What Happened To NOHBO After Shark Tank?

The Shark Tank episode 717 featured Benjamin Stern’s NOHBO Balls, a water-soluble ball for packaging shampoo and other personal care products.

The 16-year-old student was inspired by a movie about plastic waste in his ninth-grade classroom.

He began thinking about solutions and was inspired by his mother’s laundry detergent pods, which could transport shampoo and other personal care items.

The NOHBO Ball is a little ball that contains shampoo, conditioner, or soap. It has enough products to cover one application.

The ball, which has a diameter of approximately one inch, releases a semi-dry substance that readily lathers with running water when submerged in running water.

Stern initially plans to sell his products within NOHBO Balls, but he hopes to license the technology to large companies.

He is currently conducting a trial run with several prominent hotels and intends to have everything operational by October 2016.

He attempted to raise funds via Kickstarter but was unsuccessful. Benjamin obtained employment, borrowed money from friends and family, depleted his college fund, and received pro bono legal assistance from a local law firm instead.

After hiring a chemist to develop it, he obtained multiple patents for the product. Stern is now ready for production. He’s likely looking for help with patent licensing and distribution.

Will a Shark seize the opportunity and invest?

What Is NOHBO?

NOHBO is a corporation dedicated to eliminating plastic pollution and saving innumerable birds and turtles by eradicating unneeded plastic from the planet.

NOhbo Ball is a shampoo ball made of plant-based material that eliminates using plastic bottles.

Water or friction activates the ball. The outstanding eco-friendly idea is the brainchild of Melbourne, Florida, entrepreneur Benjamin Stern.

NOHBO Shark Tank Update

He envisions Nohbo Balls replacing every single plastic bottle of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash found in hotels worldwide.

It specializes in developing and commercializing biodegradable plastic items that disintegrate completely without leaving harmful remnants that could harm our planet’s fauna or contaminate our food and water.

Company NameNOHBO
EntrepreneurBenjamin Stern
ProductSingle Use Shampoo Balls
Investment Asking For$100,000 For 25% equity in NOHBO
Final Deal$100,000 For 25% equity in NOHBO
SharkMark Cuban
Episode Season 7 Episode 18
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of NOHBO?

Ben Stern created NOHBO. Ben is an environmentally conscious entrepreneur who has been fighting to save the planet since his high school years when he first became aware of the environment’s plight and became attached to the oceans.

Ben observed that if he created things that decompose after they are used, people would be able to use their cosmetics and other products without discarding destructive containers or using microplastics.

His current role is to lead a team of cosmetic and personal care professionals toward achieving this goal.

Ben founded NOHBO in response to a video about the extent and effects of plastic pollution in our oceans.

He was startled to find mountains of plastic trash in landfills, and he found known “islands” made up of floating plastic bottles and other waste.

This realization led him to find an alternative to recyclable plastic, and thus he began his quest to develop an alternative.

As a result, he established NOHBO to develop biodegradable products.

NOHBO Before Shark Tank

Nohbo was created by 16-year-old entrepreneur Benjamin Stern of Melbourne, Florida.

There is nothing special about Nohbo; it is just a little ball encased in a membrane that can dissolve and contains shampoo, conditioner, or body wash.

It is designed to contain exactly enough product for one use, ensuring no by-products or waste to harm the environment.

After watching a movie about plastic waste in ninth grade, he was inspired to create this product.

Benjamin continued to think about other concepts following his viewing of the movie, and he was once again inspired by his mother’s use of wash pods.

It would make sense to incorporate shampoo, conditioner, and body wash into a similar delivery system.

Nohbo was born from this concept. Benjamin was at a little disadvantage due to his youth, as he lacked the disposable income necessary to turn his ideas into tangible items.

Benjamin attempted to seek cash through a Kickstarter campaign to create the product line. Regrettably, that was not successful.

On the other hand, Benjamin showed true business spirit by persevering with Nohbo. By borrowing money and taking on a part-time job, he depleted his education fund and depleted his savings.

A chemist was hired to develop the product after raising $20,000 from investors.

The ultimate goal for Benjamin is to license his product to large organizations but to accomplish this, and he will need assistance.

Benjamin decided to visit the shark tank in quest of more funding business experience and important business ties that the sharks might supply to get the product to market.

Is Benjamin’s youthful entrepreneurial spirit going to impress the sharks and enable him to succeed in the shark tank?

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of NOHBO?

Ben begins with a video from his home. He lives with his mother and grandmother, whom he affectionately refers to Bubbe. His first investor was Bubbe.

Ben asserts that his generation is concerned about the environment. There is a big trash problem with bottles of washroom supplies, and he wanted the Sharks’ to help distribute his products throughout the country.

Ben enters the space with his friend Bubbe to greet the “sea predators.” He is requesting an investment of $100,000 for a 20% stake in NOHBO.

