What Happened To iCPooch After Shark Tank?

Shark Tank’s episode 628 features Brooke Martin, 14, and James Pelland, CEO of iCPooch, letting pet owners feed and talk to their dogs remotely.

The idea came to Martin when she was 12 years old. She regretted leaving her recently adopted shelter dog alone at home and looked for ways to talk to him via video chat. However, she couldn’t find an appropriate solution, so she made one!

She constructed prototypes in the home garage with the assistance of her father. They built a treat dispenser that uses wifi to interact with your dog (or your cat, if they are paying attention) through the app.

In the fall of 2013, Martin launched a Kickstarter campaign, but his $70,000 goal remained unmet.

A second Kickstarter campaign in spring 2014 raised approximately $30,000 on a goal of $20,000. iCPooch became a viable business from that moment on.

Amazon currently offers the iCPooch for $139 – without the tablet. A mounting bracket for the iCPooch accommodates tablets up to 10 inches in size and is compatible with iPads and Android smartphones.

She also sells items compatible with iCPooch. It is almost certain that Martin is searching for a Shark to help ramp up production and retail distribution.

Will a Shark invest in Martin’s invention?

What Is an iCPooch?

ICPooch is a dog treat dispenser with videoconferencing capabilities, allowing a man and his best friend to see and speak to one another while separated.

Dog owners know that dogs are more like family members than pets. Your goal is to be as happy and healthy as the rest of your family. 

This family member is frequently left at home alone. It is quite rare for dogs to exhibit signs of despair or anxiety under these circumstances.

Shark Tank has featured several innovative new products, but the iCPooch Wireless Video Dog Chat has got to be one of the most innovative. 

Dog owners know how delighted their pets are when they return home; they can scarcely contain their excitement.

Most of these issues can be resolved by spending more time with your dog, but our modern lifestyles make this difficult. You can keep in touch with your dog while you are away with the iCPooch.

iCPooch is a ground-breaking technology that enables you to use a smartphone or tablet to video conference with your dog. 

iCPooch Shark Tank Update

You only need to place your Android or Apple device on the iCPooch’s face to get started. Your dog can now communicate with you at school, during dinner, while you run errands, etc.

iCPooch will immediately answer any phone call from a smartphone, tablet, or computer. 

You receive an immediate two-way audio and video stream directly from and to the iCPooch device. You can see and hear your dog at the same time. This is as good as being there in person.

You can also use the iCPooch to reward your dog when you’re away, in addition to being able to watch and communicate with your dog. The iCPooch will provide your dog with happiness, joy, and connection.

Download the iCPooch app to your smartphone or tablet after you have received your iCPooch. Place your dog’s favorite treats in the reward container. It’s that simple. There is no lengthy setup procedure.

The iCPooch allows you to communicate with your pet when away from home without any worry.

Company NameiCPooch
EntrepreneurJames Pelland and Brooke Martin
ProductWiFi Pet Treat Dispenser With Video Chat
Investment Asking For$150,000 For 20% equity in iCPooch
Final DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
Episode Season 6 Episode 23
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of iCPooch?

The inventor of the iCPooch, Brooke Martin of Seattle, Washington, has created a dog treat dispenser equipped with video chat capabilities so that man and his best friend can see and converse even if they are separated physically.

IC Pooch Video Dog Chat creator Brooke Martin was just 12 years old when she thought of talking to her Golden Retriever, Kayla, while attending school.

Her startup idea had the best chance for success when she attended a Start-Up Weekend event in Spokane, Washington, in 2012.

It was amazing enough to video speak with your dog, but Martin took it a step further by imagining a way to give her dog a treat simultaneously.

iCPooch Before Shark Tank

The show industry has an old proverb that applies to business fairly well. As any actor knows, it’s never a good idea to work with children or animals.

The same is not true for Brooke Martin from Spokane, Washington, who appeared on Shark Tank.

