Grip Clean Shark Tank Update

Grip Clean is a natural, industrial-strength hand soap introduced by X Games champion and Motocross-pro Bryce Hudson in episode 709 of Shark Tank.

Hudson’s acrobatic motorcycle skills are well known, but he is less known for his business ventures. Hudson established his company on Kickstarter with a $10,000 campaign.

Bryce desired an all-natural treatment to remove grease from his hands whenever he finished working on his bikes.

He invented one when he couldn’t find one. Grip Clean is a vegetable-based industrial strength hand soap that removes grease by causing dirt to adhere to it.

Bryce massaged his grimy hands in the soil before cleaning them, realizing that dirt was the best natural way to remove grease and oil.

GripClean contains a significant quantity of “the best” dirt cleaner you could hope to find on earth.

Bryce is still a motocross rider, but the physical strain has led him to contemplate launching a business rather than competing in motorcycle jumps.

Will Grip Clean work on a Shark?

What Is Grip Clean?

Grip Clean is a plant-based, natural hand cleaner created with athletes, active families, and active people in mind. It comes in a convenient bottle and is easy to use.

There are no harsh chemicals used in the production of the product. Grip Clean’s process produces dirt as a byproduct. All organic components are used in the production of this soap.

Grip Clean hand soap is olive oil, coconut oil, mud, and grime. It is a bar of excellent hand soap and scrub.

Grip Clean Shark Tank Update

Grip Clean is the world’s first naturally derived hand soap designed for industrial use. There’s a not-so-secret ingredient in it, but an almost paradoxical one – dirt! 

Company NameGrip Clean
EntrepreneurBryce Hudson
ProductProducts that are oil-cutting, grease-cutting, and are designed to clean hands
Investment Asking For$85,000 For 20% equity in Grip Clean
Final Deal$85,000 For 35% equity in Grip Clean
SharkLori Greiner
Episode Season 7 Episode 8
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of Grip Clean?

Grip Clean was founded by Bruce Hudson, who still serves as its CEO. Bryce spent most of his time either riding motorcycles or working on them. Before becoming the Soap Boy, he was a Motorcross athlete.

Bryce Hudson is an X Games star, and he is known for his passion for motorcycles and his participation in the X Games.

The nature of dealing with motorcycles has led Bryce to discover that he has difficulty removing grease and oil from his hands.

Bryce repeatedly lost focus because dirty hands prevented him from concentrating as he covered his hands in mud to conceal bike grease.

As a result, he came up with a great idea. He developed a hand washing product to assist others in a similar situation.

Bryce realizes that he must eventually retire from the X Games due to his numerous injuries. He is doing all he can to ensure the business’s success, and he is optimistic about its future.

According to Bryce, Grip Clean had to be brought more than just an impressive personal profile to the US market.

He needed additional capital and contacts with potential suppliers and distributors to begin his own business. He went to the Shark Tank to get the money he needed to grow his company.

Grip Clean Before Shark Tank

Bryce Hudson is well-known for his X Games participation and passion for motorcycles.

Bryce’s passion for motorcycles and consequently obtaining excessively dirty hands while working with them led to the invention of Grip Clean.

He discovered that dealing with bikes left his hands extremely oily and filthy, difficult to remove.

Bryce frequently covered his hands in mud to remove the grease.

It was then that he realized he could create a product that would assist others in similar situations.

Grip clean is an entirely natural solution that contains no harsh chemicals, in contrast to many other soaps designed to remove heavy grease.

The secret behind Grip Clean is that dirt is dissolved in its solution. Bryce describes the soap as fully organic and having “the best that nature has to offer.”

Bryce is only twenty-five years old, but he has already experienced many injuries, meaning he will not compete in the X Games forever.

Bryce sees the company as a means to an end and is motivated to see it succeed.

Bryce understood that his profile alone wouldn’t be enough to put Grip Clean on the market in the United States.

