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QFlex is a revolutionary product introduced on Shark Tank’s hit television show. This unique product has become hugely popular, providing users a full-body workout in less than 10 minutes.

Q-Flex is a total body massage therapy device that relieves stress and tension while effectively exercising and toning muscles.

This innovative device consists of three components: two flexible arms which provide support while users perform a range of exercises, two handles that help users target specific muscle groups, and an adjustable frame for stability during use.

The flexibility of the QFlex arms allows for greater control when performing different types of exercises, such as squats, push-ups, lunges, etc., allowing for more efficient workouts without risk of injury or strain. Furthermore, the handles can be used for additional upper-body workouts like shoulder presses and curls.

What Is QFlex?

QFlex is a back massager that uses acupressure techniques to help you relieve back pain. Q Flex is a company specializing in developing a portable acupuncture massage device. 

The QFlex is a self-massaging tool designed to relieve muscle pain, tension, and knots in hard-to-reach areas of the body. Invented by Andrea Cao, who was just 13 years old then, the Q-Flex was created to help her mother, who experienced back pain due to her physically demanding job as an acupuncturist.

The QFlex features a unique pear-shaped tip that targets acupressure points and a curved handle that allows users to apply leverage and pressure easily. The device is lightweight, portable, and made from durable materials.

It can alleviate muscle pain and tension in the neck, shoulders, back, and other body areas by providing targeted pressure to break up knots and stimulate blood flow.

QFlex Shark Tank Net Worth

Despite starting small, the company has grown into a globally renowned brand with excellent sales and profit margins. Q Flex’s product line includes products of different sizes that appeal to diverse groups of consumers.

Company NameQFlex
FounderAndrea Cao And Hong Cao
ProductAcupressure and self-massage device for personal use
Investment Seeking$20,000 For 20% equity in QFlex
Final Deal$20,000 For 25% equity in QFlex
SharkMark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran
EpisodeEpisode 12, Season 6
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of QFlex?

Andrea Cao and Hong Cao are the founders of Q Flex. Having worked long hours at the hospital, Andrea’s mother had an aching back after returning home. 

Andrea gladly did; she’d ask her daughter to massage her hurting muscles. Andrea was inspired to start her Qflex business at that point. “If my mother is in need,” she reasoned, “then there must be millions of individuals with the same problem but no solution.” 

That’s when she came up with the idea of producing a massage gadget that individuals could use to massage even the most difficult-to-reach locations without the assistance of a companion. 

Andrea developed the first 20 prototypes with her mother’s engineering knowledge, and the response was positive. They sold 800 units.

QFlex Before Shark Tank

Hong Cao, a diligent nurse, would ask her daughter Andrea to rub her sore back muscles after returning from a long shift at the hospital where she worked. 

Andrea was more than willing to assist her mother, but the entrepreneurial child also possessed a spark of inspiration.

Andrea reasoned that a massager that would allow people to massage their aching muscles, even in hard-to-reach places, would benefit not only her mother but millions of others, and she planned to design an affordable version of such a massager to sell.

Angela Cao was of Chinese ancestry. Her ancestors used old medical traditions to create an acupressure massager that relieves tension, enhances blood circulation, and alleviates pain.

With an engineering background, Hong assisted with developing a final prototype and provided early finance to get the business off the ground. 

The mother-daughter team initially produced only twenty massagers, with Angela selling them door-to-door and in local stores. They sold approximately 800 pieces, but Angela had grander ambitions for the business.

They created a Shark Tank audition tape and submitted it. After not hearing anything for several weeks, Angela noticed that producers were holding open auditions in San Diego. After hiking for seven hours together, they camped overnight to get an audition slot.

Although skeptical that her performance had been sufficient, she was contacted two weeks later, and her application was eventually approved. The Q Flex segment was first televised on December 12, 2014, as part of the Season Six Festive special.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of QFlex?

Angela and Hong appeared on Shark Tank requesting a $20,000 investment for a 20% stake in Q Flex. Hong began her presentation by describing her soreness from working long hours and Angela’s massage to alleviate the pain. 

Angela took over by discussing the origins of the Q Flex concept and the months of testing required to get to the final product. Angela informed the sharks that she was 13 years old when she introduced herself, but her smooth-flowing pitch confidence belied her youth.

She was a natural speaker, and the pitch would have been professionally polished coming from anyone, but coming from such a young entrepreneur was even more impressive.

She discussed the unique design, the medicinal benefits of trigger points, and the effectiveness of acupressure, but she concluded brilliantly. 

She explained to the sharks that 65 million people in the United States alone suffered back discomfort, and her portable, affordable, and attractive invention was the solution. 

She said the sharks understood that such a large market could only mean one thing: ‘Cha-Ching,’ she explained, before inquiring which sharks desired to make a deal and flex their way to success.’

Robert Herjavec detected a rat and expressed doubts about Angela’s sincerity. ‘I believe you’re lying,’ he warned her, and her smile vanished. ‘There is no way you are 13,’ he stated, and her smile returned as he described her presentation as ‘excellent,’ which the other sharks agreed on.

The sharks expressed mild admiration for the Q-functionality, Flex’s, and the sales question unavoidably came up. 

They appeared disappointed when they learned that total sales thus far had been only 800, but their admiration for Angela grew when she revealed that she had created them all, door-to-door.

Kevin O’Leary inquired, distractedly stroking his back with the Q-Flex, what the retail price was, $25 to $35. 

Angela responded swiftly, and when he inquired about the pricing per unit, she responded similarly quickly, informing him that it was only $4.50.