When Brooke was just 14, she was well prepared to pitch the business moguls her idea for interactive dog care, iCPooch.

Kayla, the family dog, exhibited anxiety when left alone when Brooke was 12 years old. She devised a solution to help Kayla.

She had created a treat dispenser that was Wi-Fi enabled and had a tablet docking station that would allow pet owners to speak to their animal companion from a distance with the help of her father.

When she launched her Kickstarter campaign in 2013, it failed to catch the crowdfunding community’s attention and fell short of its $70,000 goal.

She could not give up easily and ran another successful campaign in 2014. She reached her revised goal of $20,000 easily because she had learned to set realistic goals. The campaign raised about $30,000.

The Geekwire’s ‘Inventions We Love’ challenge was won by iCPooch in October 2014. She discussed technology news and self-proclaimed geek culture collectives in a subsequent radio show.

The popular and well-respected podcast of the site featured her as well. Brooke’s strong presence at the Geekwire Summit wowed the crowd and garnered lots of attention from the business community.

iCPooch was discovered by Shark Tank producers shortly before Brooke’s success with Geekwire, and they were excited about the possibility of having her on the show.

Her prototype had been a work in progress for many months, but finally, just weeks before she appeared on the show, she succeeded in making it a marketable product.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of iCPooch?

Brooke will present the firm and its growth possibilities to a panel of five Sharks.

Barbara Corcoran, Mark Cuban, Lori Grenier, Kevin O’Leary, and Robert Herjavec will need to decide whether the business is worth a Shark investment.

iCPooch Shark Tank Update

Sharks will be impressed by a strong business plan, financial figures, and sales figures; however, she must show that she can run the company according to Shark standards.

iCPooch will post a full pitch recap once this episode airs on the SEOAves.

iCPooch Shark Tank Update

Brooke graduated from the top of her high school class and interned with the CEO and President of T-Mobile Inc. 

Hockenberry dubbed her “the Steve Jobs of dog treats” after she appeared on Shark Tank.”.

She is a senior at Stanford University studying Management Science and Engineering and is the co-president of Stanford Women in Business.

She is also one of only 12 Mayfield Fellows, an immersive entrepreneurship work/study program that prepares Stanford undergraduates for careers as technology leaders.

iCPooch cost $99 each. You can buy them on her website or Amazon.

Is iCPooch Still In Business?

Even though Brooke has failed to secure a deal for iCPooch, she has continued her business operations.

iCPooch-based technology was adapted to a new market area, and a new firm was founded in April of 2015. iCLovedOnes allows relatives to communicate with seniors.

Moreover, the system can dispense prescriptions at the right time, preventing loved ones from forgetting to take their medication.

The concept is a novel one, and perhaps the world isn’t ready for it yet; the firm seems to be struggling for now.

However, the iCPooch market has begun to heat up since she took part in the Tank. Since the show’s airing, sales have increased, and the company has expanded its in-house team.

Brooke claims that several thousand pieces are currently being sold and that growth is steady but steady.

While she is currently reliant on a third-party manufacturer to scale her manufacturing, she is taking control of this aspect of the business.

The iCPooch is available on Amazon, but its $240 price tag may prevent it from being a popular purchase.

It is possible that cheaper manufacturing costs and more affordable technologies can transform Brooke’s original enterprise into a mass-market success in the future.

It was fascinating to hear Brooke talk about her preparations for the show.

She indicated that instead of pitching to all sharks at once, she had studied separate tactics for interacting with each shark and had determined which sharks would be a good fit for partnering with her business.

Her passion for business and instincts made her feel calm during the cross-examination on the show. She attributed this to her experience and worked on the show.

iCPooch is unlikely to achieve massive sales until it becomes significantly more affordable, and the future success or failure of iCLovedOnes is currently in doubt.

It would be remarkable if Brooke didn’t continue to demonstrate her excellent entrepreneurial skills until she succeeded.

Brooke will probably sit listening rather than pitching if we ever see her on Shark Tank again.

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