What Happened To Hip Chixs After Shark Tank?

Aimee Miller and Megan Carrecker are both originally from Texas, and they both attended and graduated from Baylor University.

The two women have always had a strong desire to create a more superior pair of blue jeans and launch a brand with a western flavor.

After four years and the creation of dozens of pro-to-types, the Hip Chixs Jeans were finally introduced to the public in June 2011, to glowing reviews all around Dallas.

It would seem that starting a new line of blue jeans during a heatwave would be a disadvantage for the firm that had just started, which was launched in the middle of the heatwave.

However, it turned out to be a deceptively clever marketing approach picked up by several news outlets.

The majority of blue jeans currently available on the market are made of stiff fabric that does not allow the wearer’s legs to breathe, making them uncomfortable to wear when extremely hot outside.

In contrast, the fabric used to make Hip Chix Jeans is very stretchy and soft, allowing the legs to breathe easily.

It turns out that the Hip Chicks very much had this difficulty in mind when selecting the fabric, which in turn created a very good story that coincided with their launch. This all took place at the same time.

There are now two options available for denim jeans to be purchased on the Hip Chix website. These options are the Skinny Bootie and the Straight and Narrow.

Each pair costs $187.00 and is available in sizes ranging from 25 to 30. It’s noteworthy to note that, for the time being, they only sell to the US Market, although shipping is free within the United States.

Denim jeans made by Hip Chixs are designed to be free of “whale tales” and “muffin tops,” two common denim flaws.

Megan Jackson Carreker and Aimee Miller, two sorority sisters from Texas who started the clothing firm, appeared on the television show Shark Tank in 2013 to make a pitch for Hip Chixs.

What Is Hip Chixs?

Hip Chixs is a line of denim pants designed to eliminate “whale tales” and “muffin tops” from the waistline.

An angled pocket on the back end of these lightweights, “buttery soft” jeans, and an angled back yoke are designed to highlight a woman’s natural contours.

Aimee and Megan did not receive a deal, though they later admitted that they did not go into the Shark Tank looking for a deal but rather for the visibility the show would bring.

Hip Chixs Shark Tank Update

Once they were in the Tank, they changed their minds and declared that they “wanted the money.” But it was in vain.

The jeans were a great success at the exhibition, but the company had difficulty getting off the ground.

Company NameHip Chixs
EntrepreneurMegan Carreker and Aimee Miller
Product / BusinessThe muffin top-hiding jeans
Investment Asking For$150,000 for 35% equity in Hip Chixs
Final DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
Episode Season 4 Episode 17
Business StatusOut Of Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of Hip Chixs?

Megan Jackson Carreker and Aimee Miller are the founders of Hip Chixs. 

Aimee Miller and Megan Carrecker are native Texans who graduated from Baylor University and always desired to design superior blue jeans and start their clothing brand with a western twist.

After four years and hundreds of prototypes, the Hip Chixs Jeans was created in June 2011. It was received enthusiastically by the Dallas fashion community.

A heatwave may have been a disadvantage for launching a new brand of blue jeans, as the business began operations during that period.

This was, in fact, a clever marketing tactic that several news organizations took up.

Hip Chix jeans are manufactured with a highly elastic and soft fabric, allowing them to breathe, so they are more pleasant to wear than most blue jeans on the market, which can be uncomfortable to wear when it is hot outside.

Hip Chix chose the fabric, keeping this issue in mind, which resulted in a fantastic story at the same time as the launch of their clothing line.

Hip Chixs Before Shark Tank

There is no doubt that ladies require customized jeans. It is easy to see why if you have ever seen a woman in guy jeans – men tend to be boxier in shape while women are too curvy.

Therefore, many women in 2016 have become dissatisfied with the lack of deep pockets in women’s pants, which makes it difficult for them to juggle their cell phones whenever they want to sit down.

While Hip Chixs offered a contemporary version of jeans in 2016, they are still jeans as we know them today.

You can find out more about Hip Chixs and how they can save a lady from having to juggle her phone while still appearing attractive and trendy by reading on.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Hip Chixs?

