What Happened To unPack After Shark Tank?

Andrew Zahornacky and Aaron Liskov claim that their UnPack service delivers a suitcase full of clothes when you travel. 

The company provides clothes in suitcases along with amenities to hotels (or Airbnbs). You bring a pair of socks and a pair of underpants. 

When your stay is complete, you return the suitcase to the front desk and keep the toiletries. 

They also offer a “companion winter unPack,” which contains an umbrella, hat, scarf, gloves, and a lighter jacket, in addition to toiletries.

The pair came up with the concept while on prolonged work travel. The result of their stay was wasted, and since they were always on the move, they didn’t have time to wash clothes or enjoy a new wardrobe. 

The company partners with prominent brands such as Columbia, Nike, and the Ministry of Supply to ensure the traveler receives high-quality apparel.

UnPack currently only offers services in New York City. The company plans to expand to Boston, Philadelphia, Miami, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C. Packs begin at $39.99 and increase in price based on your length of stay and the contents of your pack. 

The clothing is professionally cleaned after you return your bag so they can rent it to the next renter.

Aaron and Andrew are almost certainly in need of capital for expansion. Will a Shark open their pocketbook and invest in this venture?

What is unPack?

Do you ever feel as though traveling with a lot of luggage is an unneeded annoyance? unPack was a wonderful idea intended to assist in resolving the issue. 

You would travel without any luggage if you used unPack. UnPack offered to rent clothing and other toiletries to your location for a fee.

Unpack eliminates the need for you to lug your suitcase through airports and shuttles, worry about it missing connecting flights, or wait in line at the baggage claim. If you’ve ever flown with only a carry-on, you understand how much easier it is.

Your Unpack suitcase will be waiting for you when you check into your hotel. Unpack has you covered from head to toe with clothing, caps, shoes, and just about anything else you could need except underwear and socks. 

unPack Shark Tank Update

When you’re ready to return home, you leave your bag at the hotel, and it’s returned to Unpack, where all the clothes are washed and prepared for their next rental.

It’s a convenient and enjoyable service for regular travelers who lack the time or resources to wash and pack clothes between journeys or for anyone wishing to streamline their travel experience. 

Unpack delivers custom-fit apparel from high-end designer labels such as Columbia, Victorinox, Ministry, Ursa Major, and Nike. They may include jackets, scarves, gloves for cold locations, and an umbrella in case of rain. 

unPack not only saves you time getting dressed and ensures that you always have a new and stylish outfit for your trip, whether business or pleasure. 

Create an account at theunpack.com and complete your profile information, including your measurements, preferences, and necessary or unique items.

Company NameunPack: Luggage Delivery Service
FounderAaron Liskov And Andrew Zahornacky
ProductPacking and delivery services allowing you to travel with no luggage
Investment Seeking$500,000 For 40% equity in unPack
Final DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
Business StatusOut Of Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of unPack?

The Unpack brand was founded by Andrew Zahornacky and Aaron Liskov. Before founding unPack, the team worked as salespeople. 

Their website has not been updated for some time, suggesting the concept has not taken hold. 

Aaron is currently employed by Raytheon as an information security officer, while Andrew serves as the CEO of Noshinku.

Aaron Liskov and Andrew Zahornacky were regular travelers. They were fatigued from their constant traveling between locations, and they rarely had time to do laundry, leaving them with ill-fitting clothing. They developed the concept for unPack as a result of this event.

You can order the unPack service by logging in to their website and selecting clothing and toiletries. The users would also disclose the location of their future residence. 

The company would immediately send appropriate apparel to a guest’s hotel room upon receipt of the request. 

The concept as presented by the team was highly unique and received favorable coverage in the Los Angeles Times.

Despite Andrew and Aaron’s brilliant idea, it did not take off. unPack saved users money by eliminating the need to purchase new clothing each time they traveled to a new area. 

Additionally, users of unPack would save on incidental charges such as check-in fees and the cost of replacing lost luggage.

unPack Before Shark Tank

Aaron Liskov and Andrew Zahornacky traveled extensively for business before appearing on Shark Tank. This was sufficient motivation for them to launch unPack, their clothing curation, and delivery business. 

