BellyBuds Shark Tank Update | BellyBuds Net Worth

BellyBuds, a product featured on season 5 of the reality television show “Shark Tank,” is designed to allow parents, particularly expectant mothers, to share music and sound with their unborn child.

The product manifests as specialized speakers that adhere gently to a pregnant woman’s belly. Their unique design allows them to be worn comfortably and discreetly under clothing, enabling users to share audio with their developing baby on-the-go or in the comfort of their home.

The core function of BellyBuds is to facilitate the sharing of sound with the womb. Studies suggest that unborn children can begin to hear and respond to sounds as early as the 20th week of gestation.

BellyBuds takes advantage of this by allowing parents to begin interacting with their children before birth. This is facilitated by the safe, pre-set sound levels in the BellyBuds design, ensuring the volume is always at a safe level for the baby.

The BellyBuds kit includes an audio splitter to listen with the baby and a storage pouch for easy carrying. The hydrogel adhesive rings also allow the device to stick and re-stick to the belly.

BellyBuds are a product that encourages bonding and interaction with a child even before birth. Its thoughtful design and potential benefits make it an excellent choice for anyone seeking a meaningful connection with their unborn child.

Company NameBellyBuds aka WavHello
FounderLynnae Schneller and Aly Cullinae
ProductPregnant women’s headphones
Investment Seeking$500,000 for 12.5% equity in BellyBuds
Final DealNone
EpisodeSeason 5, Episode 8
StatusIn Business
WebsiteBellyBuds Website
Net Worth$5 Million

What Is BellyBuds?

BellyBuds are specialized speakers designed to play memory-shaping sounds to the womb safely. They gently adhere to the mother’s baby bump, allowing her to provide a unique and special gift for her unborn child.

The BellyBuds system includes modular belly phones that accurately adhere to the curvature of the growing belly using skin-safe and form-fitting hydrogel adhesive.

Bellybuds Specialized speakers to listen womb sounds

BellyBuds can play love and inspiring voice messages to expectant moms and families using the VoiceShare app. Williams invented this innovative prenatal speaker system which has gained popularity among pregnant women as a way to bond with their babies-to-be.

Who Is The Founder Of BellyBuds?

Curtis Williams, a creative entrepreneur with a background in business, founded BellyBuds. Before launching BellyBuds, Williams had been involved in various ventures, providing him with the business acumen necessary to successfully bring a product to market. 

The inspiration for BellyBuds came when Williams’ wife was pregnant with their first child. He noticed that his wife often placed headphones on her belly to share music and sound with their unborn child, a practice common among many expectant mothers.

However, the standard headphones were not designed for this purpose and often proved cumbersome and inconvenient. Williams recognized a market gap and created an audio system that would be comfortable, convenient, and easy for midwives.

BellyBuds, under Williams’ leadership, went through extensive research and development before it was introduced to the market. The team worked diligently to ensure the product was practical, easy to use, and safe for both mother and child.

They consulted medical professionals, incorporated user feedback, and conducted multiple iterations of product testing.

Before appearing on Shark Tank in season 5, BellyBuds had already gained some traction and visibility in the market. The product was sold online and in select stores, garnering positive reviews from customers.

The team had done a commendable job with their marketing efforts, positioning BellyBuds as a unique gift for expectant mothers and a practical tool for early bonding with an unborn child.

The appearance on Shark Tank served as a strategic move to gain broader exposure and secure additional funding to scale the business further. Despite the Sharks not investing in BellyBuds, the exposure gained from the show significantly helped boost the product’s visibility.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of BellyBuds?

When Curtis Williams walked into Shark Tank in season 5, he was seeking $500,000 in exchange for a 20% stake in BellyBuds, valuing the company at $2.5 million. He introduced the Sharks to his product by sharing the concept, demonstrating how it works, and explaining its unique features.

He then elaborated on the science behind BellyBuds, emphasizing how babies start responding to sound from within the womb as early as 20 weeks.

He shared positive customer feedback and highlighted the potential for BellyBuds to create early bonding experiences and even soothe newborns with familiar sounds. 

However, the Sharks had varying views on the product. While some were fascinated by the unique concept and the potential market, others expressed concerns regarding the scalability of the business and the product’s actual impact on the baby.

There were questions about the scientific evidence supporting the product, and some Sharks expressed doubt about the potential return on investment considering the niche market.

As the discussion continued, the Sharks started making their decisions. While some were captivated by the product’s ingenuity, they decided not to invest due to concerns about the product’s niche market and the company’s valuation.

