What Happened To SkyRide After Shark Tank?

Skyride is the creation of entrepreneur Scott Olsen. The majority of people have heard of his most renowned creation, Rollerblades!

Olson went into Shark Tank with his latest invention in episode 313 to request funding to expand his business and add more franchises. 

Skyride is a human-powered elevated monorail. You may push the Skyride “capsule” along an elevated track by pedaling or rowing.

Olson’s track and Skyride vehicle include Rollerblade wheels. While this is unlikely to have the mass-market appeal of Rollerblades, it is a very cool concept!

The prototype track in Olson’s garden is part of a larger vision of Skyride as a mass transit system.

His ambition is for Skyride to be used as a substitute for driving in crowded locations.

What Is SkyRide?

SkyRide blends the bicycle and monorail concepts to provide a theme park experience. It’s a human-powered, carbon-neutral rollercoaster where you travel at your own pace through the air.

Skyride Shark Tank Update

The Carnival Cruise line’s SkyRide is an exciting new addition to the ships, providing passengers with a unique experience on the top deck, complete with panoramic ocean views.

Company NameSkyRide
EntrepreneurScotty Olson
ProductRollercoaster powered by human power
Investment Asking For$3,000,000 For 20% equity in SkyRide
Final DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
Episode Season 3 Episode 13
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of SkyRide?

Scott Olson founded Sky Ride in 2012. He invented rollerblades, and many of us from the early 1990s remember them fondly.

Scott is a graduate of the University of North Dakota and is the owner of OS Designs, a production company dedicated to developing and testing new products before they are marketed. He is also the CEO of SkyRide.

SkyRide Before Shark Tank

Scott Olson, the inventor of Rollerblades, developed Skyride, a human-powered monorail system.

The concept for this new product was developed about two decades ago to provide people with an exciting and easy way to exercise in the same manner they would go on a bicycle without the dangers that come with cycling on the street or in the mountains.

He attempted, almost literally, to recreate the wheel. The Skyride is simply a suspended vehicle on a rail.

The machine is driven by a person inside the vehicle, depending on the machine employed.

Its collection includes equipment that simulates rowing, cycling, and gliding. Skyride was designed to have fitness, pleasure, and transportation.

They were also designed to be highly accessible devices, with a form factor and design that enabled users with disabilities to take advantage of the high-speed experience.

When Scott Olson invented the rollerblade, he changed the world, hoping that Skyride would do the same.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of SkyRide?

Scott entered the Shark Tank demanding an investment of $3 million in exchange for a 20% stake in SkyRide. He has no revenues but claims to be developing multiple projects.

The goal is to sell Skyride to ski areas, municipalities, and universities with large campuses so they can use it as a cheap mode of transportation and, in the case of ski resorts, as an exciting ride.

The Sharks think it’s quite cool (and it is), but there are some reservations. Barbara admires Scott but does not see a potential business opportunity; she exits.

Daymond enjoys it but doesn’t know how to make it into a business; he, too, is out of ideas.

However, Mark doesn’t know anything about construction, and he doesn’t wish to develop it himself.

Mr. Wonderful dislikes it, and Robert doesn’t foresee a consumer application; both have to walk away from the project.

Scott Skyride exits the Shark Tank without any deal.

What Happened To SkyRide After Shark Tank?

Scott Olson’s business continues to thrive even though he failed to secure an investment on the Shark Tank show. At the moment, what is its biggest success?

Skyride announced a partnership with Carnival to provide a Skyride atop the cruise line’s new Vista ships.

The Carnival Vista Skyride is planned for the ship’s sports deck. Passengers will ride around the track and get some safe exercise while also admiring the ocean views.

Additionally, Olson is working to establish a couple of Skyclubs over the next few years, actual sites all over the globe that house Skyride units and allow visitors to use the machines at a charge for fitness purposes.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Xero Shoes?

Furthermore, Scott and his product gained considerable media attention following their debut on Shark Tank, with many viewers believing they were unfairly evaluated.

However, based on this update, I believe it is reasonable to conclude that Mr. Olson did not need outside assistance.

SkyRide Shark Tank Update

SkyRide has not generated any revenue since appearing on Shark Tank. The company continues to sell the product and has other projects in the works, but nothing has been built.

It is expected that one or two operating systems will be ready by the end of 2013. They plan to introduce the third ride on Carnival Cruise Ships in 2020.

Skyride Shark Tank Update

Carnival claims they are the most popular attraction on their ships. Annual income is $900,000 as of January 2022.

Is SkyRide Still In Business?

Scott Olson has not left SkyRide. If you’re on a Carnival Vista cruise this year, you may test it out.

A track measuring 800 feet has been installed on the ship, 150 feet above sea level and capable of speeds up to 25 miles per hour. The track began operating in May 2016.

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