What Happened To Man Medals After Shark Tank?

The Shark Tank panel was presented with Man Medals by Jim O’Brien in episode 505, a company conceived after a caustic comment.

One day, Jim founded the Man Medals company after informing his 20-year-old wife that he had just taken the garbage. “What do you want, a medal?” she inquired.

Jim responded, “Yes, I do,” and went about creating Man Medals, small pins that men are routinely asked to wear to reward them for performing small home chores.

The six Man Medals can be earned by doing small tasks such as putting down the toilet seat, vacuuming, asking directions, picking up dirty clothes, changing the toilet paper roll, or taking out the trash.

The Fallen and Wounded Soldiers Fund also offers a “coming home to be a father” medal; 10% of the proceeds of the sale of this medal benefit this fund. Man Medals are $5.00 each, and the entire collection costs $25.

Man Medals are shipped internationally, and O’Brien anticipates the Sharks will pounce on the lucrative venture.

What Is Man Medals?

Man Medals are small badges with little rewards for men to accomplish modest tasks around the house.

The Man Medals program honors men for simple acts such as putting dirty clothes in the hamper, refilling the toilet paper rolls, taking out the garbage, vacuuming, asking for directions, or lowering the toilet seat. 

Man Medals Shark Tank Update
Company NameMan Medals
EntrepreneurJim O’Brien
ProductMale Household Chore Medals
Investment Asking For$10,000 For 10% equity in Man Medals
Final DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
Episode Season 5 Episode 2
Business StatusOut of Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of Man Medals?

Jim O’Brien is the founder of Man Medals.

Man Medals Before Shark Tank

Is there ever a time when you want to commend your man for his efforts? The Man Medals initiative aspires to resolve this problem.

These Man Medals are collections of gaudy medallions given to anyone for carrying out various routine duties (not just men).

You can discover more about Man Medals and Jim O’Brien’s appearance on Shark Tank to raise money for expansion.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Man Medals?

A muscular male model shows up with Jim, trying to get Lori all worked up, claiming to be his “perfect body duplicate” and telling her how the idea for Man Medals came about.

The business owner is seeking $10,000 in exchange for 10% of his business. They all giggle when they see the presentation.

He informs the Sharks that he has sold Man Medals over the world. Kevin refers to the pitch as “excellent awful theater.”

Lori regards the male model with gratitude, pointing out that many pitches use bikini-clad models.

Jim confesses that he has only sold medals worth $2500. Lori does not participate in this endeavor. 

Kevin does not agree with the valuation and hence withdraws.

Robert finds the presentation humorous, but he is also out. Mark claims that Man Medals are not a business and sells them. Jim compares it to Pet Rocks.

Kevin prohibits Jim from going forward with his business.

Daymond is unconcerned by his low sales, but he is also a no-show.

Lori thanks him for beefcake in the Tank once more, but he leaves without a deal, and she leaves without her.

Final Deal: No deal between Man Medals and Sharks.

What Happened To Man Medals After Shark Tank?

Man Medals has yet to be picked up by a large retailer since it appeared on Shark Tank but has been picked up by a few tiny souvenir shops.

With the launch of a new medal pack and an increase in medal count from six to nine, we have seen great sales online.

What Happened To NOHBO After Shark Tank?

Retailers and wholesalers can nevertheless order Man Medals.

Man Medals Shark Tank Update

O’Brien could not convince the Sharks to invest, but the show attracted national attention and attracted a significant investor.

Kevin Brown, best known for hosting the television show 3rd Rock, approached O’Brien about the idea and invested in it.

The novelty medal has become more popular due to Brown’s encouragement and promotion.

There are standard medals in the collection such as “I picked up my filthy clothes” and “I asked for directions,” but there are also more serious items such as “Coming home to be a Daddy.”

Man Medals Shark Tank Update

The product line does not end with medals. The collection also features insulated can holders and mugs, so there’s something for everyone.

O’Brien and his wife have succeeded in making a lot of money from their enterprise; however, it did not thrill the Sharks.

What Happened To Samson Martin After Shark Tank?

The website has been inactive since February 2020, and social media accounts have been inactive since August 2021. Man Medals appear to have ceased operations.

Is Man Medals Still In Business?

Man Medals seems to have gone out of business as of February 2022 with their website down and social media accounts being inactive. 

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