What Happened To No Mo-Stache After Shark Tank?

No Mo-Stache is a portable waxing kit for women on the go featured in Shark Tank episode 905 by Jennifer Paschal and Gita Vasseghi. Jennifer Paschal and Gita Vasseghi are experts in the beauty industry.

The Beauty Strip waxing salon owner Jennifer and fashion executive Gita are based in Los Angeles. They have been working together since 2012.

The duo identified the need for a simple, safe, and convenient portable waxing kit for women who do not want to visit a salon for a waxing treatment.

Ladies can quickly and easily remove hair on the upper lip and bikini line using the No Mo-Stache and slightly larger No Mo-Bush.

Apply and pull the wax strips after rubbing them between your hands and applying them to the problematic area. This procedure is relatively simple and painless.

You can purchase No Mo-Stache for $12 or $16 for a 24 or 40 strips package. You can purchase No Mo-Bush strips in packages of 16 or 32 strips for $12 and $22, respectively.

The strips come with packages of aloe vera for post-waxing comfort. The products have received positive reviews online and can be found on Amazon, the company’s website, and dozens of beauty retailers around the country, including Sephora and Anthropologie.

Jennifer and Gita are almost certainly looking for Shark’s assistance in increasing their store footprint. Will a Shark be interested in partnering with this cosmetics company?

What Is No Mo-Stache?

No Mo-Stache is a portable upper lip hair removal kit. No Mo-Stache strips provide cold wax to gooey wax strips instead of hot, gooey wax used in spas and salons. You won’t have to visit a spa, and you won’t risk burning your skin.

You can easily apply the No Mo-Stache strip to the top lip by rubbing it between your fingers. Remove the no mo-stache hair by rubbing it back and forth.

No Mo-Stache provides busy women of all ages and skin types of all skin types with a portable, discreet, and very convenient alternative to waxing at home.

It’s unnecessary to use hot wax and spend time and money at the salon. No Mo-Stache waxes without irritating is a hypoallergenic lip waxing kit that is gentle enough for all skin types.

No Mo-Stache Shark Tank Update

A convenient travel tin comes with No Mo-Stache, which contains 24 strips and a small sachet of soothing aloe cream.

You can warm a piece of it between your palms before applying it to the face. It’s completely mess-free, and once the strip is removed, apply some aloe lotion for rapid relief.

The wax will not burn your face, and it contains hydrocortisone to soothe any redness in your upper lip. The wax will remain smooth for around three weeks.

Women need to wax their bikini area periodically to maintain smooth skin since their skin is prone to stumble.

The No Mo-bush range from Jennifer and Gita considers this and is proud to be made for delicate bikini areas.

No Mo-Stache is available in Sephora, Anthropologie, Planet Beauty, and various other luxury beauty boutiques along the California coast and throughout the Eastern United States.

Surely, they contribute to preventing embarrassing moments for ladies, one mustache at a time!

Company NameNo Mo-Stache
EntrepreneurJennifer Paschall and Gita Vasseghi
Product / BusinessA wax-care product line
Investment Asking For$100,000 for 25% equity in No Mo-Stache
Final Deal$100,000 for 25% equity in No Mo-Stache + $200,000 in royalties
SharkLori Greiner and Bethenny Frankel
Episode Season 9 Episode 8
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of No Mo-Stache?

Jennifer Paschall and Gita Vasseghi are the founders of No Mo-Stache. 

Women of all ages can use No Mo-Stache waxing products to meet their waxing needs without visiting a salon.

These items are waxing strips that may be used by any female to swiftly and simply remove unwanted body hair.

You can also choose between the All-Star Cleansing Brush, the No Mo-Stache Facial Razor, or the No Mo-Stache 4 Piece Skin Care Set.

No Mo-Stache Before Shark Tank

No Mo-Stache is a discreet, easy-to-use hair removal treatment created by Jennifer Paschall and Gita Vasseghi of Los Angeles.

Gita is a fashion executive, and Jennifer runs the Beauty Strip waxing salon in North Hollywood.

There is a substantial market potential for beauty products, though they are also among the most competitive categories.

More than $60 billion in annual beauty sector sales, 20% of that amount spent on skincare products.

When economic downturns affect the beauty industry, consumers continue to purchase products.

Customers also exhibit a higher level of brand loyalty toward things they are familiar with and comfortable with, yet competition is fierce.

As beauty products compete with hundreds of similar products, and franchises typically earn 15 percent of their revenues from the products they sell, a new product must be either exceptional in what it can accomplish or have an advantage over its competitors.

Jennifer and Gita would reap major benefits from having a partner associated with their beauty product if tied to a powerful business mogul.

No Mo-Stache kits had been sold 100,000 since 2012, and they needed a shark partner and an influx of capital to create new hair removal solutions for the No-Mo brand.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of No Mo-Stache?

Jennifer and Gita appeared on Shark Tank seeking an investment of $100,000 in exchange for a 25% stake in No Mo-Stache. They begin by extolling the virtues of their items as revolutionary for today’s busy ladies.

They demonstrate how to use their product using a model while discussing how easy it is to use.

