What Happened To Ledge Pillow After Shark Tank?

Amanda Schlechter introduced the Ledge Pillow, sometimes referred to as the breast pillow, to the Sharks in season 3, episode 303.

The Ledge Pillow is a special memory foam pillow that allows women with enlarged, huge, or swollen breasts to lie on their stomachs comfortably.

Amanda had owned the business for three years before appearing on Shark Tank, but she only had 83 sales to her name.

The business owner came to the Sharks to launch her business with a very basic website and almost no marketing.

What Is Ledge Pillow?

The Ledge Pillow is sometimes referred to as a “boob cushion,” It is a memory foam pillow designed to help persons with larger chests sleep comfortably on their stomachs.

Ledge pillows are designed for women with huge breasts or breast implants who prefer to sleep on their stomachs. Approximately five to ten million women in the United States with breast implants.

Ledge Pillow Shark Tank Update

Women with or without breast implants, nursing mothers, and patients recovering from breast surgery can benefit from the product.

Company NameLedge Pillow
EntrepreneurAmanda Schlechter
ProductPillow made of memory foam for women who sleep on their chest
Investment Asking For$30,000 For 25% equity in Ledge Pillow
Final DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
Episode Season 3 Episode 5
Business StatusOut Of Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of Ledge Pillow?

Amanda Schlechter founded Ledge Pillow, an attorney based in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Amanda had always wanted to start her own business before becoming a lawyer. Still, she was unsure of what she wanted to do entrepreneurially, so she chose to wait for inspiration to strike.

The Ledge Pillow was created after Amanda underwent breast augmentation surgery. She became unable to sleep well because she was used to sleeping on her stomach.

The normal pillows and folded towels failed to support her and were not very comfortable.

She built a pillow designed specifically to support breasts after becoming frustrated.

Ledge Pillows were patented in 2001, and the company began trading in 2008 after years of trial and error with different materials and designs.

Ledge Pillow Before Shark Tank

From West Palm Beach, Florida, the successful attorney Amanda Schlechter took a break from the books to start her own business.

She began her business after discovering how difficult it was for her to sleep on her stomach following breast augmentation.

The first thing Amanda tried to alleviate this discomfort was to place extra cushions behind her tummy or fold up towels, but neither of these methods worked.

She did not give up or move back onto her back; instead, she made a pillow designed exclusively for stomach sleepers with sensitive breasts.

Schlechter patented the Ledge Pillow in 2001, but she continued to experiment with its design and content.

It was difficult for the mother of two to manage her career and family simultaneously, but in November 2008, she established her own business.

The majority of Amanda’s sales came from California, but she received orders from all over the country. Her customers began to praise her work.

She received positive feedback on her new pillow from women who had undergone breast augmentation to mothers breastfeeding.

Additionally, she created a vinyl pillow cover for her customers to protect it from stains and deterioration caused by oils during massage treatments.

Amanda successfully ran her business for three years until she encountered financial difficulties.

Since she had only the most basic websites to advertise and fund her product, she couldn’t receive the funding and advertising she needed.

Amanda went to ABC’s Shark Tank in a desperate attempt to raise the money she needed to rescue her firm.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Ledge Pillow?

Amanda Schlechter appeared on Shark Tank seeking a $30k investment for a 25% stake in Ledge Pillow. 

She then hands each Shark a pillow to touch and feel after revealing her starting price.

She explains the Ledge Pillow was specially created for women who sleep on their stomachs and have sensitive breasts while inspecting the product.

The sharks begin to laugh uncomfortably as the assistant lays down on a mattress to demonstrate how the cushion works.

Kevin O’Leary adds a snarky remark. Lori Greiner asks Lori Greiner what percentage of women have breast implants and what type of cup size a woman with a cushion needs.

The cushion would be helpful for women with C cups or larger who have undergone breast augmentations.

The Sharks were stunned to discover Schlechter had sold only 83 pillows when questioned about her sales.

She tells them that her website launched in 2008 but was a mistake since only 83 pillows were sold in three years.

According to Daymond John, most women with large breasts sleep on their backs or sides, so he wonders how many have this problem.

He also wonders why a standard cushion would not solve the problem. Amanda believes that standard pillows lack the necessary angle and padding for a good night’s sleep.

Mark Cuban argues that while it is commendable, she has a patent for her invention; such low sales are undoubtedly a bad sign.

Amanda’s final attempt to win the Sharks’ sympathy is to blame her lack of earnings on her status as a single working-class mother.

Nobody appears to be convinced. Lori Greiner talks first, expressing her admiration for Amanda’s innovation but doubting the Ledge Pillow’s appeal to a big market.

O’Leary simply states that she has already sold her products to 100% of the market because she intentionally designed her product for an extremely small audience.

He is the first to withdraw, followed by Greiner then the remaining Sharks.

Final Deal: No deal between Ledge Pillow and Sharks.

What Happened To Ledge Pillow After Shark Tank?

Amanda and her business haven’t received many updates since she left Shark Tank. After the show aired, she had a website for Ledge Pillow and received some feedback, but it is no longer available since it has been removed.

Since March 2012, Ledge Pillow’s Facebook page has not been updated since the website’s shutdown.

When Amanda’s participation on Shark Tank gained attention, it appeared that the business might succeed. However, as the Sharks noted, Amanda lacked the initiative to maintain it.

Ledge Pillow Shark Tank Update

The Ledge Pillow had a basic website before Amanda appeared on Shark Tank, and it has stayed largely unchanged since then. She may have earned some sales from the program based on viewer reactions.

The fact that the website has remained mostly unchanged for nearly a year speaks volumes; there can’t be THAT MUCH business if the website hasn’t been updated in nearly a year. Also, she doesn’t update her Facebook page very often.

Ledge Pillow Shark Tank Update

There has been a flurry of online activity following the original air date, and numerous inquiries about this product have been posted in the comment section of this website.

What Happened To Bee Sweet Lemonade After Shark Tank?

It is possible to make this product a high-volume seller with some effort and SEO. Amanda continued to practice law with Nason Yeager after the Ledge Pillow closed in 2012.

Is Ledge Pillow Still In Business?

The Ledge Pillow seems to have ceased operations. The company’s official website, used to sell the product, has shut down, and its social media accounts have been dormant since 2012.

The product has consistently attracted interest. However, the venture ended up with insufficient advertising and marketing funds.

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