What Happened To Pretty Padded Room After Shark Tank?

The Pretty Padded Room is an internet therapy program that connects patients to a psychiatrist and couch via computers or tablets.

What Is Pretty Padded Room?

Pretty Padded Room is a subscription-based service that offers three levels of service using an internet therapy program that connects patients to a psychiatrist.

You can connect with a psychiatrist and a couch through Pretty Padded Room, an online therapy service that requires neither a computer nor a tablet.

Pretty Padded Room Shark Tank Update

It is equivalent to five digital diaries for one hundred dollars; for one hundred fifty dollars, it is equivalent to four thirty-minute video sessions and one digital diary; and for two hundred dollars, it is equivalent to four forty-five-minute video sessions and three digital diaries.

The Pretty Padded Room defense emphasizes the lighter side of psychology and advises those with more serious difficulties to consult a therapist local to them.

Company NamePretty Padded Room
EntrepreneurBea Arthur
BusinessServices for online therapy and counseling
Investment Asking For$100,000 For 30% equity in Pretty Padded Room
Final DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
Episode Season 4 Episode 16
Business StatusOut of Business

Who Is The Founder Of Pretty Padded Room?

Pretty Padded Room was founded and run by Bea Arthur. She discusses therapy with a confidant friend.

She intends to provide ladies with the credentials of a licensed therapist via video chat or traditional diary.

Pretty Padded Room Before Shark Tank

Pretty Padded Room’s creator and driving force, Bea Arthur, was born in Ghana but moved to the U.S. with her family as a child.

Bea reimagined a long-established industry, psychotherapy, for the modern era.

She wanted to deliver therapy to clients in their own homes while providing new therapists with experience.

Bea launched an online social club for young mums in 2008, when she entered the online business world for the first time.

The company was called ‘MeToo,’ but its operations were suspended after one year.

Bea introduced her new firm, Pretty Padded Room, in 2011, which promised clients ‘A Nice Place to Go Crazy.’

Bea contracted a few well-chosen psychiatrists to help resolve the subconscious difficulties of its subscription-based clients. 

The select clients would take advantage of all the service benefits without leaving their homes.

Bea attended a Shark Tank open casting event in late 2012 and was chosen to present her idea to the sharks. She presented her idea to the sharks in early 2013.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Pretty Padded Room?

Bea appeared on Shark Tank requesting an investment of $100,000 in exchange for a 30% stake in Pretty Padded Room.

Although Bea worked as a domestic abuse counselor, she offered free sessions to people who wanted to come in for consultations. At an event, Pretty Padded Room sold products worth $20,000.

Pretty Padded Room has been doing this for a couple of years. Since then, the sales have been around $7,500. They have a forty percent conversion rate and stay for six months.

Bea Arthur expects to make $21,000 in sales this year from Pretty Padded Room.

Mark Cuban asks what a customer gets for life. He’s going to ask what the person’s lifetime value is.

Mark Cuban asked Bea Arthur what a customer would be worth and how much she would be able to bring in during the time that the customer is with Pretty Padded Room.

She does not understand the question. Mark explained how much they would earn from a client’s repeat business with Pretty Padded Room.

Bea Arthur doesn’t understand the numbers and knows her business is critical. She should find someone who knows the numbers and is willing to help her.

She has a business opportunity but doesn’t follow the proper business approach. He is out.

Barbara Corcoran says what you said was right; Bea Arthur needs to find the most intelligent person she knows who can help her financially and become their partner.

Mark Cuban tells Bea Arthur that she has had a lot of success with her business. She has people who know their numbers; therefore, she should make them a partner. She must learn how to do business, and if she does not do so, she is out.

Bea Arthur is very passionate about her business and doing what she loves. She needs to know how many customers she has and who will invest in her business. It is scary not knowing your numbers, and he is out.

Kevin Oleary talks about an island with the largest concentration of sardines in the world.

Seals love to eat large quantities of sardines, and they sit on rocks to protect themselves because great white sharks will eat the seals.

