What Happened To Pooch Selfie After Shark Tank?

Pooch Selfie’s flexible clip enables it to be used with various devices, including smartphones, tablets, and third-party cases.

You don’t have to remove the mechanism to use the front- and back-facing cameras, and you can shoot images in either vertical or horizontal orientation.

You’ll have to find Fifi to get your phone back if you leave it unattended with the ball attached. The best you can do is give her a smartphone to play with, but that is not enough.

Jason founded Clever Dog Products LLC, and he serves as its CEO. The Pooch Selfie is just the beginning of what he has in store for us. 

There will be more to come! The Pooch Selfie has been such a success since it was launched in January 2016 that it is now available on Amazon.com and Chewy.com and at retailers like Ace Hardware and Bed Bath & Beyond.

What Is Pooch Selfie?

Pooch Selfie is a smartphone device that allows you to capture the perfect shot of you and your dog. 

You can take photos of your dog while they watch the squeaking tennis ball on the Pooch Selfie phone clip, which attracts your dog’s attention.

Pooch Selfie Shark Tank Update

Pooch Selfie is a smartphone attachment that lets users take the perfect selfie with their pup. 

The Pooch Selfie phone attachment comes with a squeaky tennis ball that engages a dog’s attention and directs its gaze straight at the camera phone as users take pictures.

Company NamePooch Selfie
EntrepreneurJason Hernandez
ProductSelfie attachment for your phone for better dog pictures
Investment Asking For$100,000 For 20% equity in Pooch Selfie
Final Deal$100,000 For 33.3% equity in Pooch Selfie
SharkDaymond John
Episode Season 10 Episode 16
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of Pooch Selfie?

Jason Hernandez is the founder of Pooch Selfie.

Jason has designed a smartphone device that makes snapping crisp and focused pictures of you and your closest friends a joy-a device that easily attaches to any smartphone or tablet.

Pooch Selfie Squeaky Ball is attached with a black clasp to the device — it is secure but can be removed when you want Bruno to notice it when you squeak it.

Pooch Selfie Before Shark Tank

Pooch Selfie was first introduced in 2014. Jason Hernandez, a lifelong animal enthusiast, conceived of the idea after observing how difficult it was for his wife to get their dog Logan to look at the camera when taking photographs.

In an effort to assist, he jumped in with a tennis ball, which immediately piqued the dog’s interest.

While it succeeded and they were able to obtain an Instagram-worthy selfie with Logan, it prompted him to wonder, “What if I had not been there to assist?”

So he began working. The final result? An device for smartphones that enables dog owners to take better selfies with their pets.

The ‘Pooch Selfie’ was a clip that allows you to attach a noisy ball to your smartphone. So, when attempting to take a selfie with your dog, you can coax him to look at the camera.

In 2014, Jason officially launched the company under its brand name, having designed the product. And in 2015, he uploaded his project to Kickstarter in an effort to make it a reality.

With the assistance of other pet owners, he was able to gather about $40,000, which was around seven times his initial target.

Consequently, the Pooch Selfie was born. Not only was he capable of producing the product, but he was also able to create a professional advertisement for it.

After three years of expanding his business, he decided to try his luck on ABC’s Shark Tank, which, if successful, would allow him to collaborate with some of the country’s most successful businesses.

Having prepared a pitch, Jason attended an open casting call and was cast for the tenth season of the show. The episode aired subsequently on March 17, 2019.

Pooch Selfie Shark Tank Update

Hernandez adores his pets and is often posing for selfies with them. The fact that dogs are notoriously difficult to pose for photographs led to his creation. He funded $39,897 on Kickstarter in 2015 to get manufacturing started.

Hernandez made a professional commercial following the Kickstarter campaign, and the product is now widely accessible in places such as Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, and Amazon.

It is most likely for profiting from sales. The question is whether the offer will be sufficient to entice a Shark.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Pooch Selfie?

Jason Hernandez appeared on Shark Tank requesting an investment of $100,000 in an exchange for a 20% equity in Pooch Selfie.

Jason begins his pitch by informing the Sharks that he is an avid pet lover and enjoys taking pictures with his dog, but that he would need to take ten photos to get one “good” one since his dog would always move his head away from the camera. Various selfies he took with Logan are displayed on the screen as he continues speaking.

Recognizing that he was not the only pet owner with this issue, he tried to develop a solution: the Pooch Selfie.

Consequently, the camera zooms in on the product as Jason continues to describe it. He explains to the sharks that his invention utilizes a dog’s natural attraction and fixation on a tennis ball to hold their attention long enough to take the ideal selfie.

Jason informs the Sharks that his wife will demonstrate how it works with their dog, Logan, as he anticipates that they will want to observe it in action.

As the camera pans toward them, Jason explains that their universal phone clip attaches to the top of the device, allowing the Pooch Selfie ball to be attached to the phone. “And voila! You’re an expert dog photographer immediately!”

Some of the sharks are fascinated by the concept as Jason shows them photographs of satisfied customers taking selfies with the device.

He also makes the point that, despite its name, the Pooch Selfie may be used for portraits in addition as selfies.

Jason then asks, “Who’s ready to help me change the way we take pictures and selfies with our furry children and demonstrate to the world that you can teach an old dog new tricks?”

Lori smiles and asks if they will be given samples, to which Jason responds affirmatively.

While his wife and Logan leave the stage to ‘play ball,’ he promptly approaches the Sharks and takes a Pooch Selfie with each of them.

