What Happened To EZPZ After Shark Tank?

What is EZPZ?

The EZPZ product line is known for its colorful placemats and plates, which may be found in simple and compartmentalized styles. 

EZPZ Shark Tank Update

Silicon molds attach to tables for kids to make a flat surface on which to eat. You will avoid a mess and save money because you can use this to let yourself eat independently. 

Other silicon baby feeding supplies, such as infant/toddler spoons, forks, and cups, are also sold. Silicon has the mouth-friendliness of being soft and flexible.

Company NameEZPZ
FounderLindsey Laurain
ProductSuction Cup Silicone Placemats For High Chairs And Tables
Investment Seeking$1 Million For 5% equity in EZPZ
Final DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who is the Founder of EZPZ?

Lindsey Laurain is the founder of EZPZ. Lindsey Laurain, a native of Parker, Colorado, worked as a corporate executive before agriculture. She left the corporate world to start her own business. 

Lindsey is currently the EZPZ company’s CEO and principal owner. Her hubby helps her successfully run EZPZ every day. The firm has just 2-11 people at the moment but plans to double in size shortly.

The mother of three toddlers had a nightmare with mealtime when she was Linda Laurain. The process of cleaning up the mess was lengthy. 

She knew there had to be a better method to feed youngsters. Lindsey began studying the subject and was astounded to discover that nothing was available for purchase that would resolve this issue. 

She chose to create her necessary product while also assisting millions of mothers. She began modestly in shops and is now a multimillionaire.

EZPZ Before Shark Tank

It’s been said that need is the mother of innovation, as Plato said in ancient times, and as Lindsey Laurain of Parker, Colorado knows. 

She created an invention to assist in mealtimes and to ease her husband’s growing frustration.

Her three-year-old twins and five-year-old son painted using various meals across a table during a simple lunch with their mom in 2014. 

Her husband, Brad, began to contemplate inventing something to keep kids from making such a mess while eating. 

Lindsay conducted some digging and investigation, but she soon discovered no existing product for the market. Seeing no alternative, she invented the device herself.

Lindsay got her design off the ground, starting with just a blank sheet of paper and naming it “The Happy Mat.” 

The mother initially developed the concept in 2014, but only after the Kickstarter campaign did she quit her corporate job and start her own business.

She displayed the Happy Mat at the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas that year, and it gained rave reviews. 

She collaborated with Jamie Grayson of New York to raise awareness and attract potential buyers to her new and creative product.

Her initial contact with a couple of foreign distributors could have sold millions of units. Still, she couldn’t move merchandise without logistics or manufacturing support since the distributor had scheduling concerns. 

She put herself on Shark Tank to get the financing. Her pitch presentation to the sharks was completed mid-2015 after her application was accepted.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch of EZPZ?

Lindsey appeared on Shark Tank requesting an investment of $1 million in exchange for a 5% stake in EZPZ. 

Final Deal: Lindsey Laurain left the Shark Tank stage without any deal from the Sharks for EZPZ.

What Happened To EZPZ After Shark Tank?

Lindsay stated immediately following her appearance that the agreements offered ‘didn’t feel right but could not elaborate. 

When asked if she would change her pitch, she ultimately stated that she would not have given her company a valuation as high.

Mark Cuban has previously criticized Shark Tank’s ‘Gold Diggers’ on and off the show, individuals who artificially inflate their company’s valuation to capitalize on the interest generated by an appearance on the show, with no genuine intention of reaching a deal with the sharks.

He and his fellow sharks have previously chastised applicants accused of similar time squandering. 

However, Lindsay, who matches the profile of a Shark Tank gold digger perfectly, was never suspected of being one by the sharks. 

EZPZ Shark Tank Update

While her optimism and enthusiasm for her idea were as amazing as its inventiveness and uniqueness, her appearance in the Tank fell well short of that threshold. 

She may have rejected Kevin O’Leary’s offer, as its future sales projections did indeed provide her with the desired deal. 

Still, it could have been because she had ‘inflated’ the predicted sales statistics to get a deal, and Kevin had called her bluff.

Other Shark Tank participants, motivated primarily by the free publicity associated with an appearance, have expressed significantly greater pride in their segment on the show. 

They assert that all publicity is beneficial, regardless of the outcome of the negotiations or the sharks’ attitude toward them. 

Lindsay, perhaps tellingly, makes no mention of her Shark Tank appearance on the company’s website or any of her content-rich and frequently updated social media profiles. 

Her surprise at the Sharks’ treatment of her appeared genuine; at times, she appeared stunned, almost dumbfounded, at their assessment of her characteristics and hopeful sales estimates.

Any entrepreneur familiar with sharks would anticipate their reaction to such a high valuation, but Lindsay was taken aback by their opposition. 

She was caught out multiple times by the sharks making false statements and appeared entirely unprepared for the extensive cross-examination that the sharks frequently administer to risky investments. 

Since I have been a long-time Shark Tank viewer, I found Lindsay unprepared for her segment and did not study the sharks thoroughly before deciding.

While the show did not specifically promote her appearance, the attention her appearance has generated has been invaluable. 

While the international distribution she mentioned has not yet commenced, Happy Mats are currently distributed in a few European nations. The mats are available in-store and online at Bed, Bath & Beyond and Amazon. 

With over 1,000 reviews and a 4.5/5 star rating, buyers are satisfied with Lindsay’s product. 

The next time Lindsay Laurain takes on a creative and enthusiastic project, she should consider hiring someone to help her with her pitching, and perhaps the next contract will be easier to decide on.

Is EZPZ Still in Business?

EZPZ has shipped its first container to Australia (and 30 other countries). It distributes 90 buybuyBABY stores and over 550 boutiques in the United States, including the prestigious museum shops at New York’s MAD Museum of Arts and Design and SFMOMA. EZPZ items are also available on Amazon.

What Is the Net Worth of EZPZ?

The valuation of EZPZ was $20 million when it appeared on Shark Tank. The net worth of EZPZ is $20 million as of 2022.