What Happened To Sweet Ballz After Shark Tank?

James McDonald, the entrepreneur behind Sweet Ballz, introduces his cake balls to the Shark Tank panel to a crowd of sharks in the season 5 premiere.

McDonald’s developed its cake balls over time, starting with friends and family before expanding to a nationwide distribution network of more than 5,000 retail outlets.

McDonald describes his company’s start-up this way: “It took a great deal of courage to go ahead.”

It was reported in June 2013 that the corporation hosted a fund-raising event regarding testicular cancer, prompting some Dallas-area news sites to inquire whether the publicly stated event was a hoax!

The company boasts a dynamic business model and a fast-growing distribution network spanning tens of thousands of 7-11 locations.

The 7-11 partnership was announced in March, even though the company website does not provide online payment options.

Cake balls that Sweet Ballz creates are envisioned as comparable to cupcakes made by Wicked Good Cupcakes in terms of quality and quantity.

What Is Sweet Ballz?

The cake is indeed delicious in whatever form it takes. These extremely famous cake balls are a great alternative snack when you do not want to eat a whole slice of cake.

Sweet Ballz is a savory and delicious cake on the interior, with a layer of decadent frosting on the exterior, created by combining two recipes.

Sweet Ballz are spheres covered in icing created by two young men from Dallas, James McDonald and Cole Egger, because of their love of baking.

Sweet Ballz Shark Tank Update

You can enjoy some now and some later, thanks to the packaging, if you can refrain from eating all of them right away.

The three delicious flavors you can choose from are Red Velvet, Birthday Cake, and Chocolate. Sweet Ballz is offered in-store and online at Seven-Eleven shops nationwide.

Company NameSweet Ballz
EntrepreneurJames McDonald and Cole Egger
Product / BusinessSweet Cake Balls
Investment Asking For$250,000 for 10% equity in Sweet Ballz
Final Deal$250,000 for 25% equity in Sweet Ballz
SharkBarbara Corcoran and Mark Cuban
Episode Season 5 Episode 1
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of Sweet Ballz?

James McDonald and Cole Egger are the founders of Sweet Ballz. McDonald’s now sells cake balls in over 5,000 locations throughout the country and prepares them for friends and family.

Some Dallas-area news outlets speculated that the firm’s fundraiser for testicular cancer in June 2013 was a hoax, prompting the firm to retract its statement.

A nationwide network of 7-11 convenience stores distributes 7-11 products under the corporation’s dynamic business model.

Sweet Ballz cake balls have entertained many families and friends at birthday parties, events, and gatherings for many generations.

Sweet Ballz made its foray into mass production in 2013, and the response was very positive. 

Sweet Ballz became more well-known and popular due to one of the elaborate television shows that they appeared on. 

The company now offers customers the option to purchase cake balls online straight from its website.

Sweet Ballz Before Shark Tank

You’ll enjoy cake pops, a delectable treat for everyone. They are nothing more than a small ball of moist cake with a small stick.

Sweet Ballz wants to tweak the formula, but that is not the case. The company was largely unknown outside of the United States until it appeared on Shark Tank.

This was immediately reversed following the show’s conclusion, as it always is after Shark Tank appearances.

Cole and James have always been fascinated by the frozen food industry, and they started a company called Sweet Ballz recently.

Sweet Ballz generated $700,000 in income after appearing on Shark Tank since their products were sold in nearly every 7-11 store, and every 7-11 store carried them within 90 days of the show.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Sweet Ballz?

James McDonald and Cole Egger appeared on Shark Tank seeking an investment of $250,000 in exchange for a 10% equity in Sweet Ballz.

They asked the sharks, “Which shark is ready to make some delectable sugary dough using delicious sugar balls?”

In only 90 days, the Sweet Ballz made over $700,000 in sales, mainly through 7-11 locations. The Sharks were in feeding frenzy mode shortly after discovering the company’s success.

Barbara was the first to try to acquire Sweet Ballz, offering $250,000 in exchange for 40% of the company.

Kevin has responded to her offer with a $250,000 for a 30% investment, but he expects a monthly dividend depending on the compensation of McDonald and Egger.

Lori is also involved; she wants to sell the products on QVC for $250,000 in exchange for a 36 percent stake in the company, similar to Mr. Wonderful’s distribution deal. The feeding frenzy has now reached its peak!

Robert is interested in getting in on the action and has offered $250,000 for a 25 percent stake in the company; he believes he can use his contacts to bring Sweet Ballz into Costco shops.

Mark hasn’t heard from anyone yet, so he offers to join in with Barbara for $250,000 in exchange for a 25 percent stake.

This motivates Robert, Lori, and Kevin to band together and makes a $250,000 offer for a 30 percent stake.

Ballz are clamoring for attention from all five Sharks! James and Cole leave the Shark Tank with a Sweet Deal; however, their deals fall through as soon as the Shark Tank TV episode airs.

Final Deal: Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran agreed to invest $250,000 for a 25% stake in Sweet Ballz.

What Happened To Sweet Ballz After Shark Tank?

Jacob McDonald filed a lawsuit against Cole Egger, Cole’s roommate and the person responsible for managing Sweet Ballz’s social media presence, almost immediately after appearing on Shark Tank.

Jacob McDonald claimed that Sweet Ballz was officially established on June 16 when he hired Egger and that his salary would be $50,000 when Sweet Ballz could properly allocate its funds to him. 

Sweet Ballz did not have the funds to allocate McDonald’s salary during the lawsuit’s filing properly.

What Happened To Milk and Brookies After Shark Tank?

Sweet Ballz hired Matt Landis as part of a venture in which a portion of the company’s ownership was sold to Landis and McDonald.

Cole Egger offered Landis and McDonald a non-negotiable price to purchase their company after he participated in Shark Tank. McDonald’s is currently suing Egger on the grounds of breach of contract.

Currently, it is unclear how the proceedings have progressed or what the current state of the lawsuit is; however, since the Sweet Ballz website is still up, it is assumed that McDonald has severed ties with the company and that Egger has taken his place as CEO.

You can purchase Sweet Ballz through the Sweet Ballz website for approximately $70 for a set of 48 balls.

Sweet Ballz Shark Tank Update

Sweet Ballz’s fortunes took a turn for the worst after scoring a deal with Mark and Barbara on air. When the company’s website fell, the partners were forced to court.

Sweet Ballz’s story is one of greed, folly, and missed opportunities, as they were positioned to make a killing but were unable to capitalize on the Shark Tank Effect because of a combination of factors.

There were just two businesses left after the dust had settled: The Cake Ball Company and Sweet Balls.

Sweet Ballz Shark Tank Update

Sweet Ballz is still in operation as of August 2021, while Cake Ballz has closed its doors.

Sweet Ballz is mostly focused on food service distribution, but they also operate a co-packing facility. Sweet Ballz generates $5 million in revenue every year.

Is Sweet Ballz Still In Business?

James and Cole successfully obtained a transaction from Shark Tank; however, the show turned hostile after the partners became embroiled in a legal dispute.

James was concerned that Cole was running a separate business called Cake Balls (Cakeballz.com is no longer functional), so they engaged in a legal struggle that resulted in Sweet Ballz being terminated.

What Happened To Corks Away After Shark Tank?

Both Sweet Balls and Cake Ball continued their operations after the legal dispute was resolved.

Sweet Ballz is up for business, and its website is fully functional, offering a wide range of products and bulk-purchase discounts.

Sweet Ballz did produce revenue of approximately $5 million in the fiscal year 2021. Currently, the Online store is operational, but it will not accept purchases during the summer months. 

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