Bubbly Blaster Net Worth | Bubbly Blaster Shark Tank Update

Bubbly Blaster is an innovative and entertaining product that appeared on Season 12 of Shark Tank, making its mark as the world’s first alcohol-powered squirt gun. The idea behind this novel product was born out of a celebratory moment when conventional champagne popping proved to be a failure. 

This innovative device, reminiscent of a water gun, attaches to any champagne bottle, transforming it into a champagne shooter. This allows the champagne to be sprayed and controlled like a water gun, enhancing the fun and excitement of celebrations.

Bubbly Blaster has been particularly pitched as a party accessory, with hopes from its creators, Stanson Strong and Brad Hall, of becoming a part of major sports title celebrations.

The Bubbly Blaster also has practical benefits besides its entertainment value. It is easy to attach and detach from a champagne bottle and is designed to act as a bottle stopper when not used. This helps preserve the freshness and carbonation of the champagne for later enjoyment. 

The Bubbly Blaster also features a patented design that allows for the addition of additional accessories. These include nozzle connections for different spray effects, a GoPro-compatible video mount, and a universal phone cradle for recording fun moments. 

The product’s value is also seen in its sales record; within a year of its launch, the Bubbly Blaster had amassed $560,000 in sales. This performance and the product’s potential helped the creators land a deal with Mark Cuban and Alex Rodriguez on Shark Tank, acquiring an investment of $180,000 for a 30% equity stake.

The Bubbly Blaster is a unique, patented product that combines the thrill of celebrations with the enjoyment of champagne in a novel, practical, and user-friendly way. Its ability to transform an ordinary champagne bottle into a fun party tool makes it a worthy investment for any party enthusiast.

Bubbly Blaster’s practical benefits and potential growth, as evidenced by its impressive sales and backing from notable investors, further enhance its value and appeal.

Company NameBubbly Blaster
EntrepreneurBrad Hall and Stason Strong
ProductAn attachment for spraying champagne from a champagne bottle
Investment Asking For$120,000 for 20% equity in Bubbly Blaster
Final Deal$180,000 for 30% equity in Bubbly Blaster
SharkMark Cuban and Alex Rodriguez
Bubbly Blaster Episode Season 12, Episode 10
Bubbly Blaster Business StatusIn Business
Bubbly Blaster WebsiteVisit Website
Bubbly Blaster’s Net Worth$1 Million (As of 2023)

What Is Bubbly Blaster?

The Bubbly Blaster is an innovative product designed to transform the experience of consuming champagne. This expertly engineered product attaches securely to the top of any champagne bottle, facilitating a controlled pour to reduce the wastage often accomplished by traditional champagne pouring methods.

The Bubbly Blaster is not simply a functional pouring tool, however. It is also designed with excitement and creativity, allowing the user to spray the champagne controlled, much akin to famous celebratory scenes at sporting events and special occasions.

Bubbly Blaster even allows the champagne to be easily converted into a bubbly, aerated drink, enhancing the taste and feel of the champagne. This device is constructed from high-quality materials, ensuring reliability and durability while withstanding the high pressure of champagne bottles. 

Bubbly Blaster Net Worth | Bubbly Blaster Shark Tank Update

Bubbly Blaster undoubtedly enhances champagne consumption at special events or informal gatherings, adding a sense of fun and novelty and maintaining functionality and efficiency at the same time.

Hence, the Bubbly Blaster is a dynamic merger of pleasure and pragmatism in beverage accessories.

Who Is The Founder Of Bubbly Blaster?

The founders of Bubbly Blaster are Stason Strong and Brad Hall. These entrepreneurs initiated the company in 2017 with the innovative idea of a champagne sprayer designed for amusement at social gatherings.

Stason Strong, before co-founding Bubbly Blaster, accumulated a wealth of experience in creative roles, serving as the Senior Creative Director at Yahoo for three years. Furthermore, he co-founded other ventures like Soshi.com and GreenFunder, LLC.

Strong also ventured into the mattress industry, launching Sonu Sleep in February 2020. He is recognized as the inventor and co-founder of Bubbly Blaster.

