Zipz Wine Shark Tank Net Worth

Zipz Wine is a company that offers single-serving, portable, and easy-to-use wine packaging. The innovative design features a stemless wine glass made from high-quality, shatterproof PET plastic, which is then filled with wine and sealed with a patented, resealable, and tamper-evident lid.

The packaging is intended to provide a convenient way for consumers to enjoy wine when traditional glass bottles and glasses are impractical, such as at outdoor events, picnics, or concerts.

Zipz Wine gained significant exposure, expanding distribution and partnerships with various venues and retailers, including stadiums, hotels, and grocery stores.

The company has continued to grow and evolve, providing a convenient and innovative solution for wine lovers seeking a portable option.

ZIPZ Wine is a single-serving wine glass featuring a goblet design. Zipz wine comes in a prepackaged plastic wine glass, which is shrink-wrapped. All you need to do is remove the shrink wrap, and you are ready to enjoy your wine. 

Once you remove the shrink wrap, the zipz wine glass resembles the regular glass. These wine glass features screw lids to store wine inside them.

You can purchase different varieties of red and white wines from Zipz Wine. Also, Zipz got the biggest deal in the history of the Shark Tank show.

What is Zipz Wine?

ZIPZ Wine is ready to drink single-serving wine glass, a perfect product for people who love to drink while traveling. The ZIPZ Wine bottle packages the wine of your choice inside it and resembles the standard wine glass.

Zipz Wine is a portable single-serving packed wine with a unique plastic Wessel that appears as a wine glass. The outer covering of the packaging can be zipped off and is dual functioning as a coaster. The leak and the spill-proof product are designed to protect the wine from UV rays.

Zipz Wine Shark Tank Net Worth

Zipz Wine has become popular due to its convenience and portability. Zipz Wine is a joint venture between Andrew McMurry and J. Henry Scott, experts in the wine industry. It is currently sold in 1,200 stores across the US and is licensed by Arctic Beverages under the name Chillin brand of wines.

All you need to do is remove the outside wrapper, and you can enjoy your lovely drink. The founder of Zipz Wine advertises the product as a portable wine glass that does not spill or leak while traveling.

Zipz wine secured one of the highest deals on the shark tank show. Andrew McMurray invested $2.5 million for a 10% stake in Zipz Wine.  

Company NameZipz Wine 
FounderAndrew McMurray
ProductSingle Serve Wine
Investment Seeking$2.5 Million For 10% stake in Zipz Wine
Final Deal$2.5 Million For 10% + Right To Buy 10% At The Same Price If Exiting
SharkAndrew McMurray
Episode Episode 11, Season 6
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteZipz Wine Website

Who is the Founder of Zipz Wine?

Andrew McMurry and J. Henry Scott, two veterans of the wine industry and founder and president of Zachys Wines, founded Zipz Wine.  

The founder’s primary goal was to introduce a prepackaged single-serving wine that is easy to carry and more hygienic. McMurry and Scott worked day and night on the concept and developed the zipz wine.

Andrew McMurry and J. Henry Scott, the 2 veterans of the wine industries, decided to work on a single-serving wine glass that could be easily carried and featured better packaging. 

The first line of designs was improper and didn’t feature any wrapping that could make wine leak from the package. Scott was focused on improving the package design.

The founders introduced the zipz into their packaging and developed the zipz wine in which the outer package was easily zipped off. 

The zip of the zipz wine featured a dual-function lid and coaster, which made the zipz wine convenient to carry and drink along with high shelf life. 

How was the Shark Tank Pitch of Zipz Wine?

Andrew presented his product Zipz Wine, on the shark tank show seeking an investment of $2.5 million in exchange for 10% of the Zipz Wine. The sharks gave unusual reactions listening to the amount Zipz wine founder asked for the investment in their product. 

The founder of Zipz Wine explained that Zipz is a packaging and licensing company that provides an alternative to disposable bottles and glasses packed with wine for easy serving. Andrew unzipped the outer cover to display the goods.

Zipz Wine Shark Tank Net Worth

Andrew explains that the covering of the Zipz Wine packet protects the wine from UV light. Andrew unscrews the glass’s cap and attaches the lid to the bottom to demonstrate the glass’s dual purpose as a coaster. 

James Martin appeared twice on the show with a similar product named “Copa-di-vino” and declined to work with the tanks. Andrew informed Sharks that more than 25 investors were ready to invest in zipz wine and had promised them $8.5 million.

Andrew says the investors are primarily Wall Street professionals, including three professional sports franchise owners. According to McMurry, the Zipz wine has generated $650,000 in revenue since its launch. 

You can purchase Zipz wine from any of the 1200 outlets in the United States. The founders are looking forward to securing a distribution deal with Costco.

O’Leary and all the other sharks emerge eventually. Kevin explains that lowering the product’s price will allow him to obtain his Costco merchandise. 

Andrew responds that the package can be altered. Kevin O’Leary accepts the offer because he can purchase an additional 10% stake for the exit. 

For example, if the company was valued at $50 million, O’Leary may purchase 20% of the company for $10 million. Andrew McMurry secured a $2.5 million investment, making it the show’s largest acquisition.

Final Deal: Andrew McMurray agreed to invest $2.5 million for a 10% stake in Zipz Wine.

