What Happened To Granola Gourmet After Shark Tank?

Shark Tank featured Jeff Cohen during episode 105 with a slightly different snack: his Granola Gourmet snack bars have been specifically formulated not to spike blood sugar levels in people with diabetes.

The formula for Cohen’s snack bars was developed with the assistance of his wife and two sons.

Cohen had had diabetes for 15 years when he invented the snack bars.

He had previously gained a foothold in a supermarket chain through his previous accomplishments. There’s just one problem with that.

When Cohen had a significant stake in a software firm that went bankrupt, Cohen was forced into personal bankruptcy.

Due to his financial failure, the outcast he has become an outcast among lending institutions; will they overlook his past mistakes and help him now?

What Is Granola Gourmet?

Granola Gourmet energy bars are made entirely of natural ingredients and have a low glycemic index. 

They are boosted with omega-3s, flax, and antioxidants. You can find several delicious snacks that won’t spike your blood glucose levels. 

These products are sold, with a portion of the proceeds going to organizations fighting diabetes.

Granola Gourmet Shark Tank Update

Nutritional bars such as Granola Gourmet are low in glycemic index and are therefore healthy snacks.

These snacks are popular with athletes and individuals who want to stay healthy while snacking due to their low sugar content.

You can choose from four flavors: Brownie, Spiced Orange Cranberry, Chocolate Espresso, and Very Berry.

Company NameGranola Gourmet
EntrepreneurJeff Cohen
Product / BusinessHealthy energy bars with low glycemic index
Investment Asking For$175,000 for 25% equity in Granola Gourmet
Final DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
Episode Season 1 Episode 5
Business StatusOut Of Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of Granola Gourmet?

Jeff Cohen is the founder of Granola Gourmet. He is the father of two sons and has been married for 20 years.

Cohen has lived with diabetes for more than fifteen years and says it is virtually impossible to find tasty snacks that do not raise blood sugar levels.

Jeff Cohen and his family have been working on a concept for a gourmet, nutritional diabetic food suitable for everyone interested in living a healthy lifestyle for several years.

The founder of this enterprise, Jeff Cohen, claims that he has invested a considerable percentage of his family’s hard-earned money in it.

Additionally, he maintains that his ambition as an entrepreneur has always been to develop an item loved by everyone and bring it to the wider public’s attention through distribution.

His family members have trusted him and his business, and he is determined not to disappoint them.

Jeff Cohen believes that his company is in danger if he doesn’t receive investment capital from the Sharks.

Granola Gourmet Before Shark Tank

Jeff Cohen, the creator of Granola Gourmet, resides in the California town of Stevenson. He and his wife have two children, and they have been married for twenty years.

Jeff Cohen has been living with diabetes for over fifteen years, and he claims that it is nearly impossible to find snacks that are both delicious and not likely to spike his blood sugar.

Jeff Cohen has designed a healthy, gourmet diabetic product intended for people interested in living a healthy lifestyle in general and diabetics, for which they have come up with the idea.

Jeff Cohen claims that he has put a significant amount of his and his family’s hard-earned money into this venture.

Additionally, he maintains that, as an entrepreneur, he has always aimed to create products that everyone would enjoy and then offer to the wider public.

He wants to make sure he doesn’t let anyone down. His entire family supports him in everything he does.

Jeff Cohen claims that his company will have to permanently close its doors if he does not receive the investment money from the Sharks.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Granola Gourmet?

Jeff Cohen appeared on Shark Tank seeking an investment of $175,000 for 25% equity of Granola Gourmet, equating the company’s valuation to $700,000.

Sharks snack on some of his granola bar samples as he explains how he and his family went through to produce the product they are eating now.

He gets a good laugh by telling my wife said the fruit-flavored bars are “fine.” She gave him “the greatest praise” by saying they were just fine.

The Sharks are unanimous in their praise for the bars. Cohen explains that he has obtained access to 90 percent of Whole Foods locations in Southern California, 24 outlets with monthly sales ranging from $8,000 to $10,000.