Mark Cuban laughed aloud at the high-profit margin, exclaiming triumphantly, ‘A capitalist is born!’ Robert Herjavec inquired whether the product was patented, and Angela admitted that no such application was pending. 

Hong elaborated and said that the patent process cost was beyond their means. Robert inquired as to whether the product has any exclusive features. 

Angela claimed that the Q-Flex massager was produced and designed distinctively, which she considered were patented qualities.

While Mr. Wonderful was at least somewhat joking, he had a serious point to make. Kevin O’Leary informed Angela he was fine with dropping out of school to run the business; it demonstrated commitment. 

In his judgment, the firm was a ‘hobby,’ Angela could not quit school, and Hong could not resign from her work, which made the enterprise a poor investment, and Kevin was out.

Lori Greiner, arguably the most qualified shark for the Q-Flex venture, delivered terrible news to the pair. 

She had previously offered a similar product’ on her QVC channel, and while she did not elaborate, she hinted that the product had been difficult to sell and was not fully successful. She apologized but said she was also out due to personal experience.

Lori’s past expertise, Robert Herjavec understood, focused on patent concerns; he pressed her for details. She revealed that she did not believe the QFlex would acquire one; reluctantly, she urged him not to invest in the business. 

He was heavily inspired by his fellow sharks’ experiences and dropped out. He softened the blow slightly by informing Angela that he believed in her more than her product.

Barbara Corcoran and Mark Cuban were engaged in a deep conversation at the time, and after they ended, Mark addressed the QFlex duo. 

He indicated that he and Barbara worked well together and could assist the business by assisting with operations, setting up a website, and making offers.

Barbara detailed the facts; she and Mark would invest $25,000 in exchange for a 25 percent stake in the business, but a significant benefit for Angela and Hong was that they would also manage the business’s operations. 

In exchange, all that would be wanted was a commitment that Angela would make time for any sales calls. That was because Barbara was convinced Angela would sell like crazy,’ and Mark concurred. 

Angela and Hong were overjoyed at the offer; there was never any mistake regarding their decision, which they gladly accepted. The program was a success for Angela; she was delighted and couldn’t believe the outcome. She was excited about joining forces with her two new shark buddies.

Final Deal: Barbara and Mark agreed to invest $25,000 for 25% equity in QFlex.

QFlex Shark Tank Update

Q Flex has generated up to $1.3 million in revenue since its launch in 2016, following its appearance on Shark Tank. The duo also obtained a patent for the concept in January of the same year.

Q Flex is a $7 product that retails for $24.95 on the company’s website. Additionally, they have orders that are fulfilled via Amazon and retail locations. Q-Flex is offered at all Brookstone locations nationwide.

The company’s sales continue to grow as they expand its market reach. They continue to develop new items to meet the needs of their clients. 

QFlex Shark Tank Net Worth

They have achieved big sales records thus far; everyone turns to them for inspiration. Andrea, a co-creator of the QFlex massager, has invested in a horse ranch. She also achieved her ambition of adopting a wild Mustang. Continue reading:

Her mother, Hong Cao, now manages the business full-time and ensures everything runs well. If the QFlex net worth teaches you anything, no one is ever too young to begin. 

Ideas strike at the most inconvenient times, and like hot iron, you must strike them while they are still hot. Do not hesitate to begin unless you are debating the first two things to release.

Believe in yourself first, then in your idea, and then look for additional individuals to believe in you and your idea as you walk toward success. As with the Cao’s, there is no way to predict when you will succeed except by exerting effort and giving it your best.

What Happened To QFlex After Shark Tank?

Andrea, Hong, and QFlex received an updated piece in Season 6, Episode 29, just a few months after its initial airing. They developed a website after the event and received 17,000 orders totaling more than $500,000. 

They are behind on fulfillment due to working from home but are attempting to make up with the assistance of the entire family. Barbara appeared in the section and relocated the operation to a fulfillment center, where operations run more smoothly.

Since Beyond the Tank, Q Flex has maintained a strong sales performance. Andrea founded Andrea Equine, which provides horse equipment, saddles, and other horse-related items. She even purchased a ranch and adopted a wild Mustang using proceeds from the product.

Andrea began her junior year at Stanford in August 2021, where she will earn a Bachelor of Science in Innovation, Management, and Entrepreneurial Engineering. Q Flex is still running strong, with yearly revenue of $3.5 million.

Is QFlex Still In Business?

After securing a deal with Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran on Shark Tank, Q-Flex experienced significant growth and increased visibility. The exposure from the show helped boost sales and brand awareness, and the company benefitted from the guidance and resources provided by its new investors.

Post-Shark Tank, the Q-Flex was featured on various media platforms, and the company received positive reviews from customers who found relief from muscle pain and tension using the product.

The device gained popularity among athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and individuals seeking a convenient and effective way to alleviate muscle pain at home.

The company expanded its online presence, selling the Q-Flex through its website and other online retailers like Amazon. The partnership with Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran provided valuable mentorship and support to Andrea and Hong, helping them navigate the challenges of growing their business.

The Q-Flex has maintained a strong presence in the self-massage and pain-relief market since its appearance on Shark Tank. The product’s success demonstrates Q-Flex’s effectiveness and the resilience and innovation of its young inventor, Andrea Cao, and her mother, Hong Cao.

What Is the Net Worth Of QFlex?

The valuation of QFlex was $100,000 when it appeared on Shark Tank. The net worth of QFlex is $4 million.

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