What Happened To Fizzics After Shark Tank?

The first Shark Tank episode of season 8, episode 801, featured Phil Petracca and David McDonald pitching Fizzics, an invention that enhances the beer’s flavor. Fizzics is a beer flavor enhancer that is patent-pending.

The pair began their more than a one-year journey, culminating in creating the Fizzics after learning why beer always tastes better from a tap.

It took them a lot of experimentation and research before they could come up with their breakthrough invention. To crowdfund the project, they turned to IndieGoGo. They managed to raise more than $250,000.

The product works by applying pressure to any beer due to ultrasonic waves, which enhance the flavor. 

The taste of any beer you pour in the vessel will instantly improve – even if it only holds 64 ounces.

The waves also complement the beer’s carbonation by producing a silky, creamy head. You can use this device with any type of beer, and you can experiment with the level of carbonation to find the balance that suits your palate.

The beer is drawn from the Fizzics machine using a lever that looks like a tap. You can clean the machine easily by running clean water through it and removing the anti-microbial mat periodically.

The device requires four AAA batteries and costs approximately $165. Petracca and McDonald are probably looking for a Shark to assist their marketing and production efforts.

How do you think the Sharks will “get Fizzical” and invest in the company?

What Is Fizzics?

Fizzics is a personal beer dispenser that dispenses bottled or canned beer directly into the mouth and improves the head and taste of beer.

Fizzicss is a lightweight, portable beer dispenser that enhances and improves beer taste and is suitable for outdoor events and friends’ gatherings. There are no additional parts or CO2 cartridges since two AA batteries power it.

Fizzics Shark Tank Update

It is compatible with all types of beer and can accommodate any traditional container, from large 64-ounce growlers to 12-ounce cans. 

Company NameFizzics
EntrepreneurDavid McDonald and Phil Petracca
ProductDispensers that utilize sound waves produce better tasting beer.
Investment Asking For$500,000 For 4% equity in Fizzics
Final Deal$2,000,000 For 4% equity in Fizzics
SharkLori Greiner and Mark Cuban
Episode Season 8 Episode 1
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of Fizzics?

Phil Petracca And David McDonald are the founders of Fizzics. Phil Petracca and David McDonald asked themselves, “What is it about draft beer that makes it taste so much better than bottled beer?”

Further investigation revealed that the cause might be related to how beer is dispensed from a tap when under pressure.

They wondered if they could develop a device to make store-bought beer taste as good as draft beer after studying how it should be poured.

Fizzics was born after a few years, and beer lovers everywhere rejoiced. Fizzics now allows porch drinkers worldwide to enhance a regular can or bottle of beer, creating the sensation of drinking beer directly from the tap.

Fizzics Before Shark Tank

David and Phillip wondered why beer tastes so much better from the tap than from a bottle or can while in a local pub? So they set out to figure out the answer.

They partnered together to bring fresh water from the tap to the domestic market by using science.

They figured out how to create a better beer foam without CO2, using soundwaves instead.

David and Phillip launched Fizzics with a successful crowdfunding campaign, then put their jobs on hold and went on Shark Tank to raise money to expand.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Fizzics?

Phil and David are appeared on Shark Tank seeking an investment of $500,000 for a 4% stake in Fizzics. The entrepreneurs give out samples and describe their business model.

All Sharks were given Fizzics beers and a regular beer from the machine, and they unanimously concluded that the Fizzics beer was better.

The product is presumably satisfactory to Mr. Wonderful, but the price is unacceptable.

When the sharks heard that the guys had made $3.2 million in less than a year, they were impressed. 

They also like the profit margins: the device sells for $199 yet only costs $38 to manufacture.

After some discussions about the valuation, Robert offers $5000 in exchange for an 8 percent stake. Kevin makes the same claim by saying he can sell more than any Sharks.

After declaring that everything seems too good to be true, Barbara has withdrawn her participation. Daymond is curious why they are here, given that they have a positive cash flow.

He leaves the game after the Sharks continue to talk over each other.

Lori has expressed her interest in the project as she believes it could make a good television show. She has offered to help the production, just as Robert and Kevin have.

Lori replies that it might be a good idea to partner up with Mark for $800,000 for 10% of the Fizzics.

Mark and Lori accept the terms of the agreement as Phillip counters with $2 million for a 16 percent stake.

What Happened To Fizzics After Shark Tank?

Mark and Lori accepted the deal for $2,000,000, a 16 percent increase in the value of Fizzics.

All four of them shook their heads, and the entrepreneurs left with smug expressions on their faces.

Fizzics has appeared on various selling platforms since their episode aired.

They developed a smaller machine, the WayTap, that accepts only cans and 12-ounce bottles as feedstock.

On QVC, you could purchase the smaller version for just $99, which is a full $100 less than the larger version. The smaller version is also more portable.

Fizzics’ goal of maximizing its number of selling channels has been achieved. They are now available at retail outlets such as Target, Best Buy, Brookstone, Amazon, and a variety of other locations, as well as Bed, Bath & Beyond.

Numerous well-known magazines and websites have reviewed the above products, including Yahoo! Tech and cNet.

People have called the Fizzics beer-making machine “nothing short of a miracle.” For two Jersey Shore guys, it’s not bad.

Fizzics Shark Tank Update

A smaller, less expensive model debuted the following day on QVC after the episode aired. They eventually made their way into Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, Brookstone, and Amazon.

Phillip left the company to make craft beer in Colts Neck, New Jersey. The company declared bankruptcy in March 2014.

On March 26, 2020, the company was declared discharged from Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection after the company completed restructuration and implemented the reorganization plan approved by United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware.”

Even though Mark and Lori are still listed as associated with the company as of May 20, 2021, it does not appear that they are involved. Fizzics generates approximately $4 million in revenue per year as of January 2022.

Are Fizzics Still In Business?

Fizzics has released its Waytap device, which is “cheaper, smaller, and easier to use,” which has recently won the Innovation By Design contest sponsored by Fast Company.

Fizzics says that the company has an exciting pipeline of consumer products in development thanks to an investment from frogVentures.”

Fizzics have since introduced their next-generation Fizzics, the WayTap, now available online and in major retailers like Best Buy, Target, Brookstone, and many others.

What Happened To Amber After Shark Tank?

There is an alternative to the Fizzics, called the WayTap, smaller and more affordable. Still, it can only be used on cans and bottles with 12 ounces or less capacity.

Fizzics also successfully raised $1 million on Kickstarter to bring the product to market, in addition to collaborating with the Sharks.

Fizzics also works with craft breweries to install its commercial tap systems on their premises, according to the company.

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