Robert Herjavec is delighted Granola Gourmet is available at Whole Foods, but he’s perplexed that Cohen hasn’t expanded into the national market with Whole Foods.

Cohen mentions that he previously declared bankruptcy and that cash flow had been an issue.

Kevin O’Leary believes the $700,000 valuation implied by the $175,000 investment request is excessive and that the business is not worth the $700,000 valuation implied.

Kevin Harrington dismisses Granola Gourmet as a “me too” enterprise and withdraws his participation.

Daymond John admits that he didn’t care for the granola bars and left the show.

Barbara Corcoran does not believe Cohen will be able to raise additional funds in the future, which makes him a terrible investment risk in her opinion.

Kevin O’Leary concurs, describing Cohen as “radioactive” due to his bankruptcy. He’s no longer here.

Robert Herjavec reveals why he is concerned about Cohen’s lack of commitment to the extension of his Whole Foods arrangement.

Despite Cohen’s best efforts, the final Shark does not want to work with him, and he has to leave without having concluded a deal.

What Happened To Granola Gourmet After Shark Tank?

Cohen’s little business has been a success, and he is already generating ten thousand dollars in sales per month. It’s clear that there is a market for his products.

Customers can purchase their products at Whole Foods Market, Amazon, and on the company’s website.

Jeff Cohen could not secure investment from the Sharks, but it doesn’t appear that this has stopped him from trying again.

The Shark Tank episode does not mention Granola Gourmet as the best or the worst company.

Jeff Cohen’s bankruptcy prevented him from securing financing from any financial institution, which influenced the Sharks’ unwillingness to invest in Granola Gourmet.

Granola Gourmet products are available for purchase at various retail locations and online retailers.

Granola Gourmet’s official website is located at www.granolagourmet.com, and it is from there that you can place orders for any of their items.

Granola Gourmet items are also available on Amazon, DLife, and Whole Foods.

The items are frequently rated five stars out of five, and it appears that customers genuinely appreciate the Granola Gourmet products they purchase.

See what people are saying about them on their official Facebook page, Yelp, and Amazon.

The Amazon review scores are around three out of five stars, and the Yelp ratings are around four out of five stars.

Although Jeff Cohen was unsuccessful in his attempt to secure funding from the Sharks, the business of Granola Gourmet was unquestionably a success.

Jeff Cohen’s products are in a very wide market, and he even did manage to get them into Whole Foods, which speaks to how well he markets his products.

PupBox Shark Tank Update

Jeff will have to come up with another innovative idea to raise a significant amount of money so the company can establish new markets and increase sales.

Currently, there are several Granola Gourmet items available for purchase, including standard granola bars and exotic varieties containing fruits and nuts of different varieties.

The lowest bundle of Granola Gourmet items is $10.99, and the largest package costs $29.99.

Granola Gourmet Shark Tank Update

Jeff Cohen may have walked away from Shark Tank without finding a partner, but he was not discouraged. The company continued to grow, and it attracted additional investors.

Granola Gourmet’s distribution network now encompasses over 600 retail locations across the United States.

Having failed to receive the Sharks’ investment in 2009 inspired Cohen to work even harder so the company could establish its foundation and attract its investors.

Granola Gourmet Shark Tank Update

Even though the company did not receive a contract right away, it was recently featured in season two, episode 202 of the show, as part of an update segment.

Cohen’s success came even though he declared bankruptcy. Like a gamma blast in a superhero movie, the setback gave him the personal might he needed to succeed.

Granola Gourmet is currently available in stores around the country from merchants such as Safeway, Vons, Whole Foods Market, and Amazon.com.

AirBedz Shark Tank Update

Things began to fall apart for this company sometime after the year 2016.

Cohen still advertised the business on his LinkedIn page in July 2021, yet the website is an incomprehensible jumble, and the social media accounts have been inactive since 2013.

They can’t be found anywhere, not even on the internet or in stores.

Is Granola Gourmet Still In Business?

Granola Gourmet seems out of business as their website is not updated. Moreover, their social media has gone dark since 2013.

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