Brad Hall, on the other hand, comes with a background in the pharmaceutical industry. Following his studies in Pharma from Auburn University, he held positions in several pharmaceutical companies in the United States, including Rite Aid and BioScrip, Inc.

He also shares the position of Chief Executive Officer at Sonu Sleep with Strong and serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Bubbly Blaster.

The conception of Bubbly Blaster occurred somewhat by chance when Strong was observing people drinking Champagne at a party.

He thought about how the experience could be made more fun. This thought led to Bubbly Blaster, a product designed to turn champagne drinking into a playful act.

Before their appearance on Shark Tank, Strong, and Hall had already turned this fun idea into a profitable business. The product was developed using 3D technology, with a development cost price of $18.50 but a retail price of $99.99, which showed a significant profit margin for the startup.

They also generated substantial sales, reporting revenues of $560,000 in just a few months leading up to their Shark Tank pitch.

The co-founders entered the Tank seeking an investment of $120,000 in exchange for a 20% stake in their business, demonstrating their confidence and ambition for Bubbly Blaster’s future.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Bubbly Blaster?

The Shark Tank pitch of Bubbly Blaster, presented by co-founders Stanson Strong and Brad Hall, was held during Season 12, Episode 10.

The Bubbly Blaster is an attachment for champagne bottles, designed to make the champagne spray out like a water gun, thus adding fun and entertainment to parties and celebrations.

The inspiration behind the product came when Stanson was celebrating with friends, and they were spraying champagne around, realizing that the effect didn’t last very long. This led to the creation of the Bubbly Blaster.

During their pitch, the entrepreneurs sought an investment of $120,000 in return for a 20% equity stake in their business, valuing Bubbly Blaster at $600,000.

They told the Sharks they believed their product could be used in every future NBA, MLB, NHL, and NFL championship celebration. Their product’s strong sales supported their confidence, having already amassed $560,000 in just over a year.

The cost-effectiveness of the product was an additional selling point. It cost Strong and Hall only $18 to manufacture a blaster, which they sold for $100, showcasing a substantial profit margin.

The pitch caught the interest of Sharks Mark Cuban and Alex Rodriguez, who saw potential in the product and the substantial profit margins.

They made a counteroffer, proposing an investment of $180,000 for a 30% equity stake in the company. This reflected the Sharks’ belief in the business and their desire to have a more significant role in the venture.

After successful negotiations, Bubbly Blaster landed a deal with Mark Cuban and Alex Rodriguez. This partnership is expected to lead to greater success for Bubbly Blaster, especially given Cuban and Rodriguez’s status as influential figures in the sports industry.

In the aftermath of Shark Tank, the expectations are that Strong and Hall will work with the Sharks to lower the price of the blaster and potentially develop a version that fits different types of bottles.

Given the product’s potential, it’s anticipated that Bubbly Blaster will become a familiar sight at championship celebrations for years.

What Happened To Bubbly Blaster After Shark Tank?

After appearing on Shark Tank and securing a deal with Mark Cuban and Alex Rodriguez, Bubbly Blaster saw a substantial boost in its business. The exposure from the show and the investment from the Sharks contributed to the continued growth and success of the brand.

The company reportedly focused on using the investment to expand its manufacturing capabilities. This was a strategic move to meet the growing demand for their product and capitalize on their popularity after the show.

Additionally, the founders had plans to take the brand to the global level, giving it a more significant market reach and edge over competitors.

The founders aimed to penetrate the food industry with their product, offering a fun way to serve drinks, especially during celebrations. Their vision was to have their product used to celebrate every major sports championship.

Additionally, Bubbly Blaster launched a new product called the “Bubbly Blaster Entertainment Pack.” This product aimed to enhance party experiences and incorporated social media elements like video and selfie capabilities.

Despite the global pandemic, the Bubbly Blaster was promoted as an ideal product for social distancing, with the ability to spray champagne up to 30 feet. This allowed users to enjoy their champagne while maintaining a safe distance, in compliance with COVID-19 guidelines.

Moreover, the company has broadened its color range, offering the product in Gold, Rose Gold, Black, White, and Hot Pink, providing customers with more variety.

By the end of 2022, there were indications that the company was doing well financially. They were shipping products to more than 51 countries, which generated substantial profits. Their annual revenue was projected to be around $1 million.

