Birddogs Shorts Shark Tank Update

Birddogs shorts are men’s shorts designed for the modern guy. These shorts are called ‘gym shorts for free balling crotch crusaders’ by Birddogs.

The silky lining and Zippered pockets for the latest iPhone (X! ) add to the quick-drying qualities. 

Birddogs Chris Mason and Peter Baldwin present “the world’s best shorts” on Shark Tank (January 7).

Their presentation is visually captivating – it includes a watermelon – but they are missing Birddogs spokesperson and Chief Brand Officer Kyle Cooke as Tony Soft Nuts.

What is Birddogs Shorts?

Birddogs is an apparel firm that brings bro-tailer e-commerce to new heights of obscenity with its men’s fitness wear.

Birddogs short is an online store that sells shorts that come with integrated underpants. The show featured Chris Mason and Peter Baldwin, two best friends who offered 1.5% of the stakes in return for $250,000.

Birddogs Shorts and pants have an integrated liner, so you will never have to wear underwear again.

Birddogs Shorts Shark Tank Update

The apparel brand has a reputation of being obnoxious and disrespectful, according to many people. They cater to middle-aged males and frat boys because of their politically incorrect marketing style.

Birddogs offers various supportive gym shorts with a silk inner lining and a ball pouch to protect the testicles. Shorts consist of antibacterial fibers and have pockets for cellphones and wallets. A range of styles and colors are available, as are they designed to be lightweight and quick-drying.

Who are Founders of Birddogs Shorts?

The company was founded by Peter Baldwin in 2014 after becoming frustrated with the discomfort of his jeans while traveling. Peter Baldwin had worked as an IBM sales executive and had decided to leave the corporate ladder. 

Once he quit his job to design a pair of comfortable shorts, Peter started working on them. A pair of comfortable shorts have been created after months of work. He sold all of his stock at the gym and quickly ran out of shorts. 

He then used the money to create additional shorts and began selling them online; finally, the business became lucrative. Peter and Chris, two friends, appeared on season 9 of shark tank. We’ll see what happens with their pitch.

Birddogs Shorts Before Shark Tank

Birddogs is a fitness apparel brand that offers various comfy gym shorts containing a silky inner-liner and a “ball pouch” that tenderly cradles the family jewels. 

It is also equipped with strategically positioned phone and wallet zipper pouches on both sides for added convenience. They’re lightweight and quick-drying, making them ideal for folks who prefer to roam freely.

Birddogs was founded in 2014 by Peter Baldwin, a former IBM sales executive. He allegedly came up with the idea after enduring “the wedgie of his life” on a business trip airplane. 

He ultimately gave up climbing the corporate ladder due to the agony he experienced. He quit his job and set out to build a pair of shorts that would render underwear obsolete. 

A comfortable gym short line—the Birddog, a product that eliminates the need for underwear—resulted from his efforts over many, many months.

His first sales point was a gym stand in his neighborhood, where they proved to be wildly popular. He quickly sold out of his entire inventory. 

His plan to expand the business eventually led him to purchase further products with his saved money. He then created a website through which buyers could purchase the shorts online. It didn’t take long for the company to become profitable.

He ended up applying to ABC’s hit reality series Shark Tank. The entrepreneur was later announced to have landed a spot on the show, a significant opportunity for him.

Birddogs on Shark Tank

Peter and Chris introduced themselves on the television as the founders of Birddogs, wearing bright-colored shorts. The duo astounded everyone when they revealed they were seeking a $250,000 investment for 1.5 percent equity.

The pair showed the product, demonstrating that the gym shorts had an integrated liner. Which effectively eliminates the need for underpants. 

Peter says that they have merged the sensation of bareness with the utility of the fanny pack. Lori thinks it’s a good idea to date a fabric that’s this smooth, and Chris agrees.

The duo distributes samples to everyone while everyone looks on amusedly at the product. Kevin says they appear to be regular gym shorts. 

Birddogs Shorts Shark Tank Update

To which Peter responds, “they’re more than just gym shorts; they’re the most comfortable shorts a man can wear.” 

Lori inquires about the company’s revenue, to which they respond that they made $200,000 their first year, $2 million the next year, and were seeking $6 million in 2018. Lori is perplexed as to how that is possible.

Lori then inquires about the product’s price, to which she is informed that it is one pair of shorts. It is sold for $55 and created at $18, resulting in a 67 percent profit margin. He explains that they only have to pay for their shorts, shipping, and marketing and earn $37 per short.

Kevin, dubious, inquires as to why the cost is so exorbitant. The duo explains that they have the best marketing staff because they serve clients with amusement and jokes. 

Mark Cuban interrupts them, stating that they spend 20% of their revenue on marketing. If they deliver such high-quality material and advertising, they should spend less on marketing because their content can go viral.

Robert Herjevec inquires as to whether they have raised finances in the initial years. Peter revealed that they raised approximately $560,000 from friends and family while their company was valued at between $3 and $9 million. 

Additionally, they indicate that they have sold only 11% of the firm and that their main difficulty is that they are out of inventory one-third of the time.

Lori mentioned that they are unable to prepare ahead for inventories. Mark corrects them on their statement. Lori and Mark both walk away from the transaction. 

Robert Herjevec speaks for the sharks, claiming that they are “full of bs.” The duo justifies them by claiming their numbers are unreal. 

This starts an argument, and when Peter is questioned about why they haven’t developed an inventory, he claims that it’s too risky.

Robert states that their story is confusing to him and thus withdraws. Daymond John goes on to criticize the founder’s aristocratic mentality and withdraws from the deal.

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Who are the Investors of Birddogs Shorts?

Birddog was founded by Peter Baldwin in 2015. Cameron Wilson joined the team in 2016 and was able to obtain a $600,000 investment.

Peter explained that they had sold 11% of their company and raised $560,000 from friends, even though their company was valued at between $3 and $9 million.

How Do Birddogs Make Money?

A prominent entrepreneur made it quite evident that their company was an online retailer in the broadcast. The company distributes its products through Amazon and online.

According to their website, they will be offered in dozens of varieties in 2020 and will cost $99 per pair. Peter stated during the pitch that a single pair of shorts cost $18, resulting in a 67 percent profit margin.

What is the Valuation and Revenue of Birddogs?

When Peter told the sharks that their company was valued at $16.6 million in 2018, they were amused. Sales grew greatly in the last two years, from 200.000 to 2 million in the first year, then 2 million to 3 million in 2017, and are on track to reach 6 million in 2018.

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What Happened To Birddogs After Shark Tank?

The company saw an increase in sales following the episode’s airing on the ABC network in 2018. The corporation is still selling via its internet storefronts.

The retailers sell dozens of different gym shorts and have just added: “dad caps” included with the bord dog shorts. On their website, the exercise shorts are priced at $95.

It’s been more than half a year since they were highlighted on Shark Tank. Without a deal, how is the company doing these days?

Though no official update has been provided, it’s probably safe to assume that sales have increased since the episode aired (after all, the show serves as an effective “commercial” for the product). With being stated, it appears as though their “arrogance” on the show has won them some internet backlash.

Recent promos include a free “Dad Hat” to purchase three or more pairs of Birddogs shorts.

Did Birddogs Get a Deal on Shark Tank?

The Birddogs left the Shark Tank with no deal, as most anticipated due to their high valuation and fratboy antics.

Are Birddogs Still in Business?

Birddogs’ popularity and sales have continued to grow even after their debacle in the Tank.

The company is building on its success by launching a new range of athletic bottoms available for $95.

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