10 Best WordPress Mailing List Plugins For List Building

You have created your blog or business website and are getting a good number of traffics over it. However, one thing not to miss out is building an engaging email list.

You might question me, what is the importance of building an email list if your website is ranking well and getting a decent number of traffics from search engines!

A targeted email will help you increase the targeted traffic to your website and help you build trust among your audience. 

Moreover, an email list will also help you drive additional traffic and send meaningful and targeted offers to your subscribers, helping you generate more revenue. 

If you are wondering how to build an email list with your WordPress website, you can drop off your worries. All you need to do is use a simple yet effective WordPress mailing list plugins to build your email list. 

But you need to understand that building an email list takes time; you won’t get thousands of subscribers overnight. 

You can use various tools to create pop-ups, floating action bars, scroll boxes, slide-ins, overlays, and many more to build your email list. 

With hundreds of WordPress mailing list plugins available online, you can be confused about which plugin would be best for your website. 

However, in this article, I will be sharing the best WordPress Mailing List Plugins for List Building to make things easier for you. 

So without further delay, let’s start with our list:

Best WordPress Mailing List Plugins for List Building

Note: Some of the links in the articles are affiliate links. We get a certain percentage of commission if you purchase any products or services through our affiliate link. Please don’t worry, you won’t be charged extra for that. 

Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads is one of the most powerful WordPress Mailing List plugins for list building that features impressive features along with attractive opt-in form designs. Furthermore, it also features various ready to use list building templates and even analytics tool.

You can quickly build a targeted email list using Thrive Leads without slowing down your website. Moreover, it comes with a builtin drag and drops editor that allows you to create simple yet convertible opt-in forms. 

WordPress Mailing List Plugins

Also, you can choose to display how you want opt-in forms to be displayed on your website. You can also select specific posts, pages, post types, categories, and tags to display the opt-in forms. 

With Thrive Leads, you can create separate forms for desktop and mobiles. You can also hide the opt-in forms to the visitors that have already subscribed to your website. 

It also has A/B Testing features to find the best audience to sign up for your newsletter. Moreover, Thrive Leads provides you with detailed reports and analytics about the performance of your opt-in forms. 

Hence, you can understand which form is converting more and from where you are getting the highest traffic. 

Features of Thrive Leads:

  • 60+ pre-designed templates along with drag and drop form builder
  • Option to backup and export subscriber list
  • Includes every type of opt-in forms you can imagine
  • Allows you to display different content to subscribed users
  • A/B Testing option with various opt-in forms to check the performance of the forms. 
  • Features SmartExit, Exit Intent, Click Triggers, Scroll Triggers, Timed Triggers, etc. 
  • Multiple animation options. 
  • Supports almost every mailing list provider
  • Option to create separate forms for desktop and mobile phones
  • Option to add a video to your opt-in forms.


You can grow your email list and increase your website subscribers using the OptionMonster mailing list plugin. It is one of the most revolutionary plugins that allows you to create every type of email list with its incredible opt-in forms. 

You can ask your visitors to join your email lists via different ways using OptionMonster. You can select from the included opt-in forms template or can use the drag and drop editor to build opt-in forms as per your requirement from scratch. 

WordPress Mailing List Plugins

The best feature of OptionMonster is that it uses exit intent technology to deploy a pop-up form whenever your visitor is about to leave your website. You can also enable the page-level targeting feature to provide tailored content according to your visitor’s location. 

You can place OptionMonster opt-in forms below your content, within your content, or at your website sidebars. Moreover, it is fully compatible with all the popular email marketing services such as Aweber, GetResponse, MailChimp, and many more. 

It allows you to create a fully responsive form that displays seamlessly on smartphones, tablets, and desktop. Furthermore, it packs in a fantastic exit intent trigger that detects the behavior of your visitor and prompts them with the opt-in form when they are about to leave your website. 

