What Happened To Hot Mama Gowns After Shark Tank?

Shark Tank episode 205 features Deidrea Haysel, who pitched Hot Mama Gowns. Haydel’s’ Hot Mama Gown concept came to her while hospitalized with her baby.

While nursing her daughter in the gown, she felt ugly and uncomfortable from the shapeless, medicinally scented scent and uncomfortably fitted material.

Her attempt to conceal her identity was hampered by wearing two gowns.

Haysel began creating organic cotton robes shortly after being discharged from the hospital.

Hot Mama Gowns are designed to fit women of all sizes and shapes in sizes 2-24 due to her frustration with the limited maternity clothing choices.

What Is Hot Mama Gowns?

Hot Mama Gowns are Maternity Gowns that are 100% organic cotton designed for breastfeeding mothers.

Hot Mama Gowns Shark Tank Update

Most women do not feel their most seductive immediately after giving birth, and those stiff, generic hospital robes do little to help.

Company NameHot Mama Gowns
EntrepreneurDeidra Haysel
ProductMaternity Gowns 
Investment Asking For$30,000 For 20% equity in Hot Mama Gowns
Final DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
Episode Season 10 Episode 11
Business StatusOut Of Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of Hot Mama Gowns?

Deidra Haysel is the founder and inventor of Hot Mama Gowns. She chose to design her gown after giving birth to her daughter and was forced to wear an uncomfortably tight gown that was particularly difficult to adjust when breastfeeding.

Then she began selling them. Her Hot Mama maternity dresses are exclusively organic cotton, perfect for nursing mothers. The dresses also look great.

Hot Mama Gowns Before Shark Tank

A woman’s life may be changed drastically by becoming a new mother, though it can be a difficult and uncomfortable experience.

Deidrea Haysel underwent this directly during her postpartum hospitalization after giving birth to her daughter.

A typical hospital robe provided to every patient while in the hospital is neither flattering nor comfortable.

The fact that hospital gowns always have open backs gives them minimal privacy, as anyone who has ever been in a hospital can attest.

Women who have just delivered a baby don’t want to spend time worrying about their safety when they should be focusing on taking care of their newborn. Haysel thought of an idea for that very reason.

Haysel went back to work immediately after being discharged from the hospital with her daughter.

Haysel was dissatisfied with the current maternity clothing available on the market and decided to make maternity gowns for pregnant women herself.

The gowns were created in sizes 2 to 24, to satisfy customers of all shapes and sizes. Haysel thought Hot Mama Gowns was a fantastic idea that women would enjoy.

The garments would be made of organ cotton, making them significantly more pleasant than hospital gowns. The robe would also cover the backside; something hospital robes do not do.

The idea sounded reasonable to her, so she decided to pitch it to ABC’s Shark Tank to gain cash and marketing connections.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Hot Mama Gowns?

Haysel reaches to Shark Tank seeking an investment of $30,000 in exchange for a 20% stake of Hot Mama Gowns. 

Afterward, she introduces two models, one dressed in a traditional gown and the other with an outfit designed by herself.

At first, she tells the Sharks of her personal experience with the concept and demonstrates her enthusiasm for it, but she has all the correct answers as soon as they begin to doubt the concept.

Haysel reports that the maternity clothes industry is a multibillion-dollar industry, growing at a rate of 12 percent annually.

On the other hand, she makes relatively few sales of her own. She has earned $11,500 in her first two years of business. She is immediately questioned by Daymond John.

She reveals that she has approximately $20,000 worth of supplies and is debt-free. She asserts that she generated the sales without advertising and that merchants are contacting her to inquire about stocking her gowns.

Barbara Corcoran expresses reservations, but Haysel maintains her optimism, saying she is constrained by the need for a distributor.

She hasn’t approached the Sharks solely for investment; she requires business relationships and distribution channels to expand her firm.

Robert Herjavec queries how she intends to construct a marketing program on her requested budget.

Kevin O’Leary says she only has an idea and no business. He is unwilling to travel the “long path” between a business idea and a successful business. He has left.

Barbara Corcoran is curious why she hasn’t considered a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Haysel notes that she caters to a larger size range than typical maternity clothes.

Daymond John thinks that Haysel “has all the answers.” He’s out. It is working against her since she cannot answer questions regarding the cost of obtaining customers, and she is persistent in arguing with the Sharks. 

Kevin Harrington thinks that she is working on the business “part-time” and asking for “full-time money.” “I can’t get past the part-time scenario,” he explained. He has departed. 

Barbara Corcoran is the sole survivor. Corcoran is pleased with the sales thus far but believes Haysel is too “close-minded,” but she is willing to make a $30,000 bid for 40% of the company in exchange for Haysel offering three sizes-small, medium, and large.

Haysel believes that 40% is an excessive figure. Corcoran then withdraws her offer, and Haysel exits the Shark Tank empty-handed.

What Happened To Hot Mama Gowns After Shark Tank?

In spite of receiving an offer from Barbara Corcoran during the show, Deidrea turned it down because she could not accept the terms.

She has always wanted to cater to women’s diverse body types, which is one of the primary reasons she founded the business in the first place.

That turned out to be something she was unwilling to abandon. Hot Mama Gowns did not end since she and Barbara could not reach an agreement.

Hot Mama Gowns Shark Tank Update

She reduced the gowns’ selling price from $119 to somewhere between $70-$90.

Deidrea devoted herself entirely to Hot Mama Gowns and, for a time, did fairly well for herself. 

The mother who purchased her goods regularly tweeted and happily accepted all feedback.

Every time she heard their stories, she was thrilled, and she was always eager to speak to them personally.

The situation for Hot Mama Gowns deteriorated, and postings on Twitter ceased in January 2013.

Furthermore, Hot Mama Gowns has deactivated its website, and its product is no longer available on Amazon.

Additionally, women seeking a more comfortable gown option can choose from other maternity dresses.

You can easily find the perfect style and fit on Amazon just by searching!

Hot Mama Gowns Shark Tank Update

Haysel expressed displeasure with the Shark Tank episode but declined the offer from Corcoran because she didn’t believe limiting size ranges served the brand’s purpose.

Haysel continued her business slowly, via internet sales and brick-and-mortar locations, even after losing in Shark Tank.

Hot Mama Gowns are still available on her website at a price cut of $69-89, as she reduced the price from $119 to $69-89.

Haysel ceased the operations of Hot Mama Gowns in 2013.

Is Hot Mama Gowns Still In Business?

The Shark Tank episode Haysel appeared in did not turn into a successful deal. 

Hot Mama Gowns no longer operates; however, other alternative businesses produce soft and adorable maternity gowns, including Baby Be Mine and My Bella Mama. These gowns also cost less than $100.

The firm has ceased operations, and the website has been redirected to a foreign domain.

Deidra is a typical entrepreneur because she generates a concept and sketches it out. 

She also spent a considerable amount of time blogging and communicating with her audience while in business.

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