What Happened To Windcatcher After Shark Tank?

Windcatcher is a new type of inflatable bed. If you have watched the windcatcher being demoed on Shark Tank, you know exactly how amazing it is.

People struggle to blow up traditional air mattresses by taking one lungful at a time. It takes a long time to blow up a traditional air mattress, so you will end up with an underinflated mattress and feel dizzy.

When an air mattress is completely deflated, it is as simple as using a small electric pump to force air into the mattress.

There is nothing like carrying an expensive air mattress with you on camping trips, and powering it up is a big hassle.

Some mattresses have a built-in pump but are very heavy, so you need to deflate them yourself.

Windcatcher is so simple it uses regular air mattresses, and in fact, it uses air pumps completely.

The Windcatcher is a revolutionary inflatable mattress that inflates in just five to five breaths. It can quickly deflate in a matter of seconds.

If you can blow out a birthday cake by blowing out the candles, you can blow up a Windcatcher mattress.

The Windcatcher requires no special equipment or power source; you simply blow into the large inflatable chamber and inflate like a large balloon.

The wind blows past you as it blows through your nose when you come out of the chamber.

The air mattress inflates very quickly; if you blow a few breaths, it will begin working as soon as you roll it up and seal it up.

The mattress does not touch your skin or mouth like old air mattress valves that catch dirt and germs.

Thankfully, the large air valve attached to the mattress makes deflating the mattress as easy as deflating it.

Suppose you have ever attempted to deflate an ordinary inflatable air mattress. In that case, you know what to do open the valve slowly, force all the air out of the mattress, then try to get all the air out of the side baffles and roll the mattress up for packing.

The Windcatcher technology allows people to easily deflate their air mattresses in a few seconds. There is no need for anything special.

The Windcatcher air mattress is both very comfortable and the easiest to inflate. The Windcatcher AirPad2 is built with a thick 4-inch mattress that will give you all the support you need for a good night’s sleep.

When fully inflated, the Windcatcher AirPad2 measures 74 x 20 x 4 inches; when rolled up, it measures only 8.5 x 4.5 x 4.5 inches. It is very compact for a mattress. It weighs only about 2 pounds.

It is also easy to carry on your trip. It is constructed using heavy-duty polyester and laminated with a thicker layer of thermoplastic polyurethane to make it more durable.

The inventors behind the revolutionary AirPad2 mattress by QuickstreamInflation are Ryan Frayne, Zeke Camusio, and Rob Stam.

Ryan decided there must be a better way to inflate a toy on the beach without destroying it.

He watched his brother struggle to inflate a toy on a beach before finally giving up and throwing the toy away.

Ryan spent a lot of time researching and experimenting until he developed a better way to blow up inflatables. That is how the Windcatcher was born.

What Is Windcatcher?

Windcatcher is an inflatable mattress that inflates within no time. The Windcatcher product line comprises inflatable outdoor and travel gear that is easy to inflate thanks to a patented rapid inflation valve.

Windcatcher Shark Tank Update

The Windcatcher mattress stands out because of its technology. It does not require a pump or electricity to operate. It inflates instantly by blowing into the built-in valve.

Company NameWindcatcher
EntrepreneurRyan Frayne
ProductInnovating Air Catching Mattress Pads
Investment Asking For$200,000 For 8% equity in Windcatcher
Final Deal$200,000 For 5% equity in Windcatcher
SharkLori Greiner
Episode Season 7 Episode 6
Business StatusOut Of Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of Windcatcher?

Ryan Frayne from Brooklyn, New York, is the founder and creator of Windcatcher. He presented Windcatcher on the Shark Tank show in 2015. 

Windcatcher Before Shark Tank

Ryan Frayne from Portland, Oregon, designed Windcatcher, a brilliant device that helps users avoid becoming breathless in the first place by preventing them from becoming breathless in the first place.

Ryan was inspired during a family trip to the beach. After watching his brother attempt to inflate a bed and mostly failing, he decided there must be a simpler method.

Ryan returned home to experiment with various valves until he discovered a phenomenon called air entrainment, which he discovered could dramatically improve the effectiveness of inflating objects.

Despite air entrainment being a proven technique, Ryan observed that no other company was developing inflatables that used it, at least not commercially.

Ryan developed a prototype of an inflatable toy he named the Air Bag; it could be inflated quickly with a valve that entrained air. He also designed a valve that allowed instant deflation of the bag.

Ryan took the usual approach innovators take to turn their ideas into tangible products: he turned to Kickstarter and began a campaign in May 2013.

Kickstarter backers responded enthusiastically to the $50,000 goal to cover setup costs.

Towards the end of the campaign, Ryan had raised roughly $150,000, nearly three times the amount he had requested. 

Ryan had big plans for the future, but he knew he would need the assistance and connections that a business expert could provide to earn the millions he was certain his invention was worth.

This motivated him to apply to Shark Tank in October 2015 and become a guest on the show.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Windcatcher?

