What Happened To Jeska Shoe Company After Shark Tank?

What Is Jeska Shoe Company?

Jeska Shoe Company develops modular shoes that convert high heels into wedges with magnetic attachments.

Jeska Shoe Company’s business strategy envisions a replaceable high-heeled shoe. 

The heels of shoes are the first part to wear out, so she found that a high-heel option that can be interchanged is the best solution for extending the life of high-quality shoes.

Jeska Shoe Company Shark Tank Update

Jeska Shoes aims to provide its customers with stylish, comfortable shoes at a fraction of the cost.

The shoes of this brand are made from vegan leather, high-quality Italian leather, and other materials.

Company NameJeska Shoe Company
EntrepreneurJessica Haynes
ProductThe Interchangeable Sole Women’s Shoes
Investment Asking For$70,000 For 30% equity in Jeska Shoe Company
Final Deal$70,000 For 70% equity in Jeska Shoe Company
SharkDaymond John
Episode Season 4 Episode 18
Business StatusOut Of Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of Jeska Shoe Company?

Jessica Haynes is the founder of Jeska Shoe Company. Jessica Haynes is credited with inventing “modular” shoes. 

A magnetic interlocking mechanism allows the wearer to change from a high heel to a wedge to a flat within seconds.

It doesn’t take many pairs of shoes for women to find shoes that complement their clothes. Traveling with shoes is a good way to minimize the amount of storage space. 

Jessica had won the Innovation Award at Southern Arkansas University and thus was encouraged.

The sharks were surprised. The problem developed when they realized the shoes were a prototype, she didn’t have a business plan or sales, and the shoes were a prototype.

Jeska Shoe Company Before Shark Tank

Jessica Haynes started a small business in Emerson, Arkansas, called Jeska Shoe Company. 

Jeska Shoe Company’s main product is heels, which provide comfort and versatility that most high heels cannot.

The idea behind the invention is simple: a shoe can be made into a wedge simply by removing one attachment and replacing it with another.

The idea of interchanging high heels is so brilliant it’s hard to believe no one has thought of it before.

The device allows women to switch up their shoes quickly and easily to wear shoes that match their outfits without carrying multiple pairs of shoes.

However, that doesn’t mean her product took off right away. Jeska Shoe Company did not yet exist before appearing on Shark Tank. It had no previous sales.

It was simply a start-up with only one prototype in the form of a replaceable heel. Indeed, Jessica Haynes had approached several other investors before appearing on the show and was turned down by each one.

She entered the Shark Tank hoping to close a deal with someone. She said that the sharks represent her last chance to bring her product to market and achieve her dreams.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Jeska Shoe Company?

Jessica appeared on the Shark Tank with a prototype shoe that replaces the stiletto heel with a wedge heel, asking for $70,000 in exchange for a 30% stake in Jeska Shoe Company.

Daymond John offered an investment of $70,000 for a 70% stake in Jeska Shoe Company. Jessica accepted the offer after thinking for a while.

Jessica left the Shark Tank stage with an investment from Daymond John for Jeska Shoe Company.

Final Deal: Daymond John agreed to invest $70,000 for a 70% stake in Jeska Shoe Company.

What Happened To Jeska Shoe Company After Shark Tank?

Jessica Haynes achieved some success following her exit from Shark Tank. What is the Jeska Shoe Company doing now?

On October 14, 2014, only a few years after appearing on Shark Tank, Jessica posted on Facebook that she was closing her business.

She admits she took longer than she should have and was past the point of hanging up her heels.

Haynes explained to her fans that she intended to continue pursuing entrepreneurial opportunities, as this was still her passion. Let’s hope she succeeds in her future endeavors!

Jeska Shoe Company Shark Tank Update

Jessica Haynes went on the Shark Tank all by herself to seek an investment of $70,000 to start her interchangeable shoe business called Jeska Shoe Company.

She was looking for someone who would invest $70,000 in her business in return for 30%. But someone said something like A little bit of something is better than a lot of nothing.

Jessica has only prototypes of her shoes that she patents and needs the money to take them to market.

Jessica said that accepting a 5% investment from someone was better than accepting a lot of nothing.

Jessica was very happy to accept an offer from one of the investors, Daymond John, in exchange for 30% of her company being saved, but the company was ultimately unable to survive.

Jessica Haynes posted a message on Facebook expressing her gratitude to her supporters, especially to Daymond John, for his mentorship through this endeavor.

Even though Jeska Shoe Company got a deal from Daymond John, the company had difficulty surviving against the competitors.

Jeska Shoe Company went out of business in 2014.

Is Jeska Shoe Company Still In Business?

No, Jeska Shoe Company went out of business in 2014. 

Shark Tank failed to bring success to the Jeska Shoe Company. Haynes said on Facebook, “While I will always cherish the experience and dream of the Jeska shoe, it has now reached the point where it is no longer worthwhile.”.

In closing, she expressed that the time has come to carry the lessons and experiences she has gained through this experience.

Haynes also expressed gratitude to Daymond John “for his support and mentorship during this endeavor.”

What Is the Net Worth of Jeska Shoe Company?

The valuation of Jeska Shoe Company was $233,000 when it appeared on Shark Tank. The net worth of Jeska Shoe Company is unknown as of 2022 since the company went out of business.

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