Zipz Wine Shark Tank Recap

The Shark Tank pitch of Zipz Wine, presented by the founder Andrew McMurray, focused on the innovative single-serving, portable wine packaging that made it easy for consumers to enjoy wine in various settings where traditional glass bottles and glasses may not be practical.

During the pitch, McMurray highlighted the features of Zipz Wine packaging, including the stemless wine glass made from high-quality, shatterproof PET plastic and the patented, resealable, tamper-evident lid.

He also emphasized the potential market for the product in outdoor events, concerts, picnics, and other venues where convenience and portability are essential.

McMurray sought investment to expand the distribution of Zipz Wine and grow the business. His pitch successfully attracted the attention of Shark Kevin O’Leary, who saw potential in the wine industry and the broader beverage market.

After some negotiation, McMurray and O’Leary agreed on a deal, with O’Leary investing in the company in exchange for a share of the business.

The Shark Tank pitch of Zipz Wine was well-received, as it showcased an innovative product with a clear market and potential for growth.

The successful deal with Kevin O’Leary helped propel the company forward, leading to expanded distribution and increased brand recognition.

What Happened To Zipz Wine After Shark Tank?

The founders of Zipz Wine secured one of the highest deals on the Shark Tank Show. However, the company’s future was not as bright as the sharks predicted during the show.

The founders of zipz wine faced various challenges with post shark tank show. One of the most important ones was that they were unprepared for the increased sales volume and customer demands and couldn’t cope.

Andrew and Kevin had a tour of the facilities, marveling at the automated filling line that filled each glass from the bottom, eliminating oxidation. Zipz also secured a national partnership with Arctic Beverage. Chillin is the company’s Chilean wine line. 

Andrew said their duty was to concentrate on the packaging and royalties collection. Securing a national partner was critical due to other brands’ piggyback effect. 

As Zipz found its way onto shop shelves where Chillin was already available, other wineries would also be interested in participating.

For Andrew, this was about grandiose concepts. Zipz was destined to be his legacy. After decades in the wine industry, he was determined to leave a lasting impression. “You have performed admirably, grasshopper. 

You’ve concentrated on royalty,” Kevin commended. Andrew and the other members of Zipz have ensured their futures in the wine and packaging industries by altering their business model.

Zipz Wine ceased its wine-making business and shifted its focus to licensing deals. You can buy zipz wine packets in various stores nationwide and order them from eCommerce websites such as Amazon and Walmart. 

Who are the Investors in Zipz Wine?

According to the founders of Zipz Wine, 25 investors in Zipz Wine in 2014 invested $8.7 million. Andrew invested $2.5 million for a 10% stake in Zipz Wine on the Shark Tank show, which would be worth $25 million by 2014.

Andrew revealed that most investors were Wall Street professionals, including the owners of three professional sports teams.

How Does Zipz Wine Make Money?

The company’s founder, McMurry, mentioned they were in the wine business and the licensing industry on Shark Tank. Zipz Wine products are sold in 1200 stores across the country and have generated $650,000 in revenue each year since it was founded.

Their product was sold at sporting events and six stadiums after joining Fetzer. Andrew also said they discussed with other wine brands, including Yellow  Tail.

On an episode of Beyond the Tank, the company announced it would leave the wine business and focus solely on its Zipz packaging business.

Zipz Wine Shark Tank Update

The Zipz wine company continues to operate as an organization that licenses its packaging technology, although it lacks an online presence. After appearing on the Shark Tank, Zipz Wine faced some challenges.

They were unprepared for the increased sales and could not meet the high demands. As a result, they decided to be no longer involved in wine-making, instead focusing solely on licensing their packaging. Zipz Wine products can still be found in stores and websites like Amazon.

Additionally, Arctic Beverages has licensed Zipz Wine packaging and sells it under the Chillin brand. While Zipz Wine products may no longer be purchased, licensing deals can still be found on the company’s website.

Zipz Wine ceased producing its brand of wine in 2017 and no longer does so. Kevin continues to assist Zipz in identifying new licensing opportunities as they become available.

Is ZIPZ Wine Still In Business?

After appearing on Shark Tank and securing a deal with Kevin O’Leary, Zipz Wine gained significant exposure, leading to expanded distribution and partnerships with various venues and retailers, including stadiums, hotels, and grocery stores.

The success of Zipz Wine on Shark Tank and its subsequent growth helped the company to raise additional funds and expand its product line to include additional wine varieties and packaging options.

Zipz Wine has continued to innovate, introducing new packaging designs and expanding its distribution to new markets.

In addition to its core business of portable, single-serving wine packaging, Zipz Wine has also collaborated with other wine brands to create custom-branded packaging for events and special occasions.

The exposure from Shark Tank has helped Zipz Wine to establish itself as a recognizable brand in the wine industry, offering consumers a convenient and innovative way to enjoy wine on the go.

ZIPZ Wine shut down its business of wine production. However, it is still involved with licensing the packaging of ZIPZ Wine for other beverage manufacturers.

What Is the Net Worth of ZIPZ Wine?

The valuation of ZIPZ Wine was $25 million when it appeared on Shark Tank. The net worth of ZIPZ Wine is estimated to be $50 million.