They’re unique in that their product is compact, discrete, and completely portable.

Mark joked about why they didn’t just shave, and Robert admitted ignorance about these products.

He was curious as to whether all women struggled with facial hair. No Mo-Stache and Sally Hansen Strips were compared by Bethenny, who was more familiar with this type of product. The distinction is that No Mo-Stache is more compact and discrete.

Kevin was curious about the product’s unique nature and whether it was patented. They told him that their invention could not be patented, so he asked why it was worth $400,000.

Mark was interested in the numbers. Each unit of No Mo-Stache costs $1.74 to manufacture and retails for $18.

They’ve made $200,000 in sales over the last two years and expect to make $300,000 this year.

Lori grew enraged by the way they sold the product. The products were sold in 60 of 200 Sephora locations, but only in the company’s beauty stores.

According to them, Sephora discontinued the product to “make place for new trends.”

Lori believes it’s because the product is not selling well, but the company has stated that it will add five new distributors this year.

While Lori spoke, Bethenny tested the strips on Mark’s arm. Kevin was on the lookout as he made an offer.

Kevin made an offer of $100,000 for a 10% PLUS one dollar commission on each kit sold.

Bethenny is offering $100,000 for 40% of the company in exchange for incorporating it into the Skinny Girl brand and using it in her beauty kits.

Lori and Bethenny decide to talk about various marketing strategies, believing the kits will sell well on QVC.

Jennifer asks the Sharks whether they would take a 35% stake in return for $100,000. Kevin steps in and reduces his fee to $0.75, and when Gia and Jennifer continue to press Lori and Bethenny for a deal, he reduces it to $0.50.

Lori and Bethenny then offer $100,000 for 35% of the business in exchange for a $1 royalty for each unit until Lori recoups her investment.

The conflict between Lori and Bethenny is reaching a boiling point, and Gia and Jennifer counter with a $100,000 payout for 25% plus a $1 royalty until Lori and Bethenny return $200,000. Lori and Bethenny answer affirmatively but add, “NO MO NEGOTIATING!”

Final Deal: Lori Greiner and Bethenny Frankel agreed to invest $100,000 for 25% + $200,000 in royalties in No Mo-Stache.

What Happened To No Mo-Stache After Shark Tank?

Jennifer and Gita said they wanted a woman who was a powerful shark partner, and they had recently acquired two of them in a single deal.

Kevin didn’t praise Bethenny for her new partnership but chastised her for not finding creative ways to structure business transactions. 

He stayed adamant that Grasshoppers should learn, but Bethenny was more than a match for Mr. Wonderful; she offered to wax Mr. Wonderful’s back as a thank you.

Gita and Jennifer went on to sign a new distribution deal with Anthropologie after the deal was closed but before the No Mo-Stache episode aired.

What Happened To ScreenMend After Shark Tank?

Jennifer and Gita are launching No Mo goods at Ultra during Spring 2018, thanks to the influence of Lori Greiner and Bethenny Frankel.

No Mo products are currently available in Harvey Nichols and Virgin Megastore.

They are negotiating to get No Mo-Stache marketed nationwide by CVS later this year.

Bethany’s vision for the No Mo kit has also begun to take shape in mid-2018, with the brand now selling a bikini wax kit called ‘No Mo Bush’ on its website.

The product sells for $22, whereas the No Mo-Stache package is priced at $18, probably on sharks’ advice to maintain a competitive price.

The company recently developed the No Mo-Unibrow eyebrow wax strip, demonstrating that multiple products can be derived from one great idea.

Jennifer Gita and Gita King see the company’s future – and the beauty industry at large – as becoming increasingly focused on products that can be made easily at home, and while Kevin O’Leary was left out of the running regarding future riches, he did receive a free back wax from Bethenny Frankel.

No Mo-Stache Shark Tank Update

Their bikini wax product, No Mo-Bush, was launched shortly after the broadcast of No Mo-Stache on Shark Tank.

Bethenny and Lori were pivotal to No Mo-Stache being placed at Anthropologie, Harvey Nichols, Virgin Megastore, and Ulta.

The company is supposedly in the process of negotiating a nationwide distribution deal with CVS.

No Mo-Stache Shark Tank Update

Episode 09 of season ten of Shark Tank featured an update on the No Mo-Stache. This episode marks the closing of CVS’s acquisition.

As of June 2021, the company’s products were available in over 15,000 retail locations and on Amazon. No Mo-Stache Annual revenues are expected to be $4 million as of May 2022.

Is No Mo-Stache Still In Business?

No Mo-Stache secured distribution agreements with major retailers such as Anthropologie, Ulta Beauty, and CVS following its appearance on Shark Tank.

No Mo’s second product is No Mo-Bush, which consists of bikini waxing strips. They have both been infused with aloe after the waxing process.

What Happened To FoHawx After Shark Tank?

No Mo’s newest product is the No Mo-Unibrow, which includes brow wax removal strips, tiny tweezers, and post-wax aloe lotion. A rainbow unicorn graces the No Mo-Unibrow packaging.

No Mo-Stace is still in business as of May 2022, with annual revenue of $4 million.

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