What Happened To UROClub After Shark Tank?

The Shark Tank’s episode 111 features Dr. Floyd Seskin inviting his UroClub to the show.

Many of the patients in Dr. Seskin’s Florida urology office had difficulty walking across the golf course since they had a great distance to walk to their appointments.

There are rarely any restrooms on 18-hole golf courses, so golfers often have to endure uncomfortably long waits between potty breaks due to the lack of restrooms.

Would the sharks bite into the golf club urinal of Dr. Seskin, or will they go looking for other places to bathe?

What Is UROClub?

UROClub is a fictitious golf club with a urine reservoir, which is useful when golfers need to relieve themselves, but there are no lavatories nearby.

The UroClub is similar in appearance to a 7 iron, but it has a broader grip that functions as a reservoir.

The triple-sealed, screw-on cap, which is meant to prevent leaks, was designed in collaboration with a pipefitter.

A Privacy Shield is provided as part of the club. If you wish to maintain privacy while at the club and minimize the risk of indecent exposure on the part of the club, attach the towel to the front of the club and your waistband.

UROClub Shark Tank Update

The UroClub conceals itself as a 7-iron golf club to perform the functions of a urinal while protecting the user’s privacy.

People can successfully empty their bladders while playing golf on the 18-hole course at the resort throughout the entire day.

It is also triple sealed to prevent leaks and comes with a screw-on cap.

The towel sometimes referred to as a privacy shield, provides users with additional privacy when conducting business.

Company NameUROClub
EntrepreneurDr. Flyod Seskin
Product / BusinessA portable urinal that looks like a golf club
Investment Asking For$25,000 for 51% equity in UROClub
Final Deal$25,000 for 70% equity in UROClub
SharkKevin Harrington
Episode Season 1 Episode 10
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of UROClub?

Dr. Floyd Seskin is the founder of UROClub. He has a background in urological surgery and currently operates a successful clinic in Florida, where he sees a diverse spectrum of patients.

In his practice, he has discovered that one of the most common problems men face while on the golf course is feeling extremely embarrassed when they need to use the restroom.

Dr. Seskin explained that as a practicing urologist, he is all too aware that many of the patients he sees daily have difficulty keeping urine in for extended periods, which causes them a great deal of misery and shame.

These issues should be particularly relevant to golfers who do not have access to a restroom while on the course.

He hoped to rectify this situation with his unique invention, the Uroclub, which he designed himself.

However, some courses may stretch for miles without any amenities, which he hoped would rectify.

UROClub Before Shark Tank

Doctor Floyd Seskin claims he has discovered something that will benefit millions of Americans.

Having worked as a surgeon and urologist for nearly eighteen years, Dr. Flyod attributes his product’s development to feedback from his patients.

Dr. Floyd Seskin claims that most of his patients have difficulty sleeping, working, and participating outside recreational activities.

He wished to develop a product that made participation in these activities far more fun and worry-free.

Moreover, while Dr. Floyd Seskin believes that his product fills a significant need, he does not know to determine if this is true or not. Dr. Floyd Seskin is also a physician.

It is his profession and his specialty that he describes himself as “a surgeon.” He claims to be the finest in his field.

The reason Dr. Floyd Seskin wants sharks to take his product to its full potential is the connections, distribution, and production capabilities they possess, according to Dr. Floyd Seskin.

He is also in need of financial assistance, but he is most in need of the Sharks’ knowledge and contacts, which would assist him in making his product a success.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of UROClub?

Dr. Seskin appeared on Shark Tank seeking a $25,000 investment for a 51 percent stake in UROClub.

He is looking for the Sharks’ marketing and distribution experience and their distribution methods, and he is realistic about the fact that he will require a strong partner to get his idea off the ground.

He displays his “self-contained receptacle,” which is just a urinal that has been disguised as a 7-inch iron.

The screw-on cover is triple-sealed to prevent access to the interior to prevent leaks. The Sharks’ first reaction is to burst out laughing.