Features of OptionMonster:

  • Easy to use drag and drop form editor.
  • Smart exit intent technology
  • Option to create page-level targeting for better conversion
  • Various customization option
  • Supports most of the popular email list providers
  • Option to create sidebar, slide-in, popover, notification bar opt-in forms. 


ConvertPro is a powerful mailing list plugin developed by Brainstorm Force, the same group that has developed the popular Astra Theme and Schema Pro plugin. You get endless possibilities to create an opt-in form of your choice using the revolutionary drag and drop editor of this plugin. It provides complete control over your design. 

It allows you to leverage your visitors using various targeting and behavioral trigger option included in this awesome plugin. You can create fully responsive opt-in forms that display accurately on both desktops and mobile phones.

10 Best WordPress Mailing List Plugins For List Building 1

Furthermore, the opt-in forms are structured for better performance and are highly optimized, which provides a positive effect on your visitors to enhance your conversion rate. 

You can target your visitors using ConvertPro with the right message at the right time to enhance your conversion rate and build a niche targeted email list. Moreover, ConvertPro easily integrates all the major email marketing providers to help you connect with your subscribers. 

You can grab the attention of visitors who are about to leave with the exit-intent technology of this plugin. Also, it allows you to create a multi-step pop-up. It even features a great choice of triggers to let you create a pop-up based on your visitor’s actions. 

You can even perform A/B testing with this plugin to check which opt-in forms work best on your visitors. Overall, it is complete to create a Mailing List for your WordPress website. 

Features of ConvertPro:

  • Easy to use Drag and Drop editor
  • Fully responsive opt-in forms
  • Performance optimized opt-in forms for better conversion
  • Design freedom to create opt-in forms
  • Multiple behavioral triggers
  • Advance integration with popular email marketing service
  • Exit-intent technology with multi-step pop-ups
  • Easy A/B Testing
  • Advanced Targeting option

WP Subscribe 

WP Subscribe is a renowned WordPress Mailing list plugin created by MyThemeShop, a popular WordPress Theme development company. The best part about this plugin is that it is a completely free and lightweight plugin. 

This plugin is developed with optimized code and doesn’t slow down your website. You can add a fully responsive subscription form anywhere on your site with this plugin. 

WordPress Mailing List Plugins

As it is a free plugin, it covers all the essential features an opt-in plugin requires. However, there is a premium version of this plugin if you need additional features and dedicated support. 

The plugin is fully compatible with all the popular email marketing services and integrates them seamlessly. Moreover, it features an exit-intent trigger, and widget support to allow you to display the opt-in form at the footer, sidebar, and while pop up animations. 

With WP Subscribe Pro, you can boost your website traffic conversion and generate targeted traffic to increase your earning. 

Features of WP Subscribe:

  • Exit-intent feature
  • Fully responsive opt-in forms
  • Performance optimized opt-in forms
  • Integrates with popular email marketing services
  • Elegant and Eye-catching designs
  • Built-in widget support
  • Features Pop up animations and triggers
  • Custom colored widget
  • Compatible with caching plugins

Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms is one of the most popular WordPress mailing list plugins you can use to build your email list. It includes every feature you would expect from an email list building plugin. Moreover, it comes with multiple features that help you build a niche targeted email list. 

WordPress Mailing List Plugins

It includes Google’s reCAPTCHA that allows you to validate the entry of your opt-in form submissions. You can also integrate the popular email list tools with which you can start sending emails to your leads. 

However, you need to integrate Ninja Forms with MailChimp extension to create an opt-in form to build an email list for your website. You can create an eye-catching and elegant opt-in form using the drag and drop builder to create a subscription form for your website. 

It is a highly customizable plugin that allows you to create unique and elegant opt-in forms for your website. Ninja Forms provides a great starting point to explore and start building an email list for your website. 

Features of Ninja Forms:

  • Easy to use predesigned template forms.
  • Highly customizable subscription forms
  • Drag and drop subscription form builder
  • Option to group subscribers
  • Multiple MailChimp subscription perform
  • Feature to import/export your subscribers’ list


Bloom is a powerful mailing list plugin developed by Elegant themes, the developer behind popular Divi themes. This plugin can be of great value to your website if you already use other products of Elegant Themes. 

