What Happened To Foot Fairy After Shark Tank?

As part of the season 5 finale, Dr. Sylvie Shapiro and Nicole Brooks debuted Foot Fairy, an application to determine children’s shoe sizes using an iPad. They hope the application will meet the Sharks’ criteria.

Brooks is a registered family therapist, and Shapiro works as a podiatrist; both friends juggle family and work and constantly seek ways to simplify parenting.

They created the Foot Fairy App to accomplish this. The App properly evaluates a child’s foot size, eliminating the need for guesswork when purchasing shoes. Users may also order shoes directly from the app.

The founder of DrShoeMom.com, a website devoted to children’s shoe recommendations, and PlanetFlops.com, devoted to eco-friendly flip-flops.

They are almost certainly seeking assistance from the Sharks to develop the Foot Fairy app.

What Is Foot Fairy?

Foot Fairy enabled parents to determine the length of their children’s toes using an iPad application. Parents placed an iPad on their child’s foot to determine the length.

Foot Fairy was a tablet application that measured a child’s foot by laying it on the tablet’s screen. The purpose is to save time and effort from visiting the shoe store by buying shoes online.

Foot Fairy Shark Tank Update

A foot scanner would send data about the foot to a shoe vendor. Zappo and Foot Fairy partnered to give shoes after the activity.

Company NameFoot Fairy
EntrepreneurNicole Brooks and Sylvie Shapiro
ProductTablet app that measures a child’s foot size when placed on the screen
Investment Asking For$75,000 For 15% equity in Foot Fairy
Final Deal$100,000 For 40% equity in Foot Fairy
SharkMark Cuban
Episode Season 5 Episode 29
Business StatusOut Of Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of Foot Fairy?

Foot Fairy was founded by Dr. Sylvie Shapiro and her friend Nicole Brooks. Dr. Sylvie was a Beverly Hills podiatrist before developing the application.

Regrettably, Foot Fairy did not achieve the traction they desired. As a result, Dr. Sylvie returned to her practice. Additionally, she discovered Planet Flops, which sells eco-friendly flip-flops.

Foot Fairy was created to assist children in obtaining the proper shoe size. Dr. Sylvie remarked that many youngsters developed foot problems due to wearing ill-fitting shoes.

These illnesses may have been avoided. As a result, she resolved to find an appropriate answer. They co-founded Foot Fairy with Nicole.

The two women didn’t have any experience with computer science, so they hired a team to develop the program. Zappo signed the contract with the mompreneurs after the program was developed.

The company received 8% to 18% of all footwear sold through Foot Fairy.

Nevertheless, the application was buggy, and royalty payments were not properly captured, effectively preventing mompreneurs from collecting royalties.

Foot Fairy Before Shark Tank

Foot Fairy, the startup created by Dr. Sylvie Shapiro and Nicole Brooks, seeks $75,000 in exchange for a 15 percent stake.

Nicole and Sylvie are both mothers, and Nicole dreads going to the shoe store with her children, who are constantly misbehaving and being disobedient. However, decent shoes are a necessary part of growing up.

With Foot Fairy, parents won’t have to deal with such an ordeal ever again.

The Foot Fairy iPad app allows parents to accurately track their child’s foot size from the comfort of their own homes.

Foot Fairy Shark Tank Update

The foot doctor Sylvie often hears parents say they guess their child’s shoe size. Since children wearing the wrong shoes can lead to foot problems, Sylvie sees a lot of foot problems.

She is demonstrating with her daughter, Sienna. You can use the application by placing your child’s foot against the iPad’s surface, waiting for the chime to indicate that the application has identified your child’s shoe size, and then removing the iPad from the surface.

Zappo’s, an online shoe retailer, provides parents the option of visiting a prepopulated web page. The web page will automatically display shoe sizes based on your child’s measurements.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Foot Fairy?

Dr. Sylvie and Nicole pitch the Shark Tank for $75,000 in exchange for 15% of their firm. They present their case and make their pitch.

Dr. Shapiro demonstrates the Sharks app with assistance from her daughter Sienna. They require the funds to upgrade their back-end infrastructure.

They earn money by receiving commissions from Zappos. 13,144 users downloaded the software.

I find it amazing that they haven’t received any commission checks despite having an 18% click-through rate.

Kevin is unconvinced. The concept is not proprietary, and large shoe companies are likely to imitate it, so he has withdrawn. Lori is a little ahead of schedule.

He admits that he could do the same thing; he is out when Dr. Shapiro describes how she organized the “technical team” that developed the app.

Barbara sees no way to recoup her investment; she exits.

With a little back and forth with the women, he offers $75,000 for 40% of the firm in exchange for testing the app, looking for competitors, and ensuring that the “technical team does not own the company.” They consent.

What Happened To Foot Fairy After Shark Tank?

The Foot Fairy app is still available on the Apple App Store, though it does not seem to be as widely advertised as before its Shark Tank appearance.

Foot Fairy’s Facebook page currently has 1,570 likes, and the most recent update was on September 17, 2014, implying that other competitors have arrived with superior items.

Foot Fairy does not have an official website, and searching for Foot Fairy returns many pages identical to this one.

Foot Fairy is doing well, but nobody seems to be using its application since the company appears to have sunk into potential bankruptcy in late 2014.

Foot Fairy Shark Tank Update

Social media activity for Foot Fairy did not resume for a few months after the Shark Tank episode aired in May 2014.

Foot Fairy Shark Tank Update

Facebook’s most recent post dates back to September 2014. The company’s website has been taken down, and its iOS app.

Is Foot Fairy Still In Business?

Shark and Foot Fairy’s deal did not close, and the business was effectively closed six months after the show aired in May 2014.

Foot Fairy is no longer available as of January 2022, and there are at least a dozen shoe sizing apps available in the app store.

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