Buddy’s ability to generate profits and revenue. Robert says he made the best career investment by agreeing to work with Travis Perry on ChordBuddy.

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ChordBuddy is still priced at $49.95, but alternative guitars can be used with it. You can also buy ChordBuddy from Amazon. ChordBuddy also offers a variety of accessories, including gift bags and tuners, along with the primary product. 

Travis also has a YouTube channel to upload videos showing how to use ChordBuddy to play songs.

Chord Buddy Shark Tank Update

Chord buddy following Shark Tank’s investment as agreed upon with Robert. Travis’ product has achieved huge popularity on Amazon since its debut on Shark Tank.

Travis expanded his market, and well-known musician John Rich promoted Chord buddy.

Chord Buddy Shark Tank Update

With investors valuing Chord Buddy at $1.2 million, Chord Buddy has been a smooth operation since it was founded. Before competing on Shark Tank, the business had earned more than $500,000. They made $1.5 million in revenue following their grand appearance.

As of 2022, Chord Buddy is still in business and earning a profit of $ 1 million per year. We desire his business would continue indefinitely.

Is Chord Buddy Still In Business?

Yes, Chord Buddy is still in business as of 2022. Chord Buddy is a startup that takes Guitar Hero to the next level and makes learning the guitar fun.

You can purchase the company’s products directly from the website or through one of the company’s merchant partners throughout the United States. They are also available through e-commerce platforms such as Amazon.

Various products are available, from books to string tuners and color-coded learning aids. You can use DVDs to take the do-it-yourself method, and the website also offers guitar teachers training to use the system in classes.

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Additionally, customers can utilize downloadable apps to supplement their education. Travis Perry remains the company’s chief executive officer Chord Buddy.

Guitar learning tools attached directly to the guitar are widely available, but Chord Buddy is the industry leader. However, for complete beginners, the only way they can learn how to play the guitar in an entertaining and interactive environment is through the Guitar Hero video game series.

Guitar Hero is available on Playstation and Xbox and includes a variety of color-coded guitar controllers.

What Is the Net Worth Of Chord Buddy?

The valuation of Chord Buddy was $1.25 million when it appeared on Shark Tank. The net worth of Chord Buddy is $1 million as of 2022.