What Happened To FoHawx After Shark Tank?

Jocelyn Fine and Kelly Dineen pitched their amusing line of helmet accessories called Fohawx to the Sharks in episode 513 on December 6.

Kelly was a member of the visual merchandising management team at Toys R Us, while Jocelyn served as a business development consultant at the company.

FoHawx was “created” by Jocelyn’s daughter, Maya. Jocelyn’s son refused to wear his bike helmet, so Maya cut out a paper mohawk and attached it to it.

She realized she was onto something when her son wore his helmet without complaining, and she founded a company with her friend to produce a line of bright, colorful bike helmet accessories.

FoHawx can be worn by both adults and children and is compatible with nearly all types of helmets.

Amazon sells FoHawx and dozens of independent toy shops, Walmart, and Toys R Us.

What Is FoHawx?

Fohawx was a range of multicolored, interchangeable, decorative mohawks for children’s cycling helmets.

FoHawx is helmet Mohawks attached to helmets to transform the standard Safety Helmet into something more, especially for children. The device can be easily removed from any helmet and connected to it.

The company was founded by Jocelyn Fine, a former business development consultant at Toys R Us, and Kelly Dineen, an executive with the visual merchandising department.

FoHawx Shark Tank Update

Jocelyn’s children refused to wear helmets, causing her to create the invention.

Jocelyn fashioned a paper mohawk and placed it across the top of her son’s helmet to make it more enjoyable to wear.

The simple tweak elevated his helmet to a level of excitement that he was eager to wear and flaunt.

Their idea evolved into the FoHawx line, which had velcro strips that allowed children to connect and remove them so that they could collect and exchange them with friends.

Company NameFohawx
EntrepreneurJocelyn Fine and Kelly Dineen
Product / BusinessDesigns for fohawk helmets
Investment Asking For$150,000 for 30% equity in FoHawx
Final DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
Episode Season 5 Episode 11
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of FoHawx?

Jocelyn’s daughter Maya founded the FoHawx. Jocelyn’s son refused to wear the bike helmet, so Maya drew a Mohawk and attached it to it.

She recognized she was onto something after her child refused to complain about wearing his helmet, so together with a friend; she developed a series of humorous and bright bike helmet accessories.

FoHawx is compatible with different helmet models and can also be worn by adults. Jocelyn worked as a business development consultant for Toys R Us, while Kelly worked on the visual merchandising management team.

You can buy FoHawx on Amazon, in dozens of independent toy stores, and at Walmart and Toys R Us.

FoHawx Before Shark Tank

I remember hating my safety gear as a child – I had a bright blue set of elbow pads and kneepads with a hideous tie-dye pattern.

However, as a child, your body is still developing, and your bones have less brittleness, but your skin can still be damaged, so you must protect yourself without question.

FoHawx attempts to address this issue by providing children with a fierce-looking FoHawk to wear over their bicycle, skateboarding, or skating helmets.

They took a simple Safety Helmet and transformed it into something amazing, which is why children adore the helmet. The device is readily detachable and adaptable to any type of safety helmet.

Their target audience is mainly children between the ages of four and eleven. What makes this product unique is its ability to adapt to different situations.

It costs $5 to land one of these units, and they sell for $19.95. About 5,000 units were sold last year for $50,000.

There is no helmet accessory vendor. The company would like to be carried by every mass-market retailer, but its product has not yet seen many sales despite being on the market for several years.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of FoHawx?

Jocelyn and Kelly appeared on Shark Tank requesting an investment of $150,000 in exchange for a 30% interest in FoHawx.

They enter the Tank along with a group of children who are riding bikes and trikes, all wearing brightly colored foam helmets.

FoHawx comes equipped with an adhesive velcro strip, making it simple to attach and remove decorations with any helmet.

The FoHawx costs $5 to manufacture and has a suggested retail price of $19.99.

They’ve already sold $50,000 worth of FoHawx through 80 specialty stores in less than a year and are currently experimenting with internet retail with Toys R Us and Walmart.

Kevin O’Leary believes that the sales are insufficient to justify a year’s effort. The Sharks wish to reduce the price to $9.99.

As they argue over whether a lower price point is beneficial, they conclude that sales have been too low and that the ladies should consider distribution strategies.

Barbara Corcoran advises the ladies to “face reality” regarding their pricing and company. She has escaped.

According to Mark Cuban, the females are “selling us the fantasy and not mentioning the environment.” He has departed.

Robert Herjavec argues that existing products are excessively competitive. He has departed.

Daymond John argues that the amount of sales per location is insufficient. He has departed.

Kevin O’Leary claims he has presented them with the numbers, but they refuse to listen to reality.

The ladies debate, but the Sharks have all departed, and they depart without a deal.

Final Deal: No deal between FoHawx and Sharks.

What Happened To FoHawx After Shark Tank?

It appears that FoHawx still exists, but purchasing their products is quite challenging – to find one of their products on Amazon, I had to search for various terms.

FoHawx appears to be more popular in learning about them than purchasing their products.

What Happened To Lollacup After Shark Tank?

It is not known whether they are still in production, but with such a low sales velocity and the episode airing in 2013, it may be safe to assume that FoHawx has ceased production.

FoHawx Shark Tank Update

FoHawx’s ladies fought bravely for their company in the Shark Tank, prompting Barbara Corcoran to describe the talk as “exhausting” after the ladies left.

However, they were quickly forced to concede the Sharks were right about their company.

Their business did not succeed despite benefiting from the Shark Tank impact initially. It soon became apparent that their price point was a barrier to sales, and their business did not work.

FoHawx Shark Tank Update

FoHawx effectively ended the helmet accessory sector after its appearance on Shark Tank.

The fact that more than half of small businesses fail each year is sometimes painful to watch entrepreneurs miss out on opportunities for success.

FoHawx’s founders are confident that this will not be the final time we hear from the girls who founded the group.

Is FoHawx Still In Business?

Although FoHawx fought valiantly for its place in the Shark Tank, Barbara Corcoran described their post-show talk as “exhausting.”

Jocelyn and Kelly were swiftly presented with the harsh fact that The Sharks were correct in assessing their business.

The Shark Tank effect, however, profited them for roughly a month. Their price structure quickly made it evident that their business was not working, and they needed to adjust their price structure.

What Happened To ScreenMend After Shark Tank?

FoHawx filed for bankruptcy less than a year after making its Shark Tank debut, effectively ending the helmet attachment market.

Entrepreneurs often miss out on opportunities for success, yet more than half of all new businesses fail each year.

The Jersey girls have proven that their passion and determination led them to start FoHawx, which isn’t the end of their story.

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