What Happened To FunCakes After Shark Tank?

What Is FunCakes?

FunCakes are three-tiered desserts built of styrofoam layers and topped with genuine fondant icing to resemble real wedding cakes.

They are not only easy to transport to the venue, but they are also substantially less expensive than a real custom cake.

FunCakes Shark Tank Update

FunCakes provides a more reasonable option by renting the exquisitely created wedding cake centerpiece.

The main cake is made of real fondant, and it looks and feels like a real cake in every way except that it has a compartment for storing a small piece of edible cake for the ceremony.

A standard sheet cake from a local bakery or wholesale store is served to the guests after the couple performs their ritual of “feeding each other.”

Company NameFunCakes Rental
EntrepreneurKimberly Aya
ProductRental wedding cakes made of foam and fondant
Investment Asking For$285,000 For 25% equity in FunCakes
Final DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
Episode Season 6 Episode 4
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of FunCakes?

The Grand Rapids-based baker Kimberly Aya is the founder of FunCakes, who formerly owned a bakery in Europe before relocating to Michigan.

She now co-owns FunCakes with her son in Grand Rapids, specializing in creating fake wedding cakes.

The objective is to provide brides with an economical confectionery choice.

Kimberly first encountered fake cakes in 2007 during a bridal exhibition, and it opened her eyes to the possibilities.

The concealed compartment in the styrofoam cakes was also discovered during the show.

There is one actual cake slice in the slot, enabling the bride and groom to cut the phony cake right up to the last slice. It was from this occurrence that FunCakes was born.

Kimberly began by preparing the mock cakes for presentation and then delivering a standard sheet cake for guests to slice and serve. There was no difference between the two cakes.

FunCakes Before Shark Tank

Kimberly Aya founded a specialty bakery in Europe called Fun Cakes in the 1990s.

Kimberly’s family moved to Michigan when she became pregnant with her first child, where Kimberly maintained her commercial dreams by opening a bakery.

She created six prop cakes for display at her first bridal convention as part of her advertising campaign.

Most of the showgoers expressed their desire to purchase the props instead of the more costly and real cakes due to the authenticity of the cakes.

Kimberley decided to move away from the oven’s heat in favor of a new business model, providing fake cakes to couples on a budget and for weddings.

The newly formed FunCakes firm gained quick recognition after the local Grand Rapids Press published a top page story on “Wedding Deception.”

Media coverage resulted in increased sales, and the company gained a great deal of exposure.

Kimberley was requested to appear on The Today Show six weeks after the local newspaper article, and the media’s interest in her has never waned.

Fun Cakes also contributed props to the 2009 blockbuster film “The Hangover.”.

Kimberley thought that appearing on Shark Tank would be a great opportunity to grow her business, and she had a way of catching the producers’ attention.

She sent a Shark Tank-themed cake along with her application, and her unorthodox approach worked very well.

Kimberley received an email confirming her application within hours of receiving the cake.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of FunCakes?

Kimberly and Koray appeared on Shark Tank requesting an investment of $285,000 in exchange for a 25% stake in FunCakes.

The founders of FunCakes left the Shark Tank stage without securing any deal from the Sharks.

Final Deal: No deal between Sharks and FunCakes.

What Happened To FunCakes After Shark Tank?

Korey and Kimberley were optimistic about appearing on the broadcast despite the sharks’ rejection.

Kimberley anticipated Fun Cakes would have difficulty attracting a shark investor before the segment aired due to the product’s niche nature.

Kimberley concluded that the Sharks’ rejection of her business venture primarily resulted from their inability to estimate the size of the potential market due to the absence of competition.

Meanwhile, the sharks were humming an entirely different melody.

Mark Cuban commented that Kimberley and Koray’s exit from the tank gave the impression that the problem wasn’t with the business but rather with the entrepreneurs. Still, Kevin O’Leary observed, ‘I thought too that business was awful.’

Fun Cakes continues to grow its brand but did not land a transaction on Shark Tank. In May 2016, they secured an agreement with Michigan-based retailer SpartanNash. SpartanNash operates over 160 retail locations.

By May 2016, Fun Cakes was now available in all SpartanNash locations, and Kimberley is actively seeking new retail relationships.

Fun Cakes maintains a consistent online presence across multiple social media platforms and a professionally designed website, from which Kimberley announced the partnership with SpartanNash in early 2016.

FunCakes Shark Tank Update

FunCakes also provides cakes for numerous corporate events, including those hosted by prestigious brands like Budweiser and Calvin Klein.

FunCakes’ entry into SpartanNash and the 200 Jewel Osco stores indicates that they may be exceeding expectations in terms of demand for their phony cakes.

The Sharks are so wealthy these days that they have forgotten what a low budget may do to a ceremony that is already pricey, commentators have noted online.

The Fun Cakes business is continuing to grow slowly but steadily for the Aya family.

The future will tell, but the sharks may have to swallow a bitter pill by passing up such a lucrative opportunity.

FunCakes Shark Tank Update

Fun Cakes has sold three-tiered cakes since the show’s debut at over 180 Jewel Osco grocery stores in Illinois (a division of Albertsons).

The sales and popularity of FunCakes skyrocketed after its appearance on Shark Tank.

FunCakes generate $1.1 million in annual income and are in its 14th year of operation in 2022.

Is FunCakes Still In Business?

FunCakes is still a booming business that has made its way into Hollywood. FunCakes were featured in The Hangover, and they have been featured on television.

The website features a variety of cake options, ranging from weddings to other festivities, and the cakes may be shipped to any area.

What Is the Net Worth of FunCakes?

The valuation of FunCakes was $1.14 million when it appeared on Shark Tank. The net worth of FunCakes is $1 million as of 2022.

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