The Sharks examine the product in their hands for a few seconds before Kevin inquires as to how many Pooch Selfies have been sold thus far. In response, Jason informs him that the company has generated $380,000 in revenue thus far.

This appears to impress the Sharks, who then enquire about the product’s price. Jason informs them that the product is being offered for $9.99.

Jason responds, “$1.30,” when Kevin inquires how much it costs to manufacture the item. Jason affirms that the price covers the expense of packaging to the Sharks’ satisfaction.

Lori reiterates that they’ve made $360,000 thus far and asks Jason if he knows how many units they’ve already sold.

Jason responds, “I don’t know off the top of my head, but I can acquire those numbers for you if you like.”

The episode’s guest Shark, Matt Higgins, instructs Jason to take a breath to collect his thoughts, which Jason does and it appears to work.

After taking a deep breath, he announces with pride that they’ve already sold 25,000 pieces.

Jason confirms that he is working alone on the product in response to Lori’s inquiry. He indicates by pointing to the table and display that everything in front of them was entirely his work.

Kevin, holding the item in his palm, claims, “Anyone can replicate this in two seconds.” Jason nods, but informs them that he holds a United States utility patent for the invention.

Then, Kevin inquires how they are selling their products, to which Jason responds that 74% of their sales come from their internet store, which he runs alone.

Kevin inquires as to whether he has approached any pet retailers about the product, to which Jason responds that he has and that their product is currently being offered at “his ideal retailer,” Bed Bath & Beyond.

As a result, Bed Bath And Beyond have had to reduce the costs. He continues by stating that they have introduced them in a number of their stores, but sales have been slow because the product is different from traditional dog toys in that it requires a little of “education.”

Matt changes the subject by asking Jason about his history. He informs them that he studied mechanical engineering at school and applied his knowledge to the design of the product, which was refined prior to mass production.

He informs the Sharks that he traveled to China to meet with the molder and work with them to obtain the product’s genuine components.

Jason informs Mark that he has invested $18,000 of his own money in the company thus far, and that he has no loans or debts.

Jason shakes his head when asked if he presently works on Pooch Selfie full time, stating that while it is “his ideal job,” the earnings are not sufficient to sustain himself and his family. Therefore, he has not quit his day job as an electrical salesman.

Daymond asks Jason what he would do with the $100,000, and he responds that he would revamp the product because it is incompatible with many of the latest devices.

Additionally, he would like to use it for their follow-up product, which employs the same principle but puts a treat at the top to attract a dog’s attention.

Matt then asks if he has any inventory remaining, to which Jason responds that he still has 18,000 units of the original Pooch Selfie.

Incredulous, the Sharks inquire why he is not simply selling them to fund the remainder of his business rather than seeking an investor.

Jason tells them that it’s been difficult to “see people try to capitalize on the notion” without becoming upset.

He continues by saying that he is not just attempting to sell the product, but also protecting it, and that “it’s the thing nobody sees.”

Daymond becomes clearly distressed and begins discussing his own dogs. He reveals that one of them has recently passed away and that he has no good photographs of him. He then offers Jason $100,000 for 33.3% of the business.

Jason asks Daymond whether it’s acceptable for him to inquire with the other Sharks about other potential offers, but Mark cautions Jason about the decision. Kevin, Matt, Lori, and Mark subsequently inform him that they’re leaving.

Jason accepts Daymond’s offer since he has no other options.

Final Deal: Daymond John agreed to invest $100,000 in exchange for a 33.3% equity in Pooch Selfie.

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What Happened To Pooch Selfie After Shark Tank?

Pooch Selfie receives excellent reviews and sells well, especially during holidays. Pooch Selfie is the perfect gift for a dog lover at only $9.99.

Pooch Selfie witnessed an increase in sales after making its appearance on the television show “Shark Tank.”

On the other hand, it is not known whether or not the transaction with Daymond was successfully completed in the end. Having said that, the product is now available virtually everywhere.

You can get it from a wide variety of retailers, including Bed Bath and Beyond, Chewy, Amazon, The Grommet, and many others.

Many people were under the impression that Amazon had gone out of business at one time when the item was unavailable on the website, but the retailer has now replenished it.

As of the year 2022, the official website of the corporation can still be accessed online. In point of fact, in that location you may also purchase the merchandise.

They have single packs for a price of $12.99, and double packs for a price of $25.98.

Even a pink version of the accessory is available for purchase from the company. In light of this, it is probably accurate to state that Jason was finally able to make some adjustments to the initial Pooch Selfie that he had taken.

Having said all of that, it appears as though he is no longer employed by the organization.

His LinkedIn Profile indicates that he left the company in January of 2022, when he was no longer employed there.

However, due to the fact that the product is still being offered for purchase, it is highly likely that he has sold the company; however, it is not known to whom he has sold it.

However, the social media accounts associated with the company are still being actively used.

A few short weeks ago, Jason shared his thoughts about the loss of Logan in a post that he published on Instagram.

In addition, they have an official Facebook page, however it hasn’t been updated since the year 2021.

Pooch Selfie Shark Tank Update

There is no information available regarding the update on deal between Daymond John and Pooch Selfie.

Pooch Selfie is now available everywhere: Chewy, Amazon, Bed Bath and Beyond, and The Grommet, among others.

Is Pooch Selfie Still In Business?

Yes, Pooch Selfie is still in business as of 2022.

What Is the Net Worth of Pooch Selfie?

The valuation of Pooch Selfie was $500,000 when it appeared on Shark Tank. The net worth of Pooch Selfie is $500,000 as of 2022.

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