Hip Chix Jeans, founder Aimee Miller and Megan Jackson-Carreker, debuts on Shark Tank requesting an investment of $150,000 in exchange for a 35 percent stake in Hip Chixs.

Megan and Aimee agree that Hip Chixs is the best pair of jeans money can buy because they are both fun and seductive.

Aimee adds; that a particular waistband in the rear prevents the jeans from dropping below a specific point, which is ideal for preventing back whale tails.

Daymond reveals that he has never heard the word “whale tail” before, and Lori mouths, along with the two women presenting, “whale tail.”

Aimee and Megan feel Hip Chixs has the potential to become the next sought-after denim brand that every woman will desire in her closet.

In truth, Hip Chixs is at a critical juncture and requires financing from the Sharks to scale their business.

Lori asks the two women if they are wearing them, to which they respond affirmatively. Then, Lori reveals that she desires to determine what prevents whale tails and muffin tops.

Aimee notes that waistbands are typically circular, but theirs are egg-shaped. This affords the additional jeans room when the wearer bends over.

The fabric is very forgiving and slimming for muffin tops. Kevin then inquires about sales, to which Aimee (disappointingly) responds that they had totaled approximately $12,000.

Robert asks why the sales are so low, and Aimee reveals that they conducted a test – they conducted levels of study and wanted to develop the most premium product possible to match market demands.

They have only sold $12,000 worth of merchandise in two years, perplexing Robert.

Robert then cites the example of Kevin handing them $150,000 and then inquiring about the 12-month plan.

Aimee adds that they need to increase their investment by double; thus, they will strive to invest the majority of this capital in sales.

They have a limited sales staff; thus, they will invest in recruiting additional salesmen.

In addition, they need to expand their selection of styles so that they will invest in different patterns and designs.

Robert then inquires about the state of the sales and if the two women got their entire investment.

If the two ladies obtain the money, they will strive to generate $850,000 in sales, mostly through boutiques.

The two women would love to partner with a niche boutique. Despite this, the two women have spent zero dollars on advertising.

They have had a great deal of success advertising mostly through social media without spending any money.

Recently, the two women conducted a trial run of 300 pairs of jeans with a store.

Mark inquires about the performance of these 300 pairs of jeans in comparison to other designs of jeans.

Aimee explains that the boutique offered over thirty brands, but they were in the top twenty-five.

Daymond then inquires about the retail price of each pair of pants, which is approximately $187 before tax. He then inquires how much it costs to sell each unit to the store, totaling $80.

Finally, he inquires how much each unit costs to make, which totals around $68, labor included.

Kevin is dismayed by this and points out that they only make $12 per unit, which does not account for distribution costs.

Aimee then explains that their cost per unit will decrease as a result of scaling, which is accurate; however, Kevin points out that the company is not profitable.

Megan adds that they are here to raise funds to place a larger order and reduce the price of each unit.

Kevin, still unconvinced, asserts that the two women are “dragging him to hell with them.”

Daymond explains that this is his territory since he made his fortune with FUBU, and most jean manufacturers are attempting to reduce their pricing to around $120.

The era of $180 to $220 jeans is ended, and individuals are currently fighting to pay their mortgages. They will eternally wear faded and mended jeans.

Then, Robert turns to Daymond and poses a hypothetical scenario: Daymond and Robert create a denim brand and hire designers.

Robert wants to fund it, so he wants to know how much a hypothetical check would be for that hypothetical new company to gain 1% of the denim market.

Daymond believes that this amount maybe $5 million for a denim line. Immediately and humorously, Kevin expresses his interest in the deal.

Robert also claims that the two women did not request enough money, and Aimee admits that she was aware of this.

Robert becomes solemn; the two women are really pleasant and have done an excellent job with their presentation.

But one store is insufficient, so Robert is the first Shark to withdraw from the arrangement. Next, Lori speaks, believing that the two women require substantial money.