Supposedly, he’s revolutionizing the way you clean your lustrous locks. The majority of Americans do not recycle restroom packages.

There is enough garbage to fill 1200 soccer stadiums. His NOHBO balls are more affordable and eliminate the need for plastic bottles in washroom items.

Ben then shampoos Bubbe’s hair using a shampoo ball. But he needs capital to acquire the patent.

Lori dismantles a ball while he distributes samples. He created the product with the assistance of a member of Clorox’s head-hunting division.

Mark is taken aback. Ben unexpectedly called him. “Many people come to Shark Tank seeking contacts,” Mark says, “but you made the calls yourself.”

The Clorox representative requested samples, so Ben contacted the freelance chemist and arranged to manufacture them.

Mark commends Ben once more for his efforts. They are now pressing the balls by hand. Ben believes that the patent is defendable. According to him, NOHBO stands for “NO Hair BOttles.”

He’s developing a new method of product delivery that he hopes to license to large firms. They cost six cents each at the moment, but he can reduce it to four cents; he sells them for twelve cents.

Mark believes hotels do not wish to educate their customers, and Ben should go direct instead.

Lori advises against selling anything until the product has been licensed. She believes it is too early; she exits.

Mr. Wonderful uses a special shampoo and believes that its patent means everything, but the voyage is too long for him; he goes home.

Robert believes that if the patent is genuine, it is a fantastic deal; he offers $100K in exchange for 20% of the patent’s value.

Mark declares his admiration for it, and Ben reminds him of himself. He claims to have a large network of lawyers and OEM manufacturing knowledge from his work with HotTot and Kisstix.

Mark will also assume responsibility for all accounting. He offers $100,000 in exchange for 25%. While this may be the best concept ever pitched in the Tank, Robert believes that it must be sold as a business process.

Barbara offers $100K in exchange for 20%, subject to Estee Lauder agreeing to a deal with Ben. Ben expresses gratitude to everyone and declares, “Mark, we have a contract!”

Final Deal: Mark Cuban agreed to invest $100K for 20% equity in NOHBO.

What Happened To NOHBO After Shark Tank?

Benjamin’s transition to Nohbo as CEO has been aided by Mark and his staff since he appeared on Shark Tank.

There was a tremendous response to the Nohbo products following the Shark Tank experience, increasing online sales for eco-conscious clients curious about this environmentally friendly product.

Benjamin focuses on developing and marketing the brand to generate sales before approaching companies about licensing the product.

Mark has taught Benjamin a great deal, and he has avoided many mistakes due to Mark’s guidance and instruction.

Benjamin will be successful as an entrepreneur with Mark Cuban as his mentor, even though it has only been a few days since the shark tank episode and finalized the agreement.

Benjamin’s determination and drive have already made Nohbo a success overnight, and with the opportunities ahead, Nohbo will continue to grow and prosper.

NOHBO Shark Tank Update

Some products experience setbacks even with a Shark on board. Due to Mark’s assistance, NOBOH was off to a good start but encountered delays in shipments and other setbacks along the way.

Some disgruntled consumers complained about the balls’ shape on the company’s social media accounts in 2016. There were also frequent complaints about shipping delays.

The Governor of Florida, Rick Scott, presented Benjamin with the Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award and said, “I hope to see NOHBO continue to develop in Florida.”

Benjamin appears destined for success with a Shark and a Governor on his side.

He hopes to expand his care range and improve the NOHBO balls themselves before licensing the concept to major shampoo and conditioner firms.

NOHBO Shark Tank Update

It is too early to say whether NOHBO will be a success. The 17-year-old Benjamin may be a bit green around the edges, but his inventiveness and tenacity will serve him well.

Stern reversed course in 2018 and ceased using powdered balls. There were far too many issues.

NOHBO Drops is the name he gave to the product, which he rebranded after partnering with a pharmacist closer to his headquarters in Melbourne, Florida.

Stern has booked 76 million purchase orders for Europe and recently secured a $3.5 million venture capital round for the next four years. NOHBO presents an update segment in episode 1115 of season eleven.

He announces a new round of investment in his factory after touring it. Mark believes the company might reach $100 million in revenue within three to five years.

Is NOHBO Still In Business?

Stern was a student at Viera High School in 2017 when he launched an Indiegogo campaign that raised more than triple the goal ($27,131) within just three days.

The Nohbo Balls were first delivered with some issues due to “structural instability.”

Stern resolved the issue by wrapping the balls in water-soluble sheets and converting them “from a solid dried form to a gel state.”

This method proved to be effective and resulted in a substantial cost reduction.

Stern claims that the new Nohbo Drops are much easier and faster to scale than the old Nohbo Balls. The Nohbo website says that Nohbo Drops will be available in spring 2018.

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