They recognized that you lack time to purchase toiletries or do laundry when you spend most of your time traveling. 

They fantasized about arriving at the hotel with freshly laundered garments and toiletries already in place. 

unPack enables clients to choose clothing for their stay and then hand it off to the front desk when they have finished. 

However, a firm of this nature requires a significant amount of capital to acquire new items and maintain what they already have. Aaron and Andrew decided to approach the Sharks for investment.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of unPack?

Aaron and Andrew entered the shark tank after walking out onto the stage. As they introduce themselves, they attract the sharks’ attention. 

Andrew was dressed in something that almost gave him the appearance of Gandolfo. In nature, it resembled a robot. 

Erin began the presentation by informing the Sharks that he and Andrew had flown in from New York and paid $50 on luggage check. 

They founded unPack together, according to Andrew. He sought a $500,000 investment in exchange for a 40% ownership in their business. 

Aaron stated that he squandered more time packing, traveling to the airport, and then waiting 30 minutes after the plane landed to get his belongings.

Andrew smirked at him and informed him that he did not need to pack anything. He was only concerned about the close on his back. 

He claims that he simply logged into the website, told it where and when he was going, and everything was there for him when he arrived at his hotel. 

Aaron specified that premium online luggage would be waiting for him at his hotel, saving him from packing. 

Aaron inquired as to how Andrew could afford such an expense. Andrew maintained that he paid less for his checked bag than Aaron did. 

Aaron stated that despite bringing virtually his complete closet, he felt he brought the wrong clothes. Andrew stated that he had no such issue. 

He requested that his concierge unpack. Aaron inquired whether he would ever be able to unPack, to which Andrew said he would make an exception. 

Aaron exaggeratedly yanked off his cloak, revealing a more typical attire beneath. The sharks grinned at the antics.

Aaron informed the Sharks that unPack was prepared to launch. Andrew enquired as to who desired to join forces. 

Mark Cuban smirked, referred to them as Abbott and Costello, and inquired about the service’s pricing. 

Andrew stated that they would ship the buyer anything they desired, from the complete outfit of apparel to undergarments and socks. They were not, however, shipping shoes. 

Daymond inquired whether they could serve both men and women, to which Andrew said they could, but that the service had been primarily used by men to date.

Kevin inquired as to whether the clothes were worn, and the two entrepreneurs confirmed that it was. This stunned the entire Sharks. 

Lori stated that the prospect of wearing another person’s attire was quite frightening. Daymond inquired about the sizing, wondering whether they simply provided a bunch of ponchos. 

Andrew explained that clients would complete a profile similar to those used by other style curation or clothes delivery firms. Aaron explained that they would use this information to determine your size and style and the context of your trip to supply the proper attire. Mark inquired as to the pricing. 

Aaron informed him that the cost per day would be $20, and Daymond clarified that a five-day trip would cost $100. Andrew concurred.

Lori stated that she struggles with clothing fitting properly. She would be more concerned about the clothing that would be waiting for her at the hotel, whether it would fit well, and whether she would have anything more to wear besides paying for checked luggage. 

Kevin then asked an excellent follow-up question — what if it did not arrive on time, or at all. Aaron expressed gratitude for bringing that up, noting that he believed unPack could thrive at it. 

He stated that the entire fashion and e-commerce industries are already collaborating to ensure items fit properly the first time to reduce return rates.

Robert was curious as to what problem he would be solving, given that they said at the beginning of their presentation that they would be saving money on bag check fees. Aaron mentioned that unPack would also improve the customer’s vacation. 

Robert acknowledged the obvious – that if he stayed longer than two days on his trip, he would lose money. Aaron attempted to explain that the consumer would benefit immediately upon putting on the garments, but the Sharks remained unconvinced. 

Daymond says that Kevin O’Leary would need a bag to bring toiletries and his teeth if he used the service.

The Sharks were taken aback by their brief existence. Lori interjected herself into a conversation between Kevin and Mark to inquire about their sales. Andrew informed her that they had received 40 bookings in the preceding six months. 

He proceeded, stating that it was used by 37 persons. Aaron stated that they had learned a great deal about their target customer in the six months that they have been in business. 

