What Happened To UnShrinkIt After Shark Tank?

What Is UnShrinkIt?

The UnshrinkIt product is a solution that you can use to unshrink woolen sweaters that have accidentally shrunk after being washed or dried.

UnShrinkIt Shark Tank Update

UnshrinkIt is a product that allows you to fix sweaters that accidentally shrink when washed or dried.

Add some drops of UnshrinkIt to a gallon of warm water, soak the sweater in the water for 30 minutes, rinse and shape it. Let it air dry.

Company NameUnshrinkit
EntrepreneurNate Barbera And Desiree Davis Stolar
ProductSolution That Restores Shrunken Sweaters
Investment Asking For$150,000 For 10% equity in UnShrinkIt
Final Deal$150,000 For 15% equity in UnShrinkIt
SharkMark Cuban
Episode Season 7 Episode 8
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of UnShrinkIt?

Desiree Davis Stolar and Nate Barbera are the founders of UnshrinkIt. They developed UnShrinkit while pursuing their Master’s at Harvard Business School.

Stolar and Barbera presented their product UnShrinkIt to secure investment and expand their business on Shark Tank in 2015.

UnShrinkIt Before Shark Tank

Dez Stoler and Nate Barbera joined Shark Tank for the first time. They have traveled from Boston, Massachusetts, to represent Unshrinkit.

Dez Stoler and Nate Barbera appeared on Shark Tank requesting an investment of $150,000 in exchange for a 10% stake in UnShrinkIt.

Today, the two have discussed a very important issue: shrinking.

Unshrinking is done in four steps. 1. Take a small amount of water, then put a sweater on top.

Unshrinkit works by shrinking wool sweaters to the right size, washing them in a solution of Unshrinkit, then putting them in a gallon of water, then soaking them for 30 minutes. After washing, shape the sweaters to fit the person and place them on a dry surface.

Unshrinkit shrinks sweaters made with cashmere, lambswool, and smart wool. You can easily shrink your clothes.

Desiree found several natural solutions to shrinking clothes online, but there are no commercial solutions.

Nate developed this invention while working for Johnson & Johnson. Nate produced the product while working at Harvard Business School.

We have all the patents for the method that we use. Desiree and Nate believe this is a $200 million industry. They project that it will grow to $130,000 per year.

They are projecting that it will be worth $130,000 by the end of this year. They cost only $1 to make. Items sold for $12.

Robert protests, but Nate clarifies; he’s referring to clothes shrinking! Dez’s sister managed to scrape together enough money to buy her a gorgeous cashmere sweater, but she then drank it.

They discovered a solution that allows them to relax certain fibers and restore them to their previous size with chemistry.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of UnShrinkIt?

Dez Stoler and Nate Barbera appeared on Shark Tank requesting an investment of $150,000 in exchange for a 10% stake in UnShrinkIt.

Mark Cuban isn’t a clothing guy, but they have thought this through. He offers $150,000 for a 15 percent stake in Unshrinkit.

Daymond John says there has never been a problem with shrinkage at Fubu. He offers $150,000 for a 25% stake in Unshrinkit, but the license needs to exist. He doesn’t know if it is even needed, but he likes the idea.

Kevin O’Leary offers $150,000 for a 33,3% stake in Unshrinkit. Kevin O’Leary appreciates the product but does not know if it is worth it.

Nate replies with $150,000, for 15% stake in UnShrinkit. Kevin said he has already made a reasonable offer and doesn’t want to negotiate.

Lori Greiner says there is not as much demand for wool items as cotton items; you have to make it smaller to get people to see it.

Robert Herjavec did not make any offer for the product.

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Mark reminds that his offer of $150,000 for a 15% stake in Unshrinkit exists without any condition.

The founders of Unshrinkit accept Mark Cuban’s offer and leave the Shark Tank stage, securing investment for Unshrinkit.

Final Deal: Mark agrees to a deal worth $150K for a 15% stake in UnshrinkIt.

What Happened To UnShrinkIt After Shark Tank?

UnShrinkIt got some popularity after appearing on Shark Tank. However, a quick google search reveals that the product has mixed reviews from its customers.

UnShrink has a vibrant social media presence that includes information like how to avoid shrinking your sweaters, become a successful entrepreneur, or become a Shark Tank hopeful.

Barbera left UnShrinkit and joined McKinsey & Company in Miami. 

UnShrinkIt Shark Tank Update

Even though Unshrinkit secured a deal from Mark Cuban on the Shark Tank show, the deal was never finalized.

You can order Unshrinkit Solution from its website or Amazon. However, the customers have written some mixed reviews about the working of Unshrinkit Solution on Amazon.

UnShrinkIt is still in business as of 2022 and generates $2 million in annual revenue.

How Does UnShrinkIt Work?

Pour the bottle of Unshrinkit liquid into your sink and halfway fill it with hot water.

Soak the clothes for around 30 minutes in the mixture before rinsing them under cold running water and gently stretching them back into shape by hand. 

Layout the items to dry on a towel after squeezing out any remaining liquid.

When a garment is young, it is made up of thousands of fibers that are long and straight. 

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The heat and agitation of electric washers and dryers cause the fibers to the coil and shrink, causing a chemical reaction.

Once curled, the fibers get twisted and trapped together. When Unshrinkit is rinsed with cold water, the fibers are restored to their original straight form. It relaxes protein connections and allows fibers to straighten out.

One disadvantage of Unshrinkit liquid is that it emits a strong smell while in use; however, the odor disappears once the clothing is rinsed.

It is not riskier than other soaps or conditioners to use Unshrinkit on sensitive skin. 

UnShrinkIt Shark Tank Update

It might be a good idea to continue wearing gloves while laundry or dishwashing.

If you are unshrinking clothing that you are aware of bleeds color, it is recommended that you dry the garment with a darker-colored towel after treating it with Unshrinkit.

Unshrinkit will not harm your delicate fabric or diminish the brilliance of your clothing’s color, ensuring that your beloved sweater will not appear dull and fuzzy following treatment.

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You should use the product within one year to maximize its benefits. Using the entire bottle is important, so don’t bother preserving any unused portions. You can shrink up to four articles of clothing with a single bottle.

Is Unshrinkit Still In Business?

Yes, Unshrinkit is still in business as of 2022, and you can purchase it from Amazon or their website.

What Is the Net Worth of UnShrinkIt?

The valuation of UnShrinkIt was $1.5 million when it appeared on Shark Tank. The net worth of UnShrinkIt is $2 million as of 2022.

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