It is too steep to climb, but the two women are designers; they should create something unique and different where there may not be much competition.

In this manner, they can corner the market, garner support, and move swiftly into the market. Sadly, Lori is also excluded from the transaction.

Daymond asserts that if he were one of the two women, he would provide 100 to 200 pairs of jeans to females.

Women are perpetually preoccupied with the fit, and nearly every woman believes she can be the designer or star of tomorrow, even though she knows nothing about it.

If they mail 200 pairs to an individual and partner with that individual, that individual may say, “This pair is great; of course, I’ll partner with you!”

Then, you present this individual to a Shark, who will sacrifice itself to give you the money. Today, however, Daymond has withdrawn from the transaction.

Mark asserts that if the two ladies can make a woman’s “tushie” appear more attractive than any other pair of jeans, they will have struck gold.

Women are always fascinated with the fit and appearance of their jeans; thus, it will be difficult to perfect the product.

The two women can ultimately get there, but Mark cannot participate in the transaction today.

He believes that the two women will be able to expand the business independently and discover a market niche to a corner and make their own.

Kevin believes that Mark is doing the women a great disservice. The two women have a 0% chance of success; thus, the more time they spend following their ambition, the more time they are wasting — Kevin does not believe this endeavor can be successful.

He continues by stating that if the two women were businesswomen, they would be able to locate a venture with a chance of success.

The jeans market is oversaturated; they have little prospect of gaining market share. Kevin is the final and remaining Shark in the agreement.

Unfortunately, Aimee and Megan leave Shark Tank with heavy hearts. Robert and Lori then turn to Kevin and lecture him on how he must be friendlier to people and how he should not dash the hopes of an aspiring Shark Tank contestant.

Final Deal: No deal between Sharks and Hip Chixs.

What Happened To Hip Chixs After Shark Tank?

Mr. Wonderful had a negative opinion about Hip Chixs, but the product has remained robust and is still in use today.

Hip Chixs is now largely available on their website, HipChixs.com, and offers a wide selection of jeans that have been added to their product line.

Hip Chixs now provides straight-leg jeans, boot-cut jeans, and classic slimming jeans in addition to their previous styles.

What Happened To Sweet Ballz After Shark Tank?

It is possible to purchase pants with a waist size as small as 24 inches and as large as 32 inches (the measurement can be adjusted on the internet, although a size 24 is a size zero for women’s clothing). 

The jeans are composed of 98 percent cotton and 2 percent spandex.

Hip Chixs’ pricing appears to have remained unchanged, as recommended by the Sharks, and this may be what ultimately brings the business to a halt. They start at $145 for straight and narrow jeans and $160 for the other two pairs.

Hip Chixs Post Shark Tank

Aimee Miller and Megan Jackson Carreker did not receive a contract when they appeared on Shark Tank in 2013. Lori Greiner suggested that the three try to create something new, something original.

You might be able to find a few pairs of jeans on Amazon, but Hip Chixs is no longer in business.

Aimee and Megan continue to work at their day jobs. Aimee is a trainer at Sculpt House, a gym in Dallas, and Megan is a photographer stylist for Fossil. Megan has not yet resigned from her day job.

Hip Chixs Shark Tank Update

Is Hip Chixs Still In Business?

Hip Chixs is out of business as of May 2022. Hip Chixs is no longer in business, although a few pairs of jeans are still available on Amazon.com.

Aimee’s Instagram account indicates that she is employed as a lead trainer with Sculpt House, a gym opening in Dallas this May. Many treadmills are available at Sculpt House, where treadmill workouts are popular.

What Happened To BeardBrand After Shark Tank?

Megan’s LinkedIn profile indicates that she has retained her position with the company where she presently works as a senior photography stylist for the Fossil Group.

She began working at Fossil as a designer for the women’s apparel line, including stylish sweaters and knits.

What is the Net Worth of Hip Chixs?

The valuation of Hip Chixs was $425,000 when it appeared on Shark Tank. Hip Chixs is out of business as of 2022; hence the net worth is unknown.

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