What Happened To GoGo Gear After Shark Tank?

Arlene Battishill and Desiree Estrada, the owners of GoGo Gear, present themselves in episode 306 of Shark Tank, where the Sharks discuss their company.

The apparel is intended to safeguard motorbike riders in an accident. The reinforced components were designed to meet the safety needs of female motorcyclists, but they are also available in men’s styles, but with a fashion aspect.

These are not your usual leather motorcycle jackets with fringe. They can be worn on or off the bike and are fashion-forward.

Safety features such as reflective fabric are skillfully hidden when a rider isn’t wearing them.

The reinforced linings are stitched into the clothing, making them virtually indistinguishable from stylish clothing in a European boutique.

Are these motorcycle ladies going to be taken for a ride by the sharks, or will they be invested?

What Is GoGo Gear?

GoGo Gear is a collection of protective and stylish motorcycle gear aimed at female riders.

GoGo Gear is made of abrasion-resistant materials and fluorescent fabrics that provide riders with a sense of safety in an accident.

GoGo Gear’s protective kevlar armored leggings, hoodies, and jackets are available. Men’s riding pants are now available from the brand.

GoGo Gear is a stylish women’s clothing line dedicated to protecting motorbike riders. GoGo Gear’s hoodies and leggings are coated with Kevlar fiber to protect the skin from abrasions and feature reflective safety straps.

GoGo Gear Shark Tank Update

GoGo Gear developed the much-needed attire for female motorcycle enthusiasts to ensure their safety while riding their bikes.

GoGo Gear is meant to protect motorcycle riders from harm in the event of an accident, as the outfit is reinforced with metal and Kevlar.

They provide men’s fashionables, and the greatest thing is that these coats are designed to be worn both on and off the bike.

Truly smart, the luminous fabric conceals safety features when not in use, and the Kevlar reinforcements are sewed inside out, making it difficult to tell if this is cycling wear or fashionable wear.

Company NameGoGo Gear
EntrepreneurDesiree Estrada and Arlene Battishill
ProductMotocross Safety Gear That Is Fashionable
Investment Asking For$300,000 For 15% equity in GoGo Gear
Final Deal$300,000 For 65% equity in GoGo Gear
SharkDaymond John
Episode Season 3 Episode 10
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of GoGo Gear?

GoGo Gear was founded and was designed by Arlene Battishill and Desiree Estrada.

Their decision to start their one-of-a-kind fashion company in 2008 was inspired by the loss of their American corporate jobs.

Battishill previously worked for Brookfield Homes Southland, Inc. before founding GoGo Gear.

In 2014, Battishill took a position as Chief Technical Officer at Voices Amplified after spending several years in the e-commerce industry.

Desiree and Arlene both ride motorcycles, and they wanted to learn how to keep women safe when riding their bikes on the road.

Arlene’s professional and academic background allowed her to conduct extensive research on GoGo Gear to design safe, comfortable apparel for female riders.

This is the first protective clothing for female bikers on the go that is stylish and trendy.

This jacket is equipped with the latest interior engineering techniques, including abrasion-resistant material and CE-certified armor in critical areas such as the shoulder, back, and elbow.

When not in use, this helmet is fitted with highly reflective materials that are concealed and stylish.

The idea of moving into protective equipment occurred to them in 2008, when both of the traditional “biker gear fanatics” lost their corporate jobs.

They have decided to launch a clothing line for professional women who love biking.

GoGo Gear Before Shark Tank

Desiree Estrada and Arlene Battishill founded goGo Gear. The fashionable clothing is designed to protect motorcycle riders.

GoGo Gear is not another form of protective equipment, bringing an original concept to the table.

This product is intended for use on bikes, city streets, and boardrooms. The attire is couture-inspired, and leather reigns supreme in the market.

This type of clothing is aimed at female cyclists, who are likely to experiment with this fashionable style more often, although they also have a section for men. This is not what one anticipates when it comes to motorcycle gear.

However, do not be duped. It appears that the garments are fragile; however, they are lined with Kevlar and have luminous safety straps.

GoGo Gear creators pitch their product on ABC’s Shark Tank after a few years in business and $400,000 in investments.

This was a win-win marketing situation regarding the investment of $300,000 and the exposure to 6 million people.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of GoGo Gear?