BellyBuds didn’t get a Shark investment, despite intense deliberation and negotiations. Williams left the tank without the deal he sought, but the experience and exposure he gained from the show significantly increased the visibility of BellyBuds in the market.

Even though BellyBuds did not secure a deal on Shark Tank, the experience provided invaluable exposure, contributing to the product’s post-show success.

The presentation effectively showcased the product’s unique concept and potential benefits for expectant parents, garnering significant attention from the public and increasing its customer base.

What Happened To BellyBuds After Shark Tank?

Although BellyBuds did not secure a deal on Shark Tank, the company still benefited from the significant exposure provided by the show. The pitch boosted the company’s profile, leading to an increase in customer interest and product sales.

In the aftermath of the Shark Tank episode, BellyBuds continued to develop and expand its business. The company took the feedback and concerns raised by the Sharks into account and focused on strengthening its marketing strategy and enhancing its product.

They started emphasizing the potential bonding experience the product could provide for expectant mothers and their unborn babies, resonating strongly with their target market.

Moreover, BellyBuds continued to improve its product based on user feedback and technological advancements. They refined their speaker design and made the product more comfortable and user-friendly.

Also, they enhanced their compatibility with other devices and platforms to ensure a seamless experience for their users.

In the years following the Shark Tank appearance, BellyBuds grew in popularity and expanded its distribution, becoming available in more online and brick-and-mortar stores.

The company has also continued to receive positive reviews and testimonials from customers, attesting to the product’s quality and unique value proposition.

In essence, BellyBuds’ journey after Shark Tank is an excellent example of how a business can leverage the platform provided by the show, even without securing an investment deal.

The exposure and feedback gained during their appearance on the show undoubtedly contributed to the company’s growth and success in the following years.

BellyBuds Shark Tank Update

After the appearance on Shark Tank, BellyBuds, the prenatal sound system allowing pregnant women to play music for their unborn babies, faced setbacks and successes.

BellyBuds, invented by Curt and Jama Williams, was featured on Shark Tank. The product is a set of earphones designed for unborn babies, which attach to the belly with a medical-grade adhesive, allowing only the baby to hear the sounds.

An audio splitter is included for parents to listen along, and the volume is controllable with built-in maximum volume control for safety. The company started in 2009 and grew steadily, offering earphones designed for pregnant moms.

The product gained popularity and endorsements from celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Christina Applegate, and it was available at major retailers like Bed Bath and Beyond, Walmart, and Amazon.

A couple listening to their unborn child through bellybuds on the beach

During their appearance on Shark Tank, the founders, Curtis Williams and Matt Von Walden, sought a $500,000 investment for 12.5% equity with a $4 million valuation. However, they faced criticism for the valuation and past losses, and none of the sharks decided to invest in BellyBuds.

Despite the setback on Shark Tank, the company rebranded as “WaveHello” in 2017. They expanded their product line beyond the original BellyBuds and found success with major retailers like Target, Walmart, and Amazon.

The business thrived after the show and experienced growth, with yearly revenues of $5 million by August 2021. Curtis Williams continued to sell BellyBuds under the company name “WavHello.”

Apart from BellyBuds, WavHello offers additional baby and parenting products like SoundBub, portable white noise machines for babies, and VoiceShare, an app for recording voice messages. They also have “First Impressions,” a baby handprint and footprint memory frame.

While there were concerns about potential knock-offs without patent protection after the Shark Tank episode aired, the company experienced a surge in sales following their appearance, despite initial skepticism from the sharks.

After their pitch on Shark Tank, BellyBuds faced rejection from the sharks but underwent a rebranding as WaveHello and expanded their product line. The company succeeded in the market, offering products beyond the original BellyBuds and achieving substantial revenue growth.

Is BellyBuds Still In Business?

Our research found that the company formerly known as “BellyBuds” has undergone a rebranding and is now known as “WAVhello” and is still in business.

After its appearance on Shark Tank seeking a $500,000 investment for 12.5% equity at a $4 million valuation, the product experienced a surge in sales due to the “Shark Tank effect” despite not securing a deal.

The founders, Curtis Williams and Matt Von Walden rebranded as WAVhello and expanded their product line.

WAVhello had achieved annual sales of $5 million, offering prenatal audio systems that allow expectant mothers to play music or voice messages for their unborn babies, with the babies capable of recalling music heard in the womb for up to four months after birth.

What Is the Net Worth Of BellyBuds?

According to our research, the net worth of BellyBuds is estimated to be $5 million. The valuation of BellyBuds was $4 million when it appeared on Shark Tank.