Additionally, the entrepreneur needed funding, commercial acumen, and contracts with vendors and distributors.

He thus turned to the Shark Tank in hopes of getting all the help he needed from one of the sharks.

Will the sharks make a deal with Bryce?

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Grip Clean?

The Shark Tank segment begins with a montage of Bryce performing jumps and tricks on his motorcycle.

He talks about his journey to the X-Games, where he won gold and two silver medals.

He says he currently produces Grip Clean in his garage, but he wants to grow the business to prepare for a time when he won’t ride motorcycles.

When he rides his bike into the Tank, Bryce pops a wheelie. He is demanding $85K in exchange for a 20% stake in Grip Clean.

As a result, he claims he has always been amid dirt and grime and has thus learned that dirt is necessary for combating dirt.

Dirt is the most absorbent substance on the planet regarding chemicals and pollutants.

Grip Clean is the perfect hand cleaner for mechanics, construction workers, farmers, and anyone else who works with their hands.

The Sharks encounter him at the bar, and he tells them that he is unstoppable and intends to start a business after sustaining injuries while riding.

There is no other industrial strength hand cleaner in the market as natural as Grip Clean.

It’s a soap made from coconut and olive oils that contain dirt. Robert gives it a try and appreciates the fact that it is not “eating my hands up.”

Bryce reveals that he is a pre-revenue business. Five motorcycle shops currently carry his merchandise, and he is curious about them.

He complains that it costs $5 to make, selling it wholesale for $6. The cost of his product will be below a dollar if he orders 20,000 units.

Robert has reservations. He said that consumers haven’t well-received grease Monkey Wipes, and sales have been disappointing.

He argues that his credibility makes him a good fit for targeting the motorcycle community. He is creating GripClean in five gallons, which is killing him.

Robert exits as a result of his Grease Monkey Wipes encounter.

Mark Cuban believes it is too much work and has resigned.

Daymond likes the concept, but if he wants 20,000 units at $1 apiece, he just needs $20K to get started.

Bryce explains that he needs the Sharks’ funds to purchase 55-gallon drums and industrial mixers, so Mr. Wonderful inquires why a co-packer cannot be used.

Mr. Wonderful declares that there is no meat on the bones; he, too, is out.

Lori inquires as to why co-packers have not been successful. Co-packers, according to Bryce, do not want dirt on their production lines.

Lori believes GripClean is a natural fit for her line of goods.

She is aware of the necessity and believes it is an excellent concept. Lori indicates that she will accept a flyer for $85K for 35% of the business.

Bryce declares a DEAL!

Final Deal: Lori Greiner agreed to invest $85,000 For 35% equity in Grip Clean.

What Happened To Grip Clean After Shark Tank?

Bryce and Grip Clean are already bringing the product to market, even if it has only been a few days since they struck an agreement with Lori.

Grip Clean is available in a range of pack sizes, including convenient wall mountable canisters in garages.

Grip Clean Shark Tank Update

Grip Clean has been receiving more media coverage since the Shark Tank episode aired and several positive reviews from people who have purchased the product.

Grip Clean will thrive and continue to grow since Lori is on board. This is another successful shark tank cleaning product.

Grip Clean Shark Tank Update

Lori’s deal with Grip Clean was never finalized, but Bryce established distribution relationships with Cycle Gear, Advanced Auto Parts, and CarQuest. 

He continues to sell on his website and through Amazon. As of February 2022, he generates $3 million in annual revenue.

Is Grip Clean Still In Business?

The Grip Clean product line has grown since its appearance on Shark Tank. The company now carries a half-gallon counter-top jug and a wall-mounted dispenser that holds a gallon ($89.99).

Grip Clean partnered with Cycle Gear, the biggest retailer of motorcycle clothing, parts, and accessories in the country, in October 2016, and Hudson with Advance Auto Parts (and CarQuest), the largest retailer of automobile parts and accessories, in February 2017.

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