Ryan Frayne appeared on Shark Tank requesting an investment of $200,000 in exchange for an 8% stake in Windcatcher. 

Mark Cuban asks if he can give you $200,000 for an 8% equity plus some money if you pay upfront.

Chris Sacca asks Lori if she can accommodate her deal. I am very excited to be a part of that. Jim would like to join the deal. He would love to get some part of it.

Lori wants to have a larger stake and have two Sharks working with him. He is willing to pay $200,000 to enter the retail industry.

He says he does not want to take 20% of your equity. Lori offers him $200,000 and 6% equity. He accepts that. Lori offers him $200,000 for 5%.

Kevin O’Leary offers Ryan $200,000 for 8% of his share. Ryan wants to spend $200,000 doing that.

Kevin has cut the amount of equity he wants to hold by at least 40%. He is also going to get a $200,000 royalty.

He gets five percent for working with him. Kevin raises his offer to Kevin O’Leary. He combines it with his ability to get a better deal with other venture capitalists.

He will give him $200,000 for a royalty of 6% on all sales and a total of $800,000 plus 3% equity.

Ryan thinks that it is unfair to force him to pay the money back immediately. It is unfair to make him immediately pay it back.

Kevin asks him to counter with another offer. Ryan is getting only 2 percent of the equity.

Lori offers $200,000 with 5% equity. Now, Kevin’s equity is 2 %. Lori offers him 200 000 for five (5) percent equity.

Robert Herjavec offers $200,000 for 10% equity. Lori gave him $200,000 for 6%. It appears Robert agrees. Lori gives the final push.

Robert offers $200,000 for 6%. Lori offers him $100,000 for 1%. Then he drops to $200,000 for 3%.

Lori Greiner offers him $200,000 for 15% equity. They love him, and he agrees. She will help him acquire it in retail. He is going to get it branded.

She prefers the way he writes his hand on his contract. Lori offers him $200,000 for 5% equity. The man makes the decision. He agrees to commit to the agreement with Lori.

Ryan Frayne leaves the Shark Tank stage with a deal from Lori Greiner for Windcatcher.

Final Deal: Lori agrees to a deal for $200,000 at 5% equity in Windcatcher plus a line of credit.

What Happened To Windcatcher After Shark Tank?

The popularity of Windcatcher reached sky-high after its appearance on Shark Tank. However, the deal between Lori Greiner and Windcatcher was unable to finalize.

Sadly, Ryan Frayne passed away with pancreatic cancer in 2018 and Windcatcher was operated by her wife Lori Frayne.

Windcatcher Shark Tank Update

There hasn’t been a single post on Windcatcher’s social media account since June 2019.

Windcatcher’s website remains active but does not feature any products for sale as of 2022.

Windcatcher seems to have gone out of business as of 2022.

Windcatcher Shark Tank Update

Windcatcher has earned considerable attention in the years since the show first aired, and Ryan has been the subject of some light-hearted internet speculation.

Ryan had prepared for the influx of orders following the show’s appearance and was pleasantly surprised when prospective customers arrived.

The windcatcher airbags were on sale for a month following the episode instead of paying the full retail price of $99 to maximize his sales and raise awareness about Windcatcher products.

Ryan reported that sales had ‘gone through the roof due to the program. The technical ingenuity of Windcatcher was also noticed.

What Happened To Ash and Erie After Shark Tank?

Inc.com named Windcatcher one of the seven best Shark Tank pitches of 2015 a month after Ryan’s Shark Tank appearance. 

Windcatcher was named one of the 12 best gifts for travelers on Shark Tank by Forbes, an influential finance website, right before Christmas 2015.

Lori’s anticipated license deals have already begun to be signed. Windcatcher technology is licensed to Canadian Tire and Eagle Creek Travel Products in their air mattresses sold in Canada and worldwide.

Eagle Creek intends to incorporate Windcatcher technology into further products in the future.

Finally, Ryan Frayne established a modest online following his debut after exuding an aura of magic and mystery.

Lori Greiner, a Shark partner and an award-winning firm, gives him the confidence to sit back and relax. Maybe Windcatcher will become so huge that it will leave us all in awe of its magnitude in the future.

Is Windcatcher Still In Business?

The deal between Lori and Windcatcher ultimately failed, as another company with identical technologies was involved in litigation. Lori Greiner withdrew from the transaction.

Unfortunately, that was not all. Two weeks after filming his Shark Tank Pitch, Ryan was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

What Happened To The Coop After Shark Tank?

Eagle Creek has licensed the Windcatcher “Rapid Inflation Valve Technology” after its appearance on Shark Tank. 

The travel accessory manufacturer is utilizing the technology in its Fast InflateTM Pillow.

Windcatcher is out of business as of 2022.

What Is the Net Worth of Windcatcher?

The valuation of Windcatcher was $2.5 million when it appeared on Shark Tank. The net worth of Windcatcher is unknown as of 2022 since the company is out of business.

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