It is a full-featured list building plugin that allows you to create various types of opt-in forms. You can create 6 types of opt-in forms such as widgets, popovers, below post forms, fly-ins, inline forms, and content lockers. 

10 Best WordPress Mailing List Plugins For List Building 2

This plugin does not include any visual editor or drag and drop builder like other plugins; however, you can edit the forms created by this plugin without much hassle with ease. 

It allows you to create stylish forms and offers more than 100+ pre-designed templates that you can use on your website. Moreover, it comes with unique options that trigger your opt-in forms to your visitor. 

Bloom provides you all the necessary tools to convert your visitors into your subscribers and then customers. Moreover, they claim to increase the engagement on your website by 20 times from emails. 

You can also display unique forms with unique content and offers according to your visitor location and interaction on specific posts and pages. It even allows you to display opt-in form after a time delay so that it triggers once your visitor has spent a specific time on your website.

You can choose to display the opt-in forms using various triggers such as timed delay, the bottom of the post, after scrolling, after commenting, after purchasing, and after inactivity to your website visitors. 

Bloom seamlessly integrates with the most popular email marketing service to enhance your website traffic and boost your revenue. 

The custom dashboard of Bloom makes it super easy to set up and manage opt-in forms conversion rate, and performance analytics. 

Features of Bloom:

  • Elegant and attractive design options
  • 6 different types of display forms
  • Automatic pop-ups and fly-in triggers
  • 19 Email marketing integrations
  • 100+ pre-made templates
  • Fully responsive opt-in forms
  • Highly Targeted display settings
  • Target Specific Post Types and Categories
  • Increase Conversions With A/B Testing
  • Conversion and Email List Statistics
  • 24/7 Premium Support


LeadPages is a standalone Saas tool that allows you to build an email list with your WordPress website. You can create a niche targeted email list for your website with LeadPages opt-in forms. 

You can create a standalone form or a dedicated landing page using LeadPages and display it on your WordPress content. With this tool, you can design a standalone page with an opt-in form. Moreover, you can even use the leadboxes that are the pop-up opt-in forms to display anywhere on your website to get a targeted email list. 

10 Best WordPress Mailing List Plugins For List Building 3

It features a list of 200+ pre-built high-converting templates to create opt-in forms. Also, you can design your form from scratch with the drag and drop form editor. 

This plugin uses 2-step opt-ins so that you can trigger and target your visitors by making them click on a link, photo, or button on your website. 

Furthermore, you can boost the conversion of your leads with AB tests and real-time guidance using LeadPages. You can also connect LeadPages with various email marketing services and CRM to convert your leads into customers. 

Features of LeadPages:

  • High converting landing page pop-ups, alert bars, and many more. 
  • Offers plenty of templates, ordered by conversion rate
  • Option to create your templates
  • Conversion optimized opt-in forms
  • Unlimited leads publishing
  • Lead magnet hosting and delivery
  • Can use an unlimited number of domains
  • Rapid page load speed
  • Code-free web publishing
  • Conversion optimized list building
  • Supports all major mailing list providers

WP Notification Bar Pro

WP Notification Bar Pro is an easy to use notification bar WordPress mailing plugin that you can use to build an email list from your website. You can add a notification bar to your website’s header and footer with an opt-in form to build an email list for your website. 

This plugin allows you to create and display an opt-in form in the notification bar. You can display a text, button, or email opt-in to allow your visitors to subscribe to your email list. Furthermore, the plugin also allows you to display links, texts, or social profile.

10 Best WordPress Mailing List Plugins For List Building 4

Also, you can use this plugin to display a sleek message on your website. Moreover, it also helps you to increase your email list, boost marketing promotions, and grow social media followings and even increase the visitors to specific posts and pages of your website. 