Mark Cuban collapsed in laughter, gasping out how much money they’d made and inquiring about their reviews. 

Andrew blasted his way past the Sharks, claiming that they were having difficulty supplying their clients, which is why they were seeking a contract with the Sharks. 

unPack Shark Tank Update

Robert explained that their inexperience was a concern because they attempted to compete in two very competitive markets.

Robert continued, stating that they were competing with huge firms for consumers seeking to curate their wardrobes. The entire subject of saving people money on bag checks was a distinct problem, and they were not saving anyone money. 

Aaron attempted to explain that conserving money was not the issue they were attempting to resolve. Mark informed them that they were attempting to resolve the incorrect issue. 

Then he launched a full-fledged attack on the two, claiming that their name was offensive since it implied that they were seeking to compete with the companies that package and ship their products. Mark proposed rewriting the entire business concept. 

He suggested changing the brand to FUNpack, allowing customers to choose from a menu of activities and having an outfit show up automatically. Andrew stated that this is the type of organization they desired, but it would take a thorough revamp.

According to Mark, they were essentially seeking $500,000 to have the Sharks reimagine the entire business. Aaron explained that they were not redoing everything; rather, they were optimizing what they already had. 

Mark rolled his eyes at them, a disgruntled expression on his face. Lori requested clarification on their corporate mission from Aaron. 

Aaron stated those unPack curates and distributed luggage for customers, eliminating the need for them to pack. Mark interjected, stating that they had no idea what they were discussing. 

He explained to them that their business was “renting you fantastic outfits for any vacation for $20 so you don’t have to purchase them.” Mark stated that they had no idea what business they were in and how they would get there. 

Mark stated that they were so perplexed by their own business that he wanted no involvement. They were renting clothing, and their involvement had nothing to do with packing or shipping. Mark exited.

Aaron attempted to explain that their firm was “synchronized with the aviation industry’s propensity toward microtransactions.” Robert says the more they discuss, the more convoluted the business seems to become. 

Aaron explained that it just “enhances the value proposition.” He appeared to be aiming to impress the Sharks with his command of first-year business school terminology. 

Robert informed them that he despised the business concept, believing that people would be unenthusiastic about wearing secondhand clothing. He exited.

Kevin said that he thought their business idea was terrible, but he was still looking for an upside. He desired to gain an immediate understanding of their company approach. 

He reasoned that they could have a better chance of securing a deal if they had been more explicit about that. Kevin exited. 

Daymond was the next to speak, announcing his investment in a tuxedo rental firm. He informed them that the primary issue they encountered was cleaning. 

He stated that his business could only rent a tuxedo 12 times before it needed to be discarded. He informed them that they were not resolving the luggage issue, as most people still need to bring items on vacation. Daymond left as well.

Aaron stated that it was experimental, which is why they believed it possessed considerable promise. He maintained that bottled water was likewise ridiculed 30 years ago. 

Lori advised him that they needed to pause and focus their attention on one issue. Lori stated that it appeared to be a complete nightmare from an investor’s perspective. She was the final shark to leave. Kevin indicated that it was time to pack. 

Andrew later told the cameraman that while it would be easy to abandon the following calamity, he retained faith in their firm. Let’s see if their faith carried them far enough without a Shark Tank Deal.

What Happened To unPack After Shark Tank?

It does not appear to be a positive situation. unPack has not updated its business page since their Shark Tank episode aired. Their website is now live, and it appeared to be rather promising.

However, when you click “Book for your Trip,” the page redirects to a request for your email address to be added to a notification list for when they begin shipping. Since 2016, none of their other social media profiles have been updated as well. 

Despite being recognized by numerous news organizations, it appears as though they were unable to secure funding without the assistance of the Sharks.

unPack Shark Tank Update

The sharks appear to have been correct, as the company has never looked back since their 2016 episode aired. Despite being acknowledged by the Los Angeles Times and other news organizations, unPack could not establish a commercial presence. 

The company’s social media profiles have been inactive since 2016, although the official website remains active.

Is unPack Still In Business?

Sadly, the Sharks estimates were accurate, and unPack went out of Business. 

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