Robert Herjavec tells me that it’s impossible to defend a business if it’s not based on certain numbers.

Seals starve to death and die after around seven days. Those who are hungry are the first to go.

They are the first to go. Seals are sacrificed to save them, and thousands of other seals follow their path into the sea.

Kevin tells Bea she is the first Seal to go to the Shark Tank without knowing their numbers. Nobody will ever enter the show knowing their numbers.

Barbara Corcoran informs Bea Arthur that she needs a partner who understands financial matters and knows how to find partners.

Robert Herjavec told Bea that you must know what your business is worth. You are indefensible if you do not know your financial numbers. You are indefensible. He is out.

Bea had to leave the Shark Tank without getting a deal from Sharks.

Final Deal: No deal between Sharks and Pretty Padded Room.

What Happened To Pretty Padded Room After Shark Tank?

Bea discussed her Shark Tank appearance in a 2014 interview and the impact the episode has had on her business.

She received positive and negative attention following the performance but thought the final edit was inaccurate.

The typical Shark Tank applicant pitches to the sharks for an hour in a segment of no more than fifteen minutes, but in the segment on the Pretty Padded Room, several key elements of the discussions appeared to have been omitted entirely. 

However, viewing it leaves the impression that the editors were trying to protect Bea’s public image from the most heinous aspects of her appearance.

Pretty Padded Room later changed its name to ‘In Your Corner,’ an almost identical business that appears to have performed no better than its predecessor.

Pretty Padded Room business operations ceased in April 2016. Despite the company website giving thanks to its previous clients worldwide, including ‘Afghanistan and the Australian Outback,’ it certifies that commercial operations have stopped altogether.

Finally, in an odd twist, it was still possible to access Bea Arthur’s website in 2018, but it merely led to other dead ends.

A professionally built and presented website promotes her therapist and media figure skills. 

Nevertheless, every contact information is linked to Bea’s former Twitter account and the now-defunct In Your Corner website.

There is no evidence of over 10,000 followers on the Twitter account mentioned above before Bea’s appearance on Shark Tank.

It has approximately twenty followers and ironically posts philosophical views and therapy advice hourly.

There’s a mystical feeling to some of the tweets made by Google Translate, and I wondered if Bea was behind it. I’m still unsure of direction, although I’d like to believe she is.

No matter what Bea Arthur is up to now, it is unlikely that the world of online therapy has seen the last of the enigmatic and entertaining entrepreneurs that sharks mauled. 

Still, I’d like to think we can all learn something from the curious Russian philosopher who now uses her former Twitter account.

Pretty Padded Room Shark Tank Update

Bea’s service called Pretty Padded Room is no longer available. She started a new website called “In Your Corner.”

Bea said that her segment on Shark Tank did not adequately represent her or her business.

She created a service that is similar in appearance and is no longer available.

Bea started a service called In Your Corner, which had similar features to Pretty Padded Room.

It did not do any better than Pretty Padded Room. In Your Corner closed its doors in a couple of years.

The Pretty Padded Room website redirects to a new website called 7Cups. It is not a therapy practice but a collection of people who listen to you. You can find it by following the Pretty Padded Room website address.

7Cups has what they call listeners trained to listen to what you have to say but do not appear to be licensed therapists.

What Happened To Drive Suits After Shark Tank?

Bea shut down the operations of Pretty Padded Room in 2016. She created The Difference, a comparable service, a year later.

Pretty Padded Room’s original website has been redirected to 7Cups.com, an online rehab company.

Is Pretty Padded Room Still In Business?

According to Bea, her section wasn’t accurately following the episode’s airing. 

Pretty Padded Room was rebranded as In Your Corner but failed to outperform Pretty Padded Room. In Your Corner ceased operations after a few years.

However, Bea Arthur ceased the operations of Pretty Padded Room in 2016 and is out of business as of 2022. 

What Is the Net Worth Of a Pretty Padded Room?

The valuation of Pretty Room was $333,333 when it appeared on Shark Tank. The net worth of Pretty Padded Room is unknown as of 2022 since the company went out of business.