Arlene Battishill And Desiree Estrada appeared on Shark Tank seeking an investment of $300,000 in exchange for a 15% stake in GoGo Gear.

The two arrive in typical “biker attire” and explain that they were laid off from their corporate jobs in 2008 and launched a clothes company geared toward professionals who enjoy motorcycling.

The girls then removed their biker jackets to expose their gorgeous GoGo Gear protective clothing, which elicited oohs and aahs from the Sharks.

Kevin O’Leary is enthusiastic about sales. Battashill responds that they sold $172,000 worth of merchandise in the previous year.

You can purchase GoGo Gear at 25 specialist motorcycle and scooter retailers. 

Mark Cuban is interested in learning more about their plans. “Prove to me that you can be trusted with my money,” he instructs the ladies. “How do you intend to spend the money?”

Battashill’s response that they want to take the line to Europe is met with scorn by the Shark.

Mark Cuban tells them that going to Europe would be a bad idea. His recommendation is to focus first on the US market and grow their business in that country before expanding to other markets.

Kevin O’Leary goes out of the deal seeing the company’s valuation, which is $2 million.

They are shouted down when they dispute the valuation with the Sharks.

Mark Cuban refers to the pair as “cockroaches” about the industry’s larger players and predicts that they will be crushed without a “laser-focused” marketing strategy. He has left.

Barbara Corcoran says the couple is way too confident about the worth of their business. She has left.

Robert Herjavec concurs with Cuban’s assessment. He is no longer present.

There is only one survivor left: Daymond John. To tempt John, the Estrada offers a bigger equity percentage.

While the pair consults, Robert Herjavec convinces John to let him into the deal, citing his knowledge of the motorcycle industry and John’s knowledge of the fashion industry.

The partners’ reappearance and give a 50% equity stake. John and Herjavec request an increase in the offer. Estrada makes a 55% offer, which Herjavec declines.

John is prepared to accept the 55%, but Herjavec is adamant. Batashill increases its interest in the company to 65 percent.

Herjavec retains his exclusion despite the increased equity. John chooses at the last minute to join. GoGo Gear signs a contract with Shark.

Final Deal: Daymond John agreed to invest $300,000 For 65% equity in GoGo Gear.

What Happened To GoGo Gear After Shark Tank?

The money was never delivered to the two; rather, Daymond functioned as a counselor to the company, significantly formulating an appropriate business strategy for the fledgling entrepreneurs.

GoGo Gear garnered considerable attention shortly as their program aired on ABC.

Paparazzi Proposals Shark Tank Update

Battishill reports that numerous investors have contacted her and that the GoGo Gear website’s traffic has increased by around 1000 percent.

Numerous buyers have left product evaluations on YouTube and Facebook, forming a sizable community of trendy gear enthusiasts.

GoGo Gear has a website and items available on Amazon.com to expand their business and deliver a refreshing, distinctive product to market. This is unsurprising, given its appearance.

GoGo Gear Shark Tank Update

They exited Shark Tank bleeding from their severe response to Cuban, and Herjavec’s valuation and marketing plan, but they could secure the contract with Daymond John.

The partners decided to cut manufacturing during the economic downturn and weather the recession together.

GoGo Gear Shark Tank Update

Daymond never wrote a check, but he originally served as an adviser.

Their GoGo Gear items have been reintroduced to the market as they have improved. Profits are increasing!

Is GoGo Gear Still In Business?

The girls did exit Shark Tank with a transaction, but not without facing a barrage of criticism and constructive recommendations about their valuation and marketing strategy.

After concluding their transaction with Daymond John, the two women and the shark discussed their plans.

As a result of the economic downturn, both partners decided to curtail production to weather the storm.

Daymond did not personally deliver the cheque but acted as an adviser and aided in developing their marketing strategy.

Body Jac Shark Tank Update

GoGo Gear began modestly, with only 172K sales before receiving shark tank funding.

Since then, the ladies have grown their business and have become a new fad for the women rider community, with over 40+ employees and around 10,000 followers on Facebook and Twitter.

Markets began to recover, and the ladies began manufacturing GoGo Gear products and expanding their retail sales.

Profits and revenues increased dramatically. The company’s annual sales have soared to $7.48 million in 2021.

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