As of 2023, Bubbly Blaster continues to be in business and is growing its domestic and international market presence.

Bubbly Blaster Shark Tank Update

After appearing on “Shark Tank,” Bubbly Blaster, a company specializing in a universal champagne spray gun, experienced a mixed outcome. The details of what happened to Bubbly Blaster after Shark Tank are as follows:

Stason Strong and Brad Hall 2017 founded Bubbly Blaster to offer a unique and fun way to serve Champagne at celebrations. Their product, the Champagne spray gun, allows Champagne to be sprayed without touching the glass and can reach up to 30 feet.

Bubbly Blaster provides a safe option for enjoying Champagne while adhering to social distancing guidelines during the COVID-19 pandemic.

During their appearance on “Shark Tank” in Season 12, Episode 10, which aired on January 15, 2021, Bubbly Blaster secured a deal with Mark Cuban and Alex Rodriguez. The sharks invested $180,000 in exchange for a 30% stake in the company. However, it is unclear if the deal was ultimately finalized.

Bubbly Blaster Net Worth | Bubbly Blaster Shark Tank Update

Reports suggest that Bubbly Blaster faced some challenges after their appearance on the show. The company experienced inventory issues, and imitation products appeared on Amazon.

Despite these challenges, all Bubbly Blaster models are currently available online, particularly on Amazon, priced at $99.99. Bubbly Blaster’s partnership with Mark Cuban and Alex Rodriguez is uncertain.

The company’s website showcases various products and accessories and continues shipping products to over 51 countries. However, their social media accounts have been inactive since 2021, making it difficult to ascertain the current sales surge.

The founders of Bubbly Blaster expressed plans to expand the business globally and explore the food industry. They intended to use the investment received from the sharks to increase their manufacturing capacity.

Additionally, they introduced a new product called the “Bubbly Blaster Entertainment Pack,” designed for capturing videos and selfies at parties.

Bubbly Blaster experienced opportunities and challenges after appearing on “Shark Tank.” While they secured a deal with Mark Cuban and Alex Rodriguez, the finalization of the partnership remains unclear.

The company faced inventory issues and imitation products, which are still available online. Their sales surge and partnership with the sharks is uncertain, as their social media accounts have been inactive since 2021. However, Bubbly Blaster continues shipping products globally and plans to expand their business.

Is Bubbly Blaster Still In Business?

According to our research, Bubbly Blaster is still in business. Despite facing some challenges, the company continues to operate and offer its products for sale. The details regarding Bubbly Blaster’s current status are as follows:

Bubbly Blaster, founded by Stason Strong and Brad Hall, offers a Champagne gun that provides a unique and mess-free way to enjoy Champagne. The spray gun can be attached to any Champagne bottle, offering comfort and control to users.

After appearing on “Shark Tank” in Season 12, Episode 10, Bubbly Blaster secured a deal with Mark Cuban and Alex Rodriguez. However, whether the deal was finalized is uncertain. In July 2022, the deal with Shark Alex Rodriguez was reported to remain open.

Despite inventory shortages and imitation products on Amazon in 2021, Bubbly Blaster’s website still shows active sales of the Champagne gun in different colors and expanding into accessories.

The company continues to ship its products to over 51 countries and employs 2 to 10 people. Bubbly Blaster is also available online, including on Amazon. Furthermore, Bubbly Blaster has introduced the “Bubbly Blaster Entertainment Pack,” allowing users to capture party moments through videos and selfies.

The company’s annual revenue is estimated to be around $1 million, and it continues to generate sales by shipping its products globally. Bubbly Blaster is still in business and actively selling its Champagne guns. The company’s website shows active sales and expansion into accessories.

While the deal’s status with Mark Cuban and Alex Rodriguez remains uncertain, Bubbly Blaster continues to ship products worldwide and employs a small team. Customers can purchase Bubbly Blaster products online, including on Amazon.

What Is the Net Worth Of Bubbly Blaster?

According to our research, the net worth of Bubbly Blaster is estimated to be $1 million as of 2023. The valuation of Bubbly Blaster was $600,000 after securing an investment from Mark Cuban and Alex Rodriguez on Shark Tank.

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