Robert Herjavec has asked the following question to determine if Barbara Corcoran can use the UroClub on the course:

Seskin says that he would have to create “a whole pop-up tent” if he wanted to make the product suitable for female consumption.

He briefly illustrates how the supplied “privacy shield” towel clips to the golf club and the player’s waistband, giving a discrete cover for the golfer while on the course. The Sharks are not convinced.

Kevin Harrington describes the product as a “joke present.” He is not convinced that its business potential is significant.

Seskin adds that by creating an infomercial broadcast on local television stations, he could sell $70,000 worth of his goods to consumers.

Considering that the Uro Club’s production costs $8.43 and the sale price of $24.95 plus delivery, they are earning a decent profit.

The figures have taken the Sharks by surprise and left them impressed.

Daymond John inquires as to the amount of money Seskin has put up. He responds by stating that he has invested $300,000 in the product, including the cost of production, trademark, and other expenses.

Seskin’s figures add up, but John zeroes down on his motivation, pointing out that he’s asking for a disproportionately little investment in return.

“What you’re searching for is a partner,” says the author. The Brand Whisperer is a title I call myself, but I do not know how to sell it. “I’m getting out of here.”

Barbara Corcoran has stated she cannot relate to the specific product in a statement. She has also left the building.

Robert Herjavec claims that he “can’t envision employing that product under any circumstance,” He will not invest in a product that he would not personally utilize. He’s no longer here.

Kevin O’Leary has expressed similar reservations, and he does not believe the product is a good fit for his portfolio. He also declines to enter into a contract. There is only one Shark left.

Kevin Harrington believes the product would make a nice novelty item and gift for friends and family.

He offers Seskin for $25,000 in exchange for 70 percent of the company. Dr. Seskin doesn’t deny when it comes to accepting the offer.

Final Deal: Kevin Harrington agreed to invest $25,000 for a 70% stake in UROClub.

What Happened To UROClub After Shark Tank?

Florida’s golfers and urologist Dr. Floyd Seskin share many experiences in South Florida, where he specializes in urology.

Several of his male patients express frustration over their enjoyment of golf but constant need to urinate while playing golf.

Dr. Floyd Seskin was expecting to receive a twenty-five thousand-dollar investment from the Shark Tank by going on the show, but not because he was in desperate need of money.

He was looking for a strategic partner who could help him sell more Uro Clubs to profit more in the long run.

Kevin Harrington, a well-known informational television commercial producer, invested with Floyd Seskin.

Kevin Harrington, however, wanted a larger piece of the pie and asked for seventy percent rather than the original fifty-one percent in exchange.

Floyd Seskin regarded Kevin Harrington as the type of person capable of successfully promoting UroClubs, even though he was hesitant to accept his offer.

The Shark Tank show does not mention the UroClub being a good or bad business.

The UroClub company’s website, http://uroclub.com, is a good place to find out more about the club or purchase one.

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It is still possible to find product information and facts despite the slightly amateurish appearance of the website. This is usually a plus when shopping online.

If you are genuinely interested in acquiring Uro Clubs, you may visit the following website: https://www.uroclub.com/home.html.

According to the information available, the price of a single Uro Club appears to be $19,99, with a box of six Uro Clubs costing $90.

Moreover, on the website, several testimonials from customers all state that the UroClub is an excellent product.

Almost all customer evaluations mention that they appreciate the idea of being able to urinate in the clubhouse while still looking professional on the golf course.

UROClub Shark Tank Update

UROClub and Kevin were never able to conclude a deal.

However, sales of the UroClub have been rather good, even though it is an unusual and perhaps niche product.

UROClub Shark Tank Update

The UROClub website is up and running, and the urinals in the style of golf clubs are now available for purchase.

According to the most recently available information, the UROClub is still in operation as of April 2022.

Is UROClub Still In Business?

Uroclub is still in business as of April 2022, providing a discreet and sanitary “golf club” for men looking for bladder comfort and comedic relief.

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Dr. Floyd Seskin, the company’s founder and Board Certified Urologist, continues to serve as the Uroclub’s Chief Executive Officer.

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