What Happened To Milk Snob After Shark Tank?

Milk Snob is a multi-functional infant car seat cover and nursing cover, is what Melanie Disbrow introduces to the Sharks in Shark Tank episode 809.

Disbrow is a mother of three young children who came to the United States from Germany in 2006.

When she went shopping for an infant car seat cover, she discovered that there were no products available that fit her style and practicality requirements; this is when she decided to make her own from scratch.

The Milk Snobs were born as a result of this incident. It consists of a small tent that fits over a child’s car seat to protect the child from the sunlight or rain while driving.

Breastfeeding mothers can use this cover as a nursing cover when it’s time to feed their children. She has submitted a patent application for the product.

Melanie adds new designs to keep things interesting by offering Milk Snobs in various patterns and colors.

She also offers swaddle blankets for sale. It costs $36 for a Milk Snob cover and $18 for a swaddling blanket. 

Milk Snob has received overwhelmingly good feedback from mothers all around the world.

Melanie is most likely looking for a Shark to assist her in expanding into retail. Will a Shark take a bite off of you?

What Is Milk Snob?

Milk Snob is a firm that creates beautiful car seats for infants that can be converted into covers worn while breastfeeding.

Milk Snob is a one-stop-shop for babies, moms, and all things baby.

The company’s flagship product was an all-purpose car seat and nursing cover that served as a trendy addition to your wardrobe and an effective feeding and heating solution for your baby.

Milk Snob Shark Tank Update

The covers available in this category come in several styles and feature high-quality fabrics.

Company NameMilk Snob
EntrepreneurMelanie Disbrow
Product / BusinessBaby cover with multiple functions
Investment Asking For$125,000 for 5% equity in Milk Snob
Final Deal$125,000 for 10% equity in Milk Snob
SharkLori Greiner
Episode Season 8 Episode 8
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of Milk Snob?

Melanie Disbrow of Texas founded Milk Snob. Melanie immigrated from Germany to the United States in 2006, where she met her husband, who was serving in the military in the country at the time.

Melanie has three young children. Melanie’s inventiveness remained unaffected by her new motherhood sleep deprivation.

For instance, she would have to carry another item around or lose it if her baby yanked on it.

She identified a market need and designed a breathable, multipurpose seat cover with a hole in the center to insert her head when breastfeeding and checking on her infant.

Initially, she developed a project that served as both a fashion accent and clothing accent and then expanded production in her garage in response to growing interest among her network of friends.

Melanie immediately received inquiries from major retailers, but she realized she lacked business experience and decided to seek funding and help from an investor.

Milk Snob Before Shark Tank

Before appearing on Shark Tank, Melanie had been a self-taught photographer. Having been born in Germany, she emigrated to the United States with her husband.

She was unable to attend college because of the demands of having children. She chose a career path that allowed her to stay at home with her children and earn a living.

The Milk Snob car seat cover design began to sell through various social media outlets. She sold almost $1.3 million in merchandise before her appearance on Shark Tank.

Is she capable of impressing the Sharks with her numbers and product enough to score a deal? Consider the following.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Milk Snob?

Melanie appeared on Shark Tank seeking an investment of $125,000 in exchange for a 5% stake in Milk Snob. She shares her tale and distributes samples. Kevin is inquiring about the figures.

She sold $1.2 million in the preceding 18 months – $800,000 in the preceding five months.

The cost of making them is $7.60, and the cost of selling them is $36. She claims she requires a partner to assist her in breaking into retail.

Chris offers $125,000 for 8% in exchange for taking two homes on the same day. Mark urges her to take advantage of the offer before she leaves.

Lori offers $125,000 in exchange for 10%. Kevin enters and outbids her, giving $150,000 for a 10% stake.

Melania asks Lori and Chris about partnering, and they agree, but Chris withdraws after some back and forth.

Kevin also leaves since Melanie ignored him. When Melanie asks Lori if she is willing to switch to 8%, Lori answers by offering $150,000 for 10%, and an agreement is struck.

What Happened To Milk Snob After Shark Tank?

Melanie has relocated her business to Dallas, Texas since the Milk Snob episode aired. She and Lori are certain to accomplish great things.

Ionic Ear Shark Tank Update

Milk Snob has received rave reviews thus far, with buyers praising the product as “simple to use” and “the best breastfeeding cover ever.”

Milk Snob Shark Tank Update

Lori’s arrangement with Milk Snob was never finalized, and the company is no longer listed on her website. Several years after the show aired, Melanie relocated her business to the Dallas area.

Milk Snob Shark Tank Update

Milk Snob is still operating as of April 2022, generating $6 million in annual revenue.

Is Milk Snob Still In Business?

Milk Snob continues to create attractive designs and has infused its offerings with a touch of Disney. Milk Snob just signed a licensing agreement with Disney Baby.

Zoobean Shark Tank Update

The price of every Milk Snob is $36 for each. Milk Snob has launched new products, including the Original Milk Snob Pouch, which is described as a “contemporary take on the traditional sleep sack” and retails for $38.

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