It also has features such as displaying custom notification alerts, marketing promotions, growing email lists, and even directing your visitors to specific posts or pages of your website.  

You can also perform an AB Split test between two different notification bars to see which one is performing better with WP Notification Bar Pro. 

Furthermore, it also provides you basic analytics about the customers who click on your notification bar. You can also integrate it with all the popular email marketing service providers for better conversion. 

Features of WP Notification Bar Pro:

  • Fully responsive opt-in bars
  • A/B Split Testing feature
  • Supports all popular email marketing service provider
  • Various types of the notification bar
  • Option to display on specific posts/pages.
  • Dedicated 24/7 support

Popup Domination

Popup Domination provides you quite a similar approach to OptionMonster in the sense it is also a Saas tool that you can integrate with your WordPress website to build an email list. 

However, Popup Domination offers you an affordable pricing structure when compared to OptionMonster. The pricing structure of this plugin is based on the number of pop-ups generated by your website. 

10 Best WordPress Mailing List Plugins For List Building 5

This SaaS tool allows you to create incredible and converting pop-up opt-in forms. You can select from a library of predesigned pop-up templates to display on your website to build your email list. 

However, it doesn’t feature any drag and drops the editor to control your pop-up designs completely. Yet, you can fully customize your opt-in templates with text, images, and colors. 

You can trigger the opt-in forms with a list of triggers. It features triggers such as total time spent on the website, time spent on post or page, object mouse over, scrolls depth, inactivity, exit-intent, and on clicks. 

Moreover, the dashboard of Popup Domination provides your with conversion rate analytics to check how are visitors interacting with your opt-in forms. It even allows you to perform A/B test against different pop-ups to help you understand which opt-in form is performing better and how to enhance your conversion. 

Features of Popup Domination:

  • Exit Pop-ups
  • PopUp triggers
  • A/B Testing
  • OnClick Pop-ups
  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Geographical Targeting
  • Page-specific pop-ups
  • Notification pop-ups
  • Mobile and Desktop only pop-ups
  • Option to track Google Analytics Event


If you are looking forward to WordPress Mailing List plugins, MailOptin should definitely be on your list. It is a powerful form builder plugin that allows you to create different types of opt-in forms for your WordPress website. 

Moreover, you can customize your opt-in form with text, images, design, animations, and even define the display rules. It features multiple options such as lightboxes, in content opt-in forms, notification bars, and embedded inline forms to create opt-in forms. 

10 Best WordPress Mailing List Plugins For List Building 6

It is quite easy to create a high converting opt-in form with MailOption. Also, you get inbuilt analytics to check the performance of your opt-in forms. You can even perform A/B Split test to see which opt-in form is performing well and which you need to optimize for better performance. 

Moreover, you can even integrate MailOptin with popular email marketing service provider and CRM to convert your subscribers into customers. Also, it integrates seamlessly with Google Analytics. 

You can download the MailOptin free WordPress plugin from the official WordPress repository. However, you will need to purchase the premium version of this plugin to unlock all the fantastic features. 

Features of MailOptin:

  • A/B Split Testing for Opt-in forms
  • Adblock detection
  • Various triggers to display an opt-in form
  • Multiple opt-in styles
  • Smart honeypot spam protection
  • Seamless integration with popular email marketing service providers
  • Option to redirect visitors to specific post or page after subscription

Wrapping Up

Building an email list for your website won’t be an issue if you choose the right plugin for your task. However, if you are investing in a premium email list building, I would recommend you to go with a plugin that offers A/B Split Testing. 

This feature will allow you to understand which opt-in forms are performing better and where you need to optimize more to get more subscribers.

My team and I have tested all the above WordPress mailing list plugins before putting them into our list. Hence, you can be assured of their performance. 

Whether you are looking for a lightweight, minimal, and affordable mailing list plugin or a plugin with a complete set of features, you can rely on the plugins we have mentioned above.

If you have decided to use any of the plugins mentioned above, please let us know in the comments section